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shore life. If he continues to serve in the Navy, there are numerous opportunities for shore service at navy yards and in the instruction of recruits at shore stations. At the expiration of ten years' service, the enlisted man is entitled to a pension if he is unable to

further because of physical disabilities, and if he is recommended for such pension by a board of officers. After the expiration of

twenty years' service, he is en

titled, either to a penHELPING THE Cook. - VIEW TAKEN ABOARD THE Massachusetts.

sion, on leaving the

service, of one-half the engine-room, the pay being $50 to $70 pay of his last rating, or, at his option, per month, with rations and additional to a home for the rest of his life at the amounts for re-enlistments, etc. The Naval Home in Philadelphia. On the rating of chief machinist, for example, completion of thirty years' service, he paying $70, besides rations equivalent to may be retired on three-quarters of the $9; quarters, etc., equivalent to $5; and pay of his last rating. $1.36 per month for additional enlist

Warrant Positions ment, makes a total of pay equivalent to over $85 per month, or $21 and some For the young man of good habits and cents per week, which is higher by sev character who will give some thought to eral dollars per week than the average the theoretical side of his calling, and wages of skilled mechanics ashore.

Pension on Retirement The above statement is a summary of what any young man who will apply himself to the duties of the Navy may hope to attain after ten years' service. If he does not go further, he has secured a respectable position for as long as he may care to retain it, and with the certainty that when he gives up a seafaring life, the training and discipline he has undergone will make him a sought-for employee in



will apply himself in spare time to study $1,800. Warrant officers frequently which will fit him to pass a reasonable have independent commands of small examination, it is by no means a difficult vessels, have important shore duties asmatter to secure a warrant position rank- signed them, and, in addition to their pay, ing next below that of

receive a ration and the lowest grade of

commutation of commissioned officer.

quarters on shore. The requirements are that the applicant shall

Commissions be less than thirty or

Obtainable thirty-five years of age,

For the exceptionthe age limit differing

al young man, there for the various

is an opportunity branches ; he must have

for securing a full had seven years' sea

commission in the service, one year of

Navy. Twelve boatwhich must have been

swains, gunners, or as a chief or first-class

warrant machinists petty officer. If he is able to pass an examination in the duties he will be required to perform, he is given an acting appointment as



gunner, boatswain, carpenter, or machinist; and on completion of a year of satisfactory service, is given a permanent warrant. Beginning at $1,200 a year full sea pay, a warrant officer receives an increase of $100 yearly for each five years until his fourth five years, when he receives $1,600; and, after twenty years' service, receives

may be given commissions as Ensigns in any one year. To become an Ensign, a warrant officer must be less than thirtyfive years of age, must have been a warrant officer for six years, must be recommended by his commanding officer, and must pass à satisfactory examination. Nine warrant officers — seven from the seaman branch, and two warrant ma

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