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ESTED IN ELECTRICITY yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

IVE Volumes-2,500 Pages-size of pages, 8x10 inches, fully indexed. Handsomely and durably bound in buckram, profusely illustrated with over 2,000 full-page plates, diagrams, plans, sections, tables, formulæ, etc. Invaluable alike to the expert electrician and the apprentice. Thousands of dollars and years of preparation have been required to compile the material for this work. Every section written by an acknowledged

authority. Prepared especially for practical, everyday use. Combines the best features of a textbook and a reference work, as every volume is supplemented with a carefully prepared list of test questions to impress the important points upon the reader's mind. A ready reference work for the experienced workman, as it is free from abstract theory and difficult mathematics.

A limited number of introductory sets will be sent


for examination as soon as received from the press. We are printing an editon for our own use. By increasing the edition we can reduce the cost of manufacture. We are willing to share this saving with those who order now for future delivery. The regular price is $25.00. We will accept reservation orders until the books go to press, at $12.50just half the regular price. The books will be sent by express prepaid on approval and may be return it not in every way satisfactory. Those desiring to have a set reserved at the reduced price must send $2.50 with their application as an evidence of good faith. This amount will be credited on the books, or returned if they are not kept. No further payments need be made until December 1st when payment of balance ($10) at the rate of $200 per month must begin. Reservations will be filed strictly in order received, those received after books go to press will be returned. Some of the Writers.

Partial Table of Contents. PROF. F. B. CROCKER, head of Department of Elec- Part 1.-Static and Dynamic Electricity-Primary Batter

trical Engineering, Columbia University: author of ies-Ohm's Law-Wire Calculations-Electrical Measthe sections on Storage Batteries and Management urements-Wiring for Light and Power-Electric Teleof Dynamo Electric Machinery.

graph, including the Duplex and Quadruplex. PROF. WILLIAM ESTY, head of the Department of Part II.-Theory of Dynamo-Electric Machinery-Design

Electrical Engineering, Lehigh University: author of and Construction of Dynamos and Motors-Types of the section on Alternating Current Machinery.

Machines - Storage Batteries, including Theory, ManH. C. CUSHING, Jr., Wiring Expert and Consulting

agement and Types. he section on Wiring for Light Part III.-Incandescent and Arc Lighting-Electric Railand Power.

ways, including Car Wiring. Line Construction, ThirdPROF. DUGALD C. JACKSON, Collaborator with

Rail and Multiple-Unit Systems-Management of DynaPROF. GEORGE C. SHAAD, University of Wiscon

mo-Electric Machinery-Power Station Work, including sin: author of sections on Power Transmission,

Boilers, Engines and Electrical Machinery-High TenElectric Lighting and Central Stations.

sion Transmission. J. R. CRAVATH, Western Editor of the Street Railway

Part IV.-Theory of Alternating Currents-Construction, Journal: author of the section on Street Railways.

Types and Operation of Alternators, Transformers, In

duction Motors, Synchronous Motors and Rotary ConPROF. LOUIS DERR, Mass. Institute of Technology:

verters. WILLIAM BOYRER, Telephone Expert and Consulting Engineer; CHAS. THOM, Chief of Quadruplex

| Part V.-The Telephone - Instruments - Line ConstrucDepartment Western Union Telegraph Co.: author of

tion-Switchboards - Exchangessection on Telegraphy, and others.

Operation and Maintenance-Com

mon Battery System. - COUPON-Cut out and mail toAMERICAN SCHOOL OF CORRESPONDENCE at Armour Institute of Technology.

BIGLOPEDII Enclosed find $2.50 for first payment on half-price sale of Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity. The balance ($10) I will pay in monthly payments of $2.00 each, beginning December 1.

It is understood that I may return the set at your expense within five days, and that you will refund the amount paid if the set is not wholly satisfactory to me. Also that you will return the $2.50 if my order is received too late for the half-price sale. ( Tech. W. Oct.)

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Other articles are:

Transporter Bridges, by Benj. H. Ridgely, M. T. Hugues. Thornwall Haynes.

Changes in Machine Tool Design, by C. H. Benjamin.

The Most Powerful Locomotive in the World, by Geo. W. Martin.

Variable Speed Appliances, by E. K. Hood.

Industrial Locomotives, Part III, by J. F.

The second and revised edition of a Text

Drop-Valve Engines, by Charles Hurst.
Book for Home Instruction, High Schools,
Manual Training Schools. Technical Schools
and Universities. Arranged by

American Electrician (September)– New York

ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING ARTICLES Superviser of Drawing Chicago High Schools, Director

in this issue is upon the repulsion motor, of Art and Technical Drawing Departments

in which the author treats this piece of Chicago Mechanics Institute and Columbia Trade and Business School.

apparatus as a transformer with secondThis book contains One Hundred and ary coil movable with respect to the priForty of the most important and practical mary. The author has attempted to treat constructions in plain geometry and is the

the subject in a manner simple enough adopted first year's course in Mechanical Drawing of the Chicago High Schools. to be easily comprehended without the Price $1.00, postpaid $1.50. Published by use of the complex mathematical symbols

which are so often confusing to the Keuffel & Esser Co.

average reader. NEW YORK Chicago St. Louis

Under the heading “A Progressive SAN FRANCISCO

Western Telephone Exchange," H. K. Sprague discusses the new telephone exchange at Boulder, Col., recently completed by the Colorado Telephone Company. The company has outgrown its former quarters, and, at the same time that it is moving into its new building, is remodeling its equipment from the old-style magneto system to the common battery central energy.

An interesting discussion of the Electric Power Field by George E. Walsh shows many reasons why the use of electricity for power is becoming more and more popular. Often manufacturing concerns and mills, owing to the difficulty of obtaining fuel, have been obliged to move away from towns and cities where they were suitably located as far as markets and supply of raw material were concerned. With electricity supplied from large central stations, however, at wholesale rates, this difficulty is obviated.

Other articles are:
Feeding Steam Boilers.

Traffic Design of Central Office Switch166 S. CLINTON ST.

boards. CHICAGO-ILL.

Automatic Block Signals.

How to Make a High-Voltage Testing Battery.

Boiler-Room Management.
Mention The Technical World.

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This volume weighs five pounds and is held by one leaf. So much for the quality of binding and paper.

This new edition of Battles and Leaders of the Civil War


It has been prepared especially to meet the demand of an increasing population and a new generation. This work, in four volumes, 3098 pages, is the greatest exposition of the world's greatest war ever printed. It rivals the War Records themselves in completeness, authenticity and detail, and is vastly more interesting. Generals Grant, Sherman, Johnston, Beauregard, Col. Mosby, Capt. Ericsson, and hundreds of others, men from both sides, are its editors, making it accurate and impartial; its illustra

tions,-over 1700,—maps, and diagrams give a panoramic view of this awful struggle; and its index, referring to every important person and event, with statistical tables of the opposing forces in every engagement, makes it a veritable

Cyclopedia of the Civil War. What history is so complete ? What history can be so complete ?

If you want a reliable source of information or a complete reference library, or love American history, you cannot afford to be without this work, especially at the reduced price and under the new plan of payment. Napoleon Bonaparte:

A History. Complete in Four Volumes Editorially, mechanically, and artistically this work is a wonder. It is the only complete, impartial account of the great Emperor's life. All others have tended toward hero worship or erred to an equal extent on the other side. Professor Sloane was thoroughly equipped for this work through exhaustive study of all the Napoleonic literature obtainable and by extensive travel over the scenes of Napoleon's struggles, affluence, and subsequent downfall.

Eighty-seven artists have contributed to its pages, including the most famous military painters of France. About one-third of the three hundred pictures are reproduced in the original colors by a special process far superior to lithography. It is a veritable art gallery giving a pictorial history of the Napoleonic wars. Special Offer and Terms in a Handsome Booklet

Write a postal card like the following: Send me, free of charge, according to offer in THE TECHNICAL WORLD, a prospectus of . . . . . . . . (either or both), containing sample pages, illustrations, etc.; also full particulars regarding prices and terms. THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

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Mention The Technical World.

The New Natural History

For 50 Cents

LITERATURE-(Continued) Power (September)-New York OF THE MORE IMPORTANT ARTICLES, ''Gas Producers for Power,” by Julius I. Wile, is perhaps the most interesting, especially to one engaged in the generation of

power. In this article the chemical end Embracing Living Animals of the

receives due attention. The article deWorld and Living Races of Mankind

scribes both the suction and the pressure SIX DE LUXE VOLUMES types and is well illustrated.

"Valves and Valve Gears," by Robert

G. Griswold, explains in simple style and and One Dollar a Month for 17 Months

excellent diagrams, the action of the

plain slide valve. W E have decided to add a thousand new customers to our list in the next few

"Splicing Leather Belts,” by W. E. weeks no matter what the cost. The plan Dixon, M. E., is another valuable conwe have adopted in order to do this, is making

tribution on this topic. The methods of this (never before thought of) offer to Technical World readers.

using the scraper, opener, and splicing We were exceedingly fortunate in securing a

toard, are well illustrated. few sets of The New Natural History, in Among other articles may be mena remainder lot sale," which we have just tioned: received, and will therefore give you these books at cost mark price as long as they last.

The Power House of the Interborough They are printed on “superior fine white Rapid Transit Company. coated " paper, with clear type, six large volumes Curves of Performance, by W. H. Booth. II X872 in size, half leather binding.

Expansion Joints for Smoke Flues, by C. E. Among its famous contributors are Richard

Flanigan. Lydekker, B. A., F. G. S., F. Y. S., and Lubricating Oils, by W. M. Davis. R. Bowdler Sharpe, H. A. McPherson, F. 0. European Practice in the Use of SuperPickard-Cambridge, W. R. Ogilvie Grant, C. J. heated Steam, by Franz Koester. Gahan, F. A. Bather, Edgar A. Smith, R. I. Pocock, M. Bernard, H. Bernard and R. Kirkpatrick. With Mustrations by Ernest SetonThompson and Joel A. Allen. They number Seventy-Two Colored Plates and Twenty-One

Catalogues Thousand Engravings. At Less Than Half Price International Steam Pump Company, New York.

Pumping Machinery. Pages 16. Paper, 8%: by 12 Sent Free on Approval

inches. These Books are written accurately and in such A HANDSOME CATALOGUE in which are interesting form that they should be in every described and illustrated with excellent home. The supply is limited and we hold

half-tones forty types of pumping mathe right to withdraw this cost price offer at any time. By filling out the coupon

chinery comprised in the exhibit of this attached and forwarding to us, we will

company at the St. Louis Exposition, insend you the books free for inspection.

cluding not only pumps proper, but also If satisfactory send us 50 Cents within five days and one dollar

air-compressing and steam-condensing

The a month for 17 months, or $15


apparatus, cooling towers, vacuum macash. WRITE NOW to


chines, water meters, etc. The processes Chicago

in which these machines are employed The Pilgrim Press

Send on approval, on the Exposition grounds, such as 175 Wabash

as advertised in Oc

timber preserving and refrigeration, are Avenue

tober Technical World, CHICAGO

six volume set New Nat. fully explained, and diagrams and graphural History Il satisfactory will send 50c cash and ical charts are employed to illustrate the $1.00 a month for 17 months, or 315.00 cash. If not, will return

design and arrangement of apparatus. A within five days.

striking view of the Grand Cascade is

shown on the cover, and the immense Name

Worthington turbine pumps by which

the water is supplied are described. Sent Address

free on application. Mention The Technical World.

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More Power

for Less Money ( The Rambler engine-horizontal type, large bore, long stroke provides more power, in less space, at less cost to produce, than any other engine of any other make.

(The Rambler gearing-a planetary system that transmits the engine impulses in a direct line to the wheelsreduces loss of power to the absolute minimum. ( The power-making and power-saving features of the


help make it the most economical automobile on the market. And it's as economical to keep as it is to buy. The Catalogue tells why. Send for it.

Eight models, $650 to $1,350 at factory. Thos. B. Jeffery & Company, Kenosha, Wis., U. S. A.

Chicago Branch: 304 Wabash Ave.

Boston Branch: 145 Columbus Ave.

Mention The Technical World.

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