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Power... High grade screw cutting engine Lathes, with forged crucible stee hollow spindles, phosphor bronze bearings, gear-driven reversible feeds with strong friction drive in apron, patented spring nuts which allow quick shift of change gears, also Draw-in Chuck, Gear-cutting, Milling and Taper Attachments if desired.

Suitable for electrical and repair work, model makers, gunsmiths, technical schools and fine, accurate machine shop and tool room service. Ask for Catalog B.

(78) The Seneca Falls Mfg. Co. 115 Water Street Seneca Falls, N. Y., U. S. A.

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Something Electrical for Everybody



Catalogue Our No. 16 Catalogue, 80 Pages, Free

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Vest Pocket Light
Brilliant - Practical-A Comfort to Travelers.
Battery Easily Renewed-Lasts sev-

eral Thousand Flashes.
Price complete $1.00 sidditional Batterie 50 cm

Size: 2% Ineh.

MANHATTAN ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO., 187 5th Ave., Chicago NEW YORK-32 Cortlandt St. 39 Dey St.

JERSEY CITY-42-46 Essex St. 41-47 Morris St.

Stately Homes in America


Size 8/2 X1072 inches. 532 pp., gilt top, cloth binding, fully

illustrated. Price, $7.50.

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HIS work illustrates the development of fine residences
built in this country from the Colonial period to date.

Many fine homes are pictured for the first time — the
great Vanderbilt Mansions and others of that class. The text is
a serious attempt to explain social and economic conditions and
the architectural developments which have produced these
sumptuous buildings.

Architectural Record, 14-16 Vesey St., New York

Mention The Technical World.




A Well-Deserved Honor


HE CHAIR of English Literature in

Armour Institute of Technology, rendered vacant by the call of Prof. F.

M. Tisdel to the presidency of the UniDraftsman's Universal versity of Wyoming, has been filled by

the appointment of Dr. William A. ColSquare and Protractor ledge, Dean of the American School of

Correspondence. This means, of course, ARGE Range, Light Weight, Controlled by L a Knob. Avoids shadows, provides for 30°, 45°

a loss to THE TECHNICAL WORLD, for and 60° work of moderate range, measures and with this number Doctor Colledge severs NO lays off all angles, accurate scales on inner ruling

his active connection with the editorial edges of square. BASE ATTACHMENT with

vernier makes angle work easy and rapid. Adjust board of the magazine. We congratulate able arms, aluminum trimmings, pleasing appearance, moder

Doctor Colledge on the enlarged opporDoes away with triangles to advantage. Sizes 9 in, to 18 in. Send card for circular of this and other handy tunities opened up to him in his new

field as

a member of the Faculty of D. J. KELSEY

Armour Institute of Technology, and the 77 Livingston Street New Haven, Conn.

Institute on securing his services. The Editors hope still to be favored with his able advice on matters connected with the magazine.

ate cost.

devices for draftsmen.



Electricity in India

the leading feature of the day in nearly all parts of the world, but chiefly in America, has of late years been making gradual progress in the greatest of

British possessions in the East. A NEW TELEPHONE BOOK

Commencing from the south, it may

be interesting to note how the GovernComplete and up-to-date, written by a practical

ment of Mysore has endeavored to imAll about modern telephone apparatus, their principles and use.

prove her state by the use of electricity

derived from power from the natural I. Fundamental Ideas II. Telephone Apparatus

waterfalls of the Cauvery. Gold mining III. Systems of Communication by this great unknown power has already IV. Construction and Equipment proved a success, and various large exIn 32 chapters, 450 pages, 375 illustrations.

tensions and improvements under leadPrice $2.00 postpaid

ing British and American firms are in Send postal money order to


The Presidencies of Madras and BomThe Technical World

bay, though somewhat late in the field, 3321 Armour Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

have at present schemes for the improve

ment of their capitals; and even the great Mention The Technical World.

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Penberthy Injector Company 365 Holden Avenue, Detroit, Mich., U. S. A.

Penberthy Bulletin sent free on request for Three Months

Mention The Technical World.


Everything Electrical

Dynamos and Motors

Nijam of Hyderabad has sanctioned the use of electricity within his dominions.

Bengal, the greatest Presidency in India, has not been idle, having lately installed electric tramways and lighting, with various other improvements, in her capital, known as the "City of Palaces" in history; and even the Northwest Provinces, since the Durbar of 1903 at Delhi, where the benefits of electricity were seen with advantage, have been stirred to seek to improve their districts.

The great problem of the day, however, lies in irrigation and agriculture; and once a suitable scheme is found, in which cost and maintenance are not too great for practical demonstration, then will India rise to the height of her ambition.—ERNEST CHARLES DEEFHOLTZ, Student, American School.



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have been graduated from the American School of Correspondence since the last number of THE TECHNICAL WORLD was issued :

Chapin, C. C., Sloan, Iowa—Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Dollinger, Joseph L. S., San Francisco, Cal. Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Ferris, William Canby, Memphis, Tenn.Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Fredericksen, George H., Chicago, Ill.Course: Mechanical-Electrical.

Pierce, Glen, Lawler, Iowa-Course: Stationary.

Poutier, Stephen, Buffalo, N. Y.-Course: Mechanical.

Riesebeck, Ernest, Petoskey, Mich.—Course : Electrical.

Thomas, Alfred S., Dunedin, New ZealandCourse: Marine.

Write for Catalogues, Bulletins and Prices

We carry an immense stock and make prompt shipments

MR. CHARLES LUNDELIUS, of Niagara Falls, N. Y., has been awarded a set of the "Cyclopedia of Engineering” as a premium for securing the largest number of subscribers to THE TECHNICAL World within the time specified in accordance with one of the Premium Offers. Go thou and do likewise.

The Wesco Supply Co.

St. Louis, U. S. A.

MR. HARRY A. MUNYON, of Oxford,

New York, a student of the MechanicalMention The Technical World.


are the standard for accuracy, workmanship, design and

finish. Whether you use tools to earn your daily bread or for amusement and relaxation from a different vocation, it pays to use GOOD tools. You can get a better quality of bread and a good deal more pleasure. Use Starrett Tools.

Send for Catalogue No. 17G. 176 pages, illustrated, free
THE L. S. STARRETT CO. Athol, Mass, U. S. A.

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