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Balancing bicycle in stationary position long enough to

have his picture taken.
is written by W. M. Davis, a man who understands
not only the Theory of Lubrication but its application

A Dog Cyclist to every day problems. Mr. Davis was for ten years mechanical expert in the lubricating department of

THE TRAINING OF ANIMALS to perform a large oil refinery company and is now oil inspector various feats has reached a high degree for a large steel company. While every engineer and mechanic has to do with lubrication but very little has

of perfection, but very few animals have hitherto been known about the subject. The work is the result of years of careful study and experience

ever been taught to keep the bicycle upand the book is easily worth $5.00.

right. It is a fact that the dog pictured POWER says: "It is the practical man's book through and through and information gleaned from it herewith will sit upon a wheel, and so will be found readily applicable to every day problems."

adjust himself that while it is moving

slowly he will not fall off. He is owned T. W. DEC. ORDER COUPON

by J. B. Foster, of West Chester, Penn

sylvania, who occupied his leisure time Fold a $2 bill in this Coupon and for nearly a year in teaching the dog. MAIL TODAY.

When the photograph was taken, the

bicycle was not supported, but the dog LUBRICATION PUBLISH. Co.,

held it in a stationary position long Pittsburg, Pa.,

enough for the exposure to be made.

Box 475 Enclosed please find $2.00 for which MR. Hugh A. HACKETT, a student in send by mail, prepaid, 1 Copy of “Friction and Lubrication.

the Electrical Course of the American

School, expects to get his degree from Name

Johns Hopkins University next June. In Street

his present studies he is leaning as much

as possible to the scientific line, in order City

that he may take a B. S. degree from State

Armour Institute of Technology in as

short a time as possible. Montion The Technical World.

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About as big and heavy as a watch.
Made entirely of metal, nickel-plated, with crystal, dust-proof.

Shows CORRECT MOVEMENTS of valve and piston, and sections of chest, ports, and cylinder.

Can be carried in pocket or will stand up.
A real model, with a crank and eccentric—not a toy.

It shows lap, lead, cut-off and compression-shows just what a plain slide valve engine does when at work.

This model ought to be in the hands of every engineer in America, and can be, for each can have one for himself without costing a cent in money.

Fill out slip below, cut it out, and send to POWER, World Bldg., New York,

and we will tell you how to get one.

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T. W.

Mration The Technical World


(Continued from Page 424) an application as early as possible if the

reduction to practice has not already been EVERETT E. KENT

made in a manner susceptible of clear COUNSELOR AT LAW

proof. If the application be filed, the Patents, Foreign and Domestic. Copyrights. actual construction of a specimen, which Trade Marks in all States.

sometimes is very expensive, may genCorporations.

erally be deferred. 84 State Street, BOSTON

If the application be not filed within two years of the first description of the invention in any printed publication, and within two years of the time when it was first in public use or on sale in the United States, no patent can lawfully be granted.

Delicate questions sometimes arise as to If you wish to buy or lease on

whether an alleged use of the invention royalty, patents on hardware or mail-order specialties, machin

more than two years before was a "pubery, in fact anything, write to me.

lic use" within the meaning of the statINVENTORS

ute, or was merely an experimental use.

It is not safe to take any chances in a desirous of selling their patents quickly and to the best advan'age should register

matter of this sort, merely for the sake with me. I can save you time and money. of having the term of the patent begin I CHARLES A. SCOTT,

at a later date. When there are two apSELL 797 Mutual Life Building,

plicants, each claiming a patent for the PATENTS Buffalo, N. Y.

same invention, the patent is in some countries granted to the one who filed

his application first. In the United PATENTS, MÄRKSAT COPYRIGHTS

States it is granted to him who first made

the invention; and this, as explained

AND DESIGNS. Send your business direct to Washington. Saves

above, means the one who first conceived time and insures better service.

and proceeded with diligence to reduce 24 Years Practice. Personal Service Guaranteed. it to practice, either actually, or “conSIGGERS & SIGGERS, Patent Lawyors, structively" by filing an application for Suite 10, National Union Bldg., Washington, D. C.

patent. He who files the later applicaREGISTERED IN THE U.S.PATENT OFFICE tion may therefore get the patent notRegister No. 5187.

withstanding his tardiness; but in the RICHARD J. JACKER

absence of proof, it is presumed that he SOLICITOR OF United States and Foreign Patents

who filed first invented first; and he who MECHANICAL EXPERT )

files later has to sustain the burden of 908 Monadnock Block - CHICAGO proof. This constitutes an additional Both Telephones. Free Information. reason for filing an application promptly.





R. William Lotz
Suite 45-161 East Randolph Street, CHICAGO

Telephone Main 1432

Rogistored Patent Attornoy Best service, most reasonable rates. All business strictly confidential. Correspondence solicited. Consultation free. No misrepresentations. Freeguidebook on request.

McGinnis owned a Billy goat,
He purchased in New York,
Which made its meals on shingle nails,
On leather, and on cork;
One day O'Grady came to town
From out the boundless West,
He pressed the little Billy goat,
The buttin' did the rest.

Mention The Technical World.

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