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Outfit No. 3

The Official Drawing
Outfit Used and Re-
commended by the


(Cut is Reproduced from a Photograph)


Set of German Silver Drawing Instruments in One Drawing Board, 19x25 inches, seasoned pine,
Morocco Leather Pocket Case, velvet lined, with

with hardwood ledges, attached to board by bar and lock, comprising :

screws sunk in slots with metal bushings to One German Silver ball joint compass, 6 inches

allow for contraction or expansion. Shellac finish,

$2.00 long, with pen, pencil, needle point and length One Mahogany T-Square, 24 in. long, ebony ening bar.

lined, fixed head, shellac finish,

.90 One German Silver ball joint spacing dividers, 5

One 450 Transparent Triangle, 8 inch,

.75 inches long

One 300x600 Transparent Triangle, 10 inch, .70

One 12-nch Triangular Boxwood Scale, engine One steel spring bow dividers, 344 inches long.

divided; graduated 3-92, 8-16, 1-8, 1-4, 3-8, 3-4, One steel spring bow pen, 3% inches long, with 1-2, 143, and 8 inches to the foot, and one edge needle point.


ono Transparent combination, Irregular or One steel spriag bow pencil, 3% inches long, with French Ourve, special.

1.00 needle point.

One Bottle Waterproof Ipk

.25 One 5-inch ruling pen, spring on upper Blade.

One - Siberian
Drawing Pencil,

One Faber's Ink Eraser, No. 1075,

.05 One case with leads.

One Faber's Pencil Eraser, No. 111,

.05 One adjusting key,

One dozen Thumbtacks,

Nine sheets Whatman's handmade, cold pressed, Retail Price of Instruments, $6.90

.54 Twelve sheets Whitstock Drawing Paper, 11:15 inches (for practice work only),

.15 One Erasing Shield,

.25 One Sandpaper Block,

.10 Total Value of Complete Outfit, $15.84

One 6-inch German Silver Protractor, 40, .90

Retail Price of Materials, $8.94


SPECIAL PRICE TO A. S. C. STUDENTS and United States $6.95

In order to secure the above special price it is necessary to be a student of the American School of Correspondence. Orders should be sent direct to the address of the manufacturer as given below, accompanied by Post Office Order

or by Registered Letter for the amount and a statement that the writer is a member of the American School of Correspondence. Express charges are to be paid by the purchaser (for students in the West and Middle West express charges to CHICAGO will be prepaid.) Address:

A. D. MACLACHLAN, 214 Clarendon Street, Boston


Mention The Technical World.


Lest You Forget

Whiting Foundry Equipment Company, Harvey,

III. Pages 124. Paper, 6 by 9 inches.


pages of beautiful half-tone cuts of foun

dries with complete equipment, cranes of
Loose-Leaf all kinds, etc.


Lord & Burham Company, New York, N. Y.

Pages 96. Paper, 8 by 10 inches. .00

CATALOGUE of greenhouse heating and

ventilating apparatus, with descriptions, Just

illustrations, and price lists. Special atFits the Vest

tention is called to the new features of Pocket

the steam and hot water boilers manu

factured by this company; also to the A handsome prac

pipe header and automatic air-valve tical little re

recently introduced and patented by minder, size

them. 272 x 434, just fits the vest pocket. Genuine black flexible Morocco covers with pocket and pencil, $1.00 postpaid, including 50 sheets in book, 50 extra sheets and name in gold on front cover. Press a thumb - spring, the book opens for inserting or removing sheets. Close and it locks automatically.

A wonderful little device. You cannot afford to be without it. Special prices in quantities for advertising souvenirs. Send $1.00 today in currency, check, money

Indefinite Postponement order or stamps. Money refunded if book

A CLERGYMAN, recently, was preaching not satisfactory. With every order three months' subscription to Tengwall Talk, a

on the subject of future punishment. bright monthly

Magazine of Modern Busi "Yes, my brethren," said he, "there is a ness Methods. Add 12 cents for postage in hell; but-drawing out his watch and the United States; 16 cents for postage in

looking at it—we shall not go into that parcel post countries; 48 cents for postage in other foreign countries.

just now." T. S. Spencer, of High Point, N. C., writes:

"I received the Pocket Memo last
night and am entirely satisfied with it.

Peculiarities of Language
Think it is the neatest and most con-
venient little book I ever saw. I thank
you for your promptness and my mon A ,
ey's worth.”

swum; but milk that is skimmed is

seldom skum, and nails you trim, they Tengwall Loose-Leaf Devices save time

are not trum. When words you speak, and money.

those words are spoken; but a nose is

tweaked and can't be twoken, and what Correspondence solicited concerning loose

you seek is never soken. If we forget, leaf devices and supplies of all kind.

then we've forgotten; but things we wet

are never wotten, and houses let cannot TENGWALL

be lotten. The goods one sells are always FILE & LEDGER CO. sold; but fears dispelled are not dispold, CHICAGO.

and what you smell is never smoled. When juvenile, a top you spun, but did you see a grin e'er grun, or a potato

neatly skun? Mention The Technical IV orld.

[graphic][merged small]

Chairman, U. S. Light-House Board. Born in Virginia, Aug. 18, 1846. Graduated at U. S. Naval Academy in 1863. Participated in attacks on Fort Fisher, Jan. 15, 1865, being severely wounded. Commanded lowa in battle of Santiago, July 3, 1898. Commanded Yorktown at Valparaiso during tension with Chile in 1891, when his

actions earned him the sobriquet of "Fighting Bob."

The Technical World

Volume II


No. 4

Beacons of the Sea

How the Government Has Established and Maintains the 10,300
Lighthouses and Other Aids to Navigation that by

Night and Day Warn the Mariner of Danger



OWN at the southern Ann Hartwell, who is also on speaking

end of Lake Michi terms with the eighties and is quite as

gan, in the little vil- sturdy and trustworthy as her superior lage of Michigan City, officer in the government lighthouse Indiana-just now in the service. hands of the town-site Ask any lake sailor what he thinks of boomers — lives Miss "little Miss Colfax's light," and he will

Harriet E. Colfax, a tell you that since back in the early sixties CHARLOTTE HARBOR lonely little old woman it has never failed to burn, throwing out LIGHT, FLORIDA,

of eighty-one. Her over still or stormy water its message cousin, that great Hoosier, Schuyler of warning and guidance. Colfax, served his country as Vice-Presi There are those who will tell you of dent. She, too, is a public servant; and, some early romance—some love story if her place is less in the public eye, it shattered, perhaps, by the storm of civil is none the less an important one—as war—which finds its long conclusion in any one of the great lake captains who this lonely lighthouse peopled only by sends his huge steamer, with its string these two ancient gentlewomen. Certain of barges, staggering down toward the it is that Miss Colfax and Miss Hartwell Indiana sand-bars, will gladly testify. have been friends for three quarters of

For forty-one years—since the days of a century, since the days of their early sailing ships and of civil war—the chief girlhood in Ogdensburg, N. Y. It is interest of Miss Colfax's life has been certain, too, that when the Civil War the same. For she is the keeper of the broke out they were two of the prettiest Michigan City lighthouse, and upon her schoolma'ams in the village of Michigan faithfulness nightly depend the lives of City. They never married, and they are many sailor men and the safety of thou still living together in the lighthouse, sands of dollars worth of property. Too faithful to their lonely but beneficent old for such duty? Ah! but Miss Col- task. So one who is inclined may let his fax has an assistant in the person of Miss fancy play as it will. Copyright, 1904, by The Technical World Company


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