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suggestion as to similar forms in literature. Since several of the poems are semi-historical in character, the historic basis has been carefully pointed out, and hints given for further pursuit of the subjects treated. Words, though obsolete or archaic, are not explained when the dictionary account is sufficient.

The brief sketches of the authors are necessarily limited to the main facts of their literary life; but even these are capable of disclosing how pure and admirable is the spirit in which these elder American poets have wrought, how high an ideal has been before them, and with what grace and beauty their lives have reinforced their poems! Surely, the poets have given America po greater gift than their own characters and lofty lives.

H. E. S.



" Solemnly down the street came the parish priest.

Frontispiece Firmly builded with rafters of oak..

. 18 There at the door they stood, with wondering eyes to behold him."

21 " Came in their holiday dresses the blithe Acadian peasants."

39 “Suddenly rose from the south a light.'

53 Then in his place, at the prow of the boat, rose one of the oarsmen."

65 " He blew a blast."

73 Evangeline, kneeling beside him."

100 THE COURTSHIP OF MILES STANDISH. Near him was seated John Alden, his friend and household companion.

105 Till he beheld the lights in the seven houses of Plymouth."

130 Busy with breaking the glebe, and mowing the grass in the meadows.".

159 THE BUILDING OF THE SHIP. In the ship-yard stood the Master."

174 The jaded steers, Panting beneath the goad.

182 " She leaps into the ocean's arms."

186 SNOW BOUND. It sank from sight before it set.

191 Sea-set Malta's rocky stairs."



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