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Elbert Hubbard, The

"Roycrofters," E.
Aurora, N. Y.: “I
think that your cabi.
net has added several
years to my earth life
by enabling me to find
the thing without wear
or tear on my temper
and vocabulary."

American Vulcanized Fibre Company, Wilming

ton, Delaware. Pages 40. Paper, 5 by 7 1-2 inches. CATALOGUE describing the uses of vulcanized fibre, a material of great strength, elasticity, and durability, which is applicable in some form to almost every branch of electrical or mechanical industry. Illustrations, price list, and tables may also be found in this catalogue.

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Geo. H. Daniels, Gen'l

Pass's Agent, N. Y.
C. & H. R. Ry. Co.;
"I find them indis-

pensable to me in my Free to You with

work." Your Name in Gold

Even a gifted writer like Elbert Hubbard cannot adequately describe the value of this cabinet to the man with a desk. It forms a complete, durable, ever-ready receptacle for all the clippings, manuscripts, illustrations you wish to preserve-the cleverest classifier of miscellaneous papers ever invented. It is a veritable savings bank of information-worth 47 scrap books.

All complete, it consists of a substantial air tight, dust-proof box fitted with a full supply of specially made holders, each of which not only shows the contents in it, but by the ingenious indexing system shows just where everything else referring to its contents may be found. It sits conveniently on your desk and takes care absolutely of all the papers and data that you might otherwise lose or forget-perhaps throw in the waste basket for want of a better place to put it. The cabinet is a genuine Library Filing Cabinet never before made in desk size, and has sold for $15.00 to $500.oo in large sizes. The Desk Cabinet we offer you free is equal in every respect to the expensive kind except the size. The free offer is in connection with

The 0. C. White Company, Worcester, Mass.

Pages 68. Paper, 9 by 6 inches. CATALOGUE of adjustable fixtures for incandescent lamps, with illustrations and price list. The method of illuminationwhereby the light is brought to bear from just the point desired relative to the object, instead of the object having to be placed relative to the light-has made these adjustable fixtures very popular.


Welsbach Company, Gloucester City, New Jersey.

Pages 40. Paper, 9 by 12 inches. This CATALOGUE is resplendent with fine illustrations of mantles, imported and domestic fancy globes, lights of various styles of glassware, on the improved universal Welsbach burner, gas globes, burners, double cone reflectors, Japanese portables, which are the Welsbach Company's exclusive importations, etc. Attention is called to the by-pass cock, and its working explained.

Edited by A. W. SHAW
SYSTEM gives every month 200 or more pages of indispensable
information for business men. Sy stem is essential to business suc-

cess. And, so is SYSTEM, the
magazine. It tells every month all
the new business tricks that save time
--all the little office wrinkles that save
worry. Through SYSTEM you can
learn all that anyone can possibly tell
you about system and business
methods. The regular reading of
SYSTEM will solve your business per.
plexities-but if it does not, SYSTEM
has a staff of experts-practical busi-
ness men who will answer your
questions gladly and cheerfully and
promptly. This service will cost you
not one single penny-if you are a
subscriber to SYSTEM. The price of
SYSTEM is two dollars a year. It is
worth a great deal more than that to
an alert man with his eyes on the main

An offlcial of the National
Cash Register Company,
says: "The ideas gathered
from youi magazine have

enabled me to formulate systems for Mr. Patterson's letters, books. pamphlets, orders, etc., which have simplified the work greatly." "I have learned more from SYSTEM in five months than in ten years of hard study and knocks in business. It is worth ten times the charges for it. F. A. PHILBRICK, Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Special Offer We said the desk cabinet would cost you nothing. Here is the way. Send us two dollars for a year's subscription to SYSTEM and we will send you, every cost prepaid, a cabinet with your name in gold on top. Write your name and address in the white space opposite; tear out this advertisement and mail it to us. Write plainly, so that we will make no mistake in setting your name. Inclose the money and we will enter you as a subscriber-send you an expert consulta. tion certificate entitling you to free advice --and ship you the cabinet. Act at once. We have only a few of the cabinets on hand and we believe they will be snapped up in a hurry. ACT.


B. F. Sturtevant Company, Boston, Mass. Pages

16. Paper, 6 1-2 by 9 inches. AN ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of the Sturtevant disc and propeller fans, giving in detail descriptions of their application and construction; also tables of speed.

R. K. Leblond Machine Tool Company, Cincin

nati, Ohio. The Modern Milling Machine.

Pages 56. Paper, 4 by 6 inches. This CATALOGUE contains many illustrations and valuable reading matter concerning the modern milling machine. It speaks of the different kinds of gears and spindles, and gives diagrams showing relative belt velocities, also table of

spindle speeds. It has for a frontispiece THE SYSTEM COMPANY

a half-tone cut of the Leblond manufact992 First National Bank Building. Chicago uring plant.

Mention The Technical World.

Write Name and Address Mere

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We can furnish you with any work desired, including all of the Latest

AND Best, and covering the entire technical field
All Books sent direct, Postage Prepaid, upon receipt of Lowest
Publisher's Price. Write for our New Catalogue.

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Publishers, SOUND WAVES, The Telephone

Cut Out and
Mail this

50 Cents

The Telephone

Home Office: LOGAXSPORT, IND. Branch Office: Monadnoek Bid's, CHICAGO, ILL.

Inquiries at either office will receive prompt attention.
Gentlemen: Enclosed find 50 cents, with which I accept your special offer, as follows:

1. Sound Waves, one year.
2. The book. Telephone Troubles and How to Find Them."
3. Free access to your Queries and Answers column.
4. Personal replies direct, upon all urgent inquiries, from your technical expert.

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Sound Waves is published on the first of each month. It is ably edited, contains the finest telephone technical matter, and has ten strong departments. It is now in its sth Vol. and is the representative journal of its field. No telephone man can afford to be without it.

Mention The Technical Il'orld.

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Mention The Technical World.

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