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Lest You Forget

from the top. They are firm, rigid, and

durable. JOT IT DOWN IN A TENGWALL Thos. E. Clark Wireless Telegraph-Telephone

Company, Pontiac, Mich. Pages 32. Paper, 7 by Loose-Leaf

10 inches. Perpetual CATALOGUE giving some facts relating to Memo

the Wireless Telegraph and its wonderful Book

future. The above firm, after six years 1.00

of experimental work, is now able to place upon the market a really practical system of space telegraphy-one working

day in and day out under all conditions Fits the Vest

as rapidly and accurately as any wire Pocket

line and capable of doing actual prac

tical commercial work. A handsome practical little re

J. E. Snyder, Worcester, Mass. Pages 64. Paper, minder, size

6 by 9 inches. 272 x 434, just fits the vest pocket.

ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of High Grade Genuine black flexi

Vertical Drilling Machines. The Snyder ble Morocco covers

Drills are noted for their accuracy, durawith pocket and pencil, $1.00 postpaid, including 50 sheets in book,

bility, capacity, and convenience in oper50 extra sheets and name in gold on front

ating. cover. Press a thumb - spring, the book opens for inserting or removing sheets. Close and it locks automatically.

New Era Gas Engine Company, Dayton, Ohio.

Pages 40. Paper, 9 by 7 inches.
A wonderful little device. You cannot

CATALOGUE with fine half-tone plates afford to be without it. Special prices in

illustrating the New Era Gas Engine. quantities for advertising souvenirs. Send This type of engine can be operated, $1.00 today in currency, check, money using for fuel either natural or artificial order or stamps. Money refunded if book

gas, producer gas, acme gas, gasoline, not satisfactory. With every order three months' subscription to Tengwall Talk, a

kerosene, distillate, and be bright monthly Magazine of Modern Busi changed from one fuel to another withness Methods.

out stopping the engine. The engines are

of pleasing design, made heavy, strong, T. S. Spencer, of High Point, N. C.,

and simple. They are especially adapted writes: "I received the Pocket Memo last

for electric lighting and wherever a uninight and am entirely satisfied with it.

form speed is required.
Think it is the neatest and most con-
venient little book I ever saw. I thank
you for your promptness and my mone
ey's worth."

American Injector Company, Detroit, Mich. Pages

72. Paper, 3 1-2 by 6 inches. Tengwall Loose-Leaf Devices save time and money,

CATALOGUE, with illustrations, descrip

tions, and price lists of Ejectors, Jet Correspondence solicited concerning loose Pumps, Drive-Well Jet Pumps, Exhaust leaf devices and supplies of all kind.

Injectors, Fire Plugs, Grease Cups, and

Brass Oil Cups. The American Injector TENGWALL

Company are the sole owners and manu

facturers of the U. S. Automatic and FILE & LEDGER CO.

World (Double-Tube) Injectors. In CHICAGO.

this catalogue are some valuable tables ; also practical questions usually asked of

Engineers when applying for a license. Mention The Technical World.




Jnternational Studio Summer Supplement

Uniform with «« Corot AND MILLET,• Masters of English
Landscape Painting," "The Genius of J. M. W. Turner, R.A.”, etc.





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IN spite of the large amount of interesting and beautiful material available for the purpose, no serious attempt has hitherto been made to compile an adequate illustrated record of the Royal Academy. THE SPECIAL SUMMER NUMBER OF "THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIO" will be devoted to the consideration of the work of Academicians and Associates from the year 1768 down to 1868. It will be divided into four main chapters, dealing respectively with the Painters, the Sculptors, the Engravers, and the Architects, with the addition of an introductory historical survey of the Academy as an Institution. THE very large number of illustrations, consisting of PHOTOGRAVURES, Colour Plates, and other reproductions, will include, among others, characteristic examples of the work of the following artists:PAINTERS: Sir Joshua Reynolds, Francis Cotes, Benjamin West, Angelica Kauffman, Gainsborough, Sir T. Lawrence, J. M. W. Turner, Sir David Wilkie, Sir H. Raeburn, John Constable, Sir C. L. Eastlake, George Dance, Sir Edwin Landseer, Sir J. E. Millais, etc. SCULPTORS AND ENGRAVERS: Joseph Nollekens, John Flaxman, F. Bartolozzi, Valentine Green, William Ward, Samuel Cousins, Joseph Wilton, etc. A NUMBER of portraits of artists, and facsimile reproductions of autograph letters, will form an additional interesting feature of the publication. THE great expense involved in the production of the Special Summer Number renders it impossible to reprint, and orders should therefore be sent in without delay. "THE GENIUS OF J. M. W. TURNER" was entirely sold out on the day of publication, and many intending subscribers were unable to obtain copies, or were compelled to pay three or four times original cost of the book through their failure to order beforehand.


Please send me

copies of " THE ROYAL ACADEMY FROM REYNOLDS TO MILLAIS” price Two Dollars each, for which I enclose.


Tech. World



The above blank, when filled in, should be forwarded immediately to your bookseller or to the offices of


Mention The Technical World.

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A Typical Example of the Attainments Possible through Diligence and Faithfulness in Service.

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