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1 ABBOTSFORD CLUB.-A List of the MEMBERS; 16 ALLEN'S (Lieut. W.) PICTURESQUE Views in the

the Rules; and a Catalogue of Books printed for the ISLAND of ASCENSION, 10 interesting and well executa! Abbotsford Club, since its institution in 1833, (by D. lithographic plates, with Descriptions, oblong folio, Laing), thin 4to. stiff covers, 108 6d

hf. bound, 6s 6d PRIVATELY PRINTED, 1835 PRIVATELY PRINTED, Edin. 1866 | 17 AMERICA.-OLDMIXON'S (J.) BRITISH EMPIEL 2 abbotsford Club.-Hawes' (Stephen) The Con- in AMERICA ; containing the History of the Disco

VERSYON of SWERERS ; a Joyfull Medytacyon to all very, Settlement, Progress, and State of the BRITISH Englonde of the Coronacyon of Kynge Henry the Colonies in America, with numerous folding mors, Eyght, edited by D. LAING, thin 4to. stiff covers, 103 6d 2 vols. 8vo. sprinkled calf gilt, red edges, A FINE Wynken de Worde, Mcccccix, rep. Edin. 1865 COPY, £1. 10s

1741 3 ABEILLARD and HELOISA.— BERINGTON's (J.) 18 AMERICA.–Rich's (0.) CATALOGUE of Books

History of the Lives of Abeillard and Heloisa; with relating to AMERICA, in various Languages (1801-41, their LETTERS, from the Collection of Amboise, 4to. 8vo. cloth, 5s

1845 hf. calf, 98

Birmingham, 1788 19 AMMIANI MARCELLINI HISTORIÆ Rovane 4 ADALBERT'S (Prince of Prussia) Travels in the Libri XVIII., cum Notis variorum, et Gronovii, urith

South of Europe and Brazil, with Voyage up the numerous plates, some by Romeyn de Hooghe, folia, Amazon and Xingu, now first explored, with İntro- richly bound in crimson morocco, super extra, git duction by Baron HUMBOLDT, plates, 2 vols. 8vo. leaves, by CLARKE and BEDFORD, £2. 18s bright colf gilt, 7s 6d


Lugd. Bat. 1693 5 AGRICULTURAL SURVEYS of the Counties of “This edition is deservedly esteemed among the best edited

ENGLAND, (as under) drawn up for the Board of Agri- books in Holland. The text is published with great accuracy, and culture, by Young, Mavor, Stevenson, and others, with

the notes of Gronovius are very valuable."--HAKWOOD. coloured maps and numerous plates of agricultural 20 ANCIENT METRICAL Tales, printed chiefly from implements, fc. 12 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, £1. 48 Original Sources ; edited by the Rev. C. H. HARTS

1796-1812 HORNE, post 8vo. bright calf gilt, by Hayday, 16s 61 Essex, 2 vols.; Berkshire; Suffolk ; Middlesex; Surrey ;

Pickering, 1829 Sussex; Somerset ; Dorset ; Norfolk; Herts; and Kent.

21 ANGLING.-Phillips' (H.) TRUE ENJOYMENT 6 AIKIN (Dr. J.) MEMOIR OF, by Lucy Aikin, with a of ANGLING, with portrait, and music, roy. 8vo. cloth, selection of his Miscellaneous Pieces, Biographical, (only 100 copies printed) 12s 6d

1843 Moral, and Critical, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt,

COMPLETE TO 1867. 8s

1823 22 ANNUAL REGISTER (Dopsley's), complete set 7 AINSWORTH'S MAGAZINE ; a Miscellany of

from its commencement in 1758 to 1867 inclusive, Romance, General Literature, and Art, (containing with INDEX, 111 vols. 8vo. A FULL BOUND SET, in Miser's Daughter, Crichton, St. James', &c.) with

dark maroon morocco, neat and uniform, £36. 10s very numerous illustrations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK,

1758-1867 16 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, £4. 108

1842-9 An invaluable set of books for a public library, comprising, in 8 AINSWORTH'S (W.) Researches in Assyria, a concise style well adapted for reference, a detailed view of the BABYLONIA, and CHALDÆA, forming part of the La

Politics, Literature, Biograplıy, Parliamentary History, Commerce, bours of the Euphrates Expedition, with large coloured interest are printed at length; the whole thus forming a body of

Statistics, &c. of the past century. All the State Papers of any geological sections, 8vo. calf gilt, scarce, 10s 6d. 1838 data for the future Historian unparalleled either in extent or ini9 A'KEMPIS (T.) Of the IMITATION of Christ, trans- portance.

lated from the Latin by Dr. DIBDIN, finely printed 23 A PINCH—of SNUFF ; composed of curious paredition in large antique type, by Whittingham, at the ticulars and original anecdotes of Snuff Taking, by Chiswick Press, 8vo. Morocco, gilt leaves, 16s 6d

Dean Snift, of Brazen-nose, with humourous engra

Pickering, 1851 vings on steel and wood, 1840; The Social PIPE, or 10 ALBIN (E.) INSECTORUM ANGLIÆ Naturalis His- Gentleman's Recreation, a Poem, front. 1826- in one toria ; accedunt Annotationes et Observationes a vol. 12mo, hf. calf neat, 78 6d

1826-40 G. Derham, 100 large and finely coloured plates of 24 ARABIAŃ Nights' ENTERTAINMENTS, the text Butterflies and other insects, with the plants on which revised by Dulcken, ILLUSTRATED EDITION, with 20 they feed, 4to. calf gilt, 18s

Londini, 1731 engravings on wood by Dalziels, from designs by Yil11 ALCOCK'S (Sir R.) CAPITAL of the TYCOON ; a lais, Tenniel, Watson, fc. 2 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, 93

Narrative of a three years' Residence in Japan, with maps and numerous chromolithographic plates and 25 ARIOSTO (L.) ORLANDO FURIOSO, Italian and

engravings on wood, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 168 1863 English in justa position, edited by T. H. CROKEE, 12 ALDROVANDI (U.) de QUADRUPEDIBUS, de In- portrait by Strange, 2 vols. 4to. old calf, one vol sectis, de Crustaceis, et de Piscibus, Libri XVIII, rather wormed), 7s 6d

1755 with curious engravings, folio, calf, 8s 6d


Francof. 1623 by DEAN STANLEY, LIRRARY EDITION with Ap13 ALISON'S (A.) Essays on Taste, its Nature and pendices, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce, 18s 1845

Principles, or Remarks on the Sublimity and Beauty of the Material World, 2 vols. 8vo. boords, uncut, 27 ART UNION JOURNAL, complete from its com


Edin. 1815 14 ALISON'S (Sir A.) HISTORY of EUROPE during

mencement, 1839 to 1870 inclusive, with the Art the French Revolution, original large type edition,

Union ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES of the Great Ex10 vols. 8vo. boards, £1. 8s

hibitions of 1851-53-55-62 and 67, several thousand

1839 15 ALLEN'S (T.) History of YORKSHIRE, including

exquisitely beautiful engravings and woodcuts, 37 the City of York, illustrated with upwards of 140

vols. royal 4to. in 32, half calj gilt, an excellent set, £32, 10s

1839-70 highly finished engravings of Seats, Public and Private Buildings, fc. INDIA PROOFS, 3 vols. 4to. hf. calf cult to procure complete as the above: it comprises the most ex:

This exceedingly beautiful and interesting work is very dift. neat, £3. 108

1828-31 tensive and elegant series of illustrations of the modern British This elegantly illustrated County History was published at 8 School of Painting and Sculpture, and other Fine Arts, erer guineas.


1865 1



Great Exhibition of 1851, upuards of 1000 beautiful Cilicia and its Governors, from the Earliest Times to engravings on wood, roy. 4to. smooth calf gilt, 108 601 the Present Day, map and numerous engravings, 185 i 8vo. half calf gilt, 58

1853 A beautiful and interesting book, furnishing an infinite This interesting volume includes a description of the Housevariety of useful artistic designs.

hold Gods of the Ancient Cilicians, broken up by them on their 29 ASHMOLE'S (E.) History of the Order of the conversion to Christianity.

Garter, with continuation, plate, 8vo. half vellum, 43 BARKER’S (W. G.) THREE DAYS OF WENSLEY78


DALE, the Valley of the Yore; the Catholic Day, 30 ASTLE'S (T.) ORIGIN and PROGRESS of Writing,

the Day of Change, and the Present Day, numerous

1854 with some account of the Origin and Progress of

engravings, 8vo. cloth, 58 6d, Printing, LARGB PAPER, BEST EDITION, numerous

44 BATTY'S EUROPEAN SCENERY, complete, comfale engravings from ancient MSS., Inscriptions, fc.

prising France and Germany by Capt. Batty, Italy impl. folio, half calf, £3. 38


by Miss Batty, Sicily by Major Light, and SwitzerThe most complete work on the subject of writing extant, in

land by Major Cockburn, upwarıls of 300 highly this or any other language.

finished line engravings by HEATH, FINDEN, and 31 ATHENIAN ORACLE, abridged, containing the

others, FINE and UNSPOTTED IMPRESSIONS, with Desmost valuable Questions and Answers, on History,

criptions in English and French, 5 vols. impl. 8vo. Philosophy, Love and Marriage, 8vo. boards, 5s 1820 half morocco, gilt tops, rough edges, £3. 158 1820-3 32 ATKYNS' (Sir R.) GLOUCESTERSHIRE : The An

45 BATTY’S (Capt.) French SCENERY, 64 highly

finished engravings by Heath, FINDEN, &c., original cient and Present State of Gloucestershire, with 73

impressions, with Descriptions in English and French, large engravings of Gentlemen's Seats, Armorial

half morocco, plain, rough edges, 12s 6d

1822 Bearings, fc. by Kip, folio, old calf gilt, A FINE 46 BATTY'S (Miss) ITALIAN SCENERY, upwards of COPY, £10. 108


60 highly finished engravings by Heath, Finden, 4.c. This is one of the scarcest of the county historier, many of the copies having been destroyed by fire at the printer's ware

fine old impressions, with Descriptions, impl. 8vo. morocco, plain, rough edges, 14s

1820 33 AUDUBON'S (J.) ORNITHOLOGICAL BIOGRAPHY ; 47 BAYLEY'S (J.) Tower of London; History and

an Account of the Habits of the Birds of the United Antiquities of the, with Biographical Anecdotes of States, impl. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d

1831 Royal and Distinguished Personages, fine engravings, This work includes Descriptions of the objects represented from Drawings by Nash, 2 vols. royal 4to. calf gilt, in the large edition of the “Birds of America," and is interspersed with delineations of American scenery and manners.

£1. 18s

1825 31 AUDUBON'S (J.) Synopsis of the Birds of North

A very limited number of copies printed, and the copperplates

afterwards destroyed. AMERICA, 8vo. cloth, 6s


48 BEAMISE'S (N. L.) HISTORY of the King's 35 BAIKIE'S (W. B.) EXPLORING VOYAGE up the GERMAN LEGION, from 1803 to 1816, with plans of Kivers Niger and Tsadda in 1854, engraving, map, Battles, and cOLOURED PLATES of MILITARY Cos

and appendices, 8vo. half calf gilt, 6s (pub. 168) 1856 TUMES, 2 vols. 8vo. dark morocco extra, gilt leaves, by 36 BAINES (T.) LANCASHIRE and CHESHIRE, Past

Hayday, £1. 6s

1832-7 and Present; a History and a Description of the

** Major Beamish has left no source of information unexplored; Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, forming him to intersperse his general narrative with interesting personal

and the access he obtained to manuscript journals has enabled the North Western Division of England, from the ane dotes, that render this work as delightful for those who read Earliest Times to 1867 ; with an Account of the Rise for amusement, as for those who read for profit."—ATHEN ÆUM. and Progress of Manufactures, Civil and Mechanical

49 BEATSON'S (R.) POLITICAL INDEX to the HisEngineering, &c. in these Districts, by W. FAIRBAIRN,

tories of Great Britain and Ireland, third and enillustrated by a series of highly finished portraits and

larged edition, 3 vols. 8vo. half calf neat, 7s 60 1806 tiews on India paper, 2 vols. roy. 4to. in divisions,

50 BEATTIE (J.) and Collins' POETICAL Works, cloth extra, gilt edges, £4. 108


with Memoirs by Thos. Miller, and engravings by

Williams after drawings by John Absolon, post Svo. 37 BAKER'S (Sir S. W.) ALBERT N'YANZA, Great red morocco extra, gilt leaves, 12s 6d Bogue, 1846 Basin of the Nile, and Explorations of the Nile 51 BEATTIE'S (Dr.) Scotland ILLUSTRATED in & Sources, portraits, maps, and numerous engravings, Series of Views taken expressly for the work by T. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 143


ALLOM, BARTLETT, and others, upwards of 120 highly 38 BALZAC (H. de) LA PEAU DE Chagrin, édition finished engravings, with Descriptions, 2 vols. 4to. illustrée, with 100 spirited engravings, impl. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, fl. Es

Virtue, n. d. Morocco, gilt sides, back, and edges, 78 6d Paris, n. d. 52 BEATTIE'S (Dr.) SWITZERLAND Illustrated in a 39 BANNATYNE CLUB.-DISCOURS PARTICULIER Series of Views, with Descriptions, upwards of 120

D'Ecosse, escrit par Commandement et Ordonnance highly finished engravings from drawings by Bartlett, de la Royne Douarière et Régente, par Messires

fine impressions, 2 vols. 4to. imitation morocco extra, Jacques Makgill, clerc du Régistre, et Jean Bellenden,

gilt elles, £1. 10s

1839 clerc de la Justice, 11 Janvier, MDLIX, edited by

53 BECKER (G.) AUGUSTEUM, ou Description des T. Thomson, thin 4to. green morocco ertro, gilt

Monumens Antiques qui se trouvent à Dresde, 154 leaves, 188

Liin, 1824 fine line engravings of ancient Sculpture, fc. with 40 BARBUT’S (J.) GENERA INSECTORUM of Lix

Descriptions, 3 vols. folio, half red morocco extra, gilt NÆCs, and GENERA VERMIUM, containing 31 plates,

edges, by Wright, £3, 38

Leipzig, 1804-11

A very fine work, consisting of highly finished engravings of exhibiting several hundred coloURED FIGURES of some of the most celebrated pieces of ancient Sculpture in exisBeetles, Butterflies, Spiders, Worms, etc. 2 vols. 4to.

tence. The collection was principally formed by K. ACGustus II. cals gilt, £1. 48


who bought the superb Museum of PRINCE GHIGI, also several "A publication indispensably necessary to the student of Lin

Antiques from the Villa Albani, Antium, Mengs' famous collecngan Entomology."-IIAWORTH.

tion, &c.

54 BEDFORD'S (F.) Sketches in York, 14 tinted 41 BARCLAY'S (R.) APOLOGY for the QUAKERS, lithographic plates of Views of the Cathedral, and of

with the Dedication to K. Charles II., roy. 8vo. thick other buildings and places of interest, folio, cloth, paper, boards, 58 1780 10s 60

York, n. d.

56 BELL'S (T.) History of the British STALK-Eyed 69 Bible and Apocrypha, truclye and purely trans

CRUSTACEA, illustrated by 174 beautifully engraved lated by T. Matthewe, with Tyndale's Prologues, woodcuts, 8vo. half morocco extra, gilt top, £1. 48 folio, in the original stamped leather binding, £2. 10s Van Voorst, 1853

Raynaldo and Hyll, MDXLIX. 57 BERANGER’S (P. J.) Songs, translated, with a An edition of great rarity; although reprinted from the sketch of the Life of Béranger, 12mo. cloth, 5s

edition of 1537, it is observed that many alterations bare been

made. The above copy wants all before Isaiah, and all after thPickering, 1837

19th chapter of Revelations; the Title to the New Testament is in 58 BERINGTON'S (J.) History of the Reign of K. excellent condition. A good copy is worth from £20. to £30.

HENRY II. and of Richard and John, his sons, 4to. 70 BIBLE. - THE IMPERIAL FAMILY BIBLE; with hf. bound, uncut, 4s

Birmingham, 1790 copious Critical, Explanatory, and Practical Notes; 59 BERZELIUS' (J. J.) Traité de Chimie minérale, also References, Readings, Chronological Tables, etc.

végétale, et animale, traduit par Jourdan et Esslinger, illustrated by an extensive series of engravings on plates, 8 vols. 8vo. tree marbled calf gilt, nice copy, steel, folio, in 36 parts as published, £2. 15s (pub 185 Brucelles, 1840 £4. 108)

1870 "There was scarcely a question that this distinguished | 71 BLACKBURNE'S (E. L.) Sketches Graphic anel chemist did not bring to the test of experiment, and reduce to its

Descriptive for a history of Decorative PAINTING proper place in science, as may be seen in this great work." Only Sixty Coples STRUCK OFF.

applied to English Architecture during the Middle 60 BEWICK'S (T.) Figures of LAND and WATER

Ages, 22 large and beautiful plates in GOLD and BIRDS, a series of 114 woodcuts, NEVER BEFORE PUB

COLOURS, folio, cloth, 188 (pub. £2. 12s 6d) 1847 LISHED, printed without letterpress on sey grate leaves, 72 BLACKLOCK'S (Dr. T.) Poems, together with an on one side only, with portrait of Bewick inserted,

Essay on the Education of the Blind, and an Account demy 4to. half bound, uncut, £2. 10s

of the Life and Writings of the Author (blind from Newcastle, n. d. infancy) 4to. half calf, 4$ 6d.



Laws of England, adapted to the present State of the WATER BIRDS, with excellent impressions of the

Law, by R. M. KERR, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce, £3. 108

1862 famous woodcuts, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. royal 8vo. A FINE.CLEAN COPY of the FIRST EDITION, russia 74 BLÆU (J.) Nouveau TuÉATRE D'ITALIE, og extra, gilt leaves, £10. 108


Description exacte de ses Villes, Palais, Eglises, &c. 62 BEWICK’S (T.) HISTORY of BRITISH LAND and

comprised in above 200 fine large maps and Charts, WATER BIRDs, good impressions of the famous wood

also grand old Views of Buildings in Rome and other cuts, 2 vols, in one, 1809; and listory of QUAD

parts of Italy, FINE IMPRESSIONS, 4 vols. folio, in 3, RUPEDS, very fair impressions of the cuts, 1811; to

old Dutch calf, fl. 16s

Amst. 1704 gether 3 vols. 8vo. in 2, calf gilt, clean and excellent 75 BLAKE'S (W.) ILLUSTRAtions to Blair's Grave, copies, £5. 58

Newcastle, 1809-11

with the Poem and Memoir of the Author, 12 ex63 BEWICK’S (T.) Woop ENGRAVINGS of QUADRU

gravings from the sublime compositions by BLAKE, PEDS, comprising 224 figures printed on separate

and portrait of Blake, all by Schiavonetti, fine original leaves on one side only, without letterpress, demy 4to.

impressions, imperial 4to. half calf, (subscriber's cops) half morocco, gilt top, £4. 4s Newcastle, 1824


£1. 10s 64 BEWICK. - GOLDSMITH's (0.) and PARNELL'S 76 BLANC (Louis) The History Of TEN YEARS, POETICAL Works, with Biographical Sketches (by

1830-1840, being the History of his own day, map, Isaac Reed), Bulmer's splendiilly printed edition on

2 thick vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, 78 6d

1844-5 thick paper, illustrated by Bewick, fine impressions, 77 BLEWITT'S (R. J.) The Court of CAANCERY ;

1827 4to. gree morocco extra, giớt leaves, 0, HAYDAY, A

a Satirical Poem, 8vo. boards, 5s 6d BEAUTIFUL COPY, £2. 10s


78 BLUMENHAGEN (W.) Wanderung durch den This choice copy' was Horace Walpole's, and subsequently

Harz, with 30 fine steel engravings of Mountain and J. W. K. Eyton's: it contains the bookplate of each.

other Scenery, royal 8vo. half calf, neat, 58 65 BEWICK.-SOMERVILLE's (W.) THE CHASE, a

Leipzig, n. Poem, with Life, Bulmer's magnificent edition printed 79 BOLTON'S (J.) Natural History of BRITISH on thick paper, illustrated by BEWICK's famous Song Birds, with 80 beautifully coLOURED plates woodcuts, beautiful impressions, 4to. A CHOICE COPY of the Birds, Male and Female, the size of Lite, in in rich old crimson morocco grained, gilt leaves, £2. 23 their most natural Attitudes, with their Nests and

Evgs, 2 vols 4to. in one, boards, £2. 2s

1830 66 Biblia Sacra Latina Fulgata, cum Prolegomenis 80 BOOKE of Christian PRAIERS, called Q. Eliza

et Epistolis S. Hieronymi, printed in double columns BETH's Prayer Book, Pickering's Beautiful Reprint of 53 lines, the capitals painted in red and blue, with with port. of the Queen, woodcut borders, and all the numerous marginal notes in a contemporary hand- illustrations of ALBERT DURER and HOLBEIN, post. writing, folio, panelled calf (a large copy, but wants 8vo. dark Turkey , morocco antique, gilt gaufré edges, 4 leaves at the beginning, and is rather water-stained), £1. ls

Pickering, 18.13 RARE, £2. 10s.

Venetiis, T. de Reynsburch et This elegant and interesting volume contains the prayers R. de Novimagio, MCCCCLXXVIII.

suited to the present reign. It was got up regardless of expense 67 BIBLIA HEBRAICA secundum ultimam editionem ilustrated appear for the first time.

by the late Mr. Pickering. Many of the Designs with which it is J. ATHIÆ, a Joanne Leusden recognitam; recensita variisqne Notis illustrata ab E. van der Hooght et

81 BOOK of COMMON PRAYER, beautifully engrazed J. S. Frey, clearly printed in large type, 2 very thick


by STURT, including a series of Scripture Prints, and vols. 8vo. half calf, very neat, 10s 6d


portraits of K. Charles I. and II. James I. Q. Eliza68 BIBLE, containing the Old and New Testaments,

beth, etc. fine impressions, 8vo. in old dark purple with the Apocrypha, and Book of Common Prayer,

morocco, the sides and back covered with gold tooling, in one vol. small 4to. old purple morocco estra, gilt

gilt edges, £2. 158


The whole of this elegant and unique edition was elaborately leaves (wants title to Old Testament), 158

engraved on silver plates by Sturt; it contains nearly 200 xa

Cambridge, Field, 1666 gravings with highly ornamental borders to each page. The Duše Dr. Cotton says there was no edition of the Bible printed of York's copy sold for £4. 45. The Nassau copy, ruled, for in 165, 1666, or 1667, but here is one for 1666.

£14. 14s, resold in 1860 for £12, 128.,

n. d.

82 BOOK of Common PRAYER, Baskerville's edition, 92 BRAND'S (J.) Observations on POPULAR ANTIQUIin 3 vols. sm. 8vo. rough calf, gilt edges, 5s

TIES ; chiefly illustrating the Origin of our Vulgar

Camb. 1762 Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions, enlarged 83 BOOK of Common PRAYER, including the Sacra- edition, by Sir H. Ellis, with many wood engravings,

ments and Psalms, ILLUMINATED EDITION, with en- 3 vols. sq. post 8vo. hf. vellum, gilt, 10s 6d 1841 gravings after the Great Painters ; elaborately de

A most instructive and amusing work. sipaed borders to every page and ornamental capitals 93 BRICE'S (A., Printer) FREEDOM, a Poem, written in colours; also numerous beautiful plates in gold in time of recess from the rapacious Claws of Bailiffs, and colours, by Owen Jones, roy. 8vo. purple mo- and Devouring Fangs of Gaolers, with the Author's qocco eztra, gilt leaves, £1. 4s Murray, 1815

Case, sm. 8vo. old calf, 5s

Exon. 1730 84 BOOK OF GEMS ; the Poets and ARTISTS of 94 BRITISH POETS ; SHARPE's Edition, printed by

Great Britain mutually illustrated, and edited by S. C. Whittingham, with engravings from pictures by Hall, the letterpress beautifully printed on thick paper, Smirke, Westall, Fuseli, fc. 86 vols. sm. 12mo. in 43, and illustrated with 150 exquisite engravings after hf. bound, neat, £2. 108

1808 Tumer, Eastlake, Collins, and others, 3 vols. 8vo. red An elegant pocket edition, edited by T. 'Park; it is highly

morocco, super extra, gilt leaves, £2. 10s 1848-53 esteemed for the correctness of the text, great care having been 85 BOSWORTH'S (Rev. J.) Compendious Anglo.

taken in editing the series. Saxos and English Dictionary, 8vo. cloth, 78 1848 95 BROCKEDON'S (W.) Iraly, classical, historical, 86 bouchet (Jehan) LES ANNALES DACQUITAINE

and picturesque, 60 large and beautiful engravings by Faietz et Gestes en Sommaire des Roys de France et

the most eminent artists, from drawings by Turner, DANGLETERRE, Pays de Naples et de Milan, reveues

Stanfield, Prout, Leitch, Brockedon, fc. 2 vols. folio, et corrigées jusques en l'an MDXXXVI, folio, in

hf. morocco, gilt edges, £3. 10s

no dia the original stamped calf binding, a fine clean and 96 BROCKEDON'S (W.) Road Book from LONDON

A genuine early copy of this exceedingly beautiful work. large copy with some rough leaves, VERY RARE, 46. 158 (Colophon), Paris N. Couteau, MDXXXVI. ;

to NAPLES, illustrated by 25 beautiful engravings

from the Drawings of Stanfield, Prout, and Brockedon,

(on title) MDXXXVII The best production of Jean Bouchet, and a work much

by W. and E. Finden, INDIA PROOFS, LARGE PAPER, Magat siter by the Collector of English History. On folio 150

folio, red morocco extra, gilt leaves, £2. 158 cmences the Metrical Epistre de Madame Marie Royne 97 BRONGNIART (A.) et DESMAREST, Histoire NaDoianère de France au Roy Henry (VIII) Dangleterre son turelle des CRUSTACÉS Fossiles, sous les rapports frere."

Zoologiques et Géologiques, with 11 plates containing 87 BOURDALOUE (Le Père Louis) SERMONS sur

numerous figures of Fossils, 4to.boards, 7s Paris, 1822 divers sujets, 32 vols. 12mo. French calf gilt, £2. 2s

Paris, 1716, fc.

98 BROUGHAM'S (Lord) Life and Times, written "The style and imagery of Bourdaloue seem to rush upon us by Himself, (including, Early Life ; Visit to Denwith the force of a mountain torrent

In the higher de- mark and Scandinavia ; The Scotch Bar and the partments of sermon composition, he is, doubtless, without a Edinburgh Review ; Tour through Holland and rival"-DIBDIN.

Italy ; Volunteering Projects ; Mission to Portagal; ** BOUTELL'S (Rev. C.) MONUMENTAL Brasses of Politics of the Day, Home and Foreign), portrait and

England ; a series of 149 Engravings upon Wood from facsimile, Vol. 1, (all yet published), 8vo. new cloth, raluable Memorials, with Descriptive Notices, royal 13s 60

Just Published, 1871 8vo. cloth, £1.18

1849 99 BROUGHAM (Lord) COLLECTIONS RELATING *The amount of information conveyed in moderate compass,

to ; consisting of Cuttings, Leading Articles from ia the above attractive work, renders this collection of examples of Cow of Decorative Design, and of Heraldry, highly accep

Newspapers, Portraits, Cartoons from Punch, CaricataleThey are marked by minute and faithful exactress, and tures, (some coloured), Reviews, Two AUTOGRAPH their variety is striking."-ARCHAEOL. JOURNAL.

LETTERS, &c. &c. in all 76 subjects, mounted on thick 89 BOWER'S (Arch.) HISTORY of the Popes from

tinted paper, preserved in a demy portfolio, hf. bound, £2. 108

1820-1868 the Foundation of the See of Rome to the Present

100 BROWNE'S (Sir T.)Religio Medici, with AunoTime, 7 vols. 4to. calf, very neat, good copy, £1. 10s

tations, and the Observations of Sir K. Digby, seventh 1749

1678 ** This famous work was written after the author's renuncia

edition, with front. 12mo, calf, 58 6d tion of the Catholic Faith, and gave great offence to the Roman 101 BRYDGES' (Sir Egerton) STEMMATA ILLUSTRIA Catbolcs from the freedom of its exposures."

præcipue Regia, with extra leaves and 12 plates of

Seals and Arms, one of which is the LARGE PLATE of 90 BOYDELL'S (J.) Scenery and History of the

the Arms of Sir Egerton Brydges, (Only 100 COPIES RIVER THAMES, with 76 large and fine engravings

PRIVATELY PRINTED) royal folio, boards, uncut, of the most famous Scenery, Seats, Mansions, fc. on

£3. 3s


The present copy contains three plates more than are usually 2 vols. folio, in one, hf. russid, £2. 15s Bulmer, n. d. found in the book, and one more than is named in the list of 91 BOYLE LECTURES.- DEFENCE of NATURAL and plates. The large plate" is quite a curiosity, containing 360

quarterings. Included in the volume is an AUTOGRAPHICAL MEREVEALED RELIGION ; being & Collection of the MOIR, (24 pages) 1826. "This work is one of extraordinary SERMONs preached at the Lecture founded by the character; the nature of its subject, and the limited impression

will always render the volume of rare occurrence. Sir E. B. was Hon. R. BOYLE, (from 1691 to 1732), with the addi

most scrupulously cautious and particular in his distribution of tions and corrections of the authors, and general them. The miscellaneous historical, biographical, and genealogiIndexes, 3 vols. folio, white vellum, red and dull gilt cal matter, will surprise the reader." A copy, with only 9 plates, leaves, by Wright, £1. 10s


has realised by auction £10. 108. Preachers ;-Bps. Leng, Kidder, Williams, Gastrel, Bradford,

102 BUCKLAND'S (Dean) RELIQUIÆ DILUVIANE, and Blackhall; Archd. Gurdon; Drs. S. Clarke, Hancock, Turner,

or Observations on the Organic Remains contained Builer, Woodward, Derham, Ibbot, Bentley, Harris, Stanhope, in the Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, attesting 3. Clarke, Barnet and Berriman; also Mr. Whiston.

the Action of an Universal Deluge, 27 COLOURED If all other defences of religion were lost, there is solid TEsconing enough (if properly weighed) in these three volunies to

and nther plates, 4to. boards, 15s, 1824; another copy, TEDØVE the scruples of most unbelievers."-Bp. Watson.

hf. calj neat, 18s


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103 BUFFONG. L.) HISTOIRE NATURELLE, illus- | 118 CARNUS' (C.) Introduction to COMPARATIVE

trated by very numerous neatly engraved copper ANATOMY, in 20 plates, containing several hundred plates, 65 vols. sm. 12mo. French calf extra, gilt anatomical dissections, with explanatory references, edges, an excellent little set, only fl. lls 6d, very 4to. boards, 5s cheap

Paris, Crapelet, 1799, &c. 119 CATALOGUE of H. G. Bohn's Extensive Col104 BULLARIUM MAGNUM ROMANUM, a Leone lection of Books, with their sizes, prices, numerous

Magno usque ad Benedictum XIV (1757): editio bibliographical notes, 8.c. very thick 8vo. hf. Morocco, novissima, cum Rubricis, Summariis, Scholiis, et In- (wants 2 leaves), 128 6d

1841 dicibus locupletissimis, 19 vols. in 12, Luxemb. 1742- An accurately compiled catalogue, containing upwards of 58; accedit ConTINUATIO AD Plum VIII. 2 vols. in 23.000 articles in all classes of literature. one, 1835-7—together 21 vols. folio, in 13, (10 in white 120 CATALOGUE of the English Portion of the

LIBRARY of ARCHDEACON WRANGHAM, compiled by stamped pigskin, with clasps, and 3, in the ordinary pigskin), £5. 108 Luremburgi et Roma, 1742-1837

himself, with very numerous Bibliographical Notes, The Bullarium is, according to the late Mr. Butler, the third

India proof portrait and Obituary inserted, 8vo. half Article, and one of the chief bases of the modern period of Canon morocco, rough edges, VERY SCARCE, ONLY 70 COPIES



of the Church of England, with the Collection of Historia Literaria, a Christo nato usque ad SæcaRecords, a copious Index, together with additional

lum XIV. cum Appendice, 2 vols. folio in one, old Notes and a Preface, by Dr. Nares, large type edi

panelled calf gilt, 158

1685 tion, illustrated by 22 fine portraits, 4 vols. 8vo. calf "A capital performance, which discovers great reading, reneat, £1.48

1839 search and accuracy, and contains much important information in 106 BURNS' (R.) LIFE AND WORKS, edited by Robt. comparatively little room."-ORME. Chambers, LIBRARY EDITION, portrait,

vois. 8vo.

122 CAXTON.-Lewis' (J.) LIFE of MAYSTER WIlin 2, hf. coli gilt, marbled leaves, 15s

LYAM CAXTON, of the Weald of Kent, the First

1856 107 BURNS (R.) POETICAL Works, edited by Will

Printer in England, with portrait and facsimiles of mott, with wood engravings by J. Gilbert, fcap. 8vo.

paper marks used by Carton, 8vo. new panelled calf

1737 calf antique, red edges, 58 6d


gilt, red edges, scarce, £1. Is 108 BURTON'S (R.) ANATOMY of MELANCHOLY, with

123 CELLINI (B.) VITA ed altre Opere, portrait,

3 vols. 8vo. mottled calf gilt, nice copy, 78 6d engraved title by Blon, containing portrait, and the leaf of verses, or Argument of the Frontispiece,"

Milano, 1806-11 folio, sprinkled calf gilt, red edges, binding of a recent 124 CERVANTES, EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO Don date, GOOD COPY, £1. 16s

QUIJOTE de la MANCHA, magnificently printed in a


fine large bold, type on superfine paper, with portrait of with the Satirical Preface, and Life, complete, with

the author, and 12 FINELY ENGRAVED PLATES, entirely front. 8vo. morocco gilt, 10s 6d


new designs, and mar, 2 vols. folio, elegantly hi. 110 BUTLER'S (Rev. A.) Lives of the Saints, com

bounil in morocco, gilt edges, £5. Barcelona, 1859

This is a remarkably handsome edition, embellished with piled from original MSS. and other Records, fronts. highly finished engravings of a superior character. It is an 12 vols. post 8vo. hf. calf neat, £2. 12s Dublin, 1845 impression that reflects great credit on the Spanish publisher; and

was published at a much higher price than is now asked for it. 111 BUTLER’S (C.) REMINISCENCES, comprising Es- 125 CERVANTES' Don Quixote, translated by Jarsays, Jurisprudence, Forensie Eloquence, Horæ Bib

vis, with portrait and fine plates, LARGE PAPER, licæ, Correspondence with Dr. Parr, Biographies, &c. 4 vols. royal 8vo, calf gilt, £2. 58

1801 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s 60,

1822-27 126 CHALMERS'(A.) GENERAL BIOGRAPHICAL Dic112 BUTLER'S (S.) WORKS, viz. Hudibras, with An

TIONARY, with an Account of the Lives and Writings notations by Grey, portrait and engravings by Ho- of the most Eminent Persons in every Nation, 32 vols. garth, 2 vois.-Genuine Remains in Verse and Prose,

8vo. hf. calf, only £3. 15s-.very cheap 1812-17 by Thyer, 2 vols.-together 4 vols. 8vo. BEST EDI- "No good library can possibly be considered complete with

Tions, calf gilt, FINE TALL COPIES, £3. 10s 1744-59 out the excellent Biographical Dictionary of Chalmers. 113 BUTLER'S (S.) HUDIBRAS, with large Annota

127 CHAMBERS (R.) CYCLOPEDIA of ENGLISH tions and a Preface, by Z. Grey, printed in large type

LITERATURE, a History of British Authors from the by Bensley, with portrait, and plates after Hogarth,

earliest to the present time, with copious selections: 2 vols. 8vo. coli gilt, 15s


from their writings, portraits and engravings, 2 vols. 114 BYRON'S (Lord) Works, original library edition. impl. 8vo. hf. calf, 9s 6d.

1844 illustrated with engravings after designs by WESTALL, 128 CHANDLER’S (P. W.) AMERICAN CRIMINAL 3 vols. 8vo. calf ertro, gilt leaves, 18s

1819 Trials, frontispieces, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 83 Comprises, Childe Harold, the Giaour, the Bride of Abydos.

Boston, 1841-4 the Corsair, Lara, the Siege of Corinth, Parisina, the Prisoner of 129 CIIAP BOOKS.-Life of David Iloggart, exeChillon, Beppo, Manfred, Miscellaneous Poems, Hebrew Melodies,

cuted at Edinburgh for Murder in 1821; GREENACRE, and Mazeppa.

or the Edgeware Road Murder, the Trial, &c.; Life 115 CÆSAR'S COMMENTARIES, translated by DUNCAN,

of Jack SHEPPARD, his Escapes, Execution, &c.; with a Discourse of the Roman Art of War, original

Melancholy History of the untimely end and Execuedition, with portrait and 86 large and spirited en- tion of GEORGE BARNEWELL; Life, Voyages, and Sea gravings, INCLUDING THE FINE BUFFALO PLATE, folio, Battles of Commodore Paul JONES; and the Hisa fine copy in old russia gilt, £2.-15s


tory of BAMFYLDE Moore Carew, King of the 116 CALLCOTT'S (Lady) SCRIPTURE HERBAL,

Beggars—in one vol. sm. 8vo. half bound, with cofinely printed in large type within ruled margins, and

loured frontispieces, scarce, 16s 6d illustrated with upwards of 100 engravings, sm. 4to.

Derby, 9. d.

130 CHAPMAN'S (B.) HISTORY of GUSTAVUS ADOLcloth, 8s 6d (pub. £1. lls 6d) Longmans, 1842

Plus, and of the Thirty Years' War, plans of Battles, 117 CAMPBELL'S (Major-Gen.) WILD Tribes OF 8vo. cloth, 6s

KUONDISTAN, a Personal Narrative of 13 years' ser- 131 CHATEAUBRIAND'S (F. A. de) RECOLLECvice for the Suppression of Human Sacrifice, thick TIONS of ITALY, England, and America, 2 vols. 880. 8vo. cloth, 5s

186+ boards, 5s



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