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104 BONIVARD (Ancien Prieur de St. Victor) Advis et Devis de la Source de l'Idolatrie et Tyrannie Papale, portraits of Popes, 8vo. THICK PAPER, vellum Geneve, 1856 wrapper, uncut, 7s 6d Presentation copy to Sydney, Lady Morgan, from the Editor, Gustave Revilliod.

105 BOOK of COMMON PRAYER, printed on fine paper, 8vo. old blue morocco, with gold tooling, gilt edges, and silver clasps, £1. 4s Cambridge, 1769 106 BOOK of GEMS, or the Poets and Artists of Great Britain, edited by S. C. HALL, finely printed on thick paper, and illustrated with 150 exquisitely beautiful engravings after TURNER, EASTLAKE, and COLLINS, 3 vols. 8vo. crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Wright, A BEAUTIFUL COPY, £3. 10s


107 BOOK of ROXBURGHE BALLADS (Popular Ballads of the Reigns of Elizabeth, James, and Charles), edited by Collier, printed in antique type, with 50 curious woodcuts, sm. 4to. hf. morocco, uncut, £1. 1s


103 BOSSUET (J. B.) SES EUVRES COMPLÈTES, elegantly printed in large type, in double columns, 12 large impl. 8vo. vols. hf. calf gilt, £3. 108


"The Sermons of Bossuet place him incontestably in the first line of preachers; and even leave it open to argument whether he be not the first in that line. Bourdaloue and Massillon alone can dispute his pre-eminence."-C. BUTLER.

109 BOSWELL'S (J.) LIFE of Dr. S. JOHNSON, portrait and facsimile of writing, 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 123 6d

1816 110 BOWRING'S (Sir J.) POETRY of the MAGYARS, preceded by a Sketch of the Language and Literature of Hungary and Transylvania, post 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 6s 6d 1830 111 BRABAZON FAMILY; GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE, from its origin, down to Sir W. Brabazon, Lord Treasurer in Ireland, temp. Henry VIII. who died in 1552; the Common Ancestor of the EARLS OF MEATH and of the Brabazons of Brabazon Park, and thence down to Sir W. J. Brabazon, now surviving, with plates, pedigrees, the arms of all the families, and appendix, sm. folio, boards, uncut, RARE, £3. 38 PRIVATELY PRINTED, Paris, 1825

FIFTY copies only are said to have been printed. At the end is a fragment of two leaves, entitled "sur la Maison de Barbançon, en Hainaut, et de Brabazon en Angleterre."

112 BRADLEY'S (T.) ELEMENTS of GEOMETRICAL DRAWING, or Practical Geometry, plane and solid, including both Orthographic and Perspective Projection (published for the Committee of Council on Education,) with 60 illustrative plates by J. Lowry, 2 vols. oblong folio, hf. bound, 18s (pub. £1. 128)


116 Breviarium ad USUM ORDINIS CARTUSIANI, cum Calendario, admirably printed in red and black inks, sm. 12mo. tastefully bound in brown morocco, blind tooled, gilt edges, by Riviere, RARE, £4. 4s Parisiis, T. Kerver, MDLI 117 BRIDGEWATER TREATISES, a complete set, (including Babbage's Ninth Treatise) of these highly valuable works on the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God, as manifested in the Creation, 13 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, £4. 48 Pickering, 1834, &c.

Comprises:-Dr. Chalmers on the Wisdom of God, 2 vols.Kidd on the Adaptation of Nature to Man-Whewell's Astronomy -Bell on the Hand-Roget's Physiology, 2 vols.-Buckland's Geo

logy, 2 vols.-Kirby on the Power and Goodness of God, 2 vols.Prout's Chemistry-Babbage's Ninth Bridgewater Treatise. 118 BRITISH POETS from JONSON to BEATTIE ; Select Works of the, with Biographical and Critical Prefaces by Dr. Aikin, 8vo. bright hf. calf gilt, 9s 6d

(1831) 119 BRITISH QUARTERLY REVIEW, complete from its commencement 1845 to the end of 1859, 30 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf, uniform, £4. 18s (pub. £16. 16s)



120 BRITTON'S (J.) CATHEDRAL ANTIQUITIES, 5 vols.; ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES, 5 vols.; Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, 1 vol.; and Picturesque Antiquities of English Cities, 1 vol.THE FOUR WORKS COMPLETE, containing upwards of 800 fine engravings by Le Keux and others, representing the most curious, beautiful, and interesting ancient edifices, EXCELLENT IMPRESSIONS, 12 vols. 4to. full bound in morocco, super extra, gold borders, with fleurs de lis, &c. stamped in gold on the sides, gilt leaves, by HERING, A BEAUTIFUL UNIFORM SET 1807-36 £16. 16s

121 BROMFIELD'S (W. A.) FLORA VECTENSIS ; being a Systematic Description of the Flowering Plants and Ferns indigenous to the ISLE of WIGHT, edited by Sir W. Hooker, and T. B. Salter, portrait, Svo. cloth, with a large folding map on linen, of the Isle of Wight, bound separately in an 8vo. cloth case, 15s 6d


122 BROOKE'S (Rajah) BORNEO and CELEBES; Narrative of Events in, from his Journals, by Capt. Mundy, portrait, engravings, and maps, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 8s

1848 123 BROOKSHAW'S (G.) POMONA BRITANNICA; a collection of the most esteemed Fruits cultivated in Great Britain, with Descriptions, 93 large and exceedingly beautiful Coloured Plates, each containing several figures of Fruits in their natural sizes, atlas folio, new hf. morocco, gilt leaves, £3. 3s 1804-12 This is one of the ORIGINAL COPIES, which are distinguished from the later issues by their extreme accuracy and brilliancy of colour. 1632 124 BROWN'S (Dr. W.) ANTIQUITIES of the JEWS, and their Customs, illustrated from Modern Travels, folded plate, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, carmine edges, 6s 6d

113 BRAHE'S (Tycho) Propheticall Conclusion of the new and much admired STARRE of the NORTH, curious front. and engraved title, containing portrait of the Author, sm. 4to. recently bound in calf, VERY RARE, £1. 58

A very curious tract having reference to GUSTAVUS ADOLPHCs, an emblematical portrait of whom is contained in the frontispiece.

114 BRAY'S (Mrs.) NOVELS and ROMANCES complete, illustrated edition, with portrait, and vignette engrav ings by Stothard, 10 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, £1. 5s Longmans, 1845-6 This beautiful edition contains the White Hoods, De Foix, the Protestant, Fitz of Fitz-Ford. the Talba, Warleigh, Trelawney of Trelawne, Trials of the Heart, Henry de Pomeroy, and Courtenay of Walreddon.

115 BRAYLEY (E. W.) and BRITTON'S History of the Ancient Palace and late Houses of Parliament at Westminster, St. Stephen's Chapel, and its Cloisters, Westminster Hall, the Court of Requests, &c. with 48 engravings and plans, thick 8vo. hf. calf, very neat, 88 6d


1826 125 BROWNE'S (J.) HISTORY of the HIGHLANDS and of the Highland Clans, illustrated by a series of portraits and other engravings on steel, 4 vols. 8vo. in 8 divisions, cloth, £1. 1s 1835 126 BROWNLOW'S (J.) Memoranda; or Chronicles of the FOUNDLING HOSPITAL, including Memoirs of Capt. Coram, portraits and plates, roy. 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d 1847

127 BRYANT'S (J.) ANCIENT MYTHOLOGY, with portrait and nearly 50 engravings, 6 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 16s

1807 An excellent edition, with Life of the Author, Vindication of the Apainean Medal, and copious Index.

128 BRUCE'S (Rev. J. C.) THE ROMAN WALL; a Description of the Mural Barrier of the North of England, illustrated by 47 full-page plans and lithographic views, and a profusion of woodcuts, THIRD EDITION, 4to. hf. morocco, uncut, £3. 158


"A very elaborate work on one of the most interesting of British Antiquities."

129 BRYDGES' (Sir E.) CIMELIA; seu Examen Cri-
ticum Librorum, ex Diariis Literariis, Lingua præ-
cipue Gallica, ab anno 1665 usque ad annum 1792
scriptis, selectum, post 8vo. hf. morocco, (ONLY 75
Geneva, 1823
130 BRYDGES' (Sir E.) MEMOIRS of the PEERS of
ENGLAND during the Reign of James I. portraits,
(Vol. 1) 8vo. hf. calf, 9s
VETUSTIORUM, Italicorum, Gallicorum, Hispanicorum,
Anglicanorum, et Latinorum, post 8vo. hf. morocco,
(ONLY 75 COPIES PRINTED,) £1. 18 Geneva, 1822
132 BRYDGES' (Sir E.) RESTITUTA; or Titles, Ex-
tracts, and Characters of Old Books in English Litera-
ture, revived, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. bound calf, edges wholly
uncut, £3. 15s
133 BUCKE'S (C.) Beauties, Harmonies. and Subli-
mities of Nature, 4 vols. 8vo. new bright calf gilt, 15s

The Hanrott copy sold for £3. 3s.


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139 BUNSEN (Baron) MEMOIR of (1791-1860), edited chiefly from Family Papers, by the Baroness Bunsen, portraits, tinted plates, and woodcuts, 2 thick vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, £1. 1s


140 BUNYAN'S (J.) WORKS COMPLETE (Experimental, Doctrinal, Practical, Allegorical, Figurative, and Symbolical), with Introductions, and Notes, and Sketch of his Life, Times, and Contemporaries, edited by G. Offer, illustrated by numerous beautiful steel engravings, 3 thick vols. imp1 8vo. cloth, £1. 8s 1854 141 BUNYAN'S (J.) PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, with Life by Robt. Southey, MAJOR'S FINE EDITION, with portrait, engravings from Martin's pictures, and numerous woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s


142 BURGES' (Sir J. B.) BIRTH and TRIUMPH of LOVE, a Poem, finely printed in large type in Bensley's style, with 24 illustrations from designs by H.R.H. the Princess Elizabeth, 4to. blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, with joints, 15s


Inserted is a leaf of MS. Latin verses by Dr. Vincent, Dean of Westminster. Presentation copy from the author to Dr. Nares. 143 BURN'S (J. S.) FLEET REGISTERS, Comprising the History of Fleet Marriages, an Account of the Parsons and Marriage-House Keepers, and Notices of the May Fair, Mint, and Savoy Chapels, 8vo. cloth, 5s


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149 BUTLER'S (Charles) HORE JURIDICE SUBSECIVE; Notes on the Geography, Chronology, and Literary History of the Principal Codes and Docaments of the Grecian, Roman, Fendal, and Canon Law, 1804; Jones' (W.) Essay on the Law of Bailments, 1781; in 1 vol. post 8vo. hf. law calf, 5s 6d


1781-1801 150 BUTLER'S (Charles) Memoir of the LIFE of HENRY FRANCIS D'AGNESSEAU, Chancellor of France: and an Historical and Literary Account of the ROMAN 151 BUTLER'S (Bp. J.) WORKS (Analogy of Religion, and CANON Law, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d Sermons, &c.) with an Account of the Character and Writings of the Author, by Halifax, 2 vols. 8vo. enj gilt, 158 152 BYRON'S (Lord) POETICAL WORKS, complete, Oxford, 1842 with his LIFE, LETTERS, and JOURNALS, by T. MOORE, and all the Variorum Notes, portraits and beautiful vignettes by Finden, from Drawings by Turner, Stanfield, &c. 17 vols. feap. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £3. 3s Murray, 1832 Printed in good readable type, uniform with the portable edi153 BYRON'S (Lord) CHILDE HAROLD; 30 beautiful tions of Burns, Crabbe, Cowper, Southey, &c. and highly finished engravings on wood, after Faed, Hart, Selous, Tenniel, and others, with the corres154 BYZANTINÆ HISTORIE SCRIPTORES, Gr. et Lat. ponding Poetry, 4to.bds. 5s Art Union of London, 1855 editio nova, ed. Niebuhr, Bekker, Schopen, Dindorf, et aliorum, 48 vols. 8vo. sewed, £14. 14s

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Bonna, 1828-53

Jo. Malalas.
Procopius, 3 vols,
Jo. Cinnamus


Merobaudes et Corippus.
Jo. Lydus.

Geo. Phrantzes, Cananus, &c.
Theophanes, 3 vols.

Zonaras, 2 vols.

Leo Grammat:-Eustathius.
Historia Politica.

Condinus de Antiquitatibus

Glyce Annales.

Georgii Pachymeris Historia, 2 vols.

Chronicon Paschale, 2 vols.

Nicephori Gregora Byzantina

Historia, 3 vols.


Paulus Silentarius, &c

Agathia Historiarum, lib. V.
Michael Attaliota

155 CÆSAR'S COMMENTARIES, translated by DUNCAN, with a Discourse of the Roman Art of War, original edition, with portrait and 86 large and spirited engravings, INCLUding the fine Buffalo PLATE, folio, russia, calf gilt back, £2. 2s 1753 156 CAMDEN SOCIETY.-DINGLEY'S (T.) HISTORY FROM MARBLE, compiled in the Reign of K. Charles II.; printed in Photolithography from the original in the possession of Sir T. E. Winnington, with Introduction and Descriptive Table of Contents, by J. G. NICHOLS, 2 vols. sm. 4to. cloth, £1. 5s 1867 157 CAMDEN SOCIETY.-VISITATION of the County of HUNTINGDON under the authority of W. CAMDEN, by his deputy, Nicholas Charles, edited by Sir H. Ellis, numerous cuts of arms, sm. 4to. cloth, 78 6d 1849 158 CAMPAN (Madame) MÉMOIRES sur la VIE PRIVÉE de MARIE ANTOINETTE, suivis de Souvenirs d'Anecdotes Historiques sur les Règnes de Louis XIV. XV. et XVI. portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 58



1823 A faithful and impartial account of the Queen, with curious particulars relating to the old court of Louis XV. 159 CAPFIGUE (B. H. R.) L'EUROPE PENDANT le CONSULAT et l'EMPIRE de NAPOLÉON, 10 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £1. 1s Paris, 1840 160 CAPFIGUE (B. H. R.) L'EUROPE DEPUIS L'AVÉNEMENT du ROI LOUIS PHILIPPE, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 158 Paris, 1845 161 CARADOC'S (of Llancarvan) HISTORY OF Wales, translated by POWELL, enlarged edition by Wynne and Llwyd, 8vo. calf, 10s 6d Shrewsbury, 1832 162 CARLYLE'S (T.) Critical and Miscellaneous ESSAYS, 5 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s 163 CARLYLE'S (T.) HEROES, Hero Worship, &c. feap. 8vo. new calf gilt, 6s 6d 164 ČASTI (G.) Gli ANIMALI PARLANTI, Poema Epico, with 2 portraits on India paper inserted, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt tops, uncut (wants title to Vol. 3) 10s 6d Parigi, 1802 165 CATHEDRALS. GOUGH, NICHOLS, ENGLEFIELD, and TOPHAM'S Account of St. Stephens at Westminster; the Cathedrals of Durham, Gloucester, and Exeter, and the Abbey Churches of Bath and St. Albans, with 96 fine large engravings by Basire, excellent impressions, atlas folio, hf. morocco, gilt leaves, by Hering, with the crest of Sir S. Meyrick in gold, £1. 188 Society of Antiquaries, 1795-1813


A FINE COPY of this valuable work. The plates are on a very large scale, with plans, elevations, and details. 166 CATS (Jacob) EMBLEMATA, Amores Moresque spectantia; Emblemes touchant les Amours, &c. 51 fine engravings accompanied by Proverbs and Explanatory Verses in Latin, French, and Dutch, Amst. n. d.; CATS (J.) MONITA AMORIS VIRGINEI, sive Officium Puellarum in Castis Amoribus, Emblemate expressum, 45 highly finished plates of Emblems, with Proverbs and Verses in Latin, French, and Dutch, Amst. n. d.-in one vol. sm. folio, calf, very neat, modern binding, 188 Amst. n. d. 167 CATTERMOLE'S (R.) ILLUSTRATED HISTORY of the GREAT CIVIL WAR of the Times of K. Chas. I. and Cromwell, with 29 beautiful engravings on steel from drawings by G. Cattermole, 4to. cloth, gilt edges, 88 6d Fisher & Co. n. d. 168 CAUSEI (M. A.) ROMANUM MUSEUM, sive Thesaurus Eruditæ Antiquitatis, with portrait and 188 engravings on copper, of representations of Antique Gems, Heathen Deities, Vases, Ancient Lamps, &c. folio, vellum, 6s 6d Roma, 1707 169 CAZALET'S (W.) History of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, portrait, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1854

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173 CHANNING'S (W. E.) WORKS complete, third edition, with portrait, 6 vols. post 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s 1840

174 CHANNING (W. E.) MEMOIR of, with Extracts from his Correspondence and Manuscripts, portraits, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 9s


175 CHAP BOOKS.-Black Giles the Poacher; History of Diligent Dick; Turn the Carpet; Sorrowful Sam; the Two Wealthy Farmers, or the History of Mr. Bragwell, together with 15 others of a similar, as well as of a religious character, with several rude woodcuts, 12mo. new hf. calf, very neat, gilt top, 9s London, (1805-20) 176 CHAP SONGS.-A Collection of 42 CHAP SONGS, printed at Edinburgh, Falkirk, Newton Stewart, and Glasgow, with many curious and rule woodcuts, 12mo. boards, 16s Falkirk, etc. 1826 177 CHARLES I.-SARCASTIC NOTICES of the LONG PARLIAMENT; a list of the "Members that held places, both Civil and Military, contrary to the selfdenying Ordinance of April 3, 1645, with the sums of Money and Lands which they divided among themselves, reprinted from the rare edition of 1660, on ribbed toned paper, sm. 4to. hf. morocco, Roxburghe style, 68


178 CHATEAUBRIAND (Le Vicomte de), ses EUVRES, avec une Table analytique, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, contents lettered, 10s 64 Paris, 1838 Comprising:-Génie du Christianisme; Les Martyrs; Atala; René Aventures du Dernier Abencerage; Poésies; Itinéraire de Paris à Jérusalem; Voyages: Voyage en Amérique; Les Natchez; Etudes Historiques; et Mélanges Historiques et Politiques.

179 CHATTO (W.) on PLAYING CARDS; Facts and Speculations on the Origin and History of Playing Cards, coloured and other engravings, 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 128


180 CHAUCER'S (G.) CANTERBURY TALES, with an Essay on his Language and Versification, an Introductory Discourse, Notes and Glossary by T. Tyrwhitt, a handsomely printed edition, with portrait, and plate of the Pilgrimage, 5 vols. post 8vo. cloth, Pickering, 1830

£2. 18s

181 CHAUCER, CONTES de CANTORBERY, traduits en Vers Français par le Chev. de CHATELAIN, finely printed by Whittingham, with engravings, 2 thick vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 88 6d (pub. £1. 1s) only 250 copies printed Pickering, 1857-8 182 CHESNEY'S (Col.) Narrative of the EUPHRATES EXPEDITION in 1835, 36, and 37, with numerous illustrations, comprising tinted plates and woodcuts, and a large coloured map, thick 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 12s 6d 183 CHINA. TA TSING LEU LEE; the FUNDAMENTAL LAWS, and a Selection from the Supplementary Statutes of the PENAL CODE of CHINA, translated from the Chinese, with Appendix of Documents, and Notes by Sir G. T. STAUNTON, 4to. boards, 15s 184 CHRONICON ANGLIA PETRIBURGENSE, edited, with Preface, by the Rev. J. A. Giles, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d




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190 CLAUDE'S LIBER STUDIORUM, consisting of One Hundred large and beautiful LANDSCAPES, BUILDINGS, COMPOSITIONS, STUDIES from NATURE, TREES, &c. now first engraved in facsimile of the originals in the British Museum, by F. C. LEWIS, impl. folio, hf. morocco, gilt leaves, £4. 4s (pub. £15. 158)

1840 191 CLINTON'S (H. F.) FASTI HELLENICI et FASTI ROMANI; the Civil and Literary Chronology of Greece, Rome, and Constantinople, from the earliest Accounts to the Death of Justin II. 5 vols. 4to. newly half bound, calf gilt, £6. 68 1834-50 Indispensable to the right understanding of Ancient History. It is such a work as the poet Gray felt the necessity of, and which he once had the intention of executing." 192 COCKBURN'S (Major) SWISS SCENERY, 60 fine engravings by Goodall, Heath, and others, with Descriptions, impl. 8vo. maroon morocco, red and gilt leaves, 168 1820 193 CŒLESTINI (G.) HISTORIA COMITIORUM anno M.D.XXX. Augustæ Celebratorum, woodcuts on titles, 4 vols. folio in 2, mottled calf gilt, red edges, fine copy, 158 Francof. cis Viadrum, 1576-77 194 COINS. PEMBROKE COINS: Numismata Antiqua, collegit olim et ære incidi vivens curavit T. Comes Pembrochiæ, upwards of 300 plates, containing several thousand representations of coins, fine impressions, 4to. calf gilt, £2. 5s


195 COLLET'S (S.) RELICS of LITERATURE in Prose and Verse, with facsimile autographs of notable persons, 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 8s 6d 1823

196 COLLINS' (D.) Account of NEW SOUTH WALES, with Remarks on the Customs, Manners, &c. of the Natives, to which are added some particulars of New Zealand, maps, and numerous fine engravings, 4to. calf, 10s 6d


197 COLLINS' (W.) POETICAL WORKS, with Life and Essay by Sir E. BRYDGES, portrait, the elegant ALDINE EDITION, 12mo. new calf extra, gilt leaves, 8s 6d Pickering, 1853 198 COLQUHOUN'S (J.) The MOOR and the LOCH, containing Minute Instructions in all Highland Sports, with Wanderings over Crag and Corrie, "Flood and Fell," engravings, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1851 199 COMMISSIONER (The) or De Lunatico Inquirando, with 28 illustrations on steel by Phiz, 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 88 6d


200 COOKE'S (W.) MEDALLIC HISTORY of IMPERIAL ROME, with a general History of Roman Medals, 61 plates containing several hundred neatly engraved Coins with their reverses, 2 vols. 4to. old tree calf gilt, yellow edges, 14s


201 COOKSEY'S (R.) Essay on the Life and Character of LORD SOMERS, also sketches of an Essay on the Life and Character of the Earl of Hardwicke, with appendix of proofs, &c. 4to. cloth, uncut, scarce, 5Worcester, 91 202 CORNEILLE (P.) son THÉATRE avec les ComImentaires de Voltaire, et la Vie de l'auteur, engrav ings, 12 vols. 8vo. old French calf extra, gilt leares, £1. 1s Paris, 1797 203 CORSICA: DESCRIPTION OF, with an Account of its Union to the Crown of Great Britain, including the Life of General Paoli, by Frederick, son of Theodore, King of Corsica, with large map of the Island, 8vo. calf gitt, yellow edges, fine copy, 5s 6d


204 COSIN'S (J. Bp. of Durham) WORKS, now first collected,portrait, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, 128 6d

Oxford, 1843, &e. 205 COSTUME. — FIFTY-EIGHT FULL LENGTH FIGURES, chiefly of Females, by HOLLAR, and others, (including a few Drawings, and a few coloured.) the whole neatly mounted and surrounded by painted borders, 4to. hf. bound, £2. 2s 1640, &c.

206 COSTUMES, MANNERS and CUSTOMS; a Collec tion of Works illustrating various Countries, and containing a Series of 245 Engravings, ACCURATELY COLOURED, with Descriptions in English and French, 5 vols. folio, uniformly whole bound in grained crimson morocco extra, gilt leaves and borders, £6. 10s


Comprising:-Costume of China, with 60 engravings; the Punishments of China, with 22 plates; Costume of the Russia Empire, illustrated by 73 engravings; Costume of Turkey, 60 plates; and Military Costume of Turkey, with 30 engravings. 207 COTTLE'S (J.) Some Account of the CHURCH of ST. MARY MAGDALENE, TAUNTON, and its Restoration, together with several Notices on Ecclesiastical Matters, by Porch, Rev. H. Christmas, and Ferrey, printed within ornamental borders in red, and with tinted plates, impl. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 53 6d 1845 208 COTTON'S (H. Archdeacon) FASTI ECCLESIE HIBERNICE; the Succession of the Prelates and Members of the Cathedral Bodies in Ireland, second edition, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 28 Dublin, 1851

209 COUSIN (V.) HISTOIRE Generale de la PHILOSOPHIE, depuis les Temps les plus anciens jusqu'au 210 COUSIN (V.) DU VRAI, du Beau, et du Bien, XIXe Siecle, 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 7s Paris, 1867 portrait, 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 78 Paris, 1867 211 COWLEY'S (A.) POETICAL WORKS, including the Sacred Poem of David, portrait by Faithorne, folio, calf, 9s


212 COWPER'S (W.) POETICAL WORKS, complete, with his Correspondence and Translations, by ROBT. SOUTHEY, ports. and vignettes, 15 vols. fcap. 8vo half calf gilt, £2. 2s


213 COWPER'S (W.) POETICAL WORKS, Complete, with his Life and Letters by Hayley, and Private Correspondence, edited by GRIMSHAWE, engravings by Finden, (foxed), 8 vols. fcap. 8vo. hf. vellum gilt, 188

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218 CROMEK'S (R. H.) REMAINS of NITHSDALE and GALLOWAY Song, with Historical and Traditional Notices, relative to the Manners and Customs of the Peasantry, 8vo. half calf gilt, 12s 1810

219 CRUDEN'S (A.) CONCORDANCE to the Old and New Testament and Apocrypha, complete, with Life, port. impl. 8vo. calf antique, red edges, 10s 6d 1850 220 CRUIKSHANK (George).-PUNCH and JUDY, with woodcuts and coloured plates by George Cruikshank, accompanied by the Dialogue of the Puppet Show, an Account of its Origin, and of the Puppet Plays in England, fcap. 8vo. hf. calf, VERY SCARCE, £1.68


221 CRUIKSHANK (George).—The YULE LOG for Everybody's Christmas Hearth, illustrated by plates on steel and wood from Cruikshank's designs, 12mo. cloth, gilt edges, 6s 6d


222 CUDWORTH'S (Dr. R.) True INTELLECTUAL SYSTEM of the UNIVERSE, with Mosheim's Notes and Dissertations, translated by Harrison, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s

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1845 "The vastest Magazine of reasoning and learning which ever Appeared against Atheism."


223 CUMBERLAND'S (R.) ANECDOTES of EMINENT PAINTERS in Spain during the XVI. and XVII. Centuries, with Remarks on the present state of the Arts in that Kingdom, 2 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, nice copy, &s 6d 224 CUMMING'S (Gordon) HUNTER'S LIFE in the Far Interior of SOUTH AFRICA, with Notices of the Native Tribes, Anecdotes of the Chase of the Lion, Elephant, Hippopotamus, &c. &c. map and engravings, 2 vols. post. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d 225 CUMMING'S (J. G.) Runic and other Monumental Remains of the ISLE of MAN, with 14 plates from drawings on stone, 4to. hf. bound, neat, 188 226 CUNNINGHAM'S (G.) Lives of EMINENT and Illustrious ENGLISHMEN, from Alfred the Great to the present time, highly finished portraits, 8 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, neat, 16s 6d




227 CURTIS' (W.) BOTANICAL MAGAZINE, or Flower Garden Displayed, complete from its commencement in 1787 to 1860, with upwards of FIVE THOUSAND FINE COLOURED ENGRAVINGS, 86 vols. and 2 Indexes, roy. 8vo. bound in 73, russia gilt, £42. 10s 1787-1860 228 CUST'S (Hon. Sir E.) FAMILY READING; the New Testament Narrative Harmonized and Explained, 1850; and NOCTES DOMINICA; or Sunday Night Reading, made applicable to the Sunday Proper Lessons, 1848-together 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf antique, red edges, 88 6d 1848-50 229 DAGLEY'S (R.) DEATH'S DOINGS, with Original Contributions in prose and verse (by Barry Cornwall, L. E. Landon, H. Stebbing and others), 30 fine and remarkable engravings in the manner of Holbein, 2 vols. 8vo. in one, hf. morocco, 7s 6d 230 DALRYMPLE'S (Sir D. Lord Hailes) ANNALS of SCOTLAND, from the Accession of Malcolm III. with several valuable Tracts, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £1. 1s Edin. 1819 "A book which will always sell; it has such a stability of dates, such a certainty of facts, and such a punctuality of citation." DR. JOHNSON.


231 DANA'S (J. D.) MANUAL of GEOLOGY, with Chart and upwards of 1000 illustrations on wood, thick 8vo. cloth, 78 6d Philadelphia, 1865

[blocks in formation]

235 DASENT (G. W.) The STORY of BURNT NJAL, or Life in Iceland at the end of the Tenth Century; from the Icelandic of the Njals Saga, with maps, 2 vols. post 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, £1. 1s


236 DAVIDSON'S (J., F.R.S.) Notes taken during TRAVELS in AFRICA, plate, 4to. cloth, 7s Gd PRIVATELY PRINTED, 1839

With notes in pencil by Sir S. R. Meyrick, of Goodrich Castle, to whom there is a long letter from the author, dated Tangier, 1 Dec. 1835, inserted in the volume. 237 DAVIES' (T.) DRAMATIC MISCELLANIES, including Critical Observations on the Plays of Shakspeare, Anecdotes of Dramatic Poets, Actors, &c. portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt, 9s 6d


238 DAVIS' (J.) TRACKS of MCKINLAY and Party across Australia, edited, with an Introduction, by W. Westgarth, with map and tinted plates, 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 98


with Preface by Sir EGERTON BRYDGES, LARGE
PAPER, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. in one, calf gilt (ONLY 100
Lee Priory, 1814-17
Comprising Poems by Sir Philip Sydney, Spencer, Sir Walter
Raleigh, Sir J. Davies, Countess of Pembroke, Sir H. Wotton,
Constable, Donne, Greene, Sylvestre, &c.

240 DEFOE'S (D.) ROBINSON CRUSOE; his Life and strange surprizing Adventures, illustrated with 17 beautiful engravings after the designs of STOTHARD, 2 vols. royal 8vo. newly bound in polished calf extra, gilt leaves, £2. 58 Stockdale, 1790 241 DEVERELL'S (R.) DISCOVERIES in HIEROGLYPHICS and other Antiquities, with upwards of 200 woodcuts and plates, 6 vols. 8vo. boards, VERY SCARCE, £1. 8s

[blocks in formation]



243 DIBDIN'S (Dr.) BIBLIOGRAPHICAL, PICTURESQUE, and Antiquarian Tour in the Northern Counties and in Scotland, with upwards of 100 beautiful plates and woodcuts, illustrative of Ancient Architecture, facsimiles of rare prints, &c. the vignettes on India paper, LARGE PAPER, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. recently full bound in the best manner in olive morocco, gilt backs, sides, and edges, A SPLENDID BOOK, £34. 10s

1838 244 DIBDIN'S (Dr.) BIBLIOTHECA SPENCERIANA ; or a Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, and of many valuable first editions in the Library of Earl Spencer, portrait and numer ous fine engravings of facsimiles, &c. 4 vols. impl. 8vo. 1814 hf. morocco gilt, scarce, £10. 10s


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