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THERE are XIX chapters of subjects, carrying you from the fundamental principles of electricity on through the various branches to a point where the careful student comprehends the complete designing, care and operation of a dynamo or motor. Each Bubject is carefully written and to the point. After a student studies a subject, he is questioned on that subject in such a manner as to bring clearly to his mind the points he needs to know regarding same. A DICTIONARY in back of book will enable him to learn the meaning of any electrical word, term or phrase used in this book, as well as hundreds of others in common use. All required tables necessary in the study are in it.


$2.00 per Copy—Third Edition—11,000 Copies Sold The offer we make of refunding money if book Is

; — not satisfactory upon examination is AN Unusual

One in connection with the sale of a book. But we have no fear of its return. Your decision will be what thousands of others have been. Money would not buy it if it could not be duplicated. We could print testimonials by the hundreds. It is best to order and be your own judge of its merits.


America's Greatest Repair Works. Armatures and Fields Wound—Commutators Filled.

Mention The Technical World.

Tufts College



Civil, Mechanical, Electrical
and Chemical Engineering

New Laboratories and Excellent Equipment. Beautiful site within four miles of Boston. Preparatory Department for students who have had engineering practice, but insufficient preparation for college work.

For information concerning courses and positions of graduates, address

H. G. CHASE, Secretary, Tufts College P. P., Mass.

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/^Polytechnic^ Sfc* Institute,

ST Troy, N.Y.

t^jc*l examinations provided lor. Send for a Catalogue.


Positions furnished. Itlcrest lit

TftUht qui.-LI, .

mtnd for operator* in the history of the telegraph. Our Institution established 1874, and endorsed by offlrials of


the Western Union Tel. Co. We own and maintain our magnificent, modern building for this study exclusively. Total coat, tuition, (telegraphy and typewriting), board and room, six months' course *HT| this can be reduced. Catalogue free. Home instruction also given.

DODUE'8 INSTITUTE, Valparaiso, Indiana.


10 Beautiful Pictures


If you do not own a complete aetoi Shakespeare, or if you own one that is not thoroughly upto-date and satisfactory, we will send you on request ten beautiful pictures of Shakespeare's heroines. These picture are printed in colors on heavy plate paper, and bear no printing. They are most appropriate for framing or decorative purposes. Tbo regular price of the collection at art stores is $3.00. We make this offer to enable us to send you information about our new edition of Shakespeare, the best ever published at a moderate price. In writing enclose 10c. (silver or stamps) to pay postage and wrapping; refunded if you are not satisfied. Address Dept. S. THE UNIVERSITY BOCrETT, 17 Flfla Areas©, Hew York

Adjustable Drawing TABLES.


The Cash with Order Price

Adjustable to a required height and angle; tops of hard or soft wood, 20x28 inches, weight 40 lbs. Shipped by freight in the Knock down. Circular free of full line of Tables.

The Hetterschied Mfg. Works,


317 South Division Street, GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN.

No. 1

tTO EMPLOYERS —The Technical World offers its
servicesin bringing employers of skilled labor into com-
munication with trained and efficient men. Write the
Employment Department full particulars as to the quali-
fications necessary.


Wanted—The application of every competent technical man desirous of securing a position or bettering his present one, is wanted at once. We are constantly searching for high-class vacancies and always have from 100 to 300 places open for the highest grade men. Write to-day. The Engineering Agency, 1218 MonadnockBldg., Chicago, 111.


Wanted—A graduate in Mechanical-Electrical Engineering desires a position as Tracer in drafting room, pattern or machine shop. Locality preferred, Chicago. Address The Technical World, No. 285.

Wanted—Position as Building Foreman. Experienced as a general carpenter and joiner, and as foreman on building construction. References. Address The Technical World, No. 286.


Wanted—By an American School graduate, a chance to learn light repair work. Gun, sewing machine, or bicycle work preferred. Three months' experience in school shops. Address The Technical World, No. 287.

Wanted—Position as Assistant in a power or light station of not less than 400 H. P. Locality preferred, Montana, Idaho, or Washington. Address The Technical World, No. 288.

Wanted—Position as Draftsman. Experienced in machine shop work, especially on milling machines, gear cutters, lathes, and drills. References. Desired locality, New England. Address The Technical World, No. 289.

Wanted—Position as a Machinist's Helper in some shop or public works by a student of the American School of Correspondence. References. Address The Technical World, No. 290.

Wanted—Position as Stationary Engineer is wanted by a student of the American School

Mention The Technical World.

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Sieber £y Trussell Mfg. Company

4009 Laclede Avenue .... ST. LOUIS, MO.

Mention The Technical World.


CThis is what one customer has to say about the Dies we send out with our Pipe Cutting and Threading Machines:

II We bought our machines
"over twenty-five years
ago, and are using some
of the original dies today. ||

CLet us tell you about the lasting qualities and small repair bills. Our machines are the Standard. Made in all sizes, for cutting and threading J^" to 18" pipe.

Bignall $ Keller Mfg. Co.

I Leclaire, Edwardsville, Illinois

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JBratotng Jftatertais

Surveying Instruments

Liberal Discounts to Students


Telephones: M«in 4603; Automatic 6287


of Correspondence. Ten years' experience with common slide-valve Corliss engines, air compressors, and boilers, water-tube and tubular. Best of references. Address The Technical World, No. 291.

Wanted—Young man with experience in ship drafting and mechanical drafting, including engines and boilers, also experienced pattern-maker, wishes position as Mechanical Draftsman. Address The Technical World, No. 292.

Wanted—Position to take charge of plant in small city or town. Thorough experience in electric lighting and power, street railway, and high transmission. References. Address The Technical World, No. 293.

Wanted—Position as Foreman or Assistant Foreman. Locality preferred—West or South. Experienced in lathe, bench work, shaper, milling machine, floor work, and assembling. Address The Technical World, No. 294.

Wanted—Position to care for everything electrical in office building or large manufacturing plant. Twelve years' experience in general construction and repairs. Telephone work a specialty. Address The Technical World, No. 295.

Wanted—Position as Oiler or Helper in electric light plant or power house. Student of American School. References. Address The Technical World, No. 296.

Wanted—Position as Chief Engineer wanted by a man thoroughly experienced in steam and electrical work. Has designed and installed plants from $3,000 to $35,000 in value. References. Address The Technical World, No. 297.

Wanted—A student of the American School of Correspondence wants position as Draftsman. Locality Denver or Pueblo, Colorado, or Kansas City, Missouri. One year's experience as surveyor's assistant. Address The Technical World, No. 298.

Wanted—Position as Electrical Apprentice. Three years spent in experimenting. Have built D. C. dynamo and motor. Good references. Address The Technical World, No. 299.

Mention The Technical World.

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