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about nine months is now to come to STERN VIEW OF U. S. BATTLESHIP ALABAMA. to a year, landsbright, intelligent

are rated as young men.

ordinary seamen, with the pay of $19 per The Sailor's Pay

month. Even in the lowest ratings, the pay of Members of the engine-room force are the Navy compares favorably with that enlisted as coal passers at $22 per month, Copyright, 1904, by The Technical World Company




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with a ration which makes their wage equivalent to at least $36 per month shore pay, or $9 per week. When qualified for firemen, second class, their pay is raised to $30 per month, which is equivalent, approximately, to $45 per month shore wages. Chances of Promotion-Seaman

Branch of the Service Service in the Navy offers opportunity for advancement in two lines. The first is that of the Seaman branch, for which the original enlistment is made either as an apprentice" or as a “landsman.” The young man who enlists in the Navy as a landsman serves nine months to a year in training, at the expiration of which he is rated as an ordinary seaman. On the completion of about a year as "ordinary seaman," he will probably be qualified for the rating of "seaman," with pay of $24 per month, together with the additions previously referred to. At this point he may take his choice among several different divisions of the work of seaman, electing to perfect himself either in the duties of quartermaster (which relate to the handling of the ship while under way), in gunnery, or in the work of the boatswain (which relates to keeping the ship clean and in good condition, handling boats, anchor gear, etc.); or he may elect to qualify for the master-at-arms force, which is the police force of the ship. At the expiration of such a term of service as seaman as would ensure his proficiency to serve in a higher rating, he may be advanced, as vacancies occur, to be a petty officer, third class, with the pay of $30 per month. While still a seaman, he may receive an extra amount of pay of $5 per month for certain lines of service; and if he becomes an expert signal man,

he will receive $1, $2, or $3 per

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V. Ş. Training Ship Hartford in the Distance.

been discharged as a petty officer, third class, he may, on re-enlistment, be rated as acting petty officer, second class; and on receiving an appointment as such, is paid at the rate of $35 per month, together with the various additional amounts to which he may be entitled. If he is rated as a gun pointer, he will receive, in addition to his regular pay, additional amounts ranging from $2 to $10 per month. This would work out for a gun

ner's mate, second ATHLETICS IN THE Navy.-BOXING.

class, upon receiving

his permanent appointmonth additional for this service, accord ment at the expiration of the first year of ing to his expertness. The seaman, be his second enlistment, as follows: Regufore the expiration of his first enlistment, lar pay, $35; ration, $9; if he is a heavy may receive a permanent appointment as gun pointer, first class, $10; increase for a petty officer, third class. If he re-en re-enlistment, $1.36; total, $55.36, maklists within four months, he will be given ing, with the equivalent of quarters, four months' pay of his last rating; and, medical attendance, etc., as good as $60 on his second enlistment, receives an in per month shore wages. crease of $1.36 a month during the term of his second and each subsequent enlistment. At the expiration of his second enlistment, if his conduct has been uniformly good, he receives the good conduct badge, which entitles him to an increase of pay of $1.75 per month. If he so desires, upon his second enlistment, he may make application for a term of instruction in either the petty officers' school or the seaman gunner's school, where he will receive instruction which will qualify him for a further increase in rating. If he has

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While not all enlisted men, of course, is equivalent promotion, and increase of can qualify as heavy gun pointers, re pay. Starting as coal passer at $22 per ceiving the maximum amount above month, he may become fireman, second mentioned, there are equivalent sched class, at $30; then fireman, first class, at ules of extra pay in other lines of service, $35 per month; or he may enlist as a making the pay at this time equal to be shipwright at $25 per month, and secure tween $50 and $60 per month.

a promotion to one of the artificer ratAt the expiration of a year as pettyings, equivalent to the rank of petty ofofficer, second class, the enlisted man is ficer, third class, at $30 per month. eligible for promotion to the rank of The list of trades represented in the

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petty officer, first class, the pay of which number of ratings as first-class petty ofrank is $40 per month, except in the case ficer to which a young man may be proof turret captains, who receive $50. moted from an enlisted man at a lower The year following, he may be pro- grade, includes boilermaker; machinist, moted to be a chief petty officer with an first class; coppersmith; ship-fitter; acting appointment paying $50 to $70 electrician; blacksmith; plumber and fitper month according to rating. At the ter; sailmaker's mate; carpenter's mate ; expiration of one year, he receives a per water-tender; and painter. From these manent appointment with pay at $70 per ratings, it is possible to secure promonth.

motion to the rating of Chief Petty Of

ficer, as a machinist, electrician, carpenArtificer Branch of the Service

ter's mate, or chief water-tender, the latFor the young man who has a me ter being the leading rating in the firechanical turn of mind, and who chooses room of war vessels, as chief machinist is the Artificer branch of the Navy, there the leading rating of enlisted men in the

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