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WILLIS AND SOTHERAN, 186, STRAND. -50 JONES'S (D.) Secret History of WuITEHALL, 565 LAHARPE, Lycée ou Cours de Littératare, An

from the Restoration of Charles II. 1660 to 1696, the cienne et Moderne, avec la Philosophie du XVII. whole consisting of Secret Memoirs which have siècle et Index generale, portrait, 16 vols. 8vo. sexed. hitherto lain concealed, 2 vols. 12mo. a good clean £1. 18

Paris, 1829 copy in old calf, scarce, 128

1717 "Most parts of the Cours de Littérature may be compared to The principal part of the 2nd vol. is occupied by the Tragical the works of the great artists; they strongly attract the attention ]]istory of the stuarts, from their first rise in 1068° to the death of of all men; all feel a delight in contemplating them, and tree Queen Anne."

judges are never weary of studying and examining them." 551 JOSEPHUS' Works, History, Antiquities and 566 LAING'S (S.) Observations on the Social and Poli

Wars of the Jews, Dissertations concerning Christ, tical State of the European People in 1848 and 1849, &c. translated by Whiston, map and plates, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, autograph of C. Lushington, 6s (pub. (48) 8vo. calf, 10s 60


Longmane, 1850 552 JOSEPHUS' Works, History, Antiquities, and 567 LAIRESSE'S Art of Painting, exemplified by Re

Wars of the Jews, Dissertations concerning Christ, marks on the Paintings of the best Masters, revised &c. translated by Whiston, portrait and map, 4 vols. by Craig, 70 engravings, 2 vols. 4to. hf. mor. 12: 66 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 58 1825

1817 553 JOSÉPHÚS' Works, History, Antiquities, and 568 LANZI, Storia Pittorica della Italia, large type ed.

Wars of the Jews, Dissertations concerning Christ, 6 vols. royal 8vo. senet, 108 61. Firenze, 1822 &c. translated by Whiston, portrait and map, 3 vols. 569 LAWRENCE'S (J.) The Horse, a History and De8vo. half calf gilt, best edition, scarce, £1. 148 lineation of, in all his Varieties, with 14 fine engrar

Oxon. 1829

ings by J. Scott, 4to. a fine copy in russia gilt, 168 554 JUNIUS' LETTERS, including those under other

1809 Signatures, and his Private Letters to Woodfall, with 570 LAWSON'S (W. J.) History of Banking, with an Notes by Dr. Mason Good, and facsimiles, BEST Account of the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the

EDITION, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, scarce, £1. 168 1812 Banks of England, Ireland, and Scotland, portrait, 555 JUVENAL and Persius, Lat. and Eng. on oppo- 8vo. cloth, 78 (pub. 16x)

1850 site pages, a literal translation, with copious Notes by 571 LEAR'S Ilustrated Journal of a Landscape Painter Madan, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. 148) 1839

in Albania, Illyria, &c. with map and 20 beautiful 556 KEITH'S (Bp.) Catalogue of Scottish Bishops, tinted plates, a handsome volume, impl. 8vo. clotk, 125 from the earliest times to 1688, with account of all

(pub. £1. 1186d)

1852 the Religious Houses, to the Reformation, by Spottis- 572 LEAR'S ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL of a Landscape woode, a new edition, continued with Life of Bp.

Painter in Calabria, with 50 beautiful tinted plates, a Keith by Dr. Russell, 8vo. boards, 8s 6d


handsome volume, impl. 8vo. cl. 108 6d (pub.fl. Ils 6) 557 KEMBLE (J. M.) Saxons in England, a history of

1852 the English Commonwealth, till the Norman Conquest, 573 LEE'S (J.) Description of a Roman Building and 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce, £2. 108 Longman, 1849

other Remains discovered at Caerleon, Monmouth558 KEMBLE'S (J. M.) State Papers and Corres

shire, with 20 etchings by the author, impl. 8vo. cloth, pondence illustrative of the Social and Political State

88 60

1850 of Europe from the Revolution to the Accession of the 574 LEGER, Histoire Générale des Eglises EvangeHouse of Hanover ; with Historical Introduction,

liques des Vallées de Piedmont ou Vaudoises, brilBiographical Memoirs and Notes, thick 8vo. nere colf

liant portrait, and singular engravings of tortures, gilt, marb. edges, 88 61 (pub. 163)


2 vols. folio in one, a very fine copy in calf gilt, £2. 2s 559 KENRICK'S (J.) Ancient Egypt under the Pha

Leyde, 1669 raohs, plates of Hieroglyphics, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth,

One recoils with horror at the barbarities inflicted upon these £1. 18 (pub. 308)

1850 unoffending people, and the blood curdles at the mutilation of 560 KIRBY and SPENCE'S ENTOMOLOGY, or Natural women and children, and aged men and women.

History of Insects, fourth edition, enlarged, coloured 575 LE KEUX'S Memorials of Cambridge, its Univer-
engravings, 4 vols. 8vo. bds. £1. 48 (pub. £1. 118) sities, &c. with Descriptions by T. Wright and L.

Longmans, 1822-26 Jones, upwards of 150 highly finished engravings of 561 KNIGHT'S (T. A.) POMONA HEREFORDIENSIS, the Colleges, Halls, Public Buildings, &c. fine imprescontaining coloured engravings of the Cider and sions, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth extra, gilt tops, 188

1845 Perry Fruits of Herefordshire, with a descriptive 576 LE PLAT, MONUMENTORUM ad HISTORIAM CorAccount of each variety, 30 very beautiful coloured CILII TRIDENTINI amplissima Collectio ; acced. Caplates, like drawings, 4to. a fine genuine copy in purple nones et Decreta Concilii Trident., LARGE PAPER, morocco gilt, gilt leaves, £1. 58

1811 8 vols. 4to. smooth calf gilt, with double line borders of 562 KORAN of Mohammed, translated from the Arabic

gold, by Clarke and Bedford, a matchless copy, from
by G. SALE, with explanatory Notes from eminent the choice Collection of Dr. Herbert Ecans, £5. 108
Commentators, 2 vols. 8vo, calf neat, 128 1825

Lovanii, 1781
The very learned Preliminary Discourse is a treasure of

"This collection of historical monuments is invaluable as an
Oriental Learning.
563 LA BRUYÈRE, Les Caractères de, suivis des proper understanding of which it is indispensable."

illustration of the Proceedings of this important Council, for the
Caractères de Théophraste, traduits du Grec par le 577 LESSON, HISTOIRE NATURELLE des 018eaux:
même, port. 2 vols. 8vo. calf, very neat, 58 6d

Paris, 1818

Mouches, des COLIBRIS, et des TROCHILIDÉES, with
There are Memoirs of La Bruyère, and of Theophrastus by La

190 most BEAUTIFULLY CULOURED plates after Prêtre,
Bruyère, with Notes by Schweigbæuser.

and other eminent French artists, 3 vols. roy. 8vo.
564 LA FONTAINE, ses Fables, imprimées pour morocco extra, gilt leaves, and richly tooled sides, from

l'Education du Dauphin (précédeés d'une notice sur la Dr. Bandinel's Library, £3. 108 (pub, unbound
Vie de l'auteur par Naigeon) royal 4to. a very beauti- £10. 108)

Paris, 1831-5
ful copy in red morocco extra, gilt leares, £1. 18 578 LEVER (C.) The Martins of Cro’ Martin, with

Paris, Didot, 1788 39 humorous illustrations by Phiz, thick 8vo. hf. calf
A very sumptuously printed edition, and restricted to 250

gilt, marbled edges, 98 (pub. 148)

1856 copies.

579 LEWIS' Illustrations of Kilpeck Church, Here- | 587 LIVINGSTONE'S Missionary Travels and Re

fordshire, with an Essay on Ecclesiastical Design, and searches in South Africa, including his 16 years' resiDescriptions, 28 large plates, impl. 4to, half calf neat, dence in the interior, &c. maps and engravings, thick autograph of author, 108 (pub. £2. 2x) Pickering, 1842 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 158

1857 580 LEWIS' Topographical Dictionary of England, 588 LIVIUS, ex recensione Drakenborchii, cura H.

with Historical and Statistical Descriptions, with Homeri, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, portrait, 8 vols. county maps, 4 vols. 4to. half calf gilt, £1. 10s (pub. roy. 8vo. calf neat, £1. 18

Lond. 1794 £12. 128)


“One of the most correct and beautiful octavo editions of a 581 LEWIS'S Map of England, Wales and Scotland, Roman classic that has ever been published. The Index is sin

divided into Counties, Parliamentary Divisions and gularly valuable."—- Dibdin. Dioceses, and shewing the Roads, Railways, Rivers 589 LLOYD'S Field Sports of the North of Europe, a and Canals, and the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, personal narrative of a residence in Sweden and NorCOLOURED and folded in 7 vols. 8vo. mounted on can- way, engravings on India paper, 2 vols. 8vo. nen hf. ras, and handsomely bound in morocco, with gilt bor- calf gilt, 128 6d (pub. £1. 8x)

1831 ders, £2, 2s

no date 590 LLOYD'S (L.) Game Birds and Wild Fowl of This Survey was made under the direction of the Board of Ordnance on a scale of five miles to an inch.

SWEDEN and NORWAY, with an Account of the SEALS 582 LHOYD'S Historie of Cambria now called Wales,

and Salt Water Fishes of those countries, embellished augmented and continued by D. Powel, 4to. hf. calf

with 48 beautiful chromo-lithographs and 65 woodcuts, neat, 128

1811 impl. 8vo. ornamental cloth, gilt leaves, £1. 168 1867 Only 250 copies printed from the rare edition of 1584.

A very elegant rolume. Mr. Lloyd says, the greater portion of A SPLENDID WORK ON ANCIENT BOOKBINDING, &c.

the beautiful illustrations which adorn these pages were executed 583 LIBRI (G.) Monuments Inedits ou peu Swedish artists, and many of the woodcuts are by Mr. Wolf,

expressly for the work by M. Körner, one of the most celebrated Connus, faisant partie du Cabinet de Guillaume Li- "whose delineations of wild animals can hardly be surpassed." bri, et qui se rapportent à l'Histoire de l'Ornementation

591 LOCKE'S (J.) Complete Works, edited by Bp. chez différents Peuples. Seconde édition, augmentée

Law, with Life, portrait, BEST EDITION, 4 vols. 4to. de plusieurs Planches, containing 65 large Plates,


fine copy in old calf gilt, 18s exhibiting numerous specimens of richly

ornamented 592 LOCKE'S (J.) Philosophical Works, with DisEarly Bookbindings, Illuminated Manuscripts, Dranings by Raffaelle, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Rubens,

course and Notes by J. A. St. John, portrait, roy. 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

1843 Guereino, splendid Porks of Art in Gold, Ivory, &c. Early Engraved Maps, Antiquities in Gold by the 593 LOCKYER'S BAULME for BLEEDING ENGLAND Aborigines of America, &c., all beautifully executed in

and Ireland, or seasonable Instructions for persecuted facsimile of the originals, in GOLD, SILVER, and co

Christians, 8vo, old black morocco, the sides covered LOURS ; with Descriptions in English and French.

with elaborate gilt tooling, scarce, 148

1644 Royal folio, in portfolio, £5. 108 (pub. £9.98) 1864 594 LOGAN'S (J.) Scottish Gael or Celtic Manners as of this splendid and unique work only 150 copies were executed. preserved among the Highlanders, coloured and other This is andoubtedly one of the most interesting and valuable

engravings of Costumes, Arms, Antiquities, &'c. 2 vols. works on Book Ornamentation ever produced. The Atheneum, in 8vo. calf neat, £1. 18 (pub. £1. 108)

1831 an elaborate notice of it, says:-"This splendidly illustrated work contains about a huudred examples of various methods of book

IMPORTANT ILLUSTRATED LONDON. decoration-considering a volume as a field for the ornamental and

595 London and Middlesex.-LONDINIUM REcaligraphic arts-which are comparatively little known, yet every one characteristic, and most of them beautiful in their way. Not DIVIVUM, or the Ancient and Modern History of Loneven the work of Count Bastard transcends this one in the beauty don, by J. P. Malcolm, plates, some coloured, 4 vola. of the illaminations. No English book is equal to it in richness 1802 – Manners and Customs of London, from the and splendour of the plates. For instance, in copying the enamels ef early bindings and their inlaid gems, such attention has been

Roman Invasion to 1700, by Malcolm, coloured engiven to their colour-so cunningly applied in their originals-as gravings of costumes, 1814 - Ditto during the XVIIIth not only bespeaks the taste of the reproducers, but would have century, plates coloured-HISTORY of CARICATURING, been grateful to the émailleur of old," &c.

by Malcolm, copies of early specimens, 1813-ONE 584 LIGHTFOOT'S (Dr.J.) Whole Works, edited with HUNDRED and NINETEEN Views in London, and its

Additions and Biographical Preface by J. R. Pitman, Vicinity, drawn by J. P. Malcolm, with Memoir of 13 rols. 8vo. boards, scarce, £2. 188

1825 the Author, and Descriptive Index, 1836–MODERN 585 LILLY'S (W. Astrologer) MONARCHY or no Mo- LONDON, being the History and present State of the

NARCHY in ENGLAND ; Grebner (P.) his Prophecie Metropolis, numerous engravings, anil plans of citirs
concerning Charles the son of Charles; The Northern coloured and mounteil on tinteil paper.-Together
Lyon or Lyon of the North, and Chicken of the Eagle ; 8 vols. thick 4to. half calf neat, £10. 10s
Passages upon the Life and Death of K. Charles, &c.

1802-36, &c. with the 10 SCARCE LEAVES OF CURIOUS HIEROGLY. This is a very important collection, formed by that indefatigaPHICAL WOODCUTS on the future state and condition ble and eminent iopographer, the late J. B. NICHOLS, Esq.

The first four voluines include some very curious MS. papers of England, 4to. morocco extra, gilt leaves, £2. 58

relating to the repairs of St. Bride's Church after the Great Fire

Lond. H. Blunilen, 1651 of London, and on the occasion of the beautiful spire being struck First EDITION: ILLUSTRATED Cory, interleaved with fine and by Lightning; with Autograph Letters, Receipts, &c. by Sir W. scarce portraits of the Author, of Q. Elizabeth, of James I. and Stanes. Also papers relating to the Induction of the Rev J. Charles when Prince of Wales, and a brilliant one by Hollar, when Pridden to the Parish of St. George, Botolph Lane; with Autoking, &c. and engravings by Hollar, Gaywood, Droeshout, Cross, GRAPH LETTERS OF AECHBPS. MOORE, HOWLEY, and others by Civic Marshall, and others inserted. Very rare in this state.

authorities; a large collection of engravings by Smith, and selec586 LITHGOW'S (W.) Rare Adventures and Paine- tions from Antiquarian and Historical Works illustrative of the full Peregrinations of Nineteen Yeares Travayles Metropolis, its Churches, Bridges, Buildings, Ancient Houses, and

peculiar localities. from Scotland to the most famous Kingdoms of Europe, Asia, and Africa, curious woodcuts, sm, 4to.

596 LONDON Stage, a collection of the most reputed newly bound, antique calf, fine copy, scarce, but wants

Tragedies, Comedies, Operas, Melo-Dramas, and part of Dedication to Chas, I. £i. 18

1640 Farces, as performed at the Theatres Royal, portraits One of the most curious old books of Early Trarels ever pub

and coloured engravings, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, very lished: it includes an account of the Author's tortures in the In- neat, £1. ls

1830 quisition at Malaga in Spain,

matic Pieces, &c.




597 LONDON.- Timbs' Curiosities of London, exhi- | 612 MCCULLOCH'S British Empire, Descriptive and

biting rare and remarkable Objects of Interest, with Statistical Account of the, fourth and last edition, nearly 50 Years' Personal Recollections, thick sm. 2 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, 128 (pub. £2. 28) 1854 8vo. cloth, scarce, 128 6d

1855 613 MACHIAVELLI (Nicolo) OPERE, con Elogio, 598 LONGFELLOW'S(H.W.) Hyperion ; a Romance, scritto dal Cavaliere Baldelli, beautiful portrait by :

finely printed on thick toned paper, with 24 beautiful Cipriani, 11 vols. roy. 4to. LARGE PAPER, fine copii photographic illustrations of the Rhine, Switzerland in hf. vellum, £2. 128 Milano, Luigi Mussi, 1810-11 and the Tyrol, by Francis Frith, sm. 4to. extra cloth; printed on a FINE VELLUM PAPEB, and attested by Luigi Mussi, the

The handsomest of all the editions of the works of Machiavelli, gilt leaves, £1. 88 (pub. £2. 2x)


printer, in his autograph. Brunet says, “ Cette belle édition, qui A most elegant and attractive volume.

contient quelques augmentations, n'est tirée qu'à 200 exemplaires 599 LOUDON'S Suburban Horticulturist, comprising numérotés. This is the 88th.

the Science and Practice of the Culture and Manage 614 MACKAY'S (C.) Memoirs of Extraordinary ment of the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower Garden,

Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, numenumerous engravings, thick 8vo. cloth, 78 6d 1842

rous engravings, 2 vols. post 8vo. new hf. calf pilt, 600 LOUDON'S Villa Gardener, comprising the Choice

108 6d

1852 of a Suburban Villa Residence, the Laying-out, Plant- 615 MACKENZIE'S (H.) Whole Works, BEST EDIing, and Culture of the Garden and Grounds, the

TION, fine portrait, 8 vols. sm. 8vo, calf gilt, f2. 2x Management of Villa Farm, Dairy, and Poultry

Eilin. 1808 Yard, &c. numerous engravings, 8vo. cloth, 78 60 Roubigné, Papers from the Mirror, the Lounger, &c, Poems, Dra

Comprising the Man of Feeling, Man of the World, Julia de (pub. 128)

1850 601 LOWER'S Chronicle of Battel Abbey, from 1066 616 MACKINTOSH'S (Sir J.) History of England,

to 1176, now first translated, with Notes, and an revised by R. J. Mackintosh, BEST LIBRARY EDITION, Abstract of the subsequent History of the Establish- 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 158

1853 ment, facsimiles of MSS. 8vo. new hf. morocco, 8x 1851 617 MACQUEEN (J.) The (Crimean) War: Who's to 602 LOWER'S (M. A.) PATRONYMICA BRITANNICA, a Blame ? or the Eastern Question Investigated, from

Dictionary of the Family Names of the United King- the Official Documents, 8vo. cloth, 38 6d (pub. 12x) dom, thick roy. 8vo. cloth, with author's autogruph,

1854 £1. 18

618 MAGIC and Mesmerism, an Episode of the EightAn entirely new and valuable work on Family Nomenclature, eenth Century, and other Tales, 3 vols. post 8vo. by the author of "English Surnames," " Curiosities of Heraldry,

cloth, 68 6d (pub. £1. 118 61)

1843 603 LOWER'S Contributions to Literature, Historical, 619 MAITLAND Club Book:- Register of Ministers, Antiquarian, and Metrical, woodcuts, post 8vo. cloth,

Exhorters and Readers, and of their Stipends, after 68


the period of the Reformation, 1567, roy. 4to. LARGE 604 LUCRETIUS, cum Notis et Commentariis Wake

PAPER, boards, RARE, £1. 108

Printed at the expense of Alexander Macdonald, Esq., who, in field et Bentleii, 4 vols. 8vo. a nice copy in russia, 158

an autograph note, begs Mr. Bain's "acceptance of this extra paper

Glasg. 1813 copy," of which there were but six copies struck off. The prelimi“The best Critical Edition of Lucretins extant."- Dibdin. nary Notice is by Mr. Thompson. .605 Luther's (Martin) Dysclosyng of the Canon of 620 MALCOLM'S Anecdotes of the Manners and Cus

the MASSE, with a Sermon of the Great Blasphemi toms of London from the Roman Invasion, 3 vols. ; agaynst God whyche the Papystes daylie do use read- during the 18th Century, 2 vols. ; numerous engraving thys Antechristian Canon in theyr Masses, sm. ings, some coloured, 5 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £1. 18 8vo. calf, fine large copy, VERY RARE, £1. 168

1811 Imprynted have at al Prpistes by me Hans Hitpryke, 1545 621 MALCOLM'S History of Persia, from the earliest Wants title, otherwise a perfect copy of this rare work.

period, its Religion, Government, Usages and Cha

racter of its Inhabitants, 2 thick vols. 8vo. (alf, rery 606 LYELL'S (Sir C.) Manual of Elementary Geo. neat, scarce, £l. 48

1829 logy ; or the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its 622 MALCOLM'S (Major Gen. Sir John) Life and Inhabitants, third edition, yrratly enlarged, with above

Correspondence, from unpublished Letters and Jour500 woodcuts, 8vo, cloth, 88 6d


nals, including much interesting matter relating to 607 MACAULAY'S (Lord) History of England, from

India, by J. W. Kave, fine portrait, 2 thick vols. 8vo. the Accession of James the Second, 5 vols. Svo. h. calf calf gilt, marb, lenres, £1. 18 (pub. £1.168) 1856 gill, £2. 188

1853 623 MANCHESTER (Duke of) Court and Society 608 MACAULAY'S Miscellaneous Writings; Contri- from Elizabeth to Anne, edited from the Papers at

butions to Knight's Quarterly Magazine, and to the Kimbolton, ports. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 98 (pub. £1. 108) Edinburgh Review not included in his Essays ; Bio

-Another copy, 2 vols. new hf. morocco, marb. leares. graphies of Atterbury, Bunyan, Goldsmith, Johnson,

12 6d

1864 and Pitt ; and unpublished Poetry ; fine portrait, Memoirs of Catharine of Aragon, not hitherto published, are

2 vols. 8vo. new cloth, 168 68 (pub. £1. 18) 1860 bere given from the Spanish archives; and the noble author ac609 McCAUL'S (Rev. Dr. J.)" Britanno-Roman In- knowledges his indebtedness to the historical knowledge and lite

scriptions, with critical Notes, frontispiece, 8vo. cloth, rary skill of Mr. Hepworth Dixon and Dr. Doran. 98 60

Toronto, 1863

624 MANT'S (Bp.) Biographical Notices of the AposContributions to the Canadian Journal, under the designation

tles, Evangelists, and other Saints, 8vo, a remarkahlı of " Notes on Latin Inscriptions found in Britain," with large ad

nice copy in morocco, gilt leaves, 78 6d Oxf. 1828

625 MANTELL'S Wonders of Geology, or a familia 610 MCCLINTOCK'S (Capt. R.N.) Narrative of the Exposition of Geological Phenomena, with coloured

Voyage of the Fox in the Arctic Seas in search of Sir plates and woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, cloth John Franklin, in 1857-59, map and plates, thick

183 8vo. cloth, 68 6d (pub. 168)

1859 626 MARMYUN FAMILY.–Banks' History of the An 611 McCULLOCH'S Highlands and Western Isles of cient and Noble Family of Marmyan, their singula

Scotland, their scenery and Antiquities, the origin, Office of King's Champion on the Coronation Day ancient manners, language, &c. of the People, 4 vols. with Pedigrees, portraits and plates of arms, d*c. 4to 8vo. boards, £1. 88

half cloth, 108 (pub. £1. 158)





627 MARRYAT'S HISTORY of POTTERY and Porce- , 641 MEDICI (Lorenzo de') Poesie del Magnifico,

lain, mediæval and modern, second edition enlarged, S'aggiungono le STANZE in lode della NENCIA, i with coloured plates and 240 woodcuts, roy. 8vo. nen BEONI, le RIME SPIRITUALI, e altre Poesie inedite, con af. calf gilt, marb. edges, scarce, £1. 88

1857 alcune Memorie attenenti alla sua Vita, etc. 8vo. hf. 628 MARRYAT'S (Capt.) Masterman Ready, New vellum, gilt, 58

Bergamo, 1763 Edition, with 92 engravings, 2 vols. 12mo. new calf 642 MERRY Deuill of Edmonton, with the pleasant gilt, 128


Pranks of Smug the Smith about the stealing of Ve629 MARRYATS (Capt.) Privateersman One Hun- nison, &c. front. 8vo. bds. scarce, 68 6d

1819 dred Years Ago, fcap. 8vo. calf gilt, 68 6d 1846 A few copies only reprinted by Caulfield from the very rare 630 MARTENE ET DURAND, THESAURUS Novus edition of 1631. ANECDOTORUM, complectens Regum ac Principum 643.METASTASIO (Pietro) Opere Complete, con aliorumque Virorum illust. Epistolas et Diplomata,

Vita, a fine large type edition, portrait, 16 vols. roy. portrait, LARGE PAPER, 5 vols. roy. folio, calf gilt,

8vo. sewed, £1. 88

Firenze, 1819 £3. 108

“There are scenes of Metastasio's worthy of Corneille when he

Lut. Par. 1717 avoids declamation, or of Racine when he is not languid." "MARTENE and DURAND, two learned Benedictines, following a the footsteps of the immortal Mabillon, bave with incredible labour collected into the above volumes an immense number of 644 METCALFE (Lord) Selections from the Papers Lcclesiastical Documents, which, but for their industry, might of, 1801 to 1842, edited by J. W. Kaye, 8vo. cloth, 58 have been lost entirely. Some idea of their value may be formed from the following selection: Epistolæ Pontificum, Imperatorum,

1855 Perum, Principum, Abbatum, &c.; Chronicon Normannicum sive

Lord Metcalfe was Govenor-General of India, Governor of JaEricasnicum; Evrardi Passio S. Thomæ, Cantuariensis Archiepis-maica, and Govenor-General of Canada. mei; Bertrandi Vita S. Edmundi, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis; 645 METCALFE'S (Lord) Correspondence from unHistoria Canonizationis S, Edmundi; S. Edmundi Miracula; Boda Eoniliæ; Abælardi Theologia Christiana et Expositio in Hexame

published Letters and Journals, by J. W. Kaye, a. A list of the contents of these volumes will be found in Dow- 2 thick vols. 8vo. calf gilt, marb. leaves, £l. 18 (pub. ling: Notitia, pp. 49."

£1. 108) :

1854 631 MASKËLL (W.) History of the MARTIN MAR-646 MEYER'S BRITISH Birds and their Eggs, a comPRELATE Controversy in the Reign of Queen Eliza

plete History and Description of, illustrated by 422 beth, sm. 8vo. cloth, scarce, 158 Pickering, 1845

FINELY EXECUTED PLATES OF BIRDS AND OF THEIR 632 MASSINGER'S Dramatic Works complete, with EGGS, BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED after Nature, comcritical and explanatory Notes by Gifford, 4 vols. 8vo.

plete in 7 vols. 8vo, new full morocco extra, gilt calf grained and gilt, contents lettered, very good set,

leaves, £10. 108

1857 tarce, £3. 58

1813 This beautiful publication is the only complete History of 633 MATHIAS' (T. J.) Pursuits of Literature, a Sa- British Birds and their Eggs with coloured Plates. The above is an tirical Poem, 8vo. calf, very neat, 48 60

1798 original and picked copy, published at 18 guineas unbound. 634 MATHEWS (Charles) Catalogue Raisonnée of 647 MEYRICK'S (Sir R.) CARDIGANSHIRE, History his Gallery of Theatrical Portraits, with MS. notes by and Antiquities of, with Original Documents, 20 beauSir C. R. Price, who has a few engravings of tiful engravings, by Storer and Greig, thick 4to. hf. celebrated Actors, 4to. hf. calf neat, 168

1833 calf, very neat and scarce, £1. 108 (pub. £4. 48) 1810 Forms a nearly complete Theatrical Record from 1659. There 648 MICALI (G.) L'Italia avanti il dominio dei Rokalao a Catalogue of his Dramatic Library, as sold at Sotheby's mani, Seconda Édizione notabilmente aumentata dall' 1235; also of his Furniture in Great Russell St., sold by George

autore, 4 vols. 8vo. sewed, with atlas of 67 fine 635 MAUNDER (S.) Treasury of Natural History, a engravings, in folio, hf. bound russia, £1. 1s Popular Dictionary of Animated Nature, with Glos

Firenze, 1821 sary and Appendix, numerous woodcuts of Birds,

This fine volume of Ancient Remains, was published with the Beasts

, d'e. thick 12mo. tree marlled calf by Riviere, Descriptions in 4 vols, as above, at 90 francs. 104 6d

1848 649 MICROCOSM (by Canning, Frere, Capel Lofft, 636 MAUNDEVILLE'S Voiage and Travaile to Hie- Lord Spencer, &c.) first collected edition, thick 8vo. rusalem, and the Marvayles of Inde, new edition, with a very fine copy in red morocco, gilt leaves, 108 6d Introduction, Notes and Glossary, by J. O. Halliwell,

Windsor, 1787 facsimiles of the curious woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 58 1839

650 MIDDLESEX Election in the Devonshire Dialect Reprinted from the Edition of 1725.

in a humorous poetical Epistle addressed to Lord 637 MAYHEW (H.) Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Rolle, and other Poetical Pieces, by Peter Pindar, Sandboys and Family, who came up to London to (Dr. Wolcot) sm. 4to. hf. morocco very neat, 68 6d enjoy themselves, and to see the Great Exhibition of

1802 1851, with humourous plates by George Cruikshank, 651 MILIZIA (F.) Memorie degli ARCHITETTI antiche pregnant of most liudicrous mishaps, 8vo. hf. calf, e Moderni, terza Ediz. accresciuta e corretta dallo OPCE, 128

1854 stesso autore, printed on thick paper, 2 thick vols. 8vo. 439 MAYHEW'S Great World of London (its High hf. vellum gilt, 98

Parma, 1781 and Low Life and every Class of Society), numerous 652 MILTON'S Poetical Works, with Notes of various engravings from Photographs, royal 8vo. hf. calf neat, Commentators, Illustrations and Life by H. J. Todd, (wants title); 98 612

1858 portrait, 7 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, fine copy in reticulated 639 MAYHEW'S London Labour and the London binding, £1. 108

1809 Pror, including the portion relating to Those who

This edition is remarkable as having a complete copious Verwill

, cannot, and will not Work, with numerous por- bal Index which no other has. treits and street scenes, from daguerreotypes by Beard, 653 MILTON'S Paradise Lost, with Life by E. Fen? vols. toy. 8vo. cloth, 128 6d

1851 640 MEARES (I.) Voyages in 1788-9 from China to

ton, and Criticism on the Poem by Dr. Johnson,

1817 the N.W. Coast of America ; another from Bengal in 654 MITFORD'S (Miss) Our Village, Sketches of

portrait and plates, post 8vo. calf gilt, 4s 6d 1786, and Observations on the probable existence of a N.W. Passage, fine portrait, maps, charts, and views

Rural Character and Scenery, both series, 2 vols.

1848 in aquatinta, thick 4to. hf. calf neat, 68 6

post 8vo. new hf. morocco gilt, gilt leaves, 148

1790 Added to this handsome volume is an account of the Trade

655 MOLIERE, ses (Euvres, avec sa Vie par Voltaire, bet teen the N. W. coast of America and China, and China and papier fin, 7 vols. 8vo. calf, grained, neat, 188 Great Britain ; added are Commander Dixon's' Remarks on the

Paris, 1817 Fogages of John Meares, Esq., in a letter to him, 1790.


Pobina in 1836.


656 MONK (George, Duke of Albemarle) Memoirs of,, 669*MOULE'S Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnæ Britan

by M. Guizot, translated with Notes and Illustrations niæ, an analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, by the Hon. J. Stuart Wortley, portrait, 8vo. cloth, 48 Heraldry, Knighthood, Ceremonies, &c. portrait, thick (pub. 128)

1838 impl. 8vo. hf.calf, uncut, gilt top, 168 6d (pub. £1. 168) 657 MONSTRELET'S CHRONICLES of the cruel Civil

1822 Wars between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy

With manuscript notes and additions by Gilbert J. French, of and of the possession of Paris and Normandy by the 670 NAPOLEON, Bourrienne's Memoirs of, with an

Bolton, Lancashire. English, in continuation of Froissart's Chronicle,

Account of the important events of the 100 days, of translated by Col. Johnes, with Notes, upwards of 100 woodcuts,

his surrender to the English, and of his residence and large vols. impl. 8vo. half morocco

death at St. Helena, portraits and plates, 4 vols. 8vo. gilt, gilt leaves, £1. 118 6d

new hf. calf gilt, £1. 88

1836 658 MONSTRELET'S Chronicles of England, France, &c. transl. by Col. Johnes, 12 vols. 8vo. and 4to.

“Ah! Bourrienne," said Napoleon, "you also will be immor

tal!" "How, Sire ?" “Are you not my Secretary ?" atlas of engravings of Battles, fc. hf. calf neat, £2.58

1810 671 NAPOLEON I.-Bussey's (G.) History of Na659 MONTAGU'S (Lady M. Wortley) Letters and

poleon, illustrated with numerous fine and spirited Works, edited by Lord Wharncliffe, portraits, 3 vols. engravings after HORACE VERNET, 2 vols. impl. 8vo.

8vo. newly bound tree of gt. marb, leaves, £1.88 1837 fine copy, newly bound in hf. morocco, gilt leaves, £1. 4s 660 MONTI (Vincenzo) Tragedie,.fine portrait, royal

(pub. £2. 28)

1840 8vo. LARGE PAPER, good copy in hf. vellum, 58 6d

672 NARES' Heraldic Anomalies, or Rank Confusion Firenze, Ciardetti, 1822

in our Orders of Precedence, with Disquisitions on Brunet calls this "Belle Edition." Monti was a Member of the all the Existing Orders of Society, 2 vols. post 8vo. Academy Della Crusca.

hf. calf gilt, scarce, 108 6d

1824 661 MOORE'S POETICAL WORKS, complete, with por

A very amusing work, containing some curious information. trait, and View of Sloperton, roy. 8vo. cloth, 108 6d

Col. Tynte's copy, of Halswell, with his autograph, as well as a

1852 note from the author to Mr. Chalmers, dated British Museum, Feb. 662 MOORE'S Irish Melodies, post 8vo. hf. morocco

1798. gilt, marb. edges, 58


A GRAND WORK ON NATURAL HISTORY. 663 MOORE (T.) ORCHIDACEOUS PLANTS, Coloured 673 NATURAL HISTORY OF NEW Illustrations of, with popular Descriptions of the Cul

YORK STATE, complete, comprising the Zoo tivated Species, and Directions for their Cultivation,

logy, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Palæontology, with nearly 100 large and most BEAUTIFUL COLOURED

Agriculture, &c. illustrated with several hundred PLATES, impl. 8vo, new hf. morocco, £3. 108 1857

coloured and other engravings, 19 large vols. 4to. now 664 MORE'S (Sir T.) Utopia, translated by Robinson,


morocco gilt, and the very large coloured GeologiA.D. 1551, new edition, with copious Notes (including

cal Map of the State of New York, mounted on linen, the whole of Dr. Warner's), and a Bibliographical with roller, £31. 108

Albany, 1842-52 and Literary Introduction by Dr. Dibdin, portrait and

THIS MAGNIFICENT WORK COM PRISES engravings, LARGE PAPER, sm. 4to. a very fine copy in

ZOOLOGY.–Mammalia, Ornithology, Entomology, Reptiles, Amphi.

bia, and Mollusca, by J. E. de Kay, upwards of 200 coloured calf gilt, gilt leaves, scarce, £4. 48


plates, 5 vols. 665 MORLAND (G.) 60 sheets of Sketches by this cele- Borany.-Flora, by J. Torrey, 158 coloured plates, 2 vols.

brated Painter, engraved aud etched in imitation of MINERALOGY, by L. C. Beck, 10 plates, and upwards of 500 figures, the original drawings by him, oblong folio, hf. bound, GEOLOGY, by Mather, Emmons, Vanuxem, and Hall, upwards of

I vol. scarce, £2. 128

200 coloured and other plates, 4 vols. To the above are added 24 Views in Wales, &c. by Prout, and AGRICULTURE, by Emmons, 24 plates, maps, and views, 5 vols. 24 sheets of a great variety of Trees, by Laporte.

PALÆONTOLOGY, by Hall, upwards of 100 plates, 2 vols. 666 MORLEY'S (H.) Memoirs of Bartholomew Fair, “The preparation of this splendid work by the ablest scientific with upwards of 80 curious woodcuts of remarkable men of the country has cost the State (of New York) more than

200,000 dollars, and is a brilliant example of enlightened legislative Characters, Views, fc. many from rare originals en liberality. As a work embracing every department of Natural graved in facsimile by Dalziel, thick 8vo. antique cloth, History, it must find a place in the library of all scientific men, as 98 6d (pub. £l. 18)

1859 well as of all persons of taste and refinement." A book full of curious information, not only on Bartholomew 674 NEAL'S History of the Puritans, or Protestant Fair, Smithfield, and its vicinity, but on our Old Sports, Customs,

Nonconformists, from the Reformation, with Lives of 667 MURCHISON'S (Sir R.) Siluria. The History of

their most eminent Divines, 5 vols. 8vo. bf. calf neat, the oldest known Rocks containing Organic Remains,

£1. 68

1822 with a brief sketch of the distribution of Gold over

675 NEALE and LE KEUX's Westminster Abbey, its the Earth, map and plates, and upwards of 150 wood

History and Antiquities, with Lives of the Abbots engravings, thick 8vo. cloth, scarce, £1.88 1854

and Deans, by Brayley, 61 fine engravings of the 668 MURRAY'S Home and Colonial Library, complete,

splendid Architecture, Monuments, &c. LARGE PAPER comprising History, Biography, Voyages, and Travels,

PROOFS, 2 vols. impl. 4to. cloth, £3. 38 (pub. £15. 15s) &c. numerous engravings, 32 vols. sqr, post 8vo. very 676 NEALE and Le Keux's Views of COLLEGIATE

1818-23 weat set, bound in calf, £7.78 (pub. £11. 48)

Murray, 1848, &c.

and PAROCHIAL CHURCHES in Great Britain, includThis is one of the most interesting and instructive series of

ing Screens, Fonts, Monuments, &c. upwards of 100 works ever published.

beautiful engravings, PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, 2 vols. 669 MYLLERI (Jac.) Ornatus ECCLESIASTICUS, i.e. 4to. in 1, hf. morocco gilt, carmine edges, £1. 168 (pub. Compendium præcipuarum Rerum, quibus quævis £12. 128)

1824 rite decenterque compositæ Ecclesiæ exornari, Latinè

BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED TESTAMENT. et Germanice, curious plates showing the Vestments, 677 NEW TESTAMENT, PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED Vessels, fc. anciently used in the various offices, 4to. WITH HIGHLY FINISHED ENGRAVINGS ON Wood, from Litt. Goth. vellum, curious and scurce, 10s 61

designs of the Great Masters, including FRA ANGEMonachii, 1591

LICO, PERUGINO, FRANCIA, Titian, RAPHAEL, VolIn X. parts. 1. De Ecclesia et ejus partibus; 2. De Eucharistia; 3. De Variis Vasculis ; 4. De Serica Supellectile Minore; 5. De

TERRA, &c. 4to. cloth elegant, gilt top, £2. 58 (sells Oleis sacris; 6. De Reliquiis; 7. De Altaribus; 8. De Sacristia;

£3. 38)-Or, in morocco, gilt leaves, £4. 103 9. De Variis Linteis; 10. De Communi quadam supellectile.

Longman, 1865


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