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Historical Account of Printing in England, Scotland, their mutual relations ; with special Researches on
and Ireland, plates, 4to. hf. bound, 158

1749 the Action of Alcohol, Æther, and Chloroform, on
19 AMSELME (P.) Histoire Genealogique et Chro- the Vital Organism, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

nologique de la Maison Royale de FRANCE, des 33 ANTIQUARIAN ITINERARY ; comprising Speci-
grands Officiers de la Couronne et de la Maison du mens of Architecture, Monastic, Castellated, and
Roy, avec les qualitez, l'origine, et le progrès de leurs Domestic, with other Vestiges of Antiquity in Great
familles, 2 vols. folio, calf, with russia backs, arms on Britain, upwards of 300 highly finished and interest-
the sides, £1. 158

Paris, 1712

ing engravings by Storer, Greig, and others, INDIA
20 ANCELL’S (H.) Treatise on TUBERCULOSIS, the PROOFS, accompanied by Descriptions, LARGEST

Constitutional Origin of Consumption and Scrofula, PAPER, 7 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. russia, gilt tops, rorah
thick 8vo, cloth, 6s 6d

edges, £3. 3s

21 ANCIENT Poetry and ROMANCES of Spain, 34 ARABIAN Nights' ENTERTAINMENTS, translated
selected and translated by Bowring, fcap. 8vo. boards, by Forster, illustrated by the series of fine er gravings

1824 from Smirke's celebrated pictures, LARGE PAPER,
22 ANDERSON'S (W.) The Scottish Nation; or 5 vols. roy. 8vo. grained calf gilt, £3. 188 1802
the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours, and

A very clegant iranslation.
Biographical History of the People of Scotland, with 35 ARCHDALL'S (M.) Monasticon HIBERNICUM ;
genealogies, and above 260 fine portraits on steel, and or a History of the Abbeys, Priories, and other Re-
engravings on wood, 3 large vols. impl. 8vo. com- ligious Houses in Ireland, (wanting map, plates, and
plete in 10 divisions, sewed, £1. 188

1866 all after page 778,) 41o. mottled calf gilt, 18s

Driblin, 1786
d'Observations recueillies à l'Hôpital de la Charité,

"A valuable and esteemed work."- Lorendes.
5 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, 10s 6d Paris, 1834 36 ARIOSTO (L.) ORLANDO FUrioso, con la Giunta
24 ANGLING.–BAINBRIDGE's (G.) Fly Fisher's

di cinque canti d’un nuovo libro del medesimo, illuss-
Guide, illustrated by 8 COLOURED PLATES, con-

trated by numerous woodcuts, 2 vols. sm. folio, in one,
taining representations of upwards of 40 of the most

new crimson turkey morocco extra, red and gilt leaves,
useful Flies, accurately copied from Nature, 8vo.

by Aitken, A BEAUTIFUL VOLUME, £1. 183
boards, 9s 60
Liverpool, 1816

Vinegia, G. Giolito, MDLIX.
25 ANGLING.-Cotton's (C.) COMPLEAT ANGLER; 37 ARMSTRONG'S (R. A.) GAELIC-English and
being Instructions how to Angle for a Trout or Gray-

English-Gaelic DictioNARY and Grammar, thick 4to.
ling in a clear Stream, FIRST EDITION, sm. 12mo.

hf. calf, very neat, £1. 18

old calf (some 3 or 4 leaves rather discoloured), £l. 18

38 ART of ILLUMINATING as practised in Europe from

the EARLIEST Ages, with 100 exquisitely beautiful
26 ANGLING.-[LATHEY's (T. P. “ Piscator”)] The

examples in GOLD, SILVER, and Colours, drason
ANGLER, a Poem, in Ten Cantos, with Proper In- from choice specimens of the VIth to the XVIth Cen-
structions in the Art, illustrated by a portrait and

tury, consisting of richly erecuted Borders, Initial
frontispiece, India proofs before the letters, and by

Letters, and Alphabets, in the highest style of Chromo-
numerous woodcut vignettes, LARGE

Lithography by Tymms, with an Essay and INSTRUC-
PAPER, ONLY 25 COPIES SO PRINTED, roy. 8vo. boards,

tions by DiGBY WYATT, 4to. hf. morocco, gilt top,
rough edges, 188


27 ANGLING.-Walton's (Isaac) COMPLEAT ANG- works ever produced.

This is one of the most beautiful, interesting, and useful
LER, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation, Fourth
EDITION, with engraved title and plates by Lombart,

sm. 12mo. russia, £2. 16s


lustrated by a Collection of the Fossil Remains of

Plants peculiar to the Coal Formations of Great
NICLE of BRITAIN ; a Poetical Semi-Saxon Para-

Britain, with 24 fine engravings, 4to. hf. morocco, gilt
phrase of the Brut of Wace, edited with a literal top, 158

Translation, Notes, and Glossary, by Sir F. MADDEN, 40 ASCHAM'S (Roger) English Works, with Notes
facsimile, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. boards, £l. 18s 1847

and Observations by J. BENNETT, 4to. calf gilt, wice
29 ANNALES du Musée, et de l'Ecole Moderne des

copy, 148

Beaux Arts, recueil rédigé par LANDON, with nearly written by Dr. Johnson.

Prefixed to this edition is an interesting Life of the Author,
1500 fine outline engravings of the best Pictures, 41 ASTLE'S (T.) History of the Origin and Progress
Sculptures, and Architecture, 23 vols. 8vo. hf. calf of Writing, with 31 fine engravings from ancient
gilt, £6. 108

Paris. 1801-14

MSS., inscriptions, fc. 4to. hif. cals, scarce, fl. 45
The above set includes the “ Tome Complémentaire," and

Supplements, or " Salons" for the years 1808, 1810, and 1814; also
"Galérie Giustiniani," I vol In the series will be found the pro-

The most complete work on the subject of writing in any lan-
ductions of the principal artists of the time, including DAVID,

guage, and invaluable for interpreting State Papers, Charters, and
Giroder, Gros, and CANOVA.

other early Documents.

42 ATKINSON'S (T. W.) TRAVELS in the Regions of
30 ANNUAL REGISTER (DODSLEY’s), complete set the Upper and Lower Amoor, and the Russian Ac-

from its commencement in 1758 to 1864 inclusive, quisitions on the Confines of India and China, arith
with INDEX, 107 vols. 8vo. hf.cals, neat and uniform, map, coloured front., and 82 highly finished graphic
£26. 108

1758-1864 illustrations, thick roy. 8vo. cloth, 12s (pub. £2. 28)
An invaluable set of books for a public library, comprising,

in a concise style well adapted for reference, a detailed view of the
Politics, Literature, Biography, Parliamentary History, Commerce,

43 AVISON'S (C. Organist in Newcastle) Essar ou
Statistics, &c. of the past century. All the State Papers of any

Musical EXPRESSION, third edition, with a Letter
interest are printed at length; the whole forming a body of data on the Music of the Ancients, and Mr. Avison's reply
for the future Historian unparalleled either in extent or import- to the “Remarks" on his Essay (by Hayes), 12mo. old
31 ANSTED'S (Prof.) GEOLOGY, Introductory, De-

scriptive, and Practical, numerous engravings on wood, written with a view of exalting Geminiani, Marcello, and Rameau



calf gilt, 68 60

"Best edition of an amusing and in genions performance,
2 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce, 188 Van Voorst, 1044 at the expense of Handel."



NATURELLE et Générale des COLIBRIS, OISEAUX- of the UNITED STATES ; or, Medical Botany,
MOUches, Jacamars, Promeros, Grimperaux et taining a Botanical, General, and Medical Hist
Oiseaux de Paradis (Histoire des Oiseaux Dorés) with of Medicinal Plants, indigenous to the United Stat
189 delicately COLOURED ILLUSTRATIONS of Humming with 24 large and FINELY COLOURED PLATES, Vol
Birds, Birds of Paradise, fc. 2 thick vols. roy. 4to. full

Philadelphia, 18
bound, green morocco, gilt leaves, £5. 158 "Paris9012. 4to. hf. bound, £l. 188
A SPLENDID WORK, in which the figures are executed with great

58'BARWELL (R.) On the Causes and Treatment precision, and in natural and graceful attitudes. Though printed

LATERAL CURVATURE of the SPINE, post 8vo. clo in colours, the illustrations are almost as good as if coloured by 48 6d

18 hand, and resemble highly finished water-colour drawings.

59 BARWELL'S (R.) Treatise on DISEASES of t 45 BAILEY'S (T.) ANNALS of NOTTINGHAMSHIRE ; Joints, illustrated by numerous woodcuts, 8vo. clot History of the County of NotTiNGHAM, including 78 6d

186 the Borough, with map and engravings, 4 vols. roy. 60 BATE'S (J.) Cyclopædia of Illustrations of Mora 8vo. in 2 thick vols. hf. calf, £1. 18

(1853) and Religious Truths ; consisting of Definition 46 BAILY'S MAGAZINE OF SPORTS and PastiMES, Metaphors, Emblems, Analogies, Anecdotes, &c. &

from the commencement in 1860 to Dec. 1865, in- fourth and enlarged edition, thick 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d clusive, with finely engraved portraits of some of the

186 most eminent Patrons of the Turf, 10 vols. 8vo. half | 61 BATES' (H.) NATURALIST on the River AMA cals, scarce, £2. 128

1860-5 ZONS, a Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals 47 BAINES' (E.) HISTORY of LANCASHIRE, with Lives Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspect of eminent Natives, &c. by WHATTON, genealogies and

of Nature under the Equator, during eleven years o numerous portraits and highly finished engravings, Travel, with numerous engravings on wood, 2 vols autographs, fc. 4 vols. 4to. hf. calf neat, £6. 10s 1836 post 8vo. cloth, 128

1863 48 BAKER'S (Sir R.) CHRONICLE OF THE Kings Of 62 BATTY'S (Capt.) GERMAN SCENERY, 60 fine en

ENGLAND, with a continuation to 1660 by Phillips gravings by Finden, Heath, and others, excellent im(nephew of Milton), and a second continuation to pressions, with Descriptions in English and French, the Death of George I. frontispiece, BEST EDITION, impl. 8vo. hf. russia gilt, rough edges, 188 1823 folio, calf (slightly wormed), 108 6d


63 BATTY'S (Capt.) HANOVERIAN, Saxon, and Danish 49 BALLADS. OLD SHEET BALLADS, Songs, Scenery, PROOF IMPRESSIONS of the 60 highly finished

Tradesmen's Poetical Advertisements, and Pieces of engravings by Letitia Byrne, Goodall, and others, Old Music, with the words of the Songs, in all 32 with Descriptions in English and French, LARGE sheets, many printed on coarse paper, and a few PAPER, 4to. hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, £1. 188 1829 illustrated by rude woodcuts, 188

64 BAXTER'S (R.) A Key for CATHOLICKS, to Open London, Birmingham, Coventry, etc. v. d.

the Jugling of the Jesuits, sm. 4to. calf, (with orto50 BANKS' (T.) DORMANT and Extinct BARONAGE graph of the late DEAN MIlman, dated May, 1815) of ENGLAND, from the Norman Conquest, with Genea


London, Printed for N. Simmons, Bookseller in logical Tables, 4 vols. 4to. boards, £1. 183 1807-37

Kederminster, 1659 51 BARBIER’S (J.) JANUA LINGUARUM quadrilinguis, 65 BAXTER'S (R.) Certain Disputations of Right to

or a Messe of Tongues, Latine, English, French, and SACRAMENTS, and the True Nature of VISIBLE
Spanish, neatly served up together, sm. 4to. bound, CHRISTIANITY, sm. 4to. calf, 68 6d
£1. ls

Londini, 1617

London, Printed for N. Simmons, Bookseller in FIRST EDITION of this scarce and curious volume, which con

Kederminster, 1658 tains 1200 Proverbs in four languages. Inglis' copy sold for £3. 3s,

66 BAXTER'S and the same work has been marked £4.4s in a Bookseller's Cata

(R.) NONCONFORMIST's Plea for logue.

PEACE ; or, an Account of their Judgment, 12mo. 52 BARROW'S (Sir J.) History of Voyages to the 67 BAXTER'S (R.) The Cure of CHURCH Divisions ;

cals, 58

1679 ARCTIC Regions for the Discovery of a North-WEST PASSAGE, from the year 861 to 1818, map, 8vo.

or, Directions for Weak Christians to keep them from boards, 6s 6d

being Dividers or Troublers of the Church, 12mo.

1818 53 BARRY'S (Rev. Dr.) History of the ORKNEY

calf, (with autograph of Archd. Wrangham) 58 6d ISLANDS, second edition, with corrections and addi

London, Printed for N. Symmons, at the 3 Crowns tions, by Headrick, map and plates, 4to. hf. calf gilt 68 BAYLE'S (P.) HISTORICAL and Critical Dic

over against Holborn Conduit, 1670 (a highly valuable work), 108 6d


TIONARY, translated, with additions and corrections, 54 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) AMERICAN SCENERY, with 4 vols. folio, in the original panelled calf, a good copy, portrait, map, and 118 highly finished steel engrav- £2. 28

1710 ings of beautiful and interesting views on Land, Lake, 69 BEALE (L. S.) On KIDNEY Diseases, Urinary and River, with Descriptions by N. P. Willis, 2 vols. Deposits, and Calculous Disorders ; their Nature and 4to. hf. calf gilt, £1. 88


Treatment, third and greatly enlarged edition, with 55 BARTLETTS (W. H.) CANADIAN SCENERY, with 70 plates, thick 8vo. cloth, 16s (pub. £1. 58) 1869

map and 116 highly finished engravings on steel, 70 BEATTIE'S (W.) Castles and Abbeys of Eng-
with Descriptions by N. P. Willis, 2 vols. 4to. LAND, from the National Records, Early Chronicles,
hf. calf gilt, £1. 68

1842 &c first series, illustrated by upards of 200 beautiful 56 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) NILE Boat ; or, Glimpses engravings on steel and wood, Vol. I. impl. 8vo. of the Land of Egypt, with map, woodcuts, and 34 hf. calf neat, 108 6d.

1842 highly finished engravings on steel, impl. 8vo. cloth, 71 BEATTIE'S (W.) WALDENSES, or Protestant Val88 6d

1850 leys of Piedmont, Dauphiny, and the Ban de la Roche, 57 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) Pilgrim Fathers; or, with portrait, map, and 71 highly finished engravings

the Founders of New England in the Reign of on steel, from drawings by W. H. BARTLETT and
K. James I., with woodeuts, and 28 beautiful engrav- W. BROCKEDON, fine early impressions, demy 4to.
ings on steel, impl. 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d
1853 hf. morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 1s



Series of Views taken expressly for the work by templations on several Occurrences which naturally T. ALLOM, Bartlett, and others, upwards of 120 strike the Eye in that delightful Season, with portrait highly finished engravings, early impressions, with of the Author, and several large woodcuts by the

Descriptions, 2 vols. 4to. hf. calf neat, £1. 108 1838 famous T. BEWICK, 8vo. old calf, scarce, 148 73 BEAUTIES of England and Wales, or original 89 BEWICK.-GOLDSMITH and Parnell's Poetical

Edin. 1808 Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive of each County, by J. Britton, Brayley, and

Works, beautifully printed in bold type by Bulmet, others, with BREWER'S INTRODUCTION, illustrated by

with large woodcuts by BEWICK, excellent impresabout 700 engravings of Mansions, Views, fc. and

sions, 4to. hf. morocco, £1. 108

1795 woodcuts by Bewick, 26 vols. 8vo. new hf. russia gilt, 90 BEWICK.- New LOTTERY BOOK of BIRDS and £7.75

1818, &c. Beasts, for Children to learn their letters by as soon This interesting work is still the only one which combines a as they can speak, printed on thick paper, with 48 description of every county of England and Wales, with illustra

charming little cuts by Bewick, 32mo, in the original tive views. 74 BEDE'S (the Venerable), WORKs complete, in the

Dutch gilt paper binding, a beautifully clean copy, Original Latin, accompanied by a New English VERY SCARCE, £1. 10s Translation of the Historical Works, and a Life of

Newcastle, printed by T. SAIST, for the Author, by the Rev. DR. GJLES, 12 vols. 8vo.

W. Charnley, 1771 hf. calf antique, red edges, contents lettered, £3. 58

Particularly interesting to the collector as one of the first efforts

of Bewick, having been executed during his apprenticeship to Mr. 1843

Beilby, who subsequently became his partner in business. It is the 75 BELL'S (T.) History of the British STALK-EYED earliest known work of this artist escepting only the diagrams CRUSTACEA, with 174 beautiful engravings on wood,

which he engraved for Hutton's Mensuration, published in 1770. 8vo. cloth, £l. Is

Van Voorst, 1853 91 BEWICK.-SOMERVILLE's (W.) The Chase, a 76 BEMBO (Cardinale P.) OPERE (Gli Asolani, Rime, Poem, with Life, Bulmer's magnificent edition printed

Istoria Viniziana, Lettere, della Volgar Lingua), on thick paper, illustrated by BEWICK's famous woodfine portrait, 12 vols. 8vo. hf. vellum, £1. 16s

cuts, roy. 8vo. old blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, 18s Milano, 1808-10

102 "The high commendations bestowed upon the writings of 92 BEWICK.—Tansillo's (L.) The NURSE, a Poein, Bembo, by almost all his contemporaries, have been confirmed

translated by W. Roscoe, with Italian Text, and by the best critics of succeeding times."-Roscoe.

woodcuts by BEWICK, 12mo. calf, scarce, 6s 6d 1004 77 BENNET'S (Dr. J.) Treatise on INFLAMMATION of

the Uterus and its Appendages, thick 8vo. cloth, 93 BEWICK.-Thomson's (J.) SEASONS, Bensley's 68 6d


fine large print edition, embellished with engravings 78 BENNETT'S (J.) CEYLON and its Capabilities, an

on wood by BEWICK, from Thurston's designs, ruv. Account of its Natural Resources, Indigenous Pro

8vo. colf, (rather defaced by pencil marks on some of

1805 ductions, and Commercial Facilities, with fine coloured

the leaves), 10s 6d plates, royal 4to. cals, extra gilt, £1. 108 1843 94 BIBLIA HEBRAICA, recensita, atqne ad Masoram, 79 BENNETT’S (Dr. J. H.) Clinical Lectures on the

cum Notis, illustravit VAN DER Hooght ; editio PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE of Medicine, second

emendata a J. D'Allemand, thick 8vo. hf. calf ar

1862 edition, with 468 illustrations on wood, very thick 8vo.

tique, 98 cloth, 128

1858 95 Biblia Sacra Latina, cum Prologo et Præfacione 80 BEWICK'S (T.) History of British Land and S. HIERONYMI, 4to. fine copy, with the initials mostly

WATER Birds, with fair impressions of the famous in colours, smooth morocco antique, gilt leaves, by

woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 16s Newcastle, 1847 Pratt, (first and last leaves repaired), £7. 153 81 BEWICK'S (T.) WooD ENGRAVINGS of QUADRU

Venetiis, per Leonardum IFild, MCCCCLXXII PEDs, comprising 224 figures printed on separate 96 Bible and apocrypha, nowe lately with greate inleaves on one side only, without letterpress, demy 4to.

dustry and diligēce recognised (by Edm. Beckel, half morocco, gilt top, rough edges, £3. 108

translated by T. MATTHEWE, with TYNDALE'S PRO

Newcastle, 1824 82 BEWICK.-Beattie's (J.) MINSTREL, and other

LOGUES, MDXLIX; accompanied by the Book of C. Poems, with woodcuts by BEWICK, sm. 12mo. calf,

PRAYER (of the Reign of K. James I.) thick folio, 48 60

rough calf, £2. 28

Daye and Seres, MDXLIX 1805

A RARE EDITION of the Bible, wholly printed in Gothic type, 83 BEWICK.-BEAUTIES of British Poetry, with with numerous woodcuts, two (in the Psalms and in Isaiah), occa

numerous woodcuts by BEWICK, thick 12mo. calf, pying the entire breadth of the page. Both the Bible and the (wants title) 48 6d

Prayer Book are soiled, and very imperfect; but the former co

tains the titles to the third part, to the Apocrypha, and to the N. 84 BEWICK.-BLOOMFIELD's (R.) FARMER's Boy, a Testament, and both of them would be useful for completing it.

Rural Poem, with woodcuts by Bewick and his pupil perfect copies. A perfect copy of this Bible sold for £29. 10s to Clennell, 12mo. calf, 5s 6d


Wilks' sale, and for £40. in Gardner's, in 185 t. 85 BEWICK.— Blossoms of MORALITY, illustrated 97 BIBLE.—OLD and New TesTAMENTS, KNIGHT'S by 47 woodcuts by BEWICK, 12mo. bound, 68 6d

ORIGINAL PICTORIAL Edition, with copious Expla

E. Newbery, 1796 natory Notes, and many hundred engravings on wood The first edition of this popular little book, embellished with representing Historical Events, Landscapes, Natural Bewick's famous cuts. 86 BEWICK.-BUTLER's (S.) HUDIBRAS, illustrated

History, Costume, fc. 3 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, £1. 48

1836-8 by numerous woodcuts by C. Nesbit, pupil of Bewick, 98 BIBLE.-Old and New TESTAMENTS, PICTORIAL and containing one on the title by T. Bewick, 12mo. boards, 58

Edition, with copious explanatory Notes by Dr.

1811 87 BEWICK.-COMPENDIUM of ZOOLOGY; being a

Kitto, and several hundred engravings on steel and Description of more than 300 Animals, with numer

wood, 4 vols. impl. 8vo. purple calf gilt, best style, £2. 2s

1835 ous woodcuts by Bewick and his pupils, fcap. 8vo. hf.

Last edition, containing additional Notes based on the discocalf, 53 6d

1818 veries of recent travellers.

n. d.

99 BIBLE.-OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS and APO- 115 BOËNCOURT (Chevalier de) VOYAGE des

CRYPHA, with marginal references, 4to. old blue mo- TROUPES FRANÇOISES en POLOGNE, (a Narrative of Tocco extra, with full gilt back, gold borders on the the French Expedition to Dantzig in 1734), edited

sides, and gilt leaves, 168 6d Cambridge, 1769 from the original MS., with Prefatory Notices, finely 100 BIBLE PRINTS.-LUYKEN (J.) ICONES BIBLICÆ printed on thick vellum paper, with a few engravings of

VETERIS et Novi TESTAMENTI, 62 fine large engrav- Arms, fc. 4to. boards, rough edges, £1.4s Edin. 1831 ings illustrating the principal events recorded in the ONLY 62 COPIES PRIVATELY PRINTED, at the expense of Mr. A. Scriptures, drawn and engraved by J. LUYKEN; also Henderson, of Edinburgh. 29 smaller ones in vignette form, representing Scenes 116 Booke of Common Prayer, and Administration from the Life of Christ, with descriptions in French, of the Sacraments, and other parts of Divine Serroy. folio, hf. calf, £1. 148

Amst. 1732 vice FOR THE USE OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, 101 BILLING'S (Dr. A.) Practical Observations on 1637, and the Psalms, (in verse, with musical notes), DISEASES of the LUNGS and HEART, 8vo. cloth, 5s

translated by KING JAMES, London, 1636, folio, calf

1852 gilt, a rather short, but remarkably clean copy, VERY 102 BILLINGS' (R.) ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES RARE, £5.58

Edwin R. Young, 1637 of the County of DURHAM, ecclesiastical, castellated,

This is the edition of the Book of Common Prayer usually called

"Laud's' and sometimes * The Scotch Service Book." It was aland domestic, with 64 highly finished engravings on tered and adapted for the use of the Church of Scotland, and K.

steel by Le Keux and others, 4to. boards, £l. ls 1846 Charles I. and Archbishop Laud vainly attempted to force it upon 103 BILLINGS’ (R.) Architectural Illustrations and the copies destroyed,

the people. Its introduction was strenuously opposed, and most of Descriptions of the CATHEDRAL CHurch at DurHAM, with 75 highly finished engravings on steel, by 117 BOOK of Common Prayer, Baskerville's EDILe Keux and others, 4to. boards, £1. ls

tion, beautifully printed, impl. 8vo. old red morocco,

1843 101 BLACKWELL'S (T.) Enquiry into the Life and 118 [BORLASE'S (Dr. E.)] History of the Irish

gilt leaves and sides, 188

Camb. 1762 WRITINGS of Homer, with map and vignettes after Gravelot, fc. thick 8vo. calf, 6s


REBELLION, traced from many preceding Acts to the 105 BLAIR'S (Dr.) CHRONOLOGICAL and Historical

Grand Eruption, 1641, and thence pursued to the TABLES, from the Creation to the Present Time, en

Act of Settlement, 1662, with copious Appendixes, larged by Sir HENRY Ellis, impl. 8vo. hf. morocco,

BEST EDITION, folio, a fine copy in hf. calf gilt, 98 6d

Dublin, 1743 148

1844 106 BLAIR’S (H.) LECTURES on Rhetoric and Belles 119 BOSSOLI'S (C.) THE WAR IN ITALY, Scenery Lettres, portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 58 6d

and Battles, 40 beautiful tinted plates, with descrip

1812 107 BLAKE.-Young's (E.) Night Thoughts, finely

tions by the Author of the “ Times” Letters from the

Allied Camp, sm. 4to. cloth extra, gilt edges, 128 6d printed in large type, and illustrated with the 43

(pub. £1. 18)

1859 grand allegorical compositions by WILLIAM BLAKE,

* These forty pictures, from the spirited drawings of Carlo original impressions, atlas 4to. hf. bound, rough edges, Bossoli, exclusive of maps, comprise all the scenes so familiar to SCARCE, £4. 48

1797 our readers through the descriptions of our Special Correspondent, 108 BLAKEY'S (R.) HISTORY of the PhilosOPHY of and constitute a panoramic view of the entire war, as interesting

in its separate subjects, as it is clear and complete as a whole.' Mind; embracing the Opinions of all Writers on Mental Science from the earliest Period, 4 vols. 8vo. 120 BOSTOCK'S (Dr. J.) Elementary System of Phycloth, 108 6d-Another copy, hf. calf neat, 158 1850 SIOLOGY, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, 78 6d

1828 A work of immense labour, the result of no less than twenty 121 BOSWELL'S (J.) LIFE of Dr. S. Johnson, edited years' study and research. . For the thorough student of the hisiory of philosoply, this is the best guide."-ATHENÆUM.

by Croker, with numerous portraits and engravings by

Finden, 10 vols. fcap. 8vo. original cloth, £1.88 1835 109 BLESSINGTON'S (Countess of) The IDLER in

The most readable and convenient edition of the work pubITALY, large type edition, vols. post 8vo. hf. calf lished. gilt, 98

1839 122 BOTANIST (The); comprising representations of 110 BLIGH'S (Lieut. W.) Narrative of the MUTINY tender and hardy ORNAMENTAL Plants, with De

of the Bounty, with charts, royal 4to. old tree call scriptions, edited by B. MAUND and the Rev. J. S. gilt, (the Duke of York's copy), 7s 6d

1790 Henslow, 250 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED plates, com111 BLIGH'S (Lieut. W.) VOYAGE to the South SEA, plete in 5 4to. hf.calf neat, UNCUT, £2.28 n. d. with an Account of the Mutiny on board the Bounty,

The Botanist is not so much a work of a scientific character as portrait and charts, 4to. old calf gilt, (the Duke of mation of a popular character that is connected either directly or

of general interest, but it comprises in its pages all the inforYork's copy), is 6d

1792 indirectly with the plants described. 112 BLOMFIELD'S (Bp.) SERMOns preached in the 123 BOULTER’S (Abp.) LETTERS to several MinisParish Church of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, 8vo. hf.

ters of State in England, and some others, containing calf neat, 58 6d


an Account of the most interesting Transactions in 113 BOCACE (J.) Le DÉCAMÉRON, (édition complète),

IRELAND from 1724 to 1738, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 128 illustrated by numerous vignettes and 116 highly finished engravings after GRAVELOT, Eisen, Cochin,

Oxford, 1769

"These letters, in all probability, will ever remain the most BOUCHER, and others, EXCELLENT IMPRESSIONS, authentic history of Ireland for that space of time in which they 5 vols. 8vo. A LARGE AND CHOICE COPY, remarkably were written."—PREFACE. well preserved, in the original French red morocco, 124 Bourbon (Frère Jacques Bastard de) LA GRANDE super extra, with gold borders on the sides and gilt et MERVEILLEUSE et très CRUELLE OPPUGNATION leaves, £14. 148

Londres (Paris), 1757-61 de la Noble Cité de RHODES, prinse naguieres par 114 BOECKLERN (G. A.) ARCHITECTURA CURIOSA Sultan Seliman à présent Grand Turcq, ennemy de

Nova: das ist Neue Ergötzliche Sinn und Kunst- la très saincte Foy Catholicque, with numerous large reiche auch nützliche BAU-UND WASSERKUNST, and small ornamental initial letters, (a small portion nearly 200 plates of Fountains, 4 parts, complete in of the upper part of 10 leaves repaired, the reading one vol. folio, a fine clean copy in white vellum, supplied in MS.) FIRST EDITION, 4to. old calf gilt, £1.88

Nürnberg, no date (about 1664) RARE, £2. 28 Paris, par Pierre Vidoue, MDXXV Dr. Watts calls this a curious work, but he does not mention This rare book is from the library of E. Waterton, Esq. of this edition, which is said to contain all the parts.

Walton, and contains his fine bookplate.


125 BRADFORD'S (Rev. W.) Sketches in Spain and, 138 BUCKINGHAM'S (Sheffield, Duke of) WORKS;

PORTUGAL ; the Country, Character and Costume, Poems, Plays, Characters, Letters, and Autobiowith the Supplement of Military Costume, 55 FINE graphy, portrait by Vertue, 2 vols. 8vo. panelled calf, COLOURED ENGRAVINGS, Descriptions in English and 68

1729 French, folio, new cloth, 148

1813 139 BUCKLAND'S (Dean) RELIQUIÆ DILUVIANE, 126 BRAGGE'S (Francis) WORKS complete, new edi- or Observations on the Organic Remains contained

tion, 5 vols. thick 8vo. boards, 12s 6d Oxford, 1833 in the Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, attesting 127 BRANDT (S.) STULTIFERA Navis per J. Locher the Action of an Universal Delage, 27 COLOURED and Latinitati donata, with many curious and droll cuts, other plates, 4to. hf. calf, 98 6d.

1823 8vo. new morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Riviere, £2. 2s 140 BUCKLE’S (H.) HistoRY OF CIVILIZATION in Basil, S. Henriepetri, MDLXXII England, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 158

1869 A very fine copy of this rare edition of the famous “Ship of One of the most valuable historical works of the age. Fools."

141 BUCKNILL and TUKE's (Drs.) MANUAL of 128 BRIGHT'S (Right Hon. J.) SPEECHES on Ques- PsychologICAL MEDICINE; containing the History,

tions of Public Policy, edited by J. E. T. Rogers, Nosology, Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 148 (pub. £1. 58) 1868

Insanity; with Appendix of Cases, 8vo. cloth, 128 1858 129 BRIGHT and Addison's (Drs.) Elements of the 142 BUDD (Dr. G.) on the Organic Diseases and Func

Practice of Medicine, Vol. I, 8vo. cloth (all published), tional Disorders of the STOMACH, 8vo. cloth, 6s 60 1855 78



les Suites, illustrated by 300 vignettes representing GICAL SURVEY of the UNITED KINGDOM, or Figures

more than 800 animals, a portrait of Busion, fc. and Descriptions of British Organic Remains, in 10 drawn by V. Adam, 6 vols. sm. folio, hj: bound, Decades, with upwards of 100 finely executed plates, only 188

Paris, 1835 exhibiting many hundred specimens, very thick roy: 144 BUNYAN'S (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, with Life 8vo. new hf. calf neat, £1. 18s


by G. CHEEVER, D.D., elegantly printed on fine toned Published by order of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury.

paper, with numerous beautiful illustrations by Dal13i BRITISH NOVELISTS.-Barbauld's excellent ZIEL after HARVEY, LARGE PAPER, sm. 410. boark, edition complete, comprising the works of the most 158 (pub, £2. 28)

(1856) esteemed Novelists, with Biographical and Critical

145 BUNYAN'S (J.) PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, with oriPrefaces, portraits, 50 vols. 12mo. hf. calf neat, £7.78

ginal notes, by the Rev. T. Scott, illustrated by 1820

numerous line engravings from beautiful designs by Includes the best novels of De Foe, Fielding, Richardson, Miss STOTHARD, sq 8vo. calf neat, 9s 6d

1857 Burney, Johnson, Goldsmith, Mackenzie, &c.

146 BUNYAN'S (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, with Life 132 BRITISH and FOREIGN MEDICAL REVIEW, or by Robt. Southey, MAJOR'S FINE Edition, with por

Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery, trait, engravings from Martin's pictures, and numerous edited by Drs. Forbes and Conolly, from its com- woodcuts, 8vo. smooth morocco, antique style, gilt mencement in Jan. 1836 to 1854, with plates, and edges, £1. 18

1830 Index, 39 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, £5.58 1836-54 147 BURCKHARDT'S (J. L.) TRAVELS in NuBLA, 133 BROCKEDON'S (W.) Passes of the Alps, 109 with portrait and maps, 4to. grained calf neat, 153 highly finished engravings by Finden and other emi

1819 nent artists, including a map of each Pass, and a 148 BURGES (W.) ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS; 75 general map of the Alps, BRILLIANT INDIA PROOFS

finely executed lithographic plates containing several (attested impressions), LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. folio, luf. hundred facsimiles of Drawings of Architecture, with morocco extra, gilt edges, .£4. 108


details and measurements, from the Cathedrals of 134 BROWN'S (Tom) Works in Prose and Verse, France and Italy; and of English and Foreign Screens,

Serious and Comical, with his Life and Character, by Fountains, Doors, Windows, Furniture, Chalices, etc.; J. Drake, plates, 4 vols. sm. 8vo. old calf gilt, good together with a few examples of ancient alphabets, and


numerous specimens of CosTUMES, male and female, The life and popular manners of his time are vividly depicted

ecclesiastical, and military, from the Anglo-Saron in the pages of Town Brown. His genius is acknowledged by Dr.

Period to the XVIth Century, the whole accompanied 135 BRUCE'S (J.) TRAVELS in Nubia, Egypt, Abys

by short Descriptions, impl. folio, hf. morocco, £3. 108

1970 sinia, &c. to Discover the Source of the Nile, 7 vols.

PEIVATELY PRINTED FOR THE SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, the cou8vo. and Atlas of engravings, 4to. grained calf neat, ditions of the original prospectus being :-" To insert no detail or £1. 58

1804 stone joint that has not been drawn on the spot; to deface the 136 BRUCE'S (John) Report on the Arrangements

stones as soon as the plates have been struck off; and, to allox s9

copies to go into the trade." made for the internal Defence of these Kingdoms,

149 BURKE'S (E.) SPEECHES in the House of Comwhen SPAIN, by its ARMADA, projected the Invasion

mons and in Westminster Hall, 4 vols. 8vo. boaris, and Conquest of England; and application of the

uncut, £1. 128

IS16 wise Proceedings of our Ancestors to the Present

150 BURNS (R.)—Poems, LETTERS, and. LAND of Crisis, chart of the Thames, 1798 -- REPORT on the

ROBERT BURNS illustrated; with Memoir, and Notices Events and Circumstances which produced the UNION critical and biographical of his Works, and upuaris of ENGLAND and SCOTLAND, 2 vols. 1799-together

of 80 highly finished engravings on steel, consisting of 3 vols. 8vo. calf (not uniform), very scarce, £1. 158 PRIVATELY PRINTED, 1798-9

portraits, etc. (some rather foxed) 2 vols. 4to. hf.calf gilt, £1.88

G. Virtue, se Both of these Reports were privately printed; the first, for the exclusive use of ministers at the tiine of Napoleon's threatened

151 BURNS (R.) POETICAL WORKs complete, with invasion, and the second was prepared by Mr. Bruce at the desire Glossary, Notes, and Life, by CURRIE and Gilbert of the Duke of Portland, then Secretary of State. From the Duke Burns, 4 vols. 8vo. oll mottled calf gilt, 128 1803 of Sussex's library, with Book-plates.

152 BURTIN'S (F. X. de) Treatise on the Knowledge 137 BUCHANAN’S (G.) History of ScotLAND, necessary to Amateurs in PICTURES, translated and

translated, with notes, and continued by J. AIKMAN, abridged from the French, by R. White, plates, 8vo. portrait, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, £1. 4s Edin. 1828 cloth, 5s


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