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SPANGENBERG'S Steam and Electrical Engineering

By E. SPANGENBERG, M. E., former Superintendent, St. Louis
School of Engineering. ALBERT UHL, A. I. E. E., fo.mer Instruc-
tor Practical Electrical Engineering, St. Louis School of Engineer-
ing, and E. W. PRATT, Master Mechanic.
672 Pages containing 1035 Questions and An-
swers and 648 Engravings especially made
for this book.



Over 200 Pages on Electricity

with illustrations on every page.

Price $ 2 50

An Eneyelopedia of Information, and in itself the most complete library of Engineering Practiee ever published. Treating on Stationary Englueering, Locomotive Engineering, Eleetrieity, Compressed Air, Mechanleal Refrigeration, Gas and Gasoline Engines, Hydraulie Elevators and Repair Work.

The only book ever published containing

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Questions and Answers GEO. A. ZELLER, Publisher Established 1870

20 South Fourth Street, St. Louis, Mo. 40-Pago Pamphlet Tells All About It

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Practical Lessons by Mail in

Chemistry of the Ilousehold | The House; Its Plan, Deoor. Household Bacteriology

ation, and Care Food And Dietetles

Personal Hygiene Principles of Cookery

Ilome Care of the Sick Household Management and Study of Child Life Accounts

Care of Children House Sanitation

Textiles and Clothing

The Instruction is under the direction of promi

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Sample Lesson Booklet

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Chemistry of Cooking, etc., etc. Ile will also send our 48-page iliustrated Cata

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HeatingVentilation and The Sanitary plumber.




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