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Have You Success?

Every man contains within himself that
which leads to success or failure, accord-

ing as he makes use of it.
Do you know that Jay Gould who died worth $100,000,000 began
by selling rat-traps; that Carnegie worked for $3.00 per week;
that Schwab was a cart-boy? There was a method by which
these men succeeded. You are starting in life, get the method,
it is contained in "HOW TO ATTAIN SUCCESS.'

"HOW TO ATTAIN SUCCESS" 18 a text-book for those who will have success - it's not filled with picely spun theories, but gives the master-key to your capacity and powers.

A $60.00 man writes he studied its principles hard and now has an income in the five figures. YOU CAN DO THE SAME - IT'S ONLY LEARNING AND DEVELOPING YOUR OWN POWERS AND POROEB-do this, success will be yours.

To the ambitious man or woman possessed of energy "HOW TO ATTAIN SUCCESS" will unfold a world of possibility will transform hope of success into realization. Sent on receipt of $1.

Room 8, 992 Harrison St., Chicago.

pecially of the agricultural and allied industries of the great West, is none too well understood even by those who pride themselves on keeping in intelligent touch with what concerns public issues of vital interest. In opening eyes to the dangers of wholesale deforestation and reckless waste of natural resources—follies of which our own country and others furnish many striking examples—and in stimulating a sentiment in favor of rational conservation of some of the richest of our national assets, this book will render a public service of inestimable value.

The volume, though designed especially for students and others beginning the subject of Forestry, is also intended for the general reader who wishes to secure a broad idea of Forestry in North America. It covers the field in its entirety and with an abundance of detail too minute for mention here. Besides treating fully of the conditions of forest growth and management, it contains much information of practical value to the agriculturist, the engineer, the lumberman, and the woodworker. Illustrations are abundant, including many beautiful half-tones; and a complete analytical index renders all details easily available.


Elementary Woodworking. By Edwin W. Foster, If you knew that you could get one for $5.00 that would give results as quickly and accurately as a 8375.00 machine, wouldn't you get it!

Instructor in Shopwork and Drawing in the Manual The Locke Adder will do this and more. It adds, subtracts, multi

Training High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. Cloth. 12mo. plies and divides. Computes nine columns at once. Cannot make

Pages 133. Illustrated. Published by Ginn & Commistakes. Capacity, 999,999,999. Size, 4x 10X inches. Price, $5.00,

pany, Boston, Mass. Price, postage prepaid, 80 cents. prepaid in U.S. Write for FREE booklet. AGENTS WANTED.

32 Walnut Street, Kensett, Iowa.

tical value. In the hands of students it

will reinforce the work of their instruc(.E.LOCKE Mro. Co.

tors, and, while specially adapted to higher grammar grades and the lower years of the high school, it will be found replete with scientific information and practical hints of value to all woodwork

ers. In Part I the tools most used in See our Exribit, Liberal Arts Building, St. Louis Exposition

elementary benchwork are described and AMnr r Copy Kansas rara Oil Edition

pictured, with directions for their use. Investor's

Part II deals with wood. Beginning with Review Tells all about great opportunities to make money in this new oll field. This special number is fully illustrated and contains

a description of lumbering operations, it a vast fund of valuable, interesting and reliable information, read it before you invest a dollar. Heed its advice and you will

goes on to explain such natural peculiarisurely become a successful investor. There are hundreds of ties as shrinkage, warping, etc. Then folopportunities to make big money in Kansas oll. Get posted and keep posted. Do it now, not tomorrow, but right now. lows a detailed study of the woods and Ask for Kansas Oil Edition, just out. Address, INVESTOR'S REVIEW, 1580 Gaff Bidg., CHICAGO, ILL. trees of the United States. This is in

Mention The Technical World.

Recent Engineering Books for Students

Abbott's Telephony, 6 volumes,

Sold separately, $1.50 each.
Baum's Alternating Current Transformer,

Bell's Art of Illumination, . .

Considere's Reinforced Concrete, . . . 2.00
De la Tour's Induction Motor, Its Theory and Design, 2.50
Gonzenbach's Engineering Preliminaries for an Interur-
ban Electric Railway, • •

Gotshall's Electric Railway Economics and Preliminary
Engineering, .

Goodell’s Water Works for Small Cities and Towns,
Lyndon's Storage Battery Engineering, 2nd edition, 3.00
Meyer's Steam Power Plants, Their Design and Con-

Miller's American Telephone Practice, .

3.00 Reed's American Meter Practice, · ·



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Mention The Technical World.

Your Library

LITERATURE-(Continued) tended to correlate this branch of nature study with shopwork, and is planned to come at that period in the student's life when he is in constant contact with the various woods used in construction. Besides this, the leaf form is studied as the best means of identification, and the particular uses for the various kinds of wood are explained. The book is profusely illustrated with pictures and diagrams.

A Treatise on the Construction and Use of Mill

ing Machines Made by Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Company. Paper. Illustrated. Indexed. Pages 188. Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co., Providence, R. I., Publishers. Price, 50 cents.

is not complete if it does not contain the following Histories in some form

We have a limited number of sets which we secured in a

Remainder Lot Sale and which we will offer while they last at

Ridiculously Low Prices The books are bound in red buckram, printed in good type on good paper and have gilt tops.

Publisher's Sale

Price Price. Guizot's France, 8 vols.........$12.00 $5.00 Gibbon's Rome, 6 vols.......... 9.00 3.50 Wilkinson's Egypt, 2 vols....... 3.00 1.50 Prescott'3 Mexico, 2 vols .... 3.00 1.00 Prescott's Peru, 2 vols........ 3.00 1.00 Green's England, 4 vols.....

3.50 Lewis' Germany, 2 vols... 3.00 1.25 Griffis' Japan, 2 vols............ 2.00 1.50 Hildreth's U. S., 6 vols......... 9.00 Grote's Greece, 12 vols.......... 18.00 6.00



As THE TITLE INDICATES, this book is devoted entirely to the milling machines made by this company. The fact that the book is written by the manufacturers is a guarantee of its absolute accuracy; and to anyone engaged in running one of these machines, which will be found in nearly every well-equipped machine shop, the book is invaluable, explaining clearly and fully, with diagrams, their principles and operation.

The book is written especially for those not familiar with the machines, with the object of aiding in having the machines well understood, properly cared for, and profitably operated. Going beyond this, the book contains much of interest and instruction to those who are well versed in both the theory and the practice of milling. Both the universal and the plain milling machines are taken up.

Among the many important operations described, may be mentioned the cutting of bevel gears, in the universal milling machine, also the cutting of spirals, as particularly interesting.


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Japan as Seen by Great Authors. Edited by

Esther Singleton. Pages 372. Dodd, Mead & Company,
New York. Price, $1.60.

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THE AUTHOR of this volume has shown great skill in the selection of matter, with the result that the combined chapters on different phases of Japan and of Japanese life have produced an exceedingly

Name Address

Mention The Technical World,


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Original Articles Every Month by Experts

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Mention The Technical World.


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interesting book, well illustrated and full of valuable information. Among the many authors whose work has been laid under tribute, we find the names of Sir Edwin Arnold, Pierre Loti, Lafcadio Hearn, Arthur Diosy, and several others, whose years of residence and travel in Japan have made them very familiar with the country and the people. The book contains fifty articles, grouped under the following headings: “The Country and Race," "History and Religion," "Places and Monuments," "Manners and Customs,” “Arts and Crafts.” In these divisions are found chapters on Japanese gardens, architecture, painting, pottery, porcelain, carving, lacquer, etc.

The article devoted to New Japan is of special value at the present time as it gives an insight into existing conditions and the spirit that animates the little island nation, whose fighting qualities have astonished the world.


Russia as Seen by Great Authors. Edited by

Esther Singleton. Dodd, Mead & Company, New

York. Price, $1.50. This is a companion book to “Japan as Seen by Great Authors,” but in our opinion is not so valuable a work. The book is not well balanced, several subjects of no special moment receiving too much space, and thus necessitating the curtailing of subjects which deserve a more extended treatment. One-third of the volume is occupied by descriptive articles on particular places, cities, the Volga basin, the Caucasus, the Trans-Siberian Railway, etc., followed by a number of chapters on the manners and customs of the people. Thirty pages are devoted to the discussion of the architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and literature of Russia ; and the concluding chapter contains some statistics, and general encyclopedic and geographical information. The book is well illustrated with photographs. Many of the chapters are from the pens of such well known writers as Prince Kropotkin, Harry de Windt, Théophile Gauthier, and W. R. Morfill.

Mention The Technical World.

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