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274 COLERIDGE'S (S. T.) Lay Sermons, edited by | 289 COSTELLO'S Specimens of the Early Poetry of

Derwent Coleridge, fcap. 8vo. calf gilt, marb. leaves, France, from the time of the Troubadours and Troue 78 60

Moxon, 1852 veres, several plates beautifully illuminated, post 8vo. 275 COLERIDGE'S (S. T.) Dramatic Works, edited cloth, 158

Pickering, 1835 by D. Coleridge, fcap. 8vo. calf gilt, 88_Moxon, 1857 290 COSTUME.- Book of Costume, or Annals of 276 COLERIDGE'S (S. T.) LITERARY REMAINS, col- Fashion, from the earliest to the present Period, with

lected and edited by H. N. Coleridge, 4 vols. 8vo. upwards of 200 engravings of the costumes of various new calf gilt, fine copy, scarce, £3. 38

nutions, by eminent artists, royal 8vo. extra cloth gilt, W. Pickering, 1836 gilt leaves, 78 6d (pub. £1. 1s)

1846 277 COLLINGWOOD'S (Admiral Lord) Public and 291 COWPER'S POETICAL WORKS, complete with

Private Correspondence, with Memoirs of his Life by Life, printed by C. Whittingham,fine portrait, 3 vols. N. Collingwood, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. bourds, 83 Gil fcap. 8vo. calf' extra, marbled edges, £1. 68 (pub. £1. 88)


Pickering, 1851 278 COLLINS’English Baronetage, containing a genea. 292 COWPER’S Life and Posthumous Writings, with

logical and historical account of all the English Baro- an Introductory Letter to Earl Cowper, by William nets, numerous engravings of arms, BEST EDITION, Hayley, portruit, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, very neat, 78 6d 5 thick vols. 8vo. of. 18. 1741

1806 A valuable genealogical work, both in plan and execution: 293 CRABBE'S (G.) Poetical Works and Life, plates, although published under the name of Wotton, it was in reality the work of Arthur Collins.

fcap. 8vo. morocco elegant, gilt eilges, 6.8 61 1858 279 COLTON'S Lacon, or Many Things in Few Words, 294 CRUIKSHANK.—Mayhew (Bros.) The Good Ge. addressed to those who Think, large type edition,

nius that turned everything into Gold. A Fairy Tale, 2 vols. 8vo. calf neat, 78 64


with illustrations by George Cruikshank, fcap. 8vo. 280 COMINES' (P. de) Memoirs, containing the History

cloth, 78 611.

1850 of Lewis XI. and Charles VIII. ; and of Charles the 295 CUMMING'S (Rev. J.) Apocalyptic Sketches, or Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Also the Secret History of

Lectures on the Book of Revelation, delivered in Lewis XI. out of The Scandalous Chronicle. Life of Exeter Hall, and Crown Court Church. New editions, the Author and notes by Sleidan, 2 vols. post 8vo.

revised and corrected, with Index, &c. 5 vols. fcap. hf. cf. neat, 95 1823 8vo. calf gilt, fl. ls

1850 281 CONEY'S ECCLESIASTICAL EDIFICES of the Olden 296 CUNNINGHAM'S (Lient.) History of the Sikhs, Time, 200 fine large engravings and facsimiles of

from the origin of the Nation to the Batıles of the HOLLAR's l'irws of Cathedrals, Monasteries, Albeyx,

Sutlej, coloured maps, 8vo. cloth, 58 611. Murray, 1819 &c. of England and Wales, with 18 fine plates of 297 CUNNINGHAM'S (Major) LADAK, Physical, Costume, by Finden, 2 vols. roy. folio, hf. morocco, gilt, Historical, and Statistic, with Notices of the surround£4.4.3 (pub. £10. 108)


ing Countries, large map and pilates, some tinted, These two magnificent volumes embrace the whole of the impl. 8vo. cloth, 11. 5s (pub. £1. 168)

1854 copper plates which illustrate the eight volumes of the edition of

298 CURTIS'S FLORA LONDINENSIS; Dugdale's Monasticon. 282 CONSTABLE'S (H.) Diana ; The Sonnets and

revised and improved by Graves, and continued by other Poems of, now first collected with Account of

Sir W. Hooker ; comprising the History of Plants the Author by W. C. Hazlitt, with Notes and Illus

Indigenous to Great Britain, with 647 PLATES, ertrations by T. Park, post 8vo. cloth, 38 611

hibiting the FULL NATURAL SIZE of each plant, with Pickering, 1859

magnifud dissections of the parts of fructification, 283 COOKE'S (G. W.) History of Party, from the rise

etc. ALL BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, 5 vols. royal folio, of the Whig and Tory Factions in the reign of

half morocco, gilt top, £28. 10$ (pub. £87. 48) 1835 Charles II. to the passing of the Reform Bill, 3 vols. This is the only extensive work on the Indigenous Botany of 8vo. boards, 128 6d (pub. £2. 28)


this country which gives well-coloured representations of the 284 COOPER'S (J. Fenimore) Travels and Excursions plants in their full natural size. in various Parts of the World : interspersed with nu

299 CURTIS'S Botanical Magazine. - SIR W. J. merous Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of the HOOKER's Companion to the Botanical Magazine Inhabitants, 11 vols. post 8vo. hif. calf weut, £1. 10x

with 32 engravings of rure Plants, and portraits, (pub. 65. 158 611)

1834, &c.
2 vols. in 1, roy. 8vo. cl. 148.

1835-6 Written by the celebrated American Novelist.

Contains much interesting information relating to India and 285 CORNEILLE, ses (Euvres complètes, avec les other exotic Botany; with Memoirs, Botanical Travels, &c.

Commentaires de Voltaire, portrait und engravings, 300 CURZON'S (Hon. R.) Armenia, a year at Erze12 vols. 8vo. nice set in old culf gilt, £1. 8.5

room, and on the Frontiers of Russia, Turkey, and Paris, 1797 Persia, engravings, post 8vo. cloth, 4:

1854 286 CORNHILL MAGAZINE, complete from its com. 301 CURZUN'S (Hon. R.) Visits to Monasteries in the

mencement in 1860, edited by W. M. THACKERAY, Levant, with numerous engravings, thick post 8vo. with numerous engravings and woodcuts, 14 vols. 8vo. cloth, 88 6/1 (pub. 148)

1849 nice uniform set in new hf. culf, £2. 168 1860-66 302 CÚVIER'S Animal Kingdom, arranged according 287 CORYAT'S (T.) CRUDITIES, hastily gobbled up to its Organization, translated and abridged by H.

in Five Months' Travels in France, Savoy, Italy, McMurtrie, M.D., with numerous illustrations, 8vo. Switzerland, Germany, &c. engravings, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 48 6d (pub. 128) calf neut, £2. 108

1776 303 ST. CYPRIAN'S (Abp. of Carthage) Genuine To this excellent edition are added his Letters from India,

Works, with his Life by his Deacon Pontius, with a Orations, Character, Death, &c.

Dissertation on Heretical and Schismatical Baptisms 288 COSMO III. (Grand Duke of Tuscany) Travels in in A.D. 256 after the Council of Carthage, translated England, temp. II. (1669), translated with Life, 40

by Dr. Marshall, frontispiece, folio, fine copy in a fine tinted plates of Cities, Towns, Seals, fc. royal 4to. modern paneled calf, gilt, £1. 18

1717 vds. 148 (pub. £4. 48)

1821 304 DALHOUSIE'S (Marquis of) Indian Administra. Contains much curious information concerning the mode of tion, a Vindication of, by Sir Charles Jackson, 8vo. lisc, manners, and customs, &c. of the period. Favourably quoted by Lord Macaulay.

cloth, 3s 6d (pub. 68)



py in

305 D'AGINCOURT, Storia dell'Arte dimostrata coi , 319 DEFOE'S (D.) Journey through the Austrian

Monumenti dalla sua decadenza nel IV secolo fino al Netherlands, containing its Ancient and Modern

suo risorgimento nel XVI. tradotta ed illustrata da S. History, the remarkable Battles and Sieges, 8vo. old

Ticozzi, 328 fine plates on Painting, Architecture and calí, 48 6d


Sculpture, representing some thousands of Designs, 320 DEFOE'S Memoirs of a Cavalier (Col. Andrew
2 Fols. royal folio, hf. russia, with 6 vols. of Descrip- Newport) with Aneedotes and Characters, and Mili-
tion, in roy. 8vo. senen, £4. 158

tary History of Germany and England in the XVIIth
Prato, per i frat. Giachetti, 1826-30 Century, portrait of the Earl of Essex, 8vo. calf neat,

This Prato edition of the Italian translation of this important 68 60


production is preferred to that printed in Milan in 1825.

". This delightful novel has frequently been cited as of histori-
306 D'AGINCOURT'S History of Art by its Monu- cal authority.”- Lowndes.
ments, from its Decline in the IVth Century, to its

321 DEFOE'S Robinson Crusoe, STOCKDALE'S FINE
Restoration in the XVIth, translated by Owen Jones,
3335 subjects on 328 plates, 3 vols. folio in one, half

EDITION, in large type, with 23 engravings by Med.

land, from STOTHARD'S DESIGNS, 2 vols. roy. 8vo.

morocco, £2. 158 (pub. £5. 58)


In this fine work, by a series of accurate engravings from

a fine copy in calf extra gilt, yellow edges, £1. 158

celebratı d monuments, we trace the transitions of Art from the


classic period to our own times. Sculpture, Painting, the Art of 322 DEHON'S (Bp. South Carolina) Sermons on the

Engraving on Wood, on Gems, and on Metals are similarly repre- Public Means of Grace, the Fasts and Festivals, on


307 DANIEL'S Rural Sports, Hunting, Hawking,

the Scripture Characters, &c. with Life, 2 vols. 8vo.

bds, starce. 9x


Fowling, Shooting, Angling, &c., with the SUPPLE-

MENT, nearly 100 very beautiful engravings of Animalx 323 DE LA BECHE'S (Sir H.) Geological Observer,

of the Chase, Game, &c. by J. Scott and LANDSEER,

second edition, numerous engravings on wood, thick


fine impressions, 4 vols. royal 8vo. a fine

8vo. cloth, 128 61 (pub. 183)

pueria, marb. leavex, £2, 188


324 DE LIEFDE'S (J.) Six Months among the chief

308 DANTE, La Divina Commedia, col Comento del

Charities of Europe, portraits and engravings, 2 vols.


P. B. Lombardi, ora nuovamente arricchito di molte

post 8vo. cloth, 8x 6.1 (pub. £l. 28)
illustrazioni edite ed inedite, plates, 5 thick vols. 8vo.

325 DE LOLME'S Rise and Progress of the English
fine clean copy, half vellum, £l. 188 Padova, 1822

Constitution, with very large historical and legal
This is a very capital edition, to produce which at least 150

Introduction, and Notes by A. Stephens, 2 vols. 8vo.
different Editions from 1472 have been examined and compared. cloth, 16s (pub. fl. 10s)

See Brunel.

The first volume of this valuable work is introductory to De

309 DANTE'S Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, trans- Lolme's work, and embraces the period from the Conqueror to tho

lated in Verse by Cary, with Notes and Life, large confirmation of the Acts of Settlement and Bill of Rights, temp.

type, library edition, 3 vols. 8vo. half'russia, neut, 188

(pub. £1. 168)


326 DENHAM, Clapperton, and Oudney's Travels and

310 DARU (P.) Histoire de la République de Venise

Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in 1822-

with maps, 8 vols. 8vo, sewen, £1. 58 Paris, 1821 4, numerous engruvings by Finden, and map, 2 vols.

* We have had occasion to subject his volumes to a rigid 8vo, boards, 5x (pub. £1, 168)


serutiny, and we have risen from the comparison of his labours 327 DENNIS' (G.) Cities and CEMETERIES of ETRU-
with those of earlier authors under a strong conviction of his
industry, accuracy, and good sense."- Quarterly Review.

RIA, numerous engravings, 2 thick vols. 8vo. calf gilt,

311 DARU. Histoire de Bretagne, depuis 383 jusqu'à

fine copy, £2. 58

Murray 1848

1774,3 vols. 8vo. in 1, half calf neat, 58 61 Paris, 1826

328 DESTINY of the Human Race, a Scriptural In-
312 DARWIN'S POETICAL WORKS, Botanic Garden,

quiry by the Author of “the Study of the Bible,"

Economy of Vegetation, Temple of Nature, and Loves

2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 78 6d (pub. 188) 1863

of the Plants, with Philosophical Notes, 3 vols. 8vo.

329 DE TOCQUEVILLE (Alexis de) Memoir, Letters,

hf. calf, 58 6d


and Remains of, translated from the French, with

313 DAVIES' Mythology and Rites of the British

large Additions, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 58 6d (pub.


Druids ascertained by National Documents, &c. with

fl. 1x)

Appendix of Ancient Poems and Extracts, pláte of 330 DE VAINES (Dom.) Dictionnaire Raisonné de

Coins, thick Svo. cloth, 128


Diplomatique, contenant les Régles principales et

314 DAVILA, Istoria delle Guerre Civili di Francia, essentielles pour servir à déchiffrer les anciens Titres,
portrait, 5 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. vellum, weat, 158

Diplomes et Monuments, plates of characters and

Firenze, 1823

writings of different ages, 2 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt,

"A work of great interest, displaying a profound knowledge

but slightly stained, 188

Paris, 1774

of the times, the characters, and the intrigues." --Sismondi.

An extremely valuable and uncommon book. The author was
315 DAVIS'S (J.) Tracts of Mickinlay and Party one of the learned Benedictine Fathers.

across Australia, edited from Mr. Davis's Manuscript 331 DEVONSHIRE DIALOGUE, by Mrs. Palmer, Sister
Journal ; with an Introductory View of the Recent

to Sir Joshua Reynolds, with a Glossary by the Rev.

Australian Explorations of McDonall, Stuart, Barke John Phillips of Membury, Devon, edited by Mrs.

and Wills, Landsborough, etc. by W. Westgarth, map Gwatkin, post 8vo. oloth, 48 6.1


and coloured illustrations, with portraits, thick 8vo. 332 DIBDIN'S BIBLIOMANIA, greatly enlarged edition,

cloth, 88 6d (pub. 168)


with Supplement, &c. engravings, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. in

316 DE BURTIN'S Treatise on the Knowledge ne-

one, hf. bound, uncut, scarce, £4. 108–Another copy,

cessary to Amateurs in Pictures, translated by White,

2 vols. impl. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, bds. £8. 10s 1842

engravings, 8vo. cloth, 58 6d


This edition was edited by Walmsley, who has added a Sup-

317 DE BURY (Baroness Blaze) Germany as it is ; plement continuing the work and & Key to the characters, &c.

personal experiences of its Courts, Camps, and People, 333 DIBDIN'S Reminiscences of a Literary Life, with
in Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, Hungary, &c. 2 vols.

Anecdotes of Books and Book Collectors, portrait and
8vo, nen hf.calf gilt, 88 6d (pub. £l. 88) 1851

many other engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco gilt,

318 DEFOE'S Complete Works, with Memoirs of his

£1. 88


Life and Writings by W. Hazlitt, portrait, 3 vols.

This copy is enriched by autograph Notes by Dr. Dibdin to

roy. Svo, cloth, £2. 88


Mr. W. Strong, Bookseller, Bristol, and Mrs. Richardson Currer of

Very scarce, nearly all the copics having been destroyed by fire. Eshton llall.



34 DIBDIN'S TYPOGRAPHICAL ANTIQUITIES, or the 348 D'ISRAELI'S Curiosities of Literature Illustrated

History of Printing in England, Ireland, and Scotland, by Bolton Corney, second edition enlarged, with Ideas
enlarged on Ames and Herbert, numerous fine por- on Controversy, post 8vo, bds. scarce, (a severe attack
traits and facsimiles of early printing and engraving, on D’Israeli), 68 6d


4 vols. 4to. hf. morocco gilt, scarce, £8. 158 1810-19 349 D'ISRAELI'S Life and Reign of Charles I. Com-

mentaries on the, 5 vols. 8vo. new hf.calí gilt, £1. 128

335 DIBDIN'S (Rev. Dr. T. F.) Sunday Library, or (rub. £3. 38)


the Protestant's Manual for the Sabbath Day, nearly The most delightful work of this esteemed author, full so:

100 Sermons by the most eminent Divines, with Bio- merely of his usual pleasant gossip of the olden time, but of curious

personal and political history.

graphical Sketches, portraits, 6 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 350 DODWELL'S (E.) GREECE, a Classical and To

78 60 (pub, £1. 10x)


pographical Account of, during a Tour in 1801-5 and

336 DICKENS'S (C.) WORKS, entirely revised by the

6, numerous engravings, 2 vols. 4to. a fine copy in half

author, handsomely printed, and illustrated by all the

morocco, unuut, gilt tops, 188 (pub. £8. 88)


humourous ORIGINAL PLATES by SEYMOUR and Puiz,

" By far the best book on Greece."-Dr. E. D. Clarke.

24 vols. post 8vo. new cloth, £7. 10s (sells £9.)-An- 351 DOMESDAY BOOK, COMPLETE, with the Addi-

other copy, 24 vols. newly hf. bound morocco, gilt taments and Indices, by Sir HENRY ELLIS, 4 vols.

backs, £10. 108

1863 folio, new hf.russia, scurce, £10. 10x 1783-1816

Pickwick Papers, 2 vols.
Oliver Twist, 1 vol.

Domesday Book is styled by Hume “The most valuable piece

Nicholas Nickleby, 2 vols. Dombey and Son, 2 vols. of antiquity possessed by any nation;" it contains the only authen-

Martin Chuzzlewit, 2 vols. David Copperfield, 2 vols. tic account of the state of property in England immediately after

Barnaby Rudge and Hard Pictures from Italy, and Ame- the Conquest. The additions by Sir H. Ellis include, The Exon

Times, 2 vols.

rican Notes, 1 vol.

Domesday: The Inquisitio Eliensis; the Liber Winton'; and the

Old Curiosity Shop, and Re- Bleak House, 2 vols.

Boldon Book; with very copious Indices.
printed Pieces, 2 vols.
Christmas Books, 1 vol.

352 DON'S General System of Gardening and Botany
Little Dorrit, 2 vols.

Great Expectations, 1 vol
Sketches by Boz, 1 vol.
Tale of Two Cities, 1 vol.

containing a complete Enumeration and Description

337 DICKENS'S WORKs, revised by the Author, uni.

of all Plants hitherto known, numerous wooiionis,

formly printer, fronts. 18 vols. in 17, sq. 12mo, nero

4 vols. 4to. cloth, 188 (pub. £14. 88)


An excellent work at a very low price.

1861, &c.

hf. morocco gilt, f.4. 108

Comprising Pickwick, Nicholas Nickleby, Martin Chuzzlewit, 353 DONNE'S (Dr. J. Deun of St. Paul's, 1621-31)

Barnaby Rudge, Old Curiosity Shop, Oliver Twist, Sketches by WORKs, including his Sermons, Devotions, Poems,
Boz, Dombey and Son, David Copperfield, Bleak House, Little Letters, &c. edited with Life by H. Alford, portruit,
Dorrit, Christmas Carol, Chimes, Cricket on the Hearth, Battle of

6 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 10$ (pub. £3. 128) Parker, 1839
Life, Hannted Man, American Notes, Tale of Two Cities, Great
Expectations, Uncommercial Traveller, Hard Times, and Pictures

" The greatest preacher of the seventeenth century; the ad-

from Italy.

mired of all hearers, "-Coleridge.


337* DICKENS' Bleak House, original large type taining an Historical and Genealogical Account of

illustrated edition, with 39 humourous engravings by

the Nobility of that Kingdom, engravings of the Arms

H. K. Browne, 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 108 6d (pub. £1. 1x)

of Peers, folio, calf neat, £1. 88


1853 355 DOUGLAS' (Šir R.) PEERAGE of SCOTLAND, con-

338 DICKENS' David Copperfield, illustrations by H.

taining a Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that

K. Bronne, 8vo. half calf gilt, 108 6d (pub. £1. 18) Kingdom, continued and enlarged by Wood, engrap-


ings of the Arms of Peers, BEST EDITION, 2 thick vols.

339 DICKENS Tombey and Son, original large type fol. calf gilt, a very fine copy, £3. 158—Another copy
illustrated edition, with 39 humourous engravings by

on LARGE PAPER, a splendid book, calf gilt, £6.68 1813
H. K. Bronne, 8vo. hf. calf neat, 108 6d 1848 356 DRAMA.—MODERN BRITISH DRAMA, edited by

340 DICKENS' Little Dorrit, with 39 humourous en- Sir Walter Scott, with Remarks on British Tragedy,

gravings by Phiz, 8vo. hf. calf neat, 108 6d 1857

vignettes, 5 vols. royal 8vo. nice copy in old mottled

341 DICKENS' Martin Chuzzlewit,large type illustrated

calf gilt, £1, 10s


odition, with 39 huemourous engravings by Phiz, 8vo. A selection of some of the best works of B. Jonson, Massinger,

hf. calf gilt, 108 60

1844 Beaumont and Fletcher, Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, Cibber,

342 DICKENS' Nicholas Nickleby, illustrations by Farquhar, Centlivre, Addison, Steele, Cumberland, Goldsmith, &c.

Phiz, 8vo. half calf neat, 108 6d (pub. £1. 1x) 1839
343 DICKENS' Pickwick Papers, with 43 humourous

56 Drawings representing the full-length Costumes of

various Religious Orders of the Romish Church, BEAU-
engravings by Seymour and Phiz, 8vo. half calf gilt,



148 6d

LUM ; bound in a vol, roy. 8vo, old red morocco, gilt

Vocabularies of Gaelic, Latin and English Words,

leaves, £5.58

This is a very pleasing collection of Drawings representing the

compiled and published by the HIGHLAND SOCIETY authentic costumes of many religious orders, both male and female,

OF SCOTLAND, 2 large vols. 4to. hf. calf, £2.2s (pub. commercing with the Pope. The name is inscribed beneath each

£7. 78)

1828 figure in letters of gold.

This great work occupied the Highland Society many years,


and is considered one of the most important accessions to Etymo- SCENERY of the Holy Land and Syria, with descrip

logy ever achieved in this country.

tions, 20 highly finished coloured engravings of Viers,

345 DIGBY'S (Sir Kenelm) Private Memoirs, written Buildings, Costume, fc. and the ORIGINAL BEAUTI-

by himself, edited from the original MS. with Life, FULLY EXECUTED DRAWINGS IN WATER COLOURS

portrait, 8vo. new calf extra, marbled leaves, 188 1827 added, royal folio, green morocco, super extra, dentelle

Has the “Castrations," 48 pages, at the end, which were “not borders, gilt edges, £6.68



359 DRYDEN'S WORKS ; viz.—Poetical Works with

346 D'ISRAELI'S Curiosities of Literature, BOTH Notes by the Wartons and others, 4 vols. 1811-PROSE
SERIES, 6 vols. post 8vo. new half calf gilt, £1. 58 Works, with Life and Notes by Malone, 4 vols. por-

1834 traits ; 8 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, a fine uniform copy,

347 D'ISRAELI'S Curiosities of Literature, new edi-

£1. 168


tion, portrait, royal 8vo, cloth, S8 (pub. £1. 18) 360 DRYDEN'S Dramatic Works, edited by Congreve,

Moxon, 1851 6 vols. 12mo. calf neat 1086d


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361 Drummond's Noble British Families, 376 ELLIS' Specimens of Early English Metrical Ro

Histories of, with their Genealogies, and Biogra- mances, chiefly of the early part of the XIVth Cenphical Notices of the most distinguished Indivi- tury, 3 vols

. SPECIMENS of Early English Poets, with duals in each, compiled and edited by H. Drummond, sketch of the Rise and Progress of Poetry and LanEsq. 72 fine portraits (many full length) MOST BEAU- guage, and Glossary, 3 vols.- together 6 vols. post TIFULLY COLOURED LIKE MINIATUKES, THE COATS OF 8vo. very neat set in calf, £2. 28

1811 ARYS EMBLAZONED, and numerous colourerl and other CHEAP COPIES OF THE “ GREAT ENCYCLOPÆDIA." engravings of Monuments, Seals, fc. 2 handsome vols. 376.Encyclopædia Britannica; a Dictionary of impl. folio, hf. morocco, gilt top, by Hayday, £12. 128 Arts, Sciences, and Manufactures, Commerce, History, (pub. £25. 48)

Pickering, 1842-6 Geography, Biography, and general Literature, illusThis splendid and valuable work (of which but a very limited trated by upwards of 5000 engravings on wood and namber was printed) is executed in the same sumptuous style as the steel, eighth and last edition, 21 thick vols. and a vol. * Litta, Famiglie Italiane," and includes Histories of the Noble

of Index, 4to. bound in cloth, nen', ONLY £16. 169 Families of Ashburnham, Arden, Compton, Cecil, Harley, Bruce, Perceval, Dunbar. Hume, Dundas, Drummond and Neville.

(selling price £25. 128)- Another complete copy, 362 DUDLEY'S (Earl of) Interesting Letters to the 22 vols. strongly hound in half russia, marb. leaver, Bp. of Llandaff

, fine portrait, 8vo. cloth, 3x 6d 1841 new, ONLY £23. 58 (selling price £32. 128) 1855-9 363 Dugdale's Antiquities

of Warwickshire, The last and best edition of this “Universal Dictionary of enlarged and continued by Dr. Thomas, engravings by Knowledge," the articles in which are written by the most eminent Hollar, and Map, 2 vols. folio, a splendid copy, newly authors in every department of Science, Literature, and Art. bound in mororco extra, gilt leares, £31. 108


dum Ordines Naturales disposita, with all the Sup364 DUGDALE'S BARONAGE OF ENGLAND, an Historical Account of the Lives and Actions of our Eng

plements and copious Indices, very thick impl. 8vo. lish Nobility in the Saxons Time of the Conquest,

(1968 pages).fine clean copy, new in hf. morocco, marb. from thence to the 28th year of the Reign of K.

leuver, £4. 48 (pub. £5. 108) Vindob. 1836-47

378 ENGLAND and America, a Comparison of the Charles II. 2 vols. folio, calf yilt, £5. 58


Social and Political State of both Nations, (by E. 365 DUGDALE'S Ancient Usage in Bearing Arms ; also a Discourse touching the Office of the Lord

G. Wakefield), 2 vols. 8vo. in one, hf. 78 60 1833 Chancellor, greatly enlarged by T. C. Banks, engrav- 379. ENGLISH School of Painting and Sculpture ; ings of Arms, folio, half russin, 188


the most approved productions in, executed by British To this excellent edition is added " Honores Anglicani," or the

Artists, from Hogarth to this time, with Notices in Titles of Honour of the English Nobility.

English and French, by G. Hamilton, upwards of 366 DUGDALE'S Perfect Copy of all Summons of 200 plates engruved in outline upon steel, 4 vols. 12mo. the Nobility to Parliament from Henry III. until cloth, £1. 1$

Paris, 1831 these present times, folio, thick paper, fine clean copy 380 ENGLISH SPY, an Original Work, Characteristic, in rough calf, yellow edges, €1. 5x

1685 Humourous, and Satirical, comprising Sketches of 367 DUGDALE'S History of Old St. Paul's Cathedral, every rank of Society, with numerous clever coloured

portrait and numerous fine engravings by Hollar, humorous engravings, and woodcuts by Cruikshank, folio, old calf, £1. 108

1716 2 vols, royal 8vo. grained calf, good copy, £2. 58 1825 368 DUKE'S (E.) Druidical Temples of the County of 381 ENGRAVINGS.-A Collection of Engravings

Wilts, port. & engravings, post 8vo. cloth, 4« 6d 1845 from Paintings and Drawings by the most celebrated 369 DUNCUMB'S HEREFORDSHIRE, History and An- Masters, 170 finely executed engravings by eminent

tiquities of, portraits and engravings, 2 vols. roy. 4to. artists, 2 vols. folio, hf. russia, neat, £2. 128 6d 1807 bila, £1. 186

1804-12 Includes pleasing specimens of Vandyke, Caracci, Murillo, This valuable History (the only one of this County) was pub- C. Dolce, Salvator Rosa, Teniers, Rembrandt, etc. ilsbed 'under the patronage and at the expense of the Duke of Norfolk to whom it is dedicated.

382 EPITAPHS.-A Collection of Epitaphs and Monu370 EARLY Newspapers and Essayists, a Catalogue of mental Inscriptions, historical, biographical, literary

a Collection of, formed by Mr. J. T. Hope, and pre- and miscellaneous, with an Essay by Dr. Johnson, sented to the Bodleian Library by his Son, 8vo. cloth, 2 vols, 12mo. calf gilt, 148

1806 58 6

Oxford, 1865 383 ERREDGE'S History of Brighton as I view it and 371 EDMONDSON'S COMPLETE BODY of HERALDRY, others knew it, with a Chronological Table of Local

with a copious Glossary of Technical Terms, numerous Events, frontispiece, 8vo. cloth, 58 Brighton, 1862

engravings, 2 vols. roy. folio, hf. mor. gilt, £3. 108 1780 384 ESSEX, Suffolk and Norfolk. Lives of Eminent 372 EDWARDS' (T.) English and Welsh Dictionary, and Remarkable Characters, born or long resident in

with an Analysis of the Orthography of the Welsh those Counties, with 68 portraits, fine impressions, Language, roy. 8vo. hf. calf neat, 98 6d (pub. 178) sm. 8vo. morocco extra, gilt leaves, 98 60 1820

1850 385 EUSTACE'S Classical Tour through Italy, in 373 ELDON (Lord), Public and Private Life of, with 1802, with Index, map and plans of Churches, + vols.

Selections from his Correspondence, by Horace Twiss, 8vo. fine copy in grained russia, ertra, 108 6d 1815

plates, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108 64 (pub. £2. 128 6d) 1844 386 EVELYN'S (J.) Memoirs, Diary, and Correspon374 ELLIS' Specimens of Early English Poets, with dence, from 1641 to 1706, edited by Bray and Upcott,

sketch of the Rise and Progress of the English Poetry fine portraits and engravings, BEST EDITION, a few and Language, and Glossary, 3 vols. post 8vo. calf leaves slightly damaged, 2 vols. roy. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt, £1.18 1803 gilt, 158 (pub. £5. 158)

1819 375 ELLIS' (Sir H.) ORIGINAL LETTERS illustrative of 387 FABER'S (G. S.) Apostolicity of Trinitarianism,

English History, with Notes and Illustrations ; THE or the Testimony of History, Antiquity, &c. to the THRÉE SERIES COMPLETE, engravings, and facsimiles,

Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, 2 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf 11 vols. post 8vo, nen tree-marbled calf gilt, marbled gilt, marb. leaves, 98 (pub. tl. 48)

1832 edges, best style, £5. 58

1824-46 388 FABER'S (G. S.) Difficulties of Romanism in With delight we recommend them for curious illustration ; respect to evidence ; or the Peculiarities of the Latin corrections of long-received historical theories; development of Church evinced to be untenable on the principle of famous characters; discovery of new and important facts ;-in short, for everything that renders such a collection interesting in

legitimate Historical Testimony, 8vo. new hf.calf gilt, a country that is keenly alive to the value of such researches." 68 6d


389 FAIRHOLT'S COSTUME in ENGLAND, a History 404 FILICAIA (Senatore V. da) Poesie Toscane, con

of Dress from the Earliest Period to the XIXth Cen- Vita detto O. Emonio, portrait, royal 8vo. large type, tury, with Glossary of Terms, and upwards of 600 hf. vellum, 58 6d

Firenze, 1823 beautiful wood engravings, thick 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 405 FINDEN'S LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT ILLUSTRAmarb. edges, scarce, 168 (pub. £1. 118 6d) 1846 Tions to the Life and Works of LORD BYRON, with

This interesting volume comprises the Early Britons, the Ro- Descriptions by Brockedon, upwards of 150 highly mans in Britain, the Anglo-Saxons and Danes, the Normans, the

finished engravings, 3 vols. royal 8vo. morocco, gilt Plantagenets, York and Lancaster, the Tudors, the Stuarts, Willium III. to 1800, with a MS. Note from the author to Mr. French. edges, £2. 28 (pub. £7.78)

1833-34 390 FAIRHOLT'S Gog and Magog, the Giants in These beautiful engravings are from drawings by Stanfield, Guildhall, their real and legendary History ; with an

Roberts, Cattermole, Callcott, Westall, &c. One of the finest il

lustrated books ever published. Account of other Civic Giants at home and abroad, 406 FINLAY'S (G.) Greece under the Romans, a Hiswith illustrations, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 38


tory of the Condition of the Greek Nation from Bc. 391 FALCONER’S (W.) New Universal Marine Dic

146 to A.D. 717. 8vo. calf gilt, 88 611 (pub. 168) 1844 tionary, enlarged with Vocabulary of French Sea 407 FITZCLARENCE'S (Earl of Munster) Journal Phrases and Terms of Art, &c. by W. Burney, 35 en- of a Route across India, through Egypt to England, gravings, thick 4to. cloth, scurce, £1. 18


1817-18, large map and fine plates, some coloured, 4to. 392 FARINI'S History of the Roman States from 1815

bris. 68 61

1819 to 1850, translated by the Rt. Hon. W. Gladstone, This volume is now very scarce, having been bought up by 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 10s (pub. £2. 88) Murray, 1851

the noble author. 393 FELTHAM'S (Owen) Resolves, divine, moral, and

408 FLAVEL'S (Rev. J.) Whole Works, with Life political, revised, with Life by Cumming, post 8vo.

and copious Indexes, fine portrait by Vandergucht, culf qilt, 78 61 (pub. 128)

1806 2 vols. folio, fine copy in modern panelled calf gilt, 394 FENN'S ORIGINAL LETTERS, written during the

£1. 12s

1716 Reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV. and V. Richard 409 FLECKNOE (R.) The Diarium or Journal] ; diIII. and Henry VII. by various Persons of Rank and

vided into 12 Jornadas in Burlesque Rhime or Droll. Consequence, portraits showing the costumes coloured, ing Verse, 12mo. olive morocco extra, gilt leaves, by and numerous facsimiles, 5 vols. 4to. calf gilt, £7. 158

C. Lewis, £1. 168

1656 1787-1823

A very fine clean copy of this very rare and curious book, BEST EDITION of the entire Work, containing many curinus

(written much after the style of Drunken Barnabe's Journal), a

copy of which produced at Heath's sale 3 guineas. particulars and anecdotes relative to that turbulent and bloody. but hitherto dark period of our history. Each letter is accompa

410 FLETCHER'S. Dr. A.) Guide to Family Devotion nied by the same in modern orthography.

for every Day in the Year, with the Appendix, with 395 FERGUSSON'S ILLUSTRATUD HANDBOOK of AR

a fine series of Scripture engravings, from pictures by CHITECTURE ; an Account of the different Styles of

the great masters, thick 4to. a fine copy in calf gilt, Architecture prevailing in all Ages and Countries, 411 FORSTER'S' (C.) One Primeval Language traeed

with golu border, marb, leaves, 188 Virtue, (1850) 850 engravings on wood, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, VERY SCARCE, £2. 28—Another copy, hf. calf gilt, £2. 2s

through Ancient Inscriptions, THE THREE PARTS

complete, numerous engravings, including large folding

1855 396 FERISHTA'S History of DEKKAN, from the First

engraving of the Harmony of the Alphabets, mounted Mahummedan Conquests, with a Continuation from

on linen, in a case, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £l. 18 (pub. (£3. 38)

1852-4 other native writers, and History of BENGAL from the accession of Aliverdee Khan, to 1780, by Captain J. 412 FORSYTHI'S Antiquary's Portfolio of Historical Scott, 2 vols. 4to. hf. russia, nicat, 128

and Literary Curiosities, chiefly of Great Britain dur.

ing the Middle Ages, with Memoirs, and portraits of

Shrewsbury, 1794 Captain Scott was Persian Secretary to Warren Hastings, Go

Stow and Evelyn, 2 vols. post 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 7$ 6d vernor-General of India.

1825 397 FERNE'S (John) BLAZON of Gentrie, in two 413 FORSYTH'S (J.) Remarks on Antiquities, Arts,

Parts, i.e. The Glorie of Generositie, and Lacyes No- and Letters, during an Excursion in Italy in 1802, bilitie, numerous engravings of Arms, thick sm. 4to. thick post 8vo. calf gilt, 58

Geneva, 1824 calf, scarce, £1. 108

John Windet, 1586 | 414 FORTUNE'S Journey the Tea Countries of This is considered by Dallaway the most complete work of the China, and to the East India Company's Tea Plantakind then extant.

tions in the Himalayas, map and plates, Svo. cloth, 398 FERRI (Conte) lo Spettatore Italiano preceduto da 78 611 (pub. 148)

1852 un Saggio critico sopra i Filosofi Morali e i Dipintori 415 FOUNTAINHALL'S (Lord) Chronological Notes de' Costumi e de' Caratteri, 4 thick vols. 8vo. sened, on Scottish Affairs, from 1680 to 1701, edited with 98 6d

Milano, 1822 Introduction by Sir Walter Scott, 4to. half calf, very 399 FEUERBACH'S Remarkable Criminal Trials,

neat, scarce, 10s 6d

1822 comprising Fourteen Extraordinary Narratives, trans- 416 FOX'S (C. J.) History of the early part of the lated from the German by Lady Duff Gordon, 8vo. Reign of James IÍ. very fine proof portrait, elephant cloth, 48 6d (pub. 148).


4to. a splendid copy on the LARGEST PAPER, morocco 400 FIELDING'S (H.) Works complete, with an Essay extra, with joints, elaborately tooled, and gilt leaves, on his Life and Genius by Murphy, portrait, 10 vols. 188

1808 8vo. calf gilt, £3. 38

1784 “There is no work in our language that in point of excellence 401 FIELDING'S (H.) Works complete, with an Essay approaches Fox's History as a profound and masterly exposition of on his Life and Genius by Murphy, portrait, BEST

the British Constitution, and in which the minutest facts are most

sacredly and accurately detailed." EDITION, 10 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, very scarce, 417 FOX'S (C.J.) MEMORIALS and CORRESPONDENCE, £5. 158


edited by Lord John Russell, best library edition, 402 FIELDING'S (H.) Works complete, with Life, 4 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, £1. 48 (pub. £3. 38) 1853

12 vols, 12mo. calf gilt and grained, £2. 28 1824 The historical value and interest of this work cannot be over403 FILANGIERI (Cavaliere) La Scienza della Le- rated; it embodies a complete picture of the career of this celegislazione e gli Opuscoli Scelti, portrait, 5 vols. 8vo.

brated statesman, chiefly given in his own words, with an abun

dance of Anecdotes and Recollections of his celebrated contempohf. vellum, 12s

Firenze, 1820 raries, coniprising the principal political, literary, and other A very good edition of this highly esteemed work on Legisla- | eminent personages of the last and early part of the present tion.


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