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SCIENCE AND INVENTION-(Continued) placed and clamped rather freely by a

coarsely threaded hand nut, and finally DEPARTMENT OF

pinched tightly by a set screw, the tapENGINEERING

ping being done in a lathe or tapping

machine as desired. Civil, Mecbanical, Electrical

A is a cast-iron holder with a pipe and Chemical Engineering

handle; and fitted into it is the steel New Laboratories and Excellent Equipment. Beautiful site within four miles of Boston. Preparatory Department for

sleeve B, which has at one end two turns students who have had engineering practice, but insufficient of a very coarse thread whereon is preparation for college work.

For information concerning courses and positions of graduates, address

H. G. CHASE, Secretary,

Tufts College P. O., Mass.


The University of Rochester


A College of Liberal Arts
Scientific Course for Technical

Six years required for combined College and
Engineering degrees in co-operation with The
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
Sibley College at Cornell. New laboratories,
thoroughly modern equipment. Special circu-
lar and catalogue sent on application. Address
F. L. LAMSON, Registrar

Rochester, N. Y.


[blocks in formation]

screwed the hand nut C. The pin c prevents the sleeve. B from turning in the holder A. Inside B is the inner sleeve D, with the recess d to receive the nut blanks E. A key F prevents D from turning. At its rear end is fitted a disc G, upon which bears the set screw I. whereby the nuts are clamped in.

The method of operation is to place the nuts in the recess d, and screw up the nut C by land, which is very quickly done. Then a small part of a turn of the set screw I with a wrench, clamps all firmly for the tapping, upon the completion of which the operations are reversed.



The Verant
Patents, Foreign and Domestic. Copyrights.

IN stereoscopes, as is well known, plas-
Trade Marks in all States.

tic vision is ensured through the comCorporations.

bination of two separate views of the 84 State Street, BOSTON

same object, corresponding to the images formed by the original in each eye respectively. The superposition of these

two images produces an impression much llantion The Technical World.



Is the Watchword in the Electrical Profession and you must keep in touch with the Masters in the Field or you will Rust Out.

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CHICAGO, ILL. If interested in Telephony, ask for sample copy of “Sound Waves,” The Telephone Journal, when you write for Catalogue

Publishers, “SOUND WAVES'

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a single picture.
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case of "monocular" vision, the picture O'MEARA & BROCK, Patent Attys., 918 F. Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. NEW YORK OFFICE, 290 Broadway, New York City: being inspected with one eye only, is


demonstrated by a novel instrument—the MARKS, COPYRIGHTS "Verant” — just brought out by a firm

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When viewing, with one eye, photo24 Years Practice. Personal Service Guaranteed. graphs taken with objectives of a focal SIGGERS & SIGGERS, Patent Lawyors, distance noticeably inferior to the so

Suite 10, National Union Bldg., Washington, D. C. called distance of distinct vision, viz., 26 PATENTS

TRADE MARKS centimeters (10.2 + inches), an observer Obtainod

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of normal visual power is incapable of Suite 45-161 East Randolph Street, CHICAGO obtaining the same angle of vision under

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his eye

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No. 600 F Stroot, N. W. Washington, D. C.

which the objects present themselves to

if the latter be placed at the point LOUIS A HILL

of the photographic objective and di

rected successively to the different points PATENT ATTORNEY

of the object. This is why an ordinary 1336 NEW YORK AVENUE

picture fails to convey the impression of WASHINGTON.D.C.

plasticity which we obtain through the

direct inspection of the object the Every me

photographs are taken from. Such plaschanic should

tic effects could be obtained only by håv &

copy of means of a magnified copy of the photoour large 600 page catalogue in his tool kit. The largest graph, which, apart from the additional retail hardware stock in the

world at your command. trouble and cost, would be disturbing in Everything for all trades at wholesale prices. We carry both the medium and the very best the case of the image of a distant object grades. Ask for 600 page Mechanics Catalogue. Free to any address.

(landscape or building) having to be Montgomery Ward & Co.

viewed from a relatively small distance. Michigan Ave., Madison and Washington Sts., Chicago

In the verant, a virtual magnification AIR BRUSH The New Art Tool of the photograph is obtained without

We have the best art tool in use for good work. Applies color by

any additional trouble or cost, so as to jet of air. Saves time and drudgery have the various parts of the image ap

in cleaning up. Will send descripFOR

tive Circulars Free on request. pear to the eye of an average observer

Any interested in fine shading or ART WORK. coloring will do well to investigate. under the same angles of vision as obThe Air Brush Mfg. Co. 134 Nassau St., Rockford, I11., U.S.A.

tained when the photograph was taken. Mention The Technical World.




Write at once to

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If you are not interested, refer to some live, energetic young man-a hustler-and accept in return, the thanks of


Mention The Technical World.

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