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NEW ELECTRIC DANGER SIGNAL. Controlling device as it appears at side of rail.

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The new device is the joint invention of Samuel E. Johnson, station agent at Lombard, and Joseph E. Sauers, of Wheaton. The signal during the daytime is the electric bell which formerly did duty alone. Mr. Johnson, in a description of the device furnished The TECHNICAL WORLD, says:

“The bell is started by the first wheel of a train. The contacts are set mechanically and are held electrically. The controlling device or starter is connected in series with the bell and five 120-volt incandescent lamps, the lamps being used to cut down the electromotive force

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NEW ELECTRIC DANGER SIGNAL. Bell and lights as they appear at a grade crossing.


Have you considered the advisability of refunding your floating indebtedness into the more permanent and convenient form of a serial bond issue?

We have for many years made a specialty of issuing serial bonds upon high-class and actively operating manufacturing properties, well established, successfully and ably managed. The serial feature provides for the gradual retirement of the debt in annual or semiannual amounts of such size that the payments are easily met and yet gradually retire the indebtedness. It is becoming more and more the policy of large and successful concerns to

Refund Their Floating Indebtedness,
Increase Their Working Capital, or

Extend Their Plants in this manner, as it relieves them from the endless trouble of discounting notes, and also protects them against the contingencies of the money market. G We handle all the details of such issues and buy them outright. G We have lately loaned $3,650,000 in this manner to some of the best known manufacturers in the country.

We solicit and will give prompt attention to all correspondence on this subje&t. PEABODY, HOUGHTELING & CO.



Spangenberg's Steam and Electrical Engineering.

A complete Library in one vol.

695 Pages

648 Illustrations

Price, $3.50

Spangenberg's 157 Questions and Answers Re

lating to Steam Engineering. 192 Pages

(This book is for beginners only)

Price, 75 cents

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SNAPSHOT OF TRAIN RUNNING 50 MILES AN HOUR. Camera was opened and closed by electric device operated

by the train itself.

train were motionless. This is an excelMake the

lent illustration of what might be called Perry Time Stamp “automatic picture-taking," for the train your Timekeeper. literally took a snapshot of itself. The Our Time Stamp and camera was set up at the side of the Cost Card System is

track, fixed at the proper focus, and the Economical,

shutter of the lens arranged for an inAccurate and stantaneous exposure.

In this case the Effective.

shutter was estimated to have a velocity Factories employing

giving an exposure of only one thouour system find it simplest and best.

sandth of a second. The movement of Each employee

the shutter was controlled by compressed records his own time air, and the valve connected with an elecon individual cards.

tric battery from which a wire was exNo Chance for

tended to the railroad track. The conErrors.

trivance was arranged by the photo

Write for particulars to grapher in such a way that the instant JUL 13 1904 6


the front wheel of the locomotive came STAMP CO.

in contact with the rail at the point where

the wire was attached, an electric cur11 W. Madison St. RECEIVED Chicago

rent would release the shutter valve and COUNTRY SHIPPING DEPT

make the exposure. Mention The Technical World.

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If you are building a new boat and want to get the greatest speed its lines will allow, or if you have a boat which has not developed the pace you expected, investigate

The Cushman Motor

It never disappoints; it surpasses expectations. The least weight for the
power developed makes it the Best Boat Motor on the market.
The New 1905 Model is better than ever. The engine proper is valveless.
The cylinder, water jacket and head are cast in one piece. It is the simplest
as well as the most efficient.
THE CUSHMAN MOTOR holds many speed records. Made in Single and Double,
Cylinder patterns, at prices which make it an economical engine to buy. Handsome
catalogue In press. Write now for booklet and circulars. Agents wanted in leading markets.
We make a full line of Stationary Engines and Automobile Motors.
Cushman Motor Company, 2014 N. St., Lincoln, Neb., U. S. A.

Member National Association Engine and Boat Manufacturers.
See our Exhibit, National Motor Boat Show, Madison Square Garden, N. Y., Feb. 21. March 9.

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Mentil i The Technical World.



Automatic Fire-Alarm
A UNIQUE device

at a newly opened
hotel in New York, attests the im-
portance which mine host attaches nowa-
days to autcmatic appliances for fire pro-

The contrivance consists primarily of

a thermostat with an ammonia diaphragm Everyone who wishes to keep

attached. thoroughly posted on new and

This diaphragm, which is
standard publications on

about the size of a five-cent piece, is air-
scientific subjects should send for

tight, filled with ammonia, and fastened
New Classified Catalogue

inside the thermostat. In the ceiling of
of Technical Books
especially prepared by THE 80-

each of the 500 or more guest chambers

of the hotel, is set one of these fire-
which will be mailed FREE to any
address. Our Monthly Bulletin, with

alarms, connected by electric wire with
a special list of new books of this

an annunciator in the main office of the
kind, will also be of great value. Ask
to have this sent to your ad-

dress regularly.

On the disc of the annunciator
We carry at all times a large and
carefully assorted stock of

appear the various room numbers. If a
Books on Engineering, Mining, Elec-

fire breaks out in any room, the ammonia tricity, Assaying, Medicine and all scientific subjects.

boils directly the heat reaches 130 deA. C. McClurg & Co.

grees, expanding the diaphragm, and es215-221 Wabash Ave. Chicago

tablishing an electrical contact with the
wire leading to the annunciator, thus au-
tomatically giving an instant alarm. If,
for example, a fire breaks out in room
number 290, a glowing red light appears
against the corresponding number at the
central station.

Nor does the system end here. The

annunciator is connected with an alarm It is a sure source of revenue, as well as a most

gong located in the engine room, where desirable

the hotel's fire crew of ten well-drilled accomplishment.

men are constantly on duty. Immediately

the alarm is given, these men board a
Instruction special elevator maintained to be used
Make Money Easy only in case of fire, and are conveyed
A violin performer of even
ordinary ability has at command a straightway to the scene of trouble. So
ready source of income-- $3.00 to $5.00

an evening is easily obtained with perfect is this system of fire protection
out interference with one's regular daily occupation, and in
the larger cities thousands of persons, both men and women,

that it seems hardly possible for a conmake their livelihood with the violin, and make splendid incomes.

flagration to gain headway where it is Free Instruction by Mail

installed. We have been nearly a year arranging a plan of instruction by which each student can have the benefit of instruction from experienced and competent teachers.

With our personal letters of instruction from our teachers and illustrated course of lessons, finger-board chart and hundred-page book containing simple, clear and concise Instructions, beautiful exercises and tunes, we are enabled to teach and interest the student in a way never before possible.

For Tapping Thin
Completo Student's Outfit
Full Course Letter Instruetion, Root Orchestra Violin, Violin Bow,
Violin Case, Extra Set Root Special Strings, Bor of Rosin, Tuning

Pipe, Finger-Board Chart, Extra Bridge, 100-Page Instruction Book.

We furnish the above outfit for your use in learning, and we guarantee that you will learn to play in a manner satisfactory to yourself within three months. Forfull particulars of our extraordinary offer, write us.

OR tapping very thin nuts, sev

FOR Illustrated Catalog of Violins from $3.75 up, Guitars and

eral at a time, the device herewith Musical Merchandise of all kinds at very low prices, free on request.

described has proved very satisfactory, E. T. ROOT @ SONS, Chicago says C. D. King, of Brooklyn, N. Y. The Established, 1857 369 Wabash Avenue

illustration shows a section of the fixture.

It has a socket in which the nuts are
Mention The Technical World.


Learn the Violin

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