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2 vols. £7.78



7 AINSWORTH'S (W.F.) TRAVELS and Researches 1 LE LIVRE D'HEURES DE LA REINE ANNE DE in Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, and Armenia, BRETAGNE, reproduced after the original in the with maps and woodcuts, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s 64 Musée des Souverains, 2 vols. 4to. containing 50 ev

18.12 quisite full page MINIATURES in GOLD and colours, 8 AKERMAN'S (J. Y.) NUMISMATIC MANUAL, illusand 344 pages of text within RICHLY ORNAMENTAL trated by 17 plates of numismatic alphabets, portraits BORDERS also in GOLD and COLOURS, representing on coins, &-c. 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

1840 forcers and fruits, with a translation in French by 9 ALCOCK'S (Sir R.) Capital of the Tycoon ; a M. l'Abbé Delaunay, £24.

Narrative of a three years' Residence in Japan, with The chromo-lithographs in this beautiful work are undoubt. maps and numerous chromolithographic plates and Elly the richest and finest of the kind ever published. The

engravings on wood, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £1. ls Liniatures facsimiled are masterpieces of the art, and the borders

1863 se of exceptional beanty. Only 850 copies were printed and the les afterwards destroyed. The above copy is in sheets as pub- 10 ALFORD'S (Dean) Essays and ADDRESSES, chiefly

on Church Subjects, 8vo. new cloth, 6s 6d 1869 2 A’KEMPIS (T.) L'IMITATION DE Jésus Christ, translated from the Original into French by M. R? 11 ALFORD'S (Dean) GREEK TESTAMENT, with a G. A. (Marillac), beautifully printed in antique type

critically revised Text, a digest of various Readings, u upuards of 400 pages, each of which is surrounded

Marginal References, Prolegomena, and Commentary,

1863-6 by an elaborate border superbly executed in gold and

4 thick vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £5. 10s mlours, containing also 5 full page Miniatures of the 12 ALFORD'S (Dean) Greek Testament, with Engsety highest class, impl. 8vo. antique morocco, with lish Notes, abridged Edition, post 8vo. new antique APPENDIX (as below), half bound morocco, together calf, 138

1869 13 ALFORD'S (Dean) How to Study the New TesThe Appendix to this splendid work consists of Treatises on tament, complete in 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. new cloth, 9s the Authorship of the "Imitation of Christ," and Remarks on the

1808 Ortamentation of the MSS. from which the Miniatures and BorDers have been selected. The Art of Chromo-lithography has 14 ALFORD'S (Dean) MEDITATIONS in Advent, on herer been more successfully employed than in reproducing the

Creation, and on Providence, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d. treous patterns and devices, só carefully elaborated by the

1865 Monkish and other Copyists before the Invention of Printing: The most splendid and valuable MSS. in Europe have been laid

15 ALFORD'S (Dean) NEW TESTAMENT for English moder contribution to provide materials for this beautiful volume. Readers, the Authorised Version, with marginal cor3 A'BECKETT'S (G. A.) Comic History of Erg

rections of Readings and Renderings, References, LAND, with 20 humourous COLOURED engravings and and Critical and Explanatory Commentary, 4 vols. 200 woodcuts by John LEECH, new edition, 2 vols.

8vo. new calf gilt, £3. 108

1863-68 Svo, in one, cloth, gilt edges, 108 6d.


16 ALFORD'S (Dean) POETICAL WORKS; fourth, 4 ADAMS' (J. President) WORKs complete, with Life,

edition, containing many Pieces now first collected, Notes, and Ilustrations, by C. F. Adams, portrait,

fcap. 8vo. new motocco extra, gilt leaves, 10s 1865 lo thick vols. 8vo. cloth, fl. 10s Boston, 1856 17 ALFORD'S (Dean) THE QUEEN'S ENGLISI, a 3 ADDISON'S (J.) COMPLETE Works, with the Notes Treatise on common Improprieties in Speaking and of Bp. Hurd, with upwards of 250 Letters chiefly Spelling, 12mo. new cloth, 4s 6d

1866 unpublished, engravings, 6 vols. post 8vo. half coif 18 ALISON'S (Sir A.) History of Europe from the gilt, £1.43

1862-66 commencement of the French Revolution, (1774-1815) New edition with good readable type, and of a portable form. best large type library edition, with fine portraits, 6 ÆSOP'S Fables, with Life, STOCKDALE'S FINE EDI- 14 vols. Avo. cloth, £5. 158

1849-50 Dior, printed in large type, with 112 engravings by 19 ALISON'S (Sir A.) MILITARY Life of the Duke Blake, Stothard, Landseer, fc. 2 vols. impl. 8vo. of MARLBOROUGII, plans of the Battles, Svo. cloth, ressio gilt, gold borders on the sides, £2. 10s 1793


78 6d


ston's (A. K.) Atlas to, consisting of 108 finely TELLIGIBILI, s. l. aut anno-Ciceronis Tusculane executed COLOURED maps and plans, with a Vocabu- Questiones, curante V. Angst, Argent. 1511-Sabel. lary of Military and Marine terms, oblong 4to. half lici, (M. A.) de Rerum et Arcium Inventoribus calf gilt, £2. 108

1850 Poema, RARE, Lipczck, per Vuolfgangum (Stockel), 21 ancient Poems.—The Knightly Tale of Golagrus Monacensum, 1502-Sallustiïi Bellum Catilinariam

and Gawane, and other Ancient Poems, reprinted et Jugurthinum, Argent. 1512 ; in one vol. sm. 4to. from the rare edition of 1508, with Notes by D. Laing, in the original wooden covers, with pigskin back, and curious woodcuts, 4to. boards, RARE, £4. 15s

brass clasp, £1. 58

1502-12 Edin. 1827 This volume is literally filled with MS. notes written in a very This is one of the most curious collections of the Early Popu- neat manner, and said to be in the autograph of Melancthon. lar Poetry of Scotland. It is reprinted from the unique copy in

31 ARIOSTO (Lud.) ORLANDO FUrioso, seconda the Library of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh. The entire edition-with the exception of portions only of a few copies, all

edizione del M.DXXXII. per cura di Ottavio Morali, of wliich were more or less damaged-was destroyed by fire, the fine portrait, folio, GOOD COPY in sprinkled calf extra, publisher however, by reprinting a few sheets, was successful in gilt leaves, old style, £1. 128

Milano, 1818 completing 72 copies, all of which have a few leaves more or less inlaid. It must ever remain A RARB VOLUME.


tazioni del RUSCELLI, e le osservationi del LAVEfrom A.D. 1525 to 1844, with Memoirs of Tyndale,

ZUOLA, front. and 52 spirited engravings by Girolamo his Contemporaries and Successors, and a copious

Porro, sm. folio, morocco, gilt leaves, FINE COPY of History of the various Translations and Editions,

this rare edition, £1. 18

Ven. 1584

" Assez belle édition, très recherchée à cause des notes qui portrait and facsimiles, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. Is

l'accompagnent, et des gravures dont elle est ornée."- Brunch

Pickering, 1845 This 18 the best History of the English Bible, and of its pro

33_ARRIVABENE'S (Count C.) ITALY ander Victor gress in England and Scotland.

Emmanuel, a Personal Narrative, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 23 ANDERSON'S (J.) Royal GENEALOGIES, from 6s (pub. £1. 108).

1862 Adam to these Times, including the British Isles, 34 ART de VÉRIFIER les Dates des Faits Historiques, thick roy. folio, calf gilt, £2. 2s

1732 des Chartes, des Chroniques, et autres anciens Monu"The most useful and valuable work of the kind, and probably ments, depuis la Naissance de Jesus Christ, (par Cléthe most difficult and laborious one ever undertaken by author or printer; it may be considered as an abridgment of Universal His

ment) avec des Corrections et Annotations par Sainttory."- Moule.

Allais, 18 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, £2. 2s Paris, 1818-19 24 ANDREWS'(H.) BOTANIST'S REPOSITORY of New "For Chronology, use the great French Work, 'L'art de Fériand Rare Plants, 664 beautifully coloured engravings,

fier les Dates."-Professor Smyth. with Descriptions in English and Latin, 10 vols 4to. | 35 ARTHUR of LITTLE BRITAIN.- History of the calf gilt, £4. 48

1797-1815 VALIANT KNIGHT, ARTHUR of LITTLE BRITAIN ; a Original copy of this beautiful work; published at £36. Romance of Chivalry, translated by LORD BERNERS, -25 ANGAS (G. F.) KAFFIRS ILLUSTRATED, in a

with a series of beautifully coloured plates from ILSeries of Drawings taken among the Amazula, Ama

LUMINATED DRAWINGS contained in a valuable MS. ponda, and Amakosa Tribes, with Portraits of the

of the original Romance, 4to. panelled calf extra, gilt Hottentots, &c. 30 large plates, coloured like original

leaves, a fine copy, £4. 188

1814 Drawings, impl. folio, hf. bound neat, £2. 108 (pub. by E. V. Utterson.

Only 250 copies printed ; edited from the rare original edition £6. 68)

1849 This fine and interesting work contains the best delineations

36 ART WORKMANSHIP; Choice Examples of, selected of the Manners, Customs, Sports, Natural History, Landscape from the Exhibition of Ancient and Medieval Art, Scenery, and Portraits of the Various Races inhabiting Southern at the Society of Arts, 59 plates of beautiful examples Africa.

of Ancient Vases, Glass, Carvings, dc. drawn and 26 ANGELO'S (H. Fencing Master) REMINISCENCES, engraved on wood under the superintendence of P.

with Memoirs of his Father and Friends, portrait, DELAMOTTE, sm. folio, ornamental boards, 128 611 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 78 1828

1851 Contains original Anecdotes and Curious Traits of the most 37 ATHENÆUM (The) COMPLETE from its comcelebrated characters tbat have flourished during the last eighty years (Fox, Sheridan, Gainsborough, Dr. Dodd, Byron, &c.)

mencement in 1828 to the end of 1865, 38 vols. 4to. 27 ANGLO-SAXON. TIIORPE (B.) DIPLOMATA

hf. bound, not quite uniform, AN EXCELLENT SERIES FOR A PUBLIC LIBRARY, £10. 108

1828-65 RIUM ANGLICUM ÆVI SAXONICI; a Collection of

A set of this valuable Journal of Literature, Science, and the English CHARTERS, from the Reign of K. Æthelberht Fine Arts, so complete as the above is difficult to procure. of Kent DCV. to that of William the Conqueror, 8vo. 38 ATKINSON'S (J.) SKETCHES in AFGHAUNISTAN, cloth, 188


26 large and fine tinted Drawings on Stone by L Comprises miscellancous Charters, Wills, Guilds, Manumissions and Acquittances, with an English translation of the Anglo

Haghe, impl. fol. hf. morocco, 158 (pub. £4. 48) 1842 Suxon. 28 ANSTIS' (J.) IIIstory of the ORDER of the GAR

39 ATTERBURY'S (Bp.) EPISTOLARY CORRESPONTER, (from the “ Black Book," &c.) with Notes and

DENCE, Visitation Charges, Speeches, and Miscel

laniøs, with historical notes, 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, Introduction, numerous engravings of Costumes, Arms,

10s 60

1783 2 large vols. folio, hf. morocco, neat, carmine edges, 40 AUGUSTINE (St.) of the Citie of God, with the scarce, £2. 188


learned Comments of Jo. Lod. Vives, Englished by This copy contains two large folded engravings, comprising, portraits of the Knights in their robes, on their procession to the

J. Healey), folio, calf, (with numerous marginal Altar, temp. Henry VIII., nsually wanting ; also the autograph of notes written in ink) £1. 48

1610 Anstis neatly laid down on the Ay-leaf.

41 BABER’S (Zehir-Ed-din, Emperor of Hindostan) 29 ARABIC MANUSCRIPT, consisting mainly of ex- Memoirs, written by himself in the Jaghatai Turki, tracts from the Koran, very neatly written in a

translated by Dr. LEYDEN and W. ERSKINE, with legible hand and ornamented with gilt borders, 12mo.

Notes, map, 4to. new calf extra, yellow edges, scarce, bound in roan as a pocket book (stained), 9s 6d.

£2. 23

1826 no date

A very curious and admirably edited work, sce Edir. Rerice A BEAUTIFUL COPY NEWLY BOUND, OF

56 BARRY'S (P.) DOCKYARD Economy_and Naval 42 BACON'S (Lord) WORKS, edited with Life, by Power, with 31 full page photographic Views of the

BASIL MONTAGU, finely printed, with portrait, 17 principal Engineering Establishments, 8vo. cloth, vols. 8vo. new tree-marbled calf extra, full gilt backs,

48 6d

1863 marbled edges, best style, £10.108 Pickering, 1825-34 57 BARTLETT’S (J. R. U.S. Commissioner) Explo

The most complete edition extant; it contains translations as rations and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, CALIwell as the originals of the Latin works, and is illustrated by Por

FORNIA, Sonora, and Chihuahua, during the years traits, Views, and Facsimiles, with a New Life of Lord Bacon by

1850-53, illustrated by map, lithographic plates, and the Editor.

numerous woodcuts, 2 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, 78 6d, 43 BACON'S (Lord) Works, complete, both Latin

(pub. at £1. 10s)

1854 and English, with Life, portrait, 10 vols. 8vo. grained 58 BARTLETT'Ś (W. H.) Forty Days in the calf gilt, an excellent library copy, £2. 5s 1826

DESERT, on the Track of the Israelites, with map 44 BACON'S (Lord) WORKS, with an Introductory

and 44 beautiful engravings on steel and wood, roy. Essay, fine portrait, 2 thick vols. 8vo. impl. 8vo. cloth,

8vo. cloth gilt, 108 6d

(1848) 168 6d

1837 45 BACON (Lord) Of the ADVANCEMENT and PROFI

59 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) PICTURES from Sicily,

with map, numerous woodcuts, and 32 highly finished CIENCE of LEARNING, interpreted by Gilbert Wats,

steel engravings, roy. 8vo. cloth gilt, 10s 6d. 1853 fine impressions of the Portrait, and of the Frontis- 60 BARTLETI'S (W. H.) Pilgrim FATHERS; or the piece, by W. Marshall, small folio, above 600 pages,

Founders of New England in the Reign of K. James modern antique calf, red edges, £1. 88 Oxford, 1640

I, illustrated by 28 beautiful engravings on steel, and The margins are ample, and altogether it is a very desirable

31 woodcuts, roy. 8vo. cloth, 108 60

1853 copy. 46 BACON'S (Lord) RESUSCITATIO, or bringing into 61 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) WALKS ABOUT the City

and Environs of JERUSALEM, with woodcuts and nuPublick Light several Pieces of his Works, civil,

merous highly finished engravings on steel, roy. 8vo. historical, philosophical, and theological, hitherto sleeping, with Life, by W. Rawley, portrait, folio, 62 BAŘTSCH (A.) Le Peintre GRAVEUR, 21 yols.

cloth gilt, 108 60

(1852) old calf, 58 61

1661 47 BACON'S (Lord) SYLVA SYLVARUM; or a Naturall

in 18, Vienne, 1802-21, avec le Supplément à l'École Historie, in ten centuries, with portrait and front.

Néerlandais, par R. Weigel, Leipzig, 1843—together

22 vols. sm. 8vo. in 19, hf. French morocco, very neat, folio, old calf, 63 6d


containing numerous illustrations of marks and moNew and REVISED EDITION OF

nograms, accompanied by 14 EXTRA PLATES, in 2 48 BAINES' (E.) HISTORY OF LANCASHIRE, with

4to. parts, £10. 15s Vienne et Leipzig, 1802-43 Biographical Sketches of Eminent Natives of the A most complete account of Painters' Etchings and EngraShire by W. R. WHATTON, new edition, edited by J. vings from the earliest period : the descriptions are so minute that HARLAND, continued and completed by the Rev. B. any plate may be immediately recognized. HERFORD, large map, 2 vols. thick 4to. eloth, £2.58 63 BAURAIN (Chev. de) HISTOIRE MILITAIRE DE

1868-70 FLANDRES depuis l'Année 1690 jusqu'en 1694, seconde In this new edition the many errors of the old are corrected, édition, augmentée de la Campagne de Hollande en and the chiel events which have occurred since its publication, in coanection with the bistory of the more important parishes and

1672, numerous maps, 4 volse folio, calf gilt. £1.58 to*14 , are recorded to the present time. "To Vol. 1 are added

La Haye, 1776 valuable table of statistics, and a large map of the whole county

A very valuable work both to the historian and the military reduced from the Ordance Survey.

student. It describes minutely the operations of William the

III. and his allies in their great struggle with the French under 49 BAINES' (T.) Explorations in South West the Duke of Luxembourg, including the celebrated battles of AFRICA ; being an Account of a Journey from Fleurus, Leufen, Steinkirk and Nerwinde. The maps are numeWalvisch Bay to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls, with maps, coloured front, and numerous woodcuts, 64 BAYLEY'S (J.) Tower of London ; History and thick 8vo. cloth, 88 (pub. £1. 1s)

1864 Antiquities of the, with Biographical Anecdotes of 50 BAKER'S (Sir sw.) Albert N'YANZA, Great Royal and Distinguished Personages, fine engravings,

Basin of the Nile, and Explorations of the Nile from Drawings by Nash, 2 vols. royal 4to. in one, Sources, portraits, maps, and numerous engravings, grained calf, good copy, £1. 108

1821-5 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, clean copy, 188

1866 A very limited number of copies printed, and the copper51 BALL'S (S.) Account of the CULTIVATION and plates afterwards destroyed. MANUFACTURE of Tea in CHINA, derived from per- 65 BAYLY'S (T. Haynes) Werds of Witchery, sonal observation, engravings, 8vo. cloth, scarce, with 12 humourous engravings in the style of George 10$ 6d

1848 Cruikshank, roy. 8vo. cloth, scarce, 10s 6d, 1837 52 BANCROFT'S (G.) History of the United STATES, 66 BELL'S (T.) History of British QUADRUPEDS, both Series, comprising the History of the Discovery including the Cetacca, with nearly 200 beautiful entof the American Continent, and History of the Re- gravings on wood, 8vo. cloth, scarce, £1. 88 volution to the Declaration of Independence, the

Van Voorst, 1837 ONLY AUTHORIZED EDITION ; large type, with por- 67 BELOE'S (W.) ANECDOTES of LITERATURE and traits, 8 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, £3. 38 Boston, 1862, fc. Scarce Books, 6 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, capital Library 53 BARCLAY'S (R.) Apology for the Quakers, Bas

copy, £2. 108

1807-12 KERVILLE'S FINE EDITION, printed in large and beau- A valuable and amusing work, full of interesting extracts tiful type, roy. 4to. in the original calf , an excellent from, and accounts of, rare and

curious books. copy, 148

Birmingham, 1765 68 BELOE'S (W.) SEXAGENARIAN, or the Recollections By far the best library edition. It includes the famous dedi- of a Literary Life, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, very neat, 8s tation to K. Charles II.

1817 54 BARROW'S (J. Secretary to the Earl of Macart- First edition, with all the virulent suppressed passages. ney) Travels in the Interior of SOUTHERN AFRICA, 69 BENNETT'S (G. J.) Pedestrian's Tour through large traps, 2 vols. 1801-4 ; and Travels in China, North Wales, with 20 beautiful etchings of romantic toith coloured plates, 1804-together 3 vols. 4to. half scenery by A. Clint, and numerous Welsh Melodies, calf gilt, uniform, 128 1801-4 set for the Piano, 8vo. calf gilt, 6s cd


rous and minute.

70 BENTHAM'S (G.) HANDBOOK of THE BRITISH 83 BIBLE.- Old and New TESTAMENT, the anthorizi

FLORA: a Description of the Flowering Plants and Version, with marginal references, FINE LARGE Eerns indigenous to, or naturalized in, the British PRINT, 2 vols. royal folio, morocco extra, gilt eigis, Isles, with several hundred figures of plants, from

£l. 168

Spottiswoode, 1890 drawings by Fitch, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, £2. 88 (pub. 84 BIBLE.-Bagster's English HEXAPLA, exhibit£3. 108)

1865 ing the Six important English Translations of the 71 BENTLEY'S (Dr. R.) WORKS, edited with copious New Testament, in parallel columns, with the Original

Notes and Indices by the Rev. A. DxcE, LARGE Greek, and various readings, finely printed, thick 410. 1 AND THICK PAPER, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, rough cloth, £1. 108

Bagster, 1841 edges, £4. 48

1836-8 Includes the translations of Wiclif, Tyndale, Cranmer, the It is believed that only 12 copies were printed on LARGE

Genevan, Anglo-Rhemish, and Authorized Versions. PAPIR. “ The greatest of English Critics in this or any other age., 85 BIBLE.- PURVER'S (Anthony, Quaker) New and 72 BERANGER’S (P. J.) Songs, translated, with a

Literal TRANSLATION of the Old and NEW TESTAsketch of the Life of Béranger, 12mo. cloth, 5s

MENT, with Notes critical and explanatory, 2 rols.

1764 Pickering, 1837

folio, recently full bound in calf, £1.88 73 BERNIS (F. J. Card. de) La Religion VENGÉE;

“ This singular work, which was originally designed for the

use of the Friends, and which occupied Purver for nearly thirty Poëme en dix Chants, beautifully printed by Bodoni, years in its preparation, was printed at the expense of Dator with portrait, 12mo. crimson grained morocco, gilt Fothergill, the Quaker. Purver was originally a shoemaker, and lenves, 5s 60

Parme, 1795

taught himself Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, in order that he might

translate the Bible." 74 BERRY'S (W.) PEDIGREES of the Families of 86 BIBLE (La Sainte) traduite par LEMAISTRE de Sacy, BERKSHIRE, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, and SURREY,

avec un traité de l'authenticité des Livres de l'Ancita printed in Lithography from his oun handwriting, Testament, et un Dictionnaire Géographique de la with several hundred drawings of the Coats of Arms, Bible, maps and numerous finely engraved steel plates folio, boards, £2, 103


after the old Masters, impl. 8vo. Morocco, gilt leares, 75 BERRY'S (W.) PEDIGREES of the Families in 10s 60

Paris, 1846 the County of KENT, collected from the Heraldic | 87 BIBLIOTHECA ANGLO-POETICA; a descriptive Visitations, MSS. in the Brit. Museum, and from Catalogue of the rarest and richest Collection of Private and other sources; with a List of the Sheriffs Early English Poetry ever offered for sale in this of the County from 1066 to 1830, several hundred country, with critical and biographical Notices (comcoats of arms, COLOURED BY HAND, folio, cloth, uncut, piled by A. F. GRIFFITH), portraits, LARGE PAPER, very scarce, £6. 68

1830 royal 8vo. very fine copy in russia extra, with joints, 76 BĚWICK'S (T.) History of British Land and broad borders of gold inside the covers, and gilt leaves, WATER Birds, with fair impressions of the famous £6.68

1815 woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, clean and good copy; loured frontispiece.

Only 50 COPIES were struck off on LARGE PAPER, Fith a co£2. 108

Newcastle, 1832


88 BIBLIOTHEQUE des Mémoires relatifs à l'Histoire excellent impressions of the celebrated woodcuts, 8vo.

de France, pendant le 18me Siècle, avec avant-propos calí gilt, 18s

Ne'vcastle, 1807 78 BEWICK’S (T.) SELECT FABLES, with Memoir and

et notices par M. F. Barrière, 27 vols. fcap. 8vo. bright

hf. calf gilt, contents lettered, £3. 128 Paris, 1846 62 Descriptive Catalogue of his Works, upwards af 350

Contents: Mémoires de M. de Stael, d'Argenson, de la Mère woodcuts, including some of his best productions, du Regent, de Saint-Simon, de Louis XIV. de la Régener, er de 8vo. cloth, a nice clean copy, £1. 158 Newcastle, 1820 Louis XV. de Duclos, de M. de Hausset, de Bachaumont, de Besen.

val, la Vérité dans la Vin, de Marmontel, de M. Clairon, de Lekain, 79 BIBLIA Sacra POLYGLOTTA; Textus archetypos, de Préville, de Dazincourt, de Molé, de Garrick, de Goldoni, de Versionesque præcipuas ab Ecclesia antiquitus re

Weber, de M. Rolland, de Cléry, de Montpensier, de Rionffe, de M. ceptas; necnon Versiones recentiores, Anglicanam, Lévis, Richelieu, Journées de Septembre 1792, Segur, le Prince

Campan, de Dumouriez, de Louvet, de Daunou, Vaublanc, Genlis, Germanicam, Italicam, Gallicam, et Hispanicam com- de Ligne, Marquis de Bouillé, Secrets sur la Russie, Souvenirs de plectantia: Edidit atque prolegomena adjecit S. LEE, Thiébault, de Lauzun, de Tilly, de Victor Alfieri, Souvenirs da

Lord Holland et Journal de Mrs. Elliott. 2 large vols. folio, new hf. morocco, gilt tops, £7.78

Bagster, n. d. 89 BILLINGS' (R.) CARLISLE CATHEDRAL ; ArchiThis handsome and convenient edition contains the Hebrew tectural Illustrations, History and Description of, 45 text according to Van der Hooght, the Greek translation according fine engravings of exterior and interior Views, with to the Septuagint, the Vulgate Latin translation, the authorized English version, the German version of Luther, the French version

details, 4to. hf. bound, £1. 5s

1840 of Ostervald, the Italian version of Diodati, and the Spanish ver

Two other works by the same author are bound up with the sin of Scio.

above :-viz. An Attempt to Define the Geometric Proportions of

Gothic Architecture as illustrated by the Cathedrals of Carlisle 80 Bible.-Old and New TESTAMENTS and APOCRY- and Worcester, with 5 plates, 1840; and Illustrations of Geometrie

PHA, with the Book of Common Prayer, (containing Tracery, from the panelling belonging to Carlisle Cathedral, with the Prayers for K. Charles I.) and STERNHOLD and

20 plates, 1842. Hopkins' Book of Psalms, with the music, sm. 4to.

90 BILLINGS' (R.) DURHAM CATHEDRAL ; Archiold calf, with SILVER CLASP, carved with figures in

tectural Illustrations and Description of, with 75

highly finished engravings of exterior and interior bas-relief (a good specimen), £1. 108

Norton and Bill, 1625
Views, with sections and details, 4to. hf.bound, £1.58

1843 A TATE EDITION; Lowndes does not record one of this date, and Dr. Cotton distinctly states that there was " no edition" of 1625-6.

91 BIOGRAPHIA BRITANNICA LITERARIA ; or BioThe volume which is rather injured by damp, &c., wants a leaf or graphy of Literary Characters of Great Britain and two in the prayers at the end, and the Prayer Book is imperfect. Ireland, edited by T. Wright, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d 81 BIBLE.-Old and New TestaMENTS, with mar

Roy. Soc. Lit. 1842-6 ginal references, sm. 8vo. old morocco extra, gilt An exceedingly interesting and valuable series of biographies leares, 128 London, H. Hills and J. Field, 1660

of the Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman periods.

92 BIOGRAPHIE MODERNE ; ou Dictionnaire Bio82 BIBLE.—Old and New TESTAMENTS, and Psalms of David in metre for the Church of Scotland, in

graphique de tous les Hommes Morts et Virans, 4 vols. 8vo. boards, £1. Is

Breslau, 1806 2 vols. sm. 12mo. old red morocco, gilt backs, sides,

VERI SCAECE, having been suppressed; 500 copies were seized and edges, 73

Edin. 1758-64

at Paris.

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ID: 93 BLAIR'S (Dr.) CHRONOLOGICAL and Historical | 107 BOSWELL'S (J.) LIFE of DR. JOAnson, with

Tables, from the Creation to the Present Time, en- their Tour to the Hebrides, greatly enlarged with larged by Sir HENRY ELLIS, impl. 8vo. hf. morocco, Notes by the Rt. Hon. J. Wilson Croker, fine ports. 128 6d

1844 by Finden, BEST EDITION, 5 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, DAL. 94 BLAKE.—Young's (E.) Night Thoughts, finely £3. 38

1831 printed in large type, and illustrated by the grand 108 BOUTELL'S (C.) Arms and Armour in Anticompositions of WILLIAM BLAKE, original impres- quity and the Middle Ages ; also a Descriptive Notice

sions, atlas 4to. hf. bound, uncut, SCARCE, £4.48 1797 of Modern Weapons, translated from the French of * 95 BLAKE (W., Engraver) LIFE OF, with selec- Lacombe, with a Preface, Notes, and an additional

tions from his Poems and other writings, by A. GIL- Chapter on Arms and Armour in England, beautiCHRIST, illustrated in facsimile from Blake's own fully printed on hot-pressed toned paper, with 71 works, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. new hf. morocco, gilt tops, interesting and highly finished wood engravings, post £1,58 1863 8vo. cloth, gilt top, 6s

1869 96 BLOUNTS (T.) FRAGMENTA ANTIQUITATis, or 109 BRANDON'S (R. and J.) ANALYSIS of Gothic Ancient Tenures of Land and Jocular Customs of ARCHITECTURE, with 700 examples of Doorways, Manors, &c. enlarged by BECKWITH, 4to. new hf. Windows, fc. and Remarks on the several Details of morocco, top edge gilt, (margins of a few leaves at the an Ecclesiastical Edifice, 2 large vols. royal 4to. in end slightly water stained), £1. 158 1815 one, hf. calf, gilt top, £3. 8s

1858 97 BLUNT (J.) On the Right Use of the Early 110 BREMER’S (F.) Homes of the New WORLD; or, FATHERS ; Two Series of Lectures delivered in Cam- Impressions of America, translated by Mary Howitt, bridge University, thick 8vo. cloth, 9s 6d (pub. 158) frontispieces, 3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. 1857 £1. 118 60)

1853 98 BOCCACCIO'S DECAMERON, complete, translated 111 BRETON'S (N.) The Good and the BADDE ; or from the Italian, and illustrated by COLOURED PLATES, Descriptions of the Worthies and Unworthies of this 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. a beautiful copy in mottled calf gilt, Age; where the best may see their Graces, and the yellow edges, by Riviere, £1. 68

1822 worst discerne their Basenesse, (in Prose, 46 pp.) sm. 99 Bonaventurae (Sancti) DISPUTATA in Quatuor Libros 4to. cloth, 9s 6d

1616 SENTENTIARUM, cum Indice, with numerous small or- Mr. Utterson's copy of this quaintly written piece, realized

£2. 10s in 1852. namental capitals, (Vol. I. wormed) 4 thick vols. sm. 8vo. newly backed, the original stamped calf sides 112 BKIDGEWATER TREATISES ; A COMPLETE SET being preserved, 128 Parisiis, F. Regnault, 1522 of these highly valuable works on the Power, Wis

" Bonaventura, called the Seraphic Doctor, was a scholar, a dom, and Goodness of God, as manifested in the man of an acute mind, a good writer, and a very devout man. He

Creation, 12 vols. 8vo. new bright hf. calf gilt, £5.58 united mystic with scholastic Theology, and was a voluminous writer on practical religion."-DR. MURDOCK.

Pickering, 1835, &c. 100 Book of Common Prayer, according to the Use 113 BRITISH MUSEUM ; List of Additions to the of the Church of England, splendidly printed by

MANUSCRIPts in the, from 1836 to 1845, with very Whittingham in black and red ink on thick vellum

full INDEXES, vols. roy. 8vo. boards, 123 6d paper, embellished with a woodcut title and very nu

PRINTED BY ORDER OF THE TRUSTEES, 1843-50 merous large ornamental capitals, folio, hf. morocco

ORIGINAL COPIES, LARGE PAPER. extra, gilt top, rough edges, scarce, £1. 108 1844

114 BRITTON'S (J.) PICTURESQUE WORKS: ARCHIThis edition, which is adapted from that of 1662 to the present Reign, forms one of W. Pickering's Series of Liturgies.

TECTURAL ANTIQUITIES, 5 vols. and CATHEDRAL 101 BOOK of Common Prayer, C. Knight's Pic

ANTIQUITIES of Great Britain, 5 vols. BOTH WORKS TORIAL EDITION, with several hundred beautiful COMPLETE, with upwards of 700 fine engravings by engravings on wood, thick impl. 8vo. morocco extra,

Le Keux and others, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, LARGE gilt edges, 148

(1840) PAPER, 10 vols. impl. 4to. new hf. red morocco extra, This elegant edition comprises copious original Notes, and an gilt tops, rough edges, A HANDSOME AND DESIRABLE introductory history of the Liturgy by the Rev. H. Stebbing.

SET, £32. 10s

1807-35 102 BOOK of GEMS, or the Poets and Artists of The Cathedrals described are:-Salisbury, Norwich, WinchesGreat Britain, edited by S. C. Hall, finely printed ter, York, Lichfield, Oxford, Canterbury, Wells, Exeter, Peteron thick paper, and illustrated with 100 exquisitely borough, Gloucester, Bristol, Hereford, and Worcester. beautiful engravings after TURNER, EASTLAKE, COL- 115 BRITTON'S (J.) CatheDRAL ANTIQUITIES of LINS, JC EARLY IMPRESSIONS, 2 vols. 8vo. green mo- Great Britain, with umrards 239 fine engravings, Tocco extra, gilt tops, scarce, £2. 58


consisting of Plans, Elevations, Sections, Views, De103 BOOKSELLER (The) A Handbook of British and tails, and Jonuments, by Blore, Le Keux, fc. ORIGIForeign Literature, from Jan. 1858 to Dec. 1866, NAL IMPRESSIONS, 5 vols. 4to. full bound in morocco 9 vols. large 8vo. cloth, £2. 108

1858-66 extra, gaufré edges, gold borders on the sides, A SUBSCARCE IN SETS : besides containing much literary informa- SCRIBER'S COPY, £6, 6s

1814-28 tion, Obituaries, Reviews, &c., the publication includes a complete list of all the works issued in the United Kingdom, and the chief

Comprising the Cathedrals of Canterbury, Exeter, Lichfield, works published abroad during each year.

Norwich, Oxford, Peterborough, Salisbury, Bath, Wells, Win.

chester, and York. 105 BOSCOBEL Tracts relating to the Escape of K. Charles II. after the Battle of Worcester, and his sub- 116 BROUGHAM'S (Lord) Works, biographical, crisequent Adventures, edited by J. Hughes, plates,

tical, historical, and miscellaneous, revised, corrected 8vo, hf. call gilt, 98



of Philosophers, Men, of Letters, and Statesmen, CRIMEA ; within the City and Harbour of Sebasto

11 vols. post 8vo. hf. morocco, very neat, £3.3s 1855-61 pol, Perekop, Eupatoria, Balaklava, Simferopol,

Bakchi-Sarai, Kertch, Fort Arabat, &c. and on the

Lives of the Philosophers of the Rhetorical and Literary Disser-
Time of George III.

tations and Addresses. Rivers Alma, Katcha, and Salghir, taken prior to the

en of Letters of the Historical and Political DisserWar, a series of 52 large lithographic drawings on Time of George III.

tations contributed to various 30 plates, coLOURED AND MOUNTED LIKE THE ORI

Sketches of Statesmen of the Publications.

Time of George III. GINAL DRAWINGS, impl. folio, hf. morocco extra, gilt Natural Theology.

Speeches on Social and Political

Subjects. edzes, £3. 33 (pub. £10. 108)

1856 The English Constitution.

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