Speeches of the Late Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan: (Several Corrected by Himself)

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Page 80 - Blood hath been shed ere now, i' the olden time, Ere humane statute purged the gentle weal ; Ay, and since too, murders have been perform'd Too terrible for the ear : the time has been, That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end...
Page 272 - All that he had ever heard, all that he had ever read, when compared with it, dwindled into nothing, and vanished like vapour before the sun;
Page 80 - ... house : the continuance of the present ministers in trusts of the highest importance and responsibility, is contrary to constitutional principles, and injurious to the interests of His Majesty and his people.
Page 376 - ... never did happen in any way whatsoever, and had from the beginning been a base and malicious falsehood.
Page 47 - But this was not the proper scene for the exhibition of these elegancies ; and he therefore must beg leave to call the attention of the house to the serious consideration of the very important question before them.
Page 27 - Parliament, as a privy councillor, as a private gentleman, he had always detested the American War as much as any man, but that he had never been able to persuade the paymaster that it was a bad war : and, unfortunately, in whatever character he spoke, it was the paymaster who always voted in that House.
Page 227 - The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Master of the Rolls, the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England...
Page 142 - Ireland, should bo imported into each kingdom from the other reciprocally, under the same regulations and at the same duties, if subject to duties, to which they are liable when imported directly from the place of their growth...
Page 257 - Our humbler province is to tend the fair, Not a less pleasing, though less glorious care ; To save the powder from too rude a gale, Nor let the...
Page 283 - Jaghiers the company are guarantees, shall, in case of the resumption of their lands, be paid the amount of their net collections, through the resident, in ready money ; — and that no English resident be appointed to Furruckabad.

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