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A Word from Indo-China MR.

R. E. D. W. CHODYKO, of Hai

phong, Tonkin, China, one of the American School students in the Far East, sends a very interesting article describing conditions in the French IndoChinese dependency of Tonkin, and the feeling there in regard to the present

sea harbor, Hong Gaye, whose roadstead is well sheltered and protected by a rocky coast.

Hong Gaye is also a military post and an important mining center. Here are located the most extensive coal mines in the country. Ships from the different nations are at all times loading coal by



Chief Seaport of the French Colonial Dependency of Tonkin, Indo-China.

war. The letter was written in the first means of powerful hydraulic cranes, liftpart of April, about a month and a-half ing half a car load of briquettes at a after hostilities began, and it is full of time. interesting impressions as to the war. Saigon, the capital of Cochin-China,

The port of Haiphong, Mr. Chodyko is 10° south of Haiphong. It has a fine describes as a river harbor, the deepen- harbor, deep and large enough to receive ing of which is not yet finished. Steam any sized steamship or boat. At present ers and cruisers drawing not more than there is a fleet of warships, cruisers, tor24 feet of water, can secure safe anchor- pedo-boats, destroyers, and six submaage.

Big men-of-war and transports rines lying at anchor. Mr. Chodyko restay at the mouth of the river in a deep- lates the following interesting fact:

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fresh and salt water. All plumbing is wood finish in passageways and around cherry, mahogany, birdseye maple, and

cypress are among the woods used.

"Last month Korea got left. Before the The dining saloon, in upper deck
war, and this shows they were expecting it house, is a beautiful room. The finish
beforehand, it appears that the Korean Gov-
ernment, under the name of some private con-

is mahogany from deck to ceiling, and
cern, ordered in France a lot of 75,000 old paneled in various shapes—staff ceiling,
style army rifles at a good bargain, as they diamond forms, in the center of which

were still new. Before the transport reached (every alternate one) is an opening for
Haiphong, war was declared; and, upon her ventilation. Between these, in same line,
arrival in Haiphong, the ship was loaded with

are electric lights.
a cargo that had become war contraband, the
75,000 guns having been sent with a good lot

The vessels are twin-screw, and have
of ammunition. The matter was put into the two sets of engines, one on port, one on
hands of the English Governor, who had the starboard side. The engines are vertical,
guns and the ammunition put ashore and locked
up. Korea will have to wait until the war is

triple-expansion, direct-acting, surface-
finished to obtain her guns."

condensing; high-pressure cylinder, 29
inches in diameter; intermediate, 51

inches diameter; low pressure, 89 inches
Shipbuilding at New London, Conn. diameter; stroke 57 inches; 16 boilers, 8
IN THE YARDS of the Eastern Ship on each side, in sets of four. Steam pres-
Company, New London, Conn., two

sure, 250 lbs.
large steamships, the Minnesota and the
Dakota, to run on the Pacific Ocean for
the Great Northern Railway, are nearing

Both ships are built the same size:
Length, 630 ft.; breadth, 73 ft. 6 in.;
depth to upper deck, 56 ft. All of the
works and houses on the upper deck are
shown white in the accompanying photo-

graph. The gross tonnage of each ship
is 21,000 tons. Both vessels will be fitted

For the purpose of heating and ven-
with all modern improvements—electric tilating the various parts of the vessels,
lights, and bathrooms with hot and cold staterooms, etc., large blowers and fans

are employed—the blowers drawing the open work, with nickel-plated pipes. The air through heaters, and forcing it around

to the many outlets in passageways and wells is very handsome. Oak.


The coils in the heaters are so arranged that in warm weather cold water is cir



culated through the pipes. By this means be too happy to impart any information the air is cooled before being forced to those of our graduates, students, and around the openings. The pipes for readers who contemplate a visit to this heating and ventilation are concealed as beautiful "Island of Springs." much as possible. The openings supply There are several points of interest ing heat are placed near the deck; and which will delight the visitor, during his those for ventilating are near the ceiling. tour. He probably lands in Kingston

The ventilation is both natural and (the capital), where he can be accommomechanical. One particular feature in dated at Myrtle-Bank or Constant Spring the heating and ventilation, is that no Hotel. He is then at liberty to have a stateroom is supplied with heat directly. pleasant ride in an electric car, in any The lower portions of the doors are made section of the town, for twopence. of slat work, similar to blinds, but sta He will naturally be anxious to visit tionary. As every room has an opening the country, which he can do by rail, cutfor ventilation, the exhaust fans are ting obliquely across the island from drawing the air out of the rooms, and, to Kingston to Montego Bay, a distance of supply the deficiency in these rooms, the 114 miles. The scenery is extremely warm air from outside flows in through wild, especially that viewed while runthe slat work in the doors and results in ning through the Cockpit mountains. a continual movement, or circulation, It is necessary to take a buggy from keeping the rooms comfortably heated. Montego Bay, in order to visit the north

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Openings are covered with brass-wire side of the island. The next town in netting, or with face plates, like a regis order is Falmouth, which was well laid ter face. The difficulty of heating and out but is now in a state of comventilating and at the same time having mercial depression. It is hoped that there no pipes in sight, can be appreciated only will be a larger percentage of trade in a after taking a trip through these ves short time, as the harbor (which was sels.

very dangerous) has been very much imThe immense amount of work in the proved by blasting and dredging, which heating and ventilation of these steam is still in the hands of American engiships is shown by the fact that about neers. forty tons of sheet iron was used on each A few small towns of minor imporvessel.-H. W. WASHBURN, American

tance come next in order, until one School Student.

reaches St. Ann's Bay, which is built on

a decided slope to the sea. Four miles A Letter from Jamaica

from this town, flows the Roaring river. IT T MAY BE of interest to our readers, with its beautiful falls resplendent with

to learn something of my “Island spray and white with foam. home"— Jamaica. Though far away The tourist will very likely be anxious from the American School of Corre to visit Port Antonio, center of the spondence, of which I am a student, I banana industry, the "American town" of have its interest at heart; and should only Jamaica. This port has shipped thou


It is a sure source of revenue,

The violin is not played as well as a most desirable accomplishment.

nearly as much as it should be in this country. There is always a de

mand for violin players, Free and in order to contribInstruction ute toward the increased

use of the violin we are

giving free instructions for a short time. A performer upon the violin of even ordinary ability has at command a ready Make Money source of income-$3.00 to $5.00 an evening is easily obtained

Easy without interference with one's regular daily occupation, and in the largest cities thousands of persons, both men and women, make their livelihood with the violin, and make splendid incomes. We have been nearly a year arranging a plan of instruction by which each student Free Instruction can have the benefit of instruction from experienced and comBy Mail

petent teachers. To every purchaser of one of our Student's Violin Outfits we furnish a full course of instruction free. It is not difficult; certainly anyone who has a conception of time and pitch can Almost Anyone learn with application and ordinary intelligence. The violin is Can Learn

the least mechanical of musical instruments, and it can be learned by the student with less personal instruction. With our illustrated course of lessons, finger-board chart and hundred-page book containing simple, clear and concise instructions, beautiful exercises and tunes, we are enabled to teach and interest the student in a way never before possible. Personal letters of instruction from our teachers is part of the course, and the entire course is free.

Complete Student's Outfit, $12.50

Consists of the following, with all express charges prepaid:
Root Orchestra Violin,

Box of Rosin,

Extra Bridge,
Violin Bow, Violin Case,

Tuning Pipe,

100-Page Instruction Book, Extra Set Root Special Strings, Finger Board Chart, Full Course Letter Instruction. Total retail value of above is $23.75. We offer one thousand outfits at only $12.50 each. THE VIOLIN-The Root Orchestra Violin, specially made for us in Germany, is a scientifically constructed instrument, its model an exact copy of the Stradivarius, the greatest of all violins. The neck, back and sides are handsome curly maple, well seasoned; the top is made of very old, close-grain spruce, carefully selected for its resonance. The violin is lined and blocked throughout; has perfect fitting bass bar and sound post; pegs, fingerboard and tail piece, etc., are of best ebony. Fine varnish and the natural wood beautifully shaded make this violin very handsome. The tone is smooth and sweet, with good power and carrying quality, Before leaving our hands it is newly strung, carefully adjusted and put in perfect playing order by an expert and artist. Thousands of these violins, bearing the old reliable, honorable and widely known name of Root & Sons, are in use all over the country. Our COUPON. Cut out and mail to us. house has been established almost fifty years, and our name on

T.W. these violins is a safe guarantee of their excellence and value. E. T. ROOT & SONS, 353 to 361 Wabash Ave., Chicago: THE BOW-Very fine quality of Brazil wood; full German Please send me by express your Complete silver lined and trimmed and well filled with our finest Student's Violin Outfit, for which I enclose French hair.

$12.50. After I receive outfit if it is not satisTHE CASE-Black wood violin case, well made and finished factory you are to return the $12.50. with hooks and lock and kcy. If you prefer to do so you may send $1.00 and we will ship

Name....... the Student's Outfit C. O. D. for the balance, which you may pay the express agent. If not fully up to our claims return to

Street Address. us at our expense.

If you wish further particulars before ordering, write us.
We refer you to any bank or express company in Chicago City...

as to our standing and reliability.
Illustrated Catalogue of Violins, Mandolins, Guitars and Musical Merchandise of all kinds and at

very low prices. Sent Free on request. Violins from $3.50 upwards.

E. T. ROOT & SONS, Chicago Musical Instruments

Established 1857

Mention The Technical Il'orld.

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Practical Lessons by Mail in


Chemistry of the Household The Honse; Its Plan, Decor. Household Paeteriology

ation, and Care Food and Dieteties

Personal Hygiene Principles of Cookery

Ilome Care of the Siek Household Management and Study of Child Life Accounts

Care of Children Ilouse Sanitation

Textiles and Clothing
The Instruction is under the direction of promi-

nent teachers in Columbia University, Univer-
College, Lewis Institute, etc.
sity of Chicago, University of Ilinois, Simmons

Sample Lesson Booklet

If you will send us the names of three friends whom you know to be interested and two 2-cent stamps for postage, we will mail you the first lesson on "Chemistry of the Household,”' an illustrated 64-page

booklet, especially prepared for our students by Margaret E. Dodd, S. B. Grad. Mass. Inst. Technology, containing interesting non-technical treatise on Chemistry of Water, Air, Fire and Fuel;

Chemical Composition and Changes; Food and its Functions; Starches and Sugars; Chemistry of Bread Making; Composition and L'se as Food-of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteids, Casein, Gluten, etc., Chemistry of Digestion,

Chemistry of Cooking, etc., etc. We will also send our 48-page illustrated Cata

logue A giving full synopses of all subjects.


have been graduated from the American School of Correspondence since the last number of THE TECHNICAL WORLD was issued:

Adams, G. C., Winthrop, Me.-Course: Electrical.

Beerbower, Clyde, Salem, Va.—Course: Electrical.

Clifford, James A., Billings, Mont.—Course: Electrical Engineering.

Davison, C. H., Lyme, Conn.—Course, Stationary.

Dunn, J. Howard, Vanderbilt, Pa.—Course: Electrical.

Erskine, Harry, Johannesburg, South Africa–Course: Mechanical.

Fogg, Jos., North Adams, Mass.—Course: Electrical.

Friedman, E. M., Bronson, Mich.—Course. Mechanical Drawing

Fullmer, Geo. M., Saugerties, N.Y.–Course : Electrical.

Hauser, George, Milwaukee, Wis.—Course: Mechanical.

American School of Household Economics 3309 Armour Avenue : : : : CHICAGO, ILL.

Mention The Technical World.

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