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n. d.

855 WESTGARTH'S (W.) The Colony of Vic- 866 WILKINSON'S (Sir G.) DALMATIA and Mos. TORIA ; its History, Commerce, and Gold Mining ;

TENEGRO ; with a Journey to Mostar in Herzegovina, its Social and Political Institutions to the end of

and Remarks on the Slavonic Nations, tinted plates, 1863, map, thick 8vo. cloth, 68


and numerous wood engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. caj 856 WESTWOOD (J. (.) and HUMPHREYS' British

gilt, 16s 6d Moths, and their transformations described, contain- 867 WILKINSON'S (R.) LONDINA ILLUSTRATA, or

Murray, 1848 ing 124 plates exhibiting nearly 600 figures of Moths, Graphic and Historic Memorials of Monasteries, most BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED, and the Plants on Churches, Chapels, Palaces, Halls, Courts, &c. in the which they feed, ORIGINAL COPY, 2 vols. 4to. hf. City and Suburbs of London and Westminster, 206 morocco, gilt leaves, £6 68

W. Smith, 1843-5

large engravings, good impressions, 2 vols. impl. 4to. One of the most beautifully illustrated popular works of British Entomology published, embracing all the new species and

hf. red morocco, gilt top, £3. 108

1819-25 varieties, and exhibiting the Insects in life-like and picturesque

Both series complete. This is the most interesting and groups, flitting among the foliage and flowers of their native

curious graphic work on Old London extant. haunts, or hovering over the plants upon which the larvæ may be

868 WILLEMENT'S (T.) HERALDIC Notices of seen feeding.

CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL, with Genealogical and 857 WHÄRTON'S (G. and P.) Queens of Society,

Topographical Notes, engravings of arms, fc. LARGE with numerous engravings on wood by Doyle and the

PAPER, royal 4to. boards (only fifty copies printed', Bros. Dalziel, 2 vols. post, 8vo. cloth, 98 6d,


1827 Contents: Duchesses of Marlborough, Devonshire, Gordon ; La Marquise de Maintenon, and La Marquise Du Deffand; Mary,

869 WILLIAMS' (Dr. D.) SERMONS preached before Countess of Pembroke ; Ladies M. W. Wortley, Morgan, Hervey,

the University of Oxford and in Winchester Cathedral, and C. Lamb; Mesdames Roland, Sévigné, Récamier, and De with Memoir of the Author, 8vo. hf. calj, 6s 6d 1862 Stael; Anne Seymour Damer; Miss Landon; Mrs. Piozzi, and 870 WILLIAMS' (F.) History of the Municipium Mrs. E. Montague. 858 WHEWELL'S History of the INDUCTIVE Sci

of ANCIENT VERULÁM, engravings, 2 vols. 12mo. in ENCES, from the earliest to the present time, large type 871 WILLIAMS' (Rev. R.) LEXICON Corvo Britan

one, hf. colf, 4s 6d

St. Albans, 1622 edition, 3 vols, 8vo. hf. calf, 15s (pub. £2. 2s) 1837 859 WHITAKER’S (T. D.) HISTORY of RICHMOND

NICUM : a Dictionary of the Ancient Celtic Language SUURE, in the County of York, with fine impressions

in CORNWALL, in which the words are elucidated by of the numerous highly finished engravings, 2 large

copious examples from Cornish Works, with trans

lations, 4to. hf. calf gilt, £1. 12s vols. folio, calf gilt, FINE COPY, £26. 10s.

1865 1823 This is the most magnificent of all the County Histories as

Besides the synonyms given in the cognate dialects of Welsh, regards illustration. The views are nearly all drawn by Turner,

Armoric, Irish, Gaelic, and Manx, there are illustrations from the

Sanscrit, Greek, Latin, German, &c. and engraved by the first Artists. BEST EDITION ON LARGE PAPER.

872 WILSON'S (Sir R.) PRIVATE DIARY of Travels, 860 WHITAKER'S (T. D.) HISTORY and Anti

Personal Services, and Public Events (1812-14), QUITIES of CRAVEN, with map, pedigrees, and

edited by his Nephew, the Rev. H. Randolph, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 10s 6d.

1861 numerous plates, some of which are in duplicate, worked in colours, 1812, History of the PARISH of 873 WITHAM'S (H.) Observations on Fossil VEGEWUALLEY and Honor of Clitheroe in the Counties of TABLES, accompanied by representations of their Lancaster and York, with map, pedigrees, and

Internal Structure as seen through the Microscope, numerous engravings, 1818, BEST GREATLY

uith 6 plates of Fossil Wood, f.c. 4to, boards, 58 1831 ENLARGED EDITIONS, 2 vols. sm. folio, hf. russia, 874 WITHER'S (G.) COLLECTION OF EMBLEMES, VERY SCARCE, £48.


Ancient and Moderne, quickened with metrical illus862 WHITE'S (G.) NATURAL HISTORY and Anti

trations both morall and divine, portrait and 200 quities of SELBORNE, with the Naturalist's Calendar,

beautiful engravings by C. Pass, folio, modern calf, gilt leaves, £4, 10s

1635 Life, and Notes by eminent Naturalists, edited by J. Rennie, printed at the Chiswick Press by Whitting, with in any state. The present cannot be considered a good cops,

This curious and interesting work is very rarely to be met ham, with beautiful woodcuts, 8vo. hf. vellum, gilt as it is much soiled and stained in places; the two titles and serer! edges, 12s 6d

1832 other leaves liave been rather clumsily mended, and the last leaf

of the index is wanting. 862 WIELAND'S (C. M.) OBERON; a Poem, trans

875 WITHERING’S (W.) ARRANGEMENT of British lated from the German by W. Sotheby, second edition,

Plants according to the latest Improvements of the printed on LARGE PAPER, and illustrated with nume

Linnæan System, with Introduction to the Study of rous engravings after FUSELI, 2 vols. 8vo. boards,

Botany, profusely illustrated with engravings, LAST uncut, 6s

1805 863 WILKES' (J.) SPEECHES in the House of Com

AND BEST EDITION, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco neat, gilt tops, 16s 6d

1830 Mons, reprinted from the original edition in 3 vols.

876 WOOD'S (Ant. à) ATUENÆ OXONIENSES, or Hisand revised and enlarged by the author, 8vo. tree

tory of Oxford Writers, with the Fasti or Anpals of marbled calf gilt, VERY NICE COPY, 10s 6d 1786

the University, enlarged by Bliss, 4 vols. royal 4to. “This is the only complete and correct edition of Mr. Wilkes' Speeches, and it is now become Liber valde rarissimus from calf gilt, FINE COPY, £10. 10s its extreme rarity, a great bibliographical curiosity."-Nichol's This valuable body of English Biography contains upwards of Lit. Anecdotes.

Two Thousand Two Hundred Lires. The present edition is enriched 864 WILKINS'(D.) CONCILIA MAGNÆ BRITAN- with a vast number of Notes by Bishops Humphreys, Kennett, and NIÆ et HIBERNIÆ, a Synodo Verolamiensi, A.D.

Tanner, Sir P. Sydenham, Dr. Rawlinson, Baker, Gray, Morant,

Peck, Wanley, Wballey, &c. CCCCXLvi ad Londinensem A.D. MDCCXVII, acced.

877 WOOD'S (Ant. à) ATIENÆ OXONIENSES; an Constitutiones et alia ad Historiam Ecclesiæ An

Exact History of all the Writers and Bishops educated glicanæ spectantia, 4 vols. folio, recently full bound

at Oxford, and Annals of the University, 2 vols. folio, in panelled calf extra, gilt leaves, FINE COPY, very

cals, new back, neatly gilt, a sound copy of this valik scarce, £15. 158

able and important work, £1. 18

1721 * An excellent and invaluable work. It is above all praise." 878 ZIBIMERMANN (E.) SPECIMEN ZoologiÆ GEO

. 865 WILKINSON'S (Sir G.) ANCIENT EGYPTIANS; GRAPHICÆ, Quadrupedum Domicilia et Migrationes Manners and Customs of the, first series, numerous

sistens, with a Zoographical map of the world, ho, engravings, some coloured, 3 vols. 8vo. caly neat, hf. calf, 8s 6d

Lugd. Bat. 1777 £3. 38






APRIL 23, 1871.







To prevent disappointment, Gentlemen are respectfully requested to address their orders to H. S. & Co. direct. - No books, unless under special circumstances, can be sent for inspection ; and none, after being ordered, are entitled to be returned except for palpable imperfections.- If a single article be ordered and no reply be given, the voork may be considered as previously disposed of.


LAND, with 20 humourous COLOURED engravings and selected and translated by Sir J. Bowring, post 8vo. 200 woodcuts by JOHN LEECH, 2 vols. 8vo. in one, maroon morocco extra, gilt leaves, 88 6d

1824 bright calf gilt, 18s n. d. 12 ANCIENT Scotish MELODIES, from a MS. of the

& 2 ACADEMY OF COMPLIMENTS (The New); being Reign of K. James VI. with an Introductory Enquiry

the rarest and most exact art of wooing a Maid or illustrative of the History of the Music of Scotland, Widow, with a choice Collection of the newest Songs, by W. Dauney, F.S.A. 4to boards, £1. 88 curious woodcut on title, (pp. 24) 12mo. half bound,

Bannatyne and Maitland Clubs, 1838 VERY RARE, 168

Newcastle, n. d. 13 ANDERSSON’S (C. J.) LAKE NGAMI, or Explora3 ÆSOP'S FABLES, with Life, STOCKDALE's Fine Edi- tions and Discoveries during Four Years' Wanderings TIOX, printed in large type, with 112 engravings by

in the Wilds of South WESTERN AFRICA, with map, Blake, Stothard, Landseer, fc. 2 vols. large 8vo. hf. tinted plates, and numerous engravings on wood, impl. Morocco, gilt, £1. 18s (1793) 8vo. cloth, 10s 60 (pub. £1. 108)

1856 4 AIKIN'S (Lucy) COURT OF QUEEN ELIZABETH ; 14 ANDREWES' (Bp. L.) 96 SERMONS, to which is

Memoirs of the, fifth edition, revised and corrected, added an Alphabeticall Table of the Principall Con2 vols. 8vo. boards, 5s 6d

1823 tents, one vol. folio, in two, bound in antique calf, 8s 6d 5 ALCYONII (Petri) MEDICES LEGATUS de Exsilio,

1635 EDITIO ALDINA, 8vo. a fine large and clean copy in

Bp. Andrewes was one of the translators of the authorized

version of the Bible, and is always ranked among the first scholars old crimson morocco extra, gilt leaves, £1. 108

of the time.

Venetiis, MDXXII. 15 ANGLER'S PROGRESS; a Poem illustrative of the "Volume fort rare."-RENOUARD.

progress of the Angler, from Infancy to the period of 6 ALISON'S (Sir A.) PRINCIPLES OF POPULATION, his becoming a Complete Angler, with 12 pretty and their Connection with Human Happiness, 2 vols. woodcuts, 12mo. (10 pp.) sewed, 5s 6d

1820 8vo. boards, 9s (pub. £1. 108)

1840 16 ANTIQUARIAN and ARCHITECTURAL Year Book 7 ALLEN'S (T.) HISTORY and Antiquities of LONDON, for 1844, engravings, 8vo. cloth, 58 6d

1845 Westminster, Southwark, and parts adjacent, engrav- 17 ANTIQUITATES Celto-NORMANNICÆ, containings, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £1. 18

1827 ing the Chronicle of Man and the Isles, Latin and 8 ALLIES' (J.) ANTIQUITIES and FOLK-LORE of Wor- English, with Notes, and Extracts from the Annals of cestershire, British, Roman, and Saxon, second edition, Ulster, Ware's Ireland, and other Works, by J. JOHN8vo. cloth, 8s 6d (pub. 158)

1856 STONE, 1786; also ANTIQUITATES CELTO-SCANDICE, 9 ANALYTICAL GREEK LEXICON; consisting of an ex Snorrone, etc. compilavit J. JOHNSTONE, Islandice

Alphabetical Arrangement of every occurring Inflexion et Latine, 1786-in one vol. 4to. calf neat (with the of every word contained in the Greek New Testament autograph of Sir Emerson Tennent) 188 Scriptures, with a Series of Paradigms, &c. 4to.

Copenhagen, 1786 grained calf, marbled edges, 168 6d

18 A PAPER:-of TOBACCO ; treating of the Rise,

Bagster and Sons, n. d. Pleasures, etc. of Smoking, by Joseph Fume, plates by 10 ANCIENT Laws and INSTITUTIONS of ENGLAND, H. K. Browne (Phiz), 12mo. boards, scarce, 78 6d 1839

with Indexes, a compendious Glossary, &c. edited by 19 APPERLEY'S (C. J. “Nimrod,”) The Chase, the B. Thorpe, folio, cloth (wants 2 sheets) 16s

TURF, and the ROAD, with portrait by Maclise, and PRINTED BY ROYAL COMMAND, 1840 numerous sporting illustrations by H. Alken, 8vo. Comprising Laws enacted under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, from

1837 Ethelbirht to Cnut, with an English translation of the Saxon; the

cloth (moderately clean copy) 68 Laws called Edward the Confessor's; the Laws of William the

20 APULEII OPERA, cum isagogico libro Platonica Conqueror, and those ascribed to K. Hen. I. ; also Monumenta Philosophiæ per Alcinoum, Græce, EDITIO ALDINA, Ecclesiastica Anglicana, from the Virth to the Xth century; and sm. 8vo. Sprinkled calf gilt, modern binding, 8s 6d the Ancient Latin Version of the Anglo-Saxon Laws.

Venetiis, MDXXI.


21 ARABIAN Nights' ENTERTAINMENTS, Knight's | 32 ART UNION JOURNAL, from 1849 to 1856, both

Pictorial Edition, translated with Copious Notes by years inclusive, with several thousand erquisite y E. W. Lane, several hundred beautiful engravings by beautiful engravings on steel and wood, 8 vols. 4to. Harvey, fine impressions, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. calf extra, hf. morocco, gilt edges, £6.

1849-56 gilt leaves, by Wright, £4. 158

1841 This series comprises the most elegant portion of the Foris, By far the best library edition of the Arabian Nights.

and contains the whole of the engravings of the VERNON GALLERI "The Notes of Mr. Lane throw more light upon the mystery

and a portion of the Royal GALLERY, together with other choice of Arab Life than perhaps all other works in the language."

illustrations of the modern British School of Painting, Sculpa ATHESÆUM.

ture, and the Fine Arts in General, 22 ARABIAN Nights' ENTERTAINMENTS, translated 33 ASCHAM'S (Roger) ENGLISH WORKS, with Notes by Forster, with fine engravings from Smirke's cele

and Observations by J. Bennet, 4to. new hf. morocco, brated pictures, 5 vols. 8vo. calf, gilt edges, £2. 58 gilt top, uncut, 188

1761 1810

Prefixed to this edition is an interesting Life of the Authe, 23 ARCHAICA and HELICONIA, containing Reprints 34 ASÁMOLE'S (E., Windsor Herald) Institutions,

written by Dr. Johnson. of Rare Old English Pieces of Prose and Poetry, edited Laws, and Ceremonies of the ORDER of the GARTEE, by T. PARK, and Sir EGERTON BRYDGES, complete,

with numerous fine engravings of Costumes, Cerea 5 vols. 4to. calf, by Hering, £8. 15s

1815 Only 200 copies of these rare pieces were privately printed by

nies, Processions, Arms, 8-c. by Hollar, thick folio,cı'j Longmans, at £25. 38 the set in boards.

gilt, £3. 158

167) 24 ARCHER; Brief Memorials of ENGLISH FAMILIES

* A laborious and highly valuable work, drawn ap with great of that Name, a Monograph of 46 pages, 4to. boards, 35 ASTLE'S (T.) History of the Origin and PrugTess

perspicuity and care."-LOWNDES. 68 6d Privately printed, Edin. 1856

of WRITING and PRINTING, BEST EDITION, numerosos 25 ARETINO (Leon) Historia FIORENTINA tradocta

fine engravings from Ancient MSS. Inscriptions, des de Lat. in Ling. Toscana da Donato Acciaioli, folio, e Poggio, Historia FIORENTINA, tradocta da Lat. 36 AUGUSTINI (Ant.) Opera Omnia JURIDICA,

4to. a fine copy in russia gilt, scarce, £1. 108 18:13 in Ling. Toscana da Jacopo suo Figliuolo, folio,

theologica et philologica, portrait and plates, & vols. together 2 vols. old crimson morocco extra, lined with

folio, calf gilt, scarce, £6. 158

Luice. 1765 silk, gilt edges, £2. 10s

The author, who was created Archbishop of Tarragona in Vinegia, J. de Rossi, MCCCCLXXVI 1574, was one of the greatest jurists of his own or any age; and First editions of the two works, both of which are rare; they are was the first who applied a knowledge of Roman inscriptions and very fine specimens of early typography from the same press, and antiquities to the elucidation of the laws of Rome. are in a beautiful state of preservation, the margins of the two 37 AVELING'S (J.) HISTORY of Roche ABBET, last leaves only of " Poggio" being slightly repaired. 26 ARIOSTO'S (L.) ORLANDO FURIOSO, translated

Yorkshire, from its Foundation to its Dissolution, into English Verse by W. Stewart Rose, 8 vols. post

finely printed, with 15 plates of Architectural De

tails, fc. large impl. 8vo. antique cloth, 185—Another 8vo. cloth, £1. 18

1823-31 "Never was such a close scrupulous fidelity of rendering asso

copy, LARGE PAPER, folio, antique cloth, £1. 165 ciated with such light-dancing elegance of language."--- Blackwood.

1870 27 ARISTOPHANES' ACHARNIANS, Knights, and 38 AYTOUN'S (W. E.) BOTHWELL, & Poem, fairly

BIRDs, a metrical version by (J. Hookham Frere) printed on thick paper, 8vo. purple morocco, sujet with Notes, printed on writing paper, 4to. limp cloth,

extra, gilt leaves, 8s 6d

1857 uncut, VERY RARE, £2. 168

39 BACKHOUSE'S (J.) MAURITIUS and SOUTH printed at Malta, 1839, Pickering, 1840 AFRICA ; Narrative of a Visit to, illustrated by ? Very few copies printed, and these for private circulation maps, 16 etchings, and 28 woodcuts, thick 8vo. cloth, only. The book is very rarely to be met with.

6s 6d

1814 28 ARNOLD'S (R.) CHRONICLE, otherwise called the 40 BACON'S (Lord) WORKS complete, both English

Customs of London (edited by Douce), 4to. boards, and Latin, portrait, 10 vols. 8vo. old mottled calf gilt, uncut, £1. 18 1811 an excellent library copy, £l. 88

1803 In this curious old Chronicle are first printed many of the City 41 BAILLIE'S (Capt.) Works, a Series of 106 FINE Charters, and, among divers other matters, the original of the * Nutte Browne Maide."

Prints and Etchings after Paintings and Drawings 29 ART de VÉRIFIER les Dates des Faits Historiques, by the great Masters, a few in two different states, des Inscriptions, des Chartes, des Chroniques, et

with portrait of Capt. Baillie, FINE IMPRESSIONS, autres anciens Monuments, avant l'Ère Chrétienne, et mounted on tinted drawing paper, impl. folio, old depuis la Naissance de Jésus Christ jusqu'à 1770 (par green morocco extra, gilt leaves and borderings. £4. 158 Clément), avec des Corrections et Annotations par

Boydell of Co., 7. d. Saint-Allais ; aussi la CONTINUATION jusqu'à 1837

Genuine early copy of this interesting collection, comprising (les trois parties complètes) 10 vols. roy. 4to. hf. green Dow, Poussin, Terburg, and other old Masters.

some splendid specimens after Rembrandt, Ostade, Teniers, G. morocco, uncut, French binding, £12. 12s

42 BAIRD (Sir David) LIFE of, including his Military Paris, 1818-38

Career in India, Egypt, Spain and Ireland, by Turo"A splendid monument of learning, which has left little to be

DORE Hook, portrait and maps, 2 vols. 8vo. If. call, done by subsequent chronologists, besides the humble duties of translation and abridgment."-SiR HARRIS NICOLAS.

gilt, 7s 60

1837 30 ART of Illumination as practised in Europe from 43 BAKER'S (Sir R.) THEATRUM TRIUMPHANS; or a

the EARLIEST Ages, with 100 exquisitely beautiful Discourse of Plays, shewing the lawfulness and exexamples in GoLD, SILVER, and Colours, drawn cellent use of Drammatique Poesy, 12mo. half calf, from choice specimens of the Vith to the XVIth Cen- 12s

1670 tury, consisting of richly erecuted Borders, Initial 44 BANDELLO (M.) Histoires TRAGIQUES extraites Letters, and Alphabets, in the highest style of Chromo- des Euvres Italiennes de Bandel, et mises en Langue Lithography by Tymms, with an Essay and INSTRUC- Française par P. Boisteau et F. de Belle-Forest, 7 vols. TIONS by DigBy Wyatt, impl. 8vo. extra cloth gilt, sm. 12mo. in old olive morocco extra, gilt leaves, a £2. 58

1860 fine clean copy, and VERY RARE, £t. 108 Lyon, 1564 This is one of the most beantiful works ever produced, and to An earlier edition than any mentioned by Brunet, probably the artist or illuminator one of the most interesting and useful. the first. Col. Stanley's copy sold for £6.168 6d. 31 ASCHAM'S (Roger) WHOLE Works, edited, with

“These novels, although inferior to those of Boccaccio, ara

written with a degree of vivacity and nature which seldom ful Life, by Dr. Giles, LARGE PAPER, 4 vols. post 8vo.

to interest the reader; but which do not secure a very honourable cloth, £1. 48

J. R. Smith, 1865 reputation to the author."—T. Roscoe.

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and MAKYNE, and the Testament of Cresseid (Poems), III, editio secunda, longe emendatior, engravings, 8vo. edited, with Preface, by G. Chalmers, 4to. smooth sprinkled calf gilt, yellow edges, 8s 6d

1787 green morocco extra, gilt edges, (ONLY 65 COPIES This volume contains an elaborate and learned preface by the PRINTED) 188

Edin. 1824

editor, Dr. Parr, and portraits of Burke, Fox, and North, to each

of whom sections are dedicated. 46 BANNATYNE CLUB.—MELVILLE's (Sir J.) MEmoirs of his own Life, MDXLIX-MDXCII, edited from 61 BELLEW'S (J. C. M.) Sermons preached in St. the original MS. by T. Thomson, with facsimiles, 4to.

Philip's, Regent Street. and two Discourses delivered hf. morocco, uncut, £1. Is

Edin. 1827

on the Days of National Thanksgiving, 1855-1856, 47 BANNATYNE CLUB.-SIR GAWAYNE ; a col

8vo. cloth, 7s 6d

1856 lection of ANCIENT ROMANCE Poems, by Scotish 62 BELON (P.) Histoire NATURELLE des ÉstranGES and English Authors, relating to that celebrated

Poissons MARINS, avec la vraie Peincture et DescripKniglit of the Round Table, edited, with an Introduc- tion du Daulphin et de plusieurs autres de son Espèce, tion, Notes, and a copious Glossary, by Sir F. MADDEN,

with numerous curious woodcuts of marine monsters, 4to. boards, uncut, £2. 15s


fc. and a large woodcut of the Figure of Time on a, 48 BANNATYNE CLUB.–TURNER'8 (Sir J.) ME

single leaf at the end, sm. 4to. old French red morocco, Moirs of his own Life and Times (1632-1670) edited

gold borders, and gilt edges, (a few leaves at the end from the original MS. by T. Thomson, with facsimile

rather discoloured at one edge), RARE, 18s of noriting, 4to. hf. morocco, uncut, 14s Edin. 1829

Paris, 1551 49 BARRINGTON'S (Viscount) POLITICAL LIFE,

Pattu de Mello's copy sold for 34 francs. compiled from original Papers by his brother, Shute 63 BELZONI'S (G.) Narrative of the Operations and BARRINGTON, India proof portrait, large paper, roy:

Recent DisCOVERIES in Egypt and NUBIA, portrait, 4to. bright calf gilt, 6s 6d.

1814 4to. crimson morocco, with gold borders, joints, and 50 BARROW'S (Dr. I.) SERMONS on various Subjects, gilt edges, K. GEORGE THE Í Vru's copy, the Royal 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, 9s 6d. 1820 arms in gold on the sides, 188

1820 51 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) CANADIAN SCENERY, with 64 BENGEL'S (J. A.) and STEUDEL's Gromon of the Descriptions by N. P. Willis, 120 highly finished en

New Testament, translated, with the author's preface, gravings from Drawings by Bartlett, early impressions, by Bandinel and Fausset, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, £l. 8s 2 vols. 4to. bright calf gilt, nice copy, £2. 28 1842

Edin. 1866 52 BATTY'S (Capt.) HANOVERIAN, Saxon, and Danish

65 BENTHAM (G.) and MUELLER'S FLORA AustraScenery, PROOF IMPRESSIONS of the 60 highly finished LIENSIS: a Description of the Plants of the Australian engravings by Letitia Byrne, Goodall, and others, Territory (Ranunculaceæ to Anacardiaceæ; Legumiwith Descriptions in English and French, LARGE nosæ to Combretaceæ; and Myrtaceæ to Compositæ), PAPER, 4to. hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, £1. 188 1829 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s (pub. £3.)

1863-6 53 BAYLE.-GENERAL DICTIONARY, Historical, Bio- 66 BERJEAU'S (J. P.) Early Dutch, German, and

graphical, and Critical (including the whole of BAYLE), English PRINTERS' MARKS, 79 woodcuts, executed ins greatly enlarged and improved by Bernard, Birch, exact facsimile of the originals, 3 parts, roy. 8vo. Lockman, and other eminent hands, 10 vols. folio, old sewed, 4s 6d

1866 tree calf, good sound binding, £5. 18s

1734 | 67 BERRY'S (W.) HAMPSHIRE GENEALOGIES; PediFINE CUPY of one of the most copious and useful Dictionaries grees collected from Heraldic Visitations and other

authentic MSS. as well as from the Information of 5+ BEATTIE'S (Dr. W.) SCOTLAND ILLUSTRATED in

present Resident Families, numerous engravings of a Series of Views taken expressly for the work by T. ALLOM, BARTLETT and others, upwards of 120 highly

Arms, carefully coloured by hand, folio, boards, (only 250 copies printed) £4, 4s

1833 finished engravings, early impressions, with Descriptions, 2 vols. 4to. Morocco, gilt edges, £1. 158 1838

68 BERRY'S (W.) History of GUERNSEY, Alderney, 55 BEDFORD'S (John, Fourth Duke of) CORRES

Serk, and Jersey, compiled from the valuable collecPONDENCE (1742-1770) edited, with Introduction, by

tion of H. Budd, and authentic Documents, Charters, LORD Russell, portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 188

Public Records, &c. map and 30 engravings, 4to. calf 1842-6


neat, 9s 6d An historical work of great value, including amongst other

69 BERRY'S (W.) Sussex GENEALOGIES; Pedigrees Interesting matter, a correspondence having relation to the period collected from Heraldic Visitations and other authenfrom the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle to the death of George II. ; the tic MSS. as well as from the Information of the preintrigues which led to the junction of the Duke of Newcastle and Pitt in 1767; and the letters on the state of Ireland under the

sent Resident Families, numermus engravings of Arms, Viceruyalty of the Duke of Bedford.

carefully coloured by hand, folio, boards, (only 250 57 BEDFORD'S (W. K. R.) Blazon of EPISCOPACY,

copies printed) £4. 4s

1830 being a coinplete List of all the Archbishops and

SECOND EDITION, LARGE PAPER. Bishops of England, from the first Foundation of their 70 BEWICK'S (T.) History of British LAND and Sees to the present time, sixty-two plates exhibiting Water Birds, with good impressions of the famous milany hundred coats of arms, with Descriptions, 8vo. woodcuts, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. calf neat, cloth, 8s 6d (pub. 155)

£6, 10s

Newcastle, 1805 58 BELANY'S (J. C.) Treatise upon FALCONRY, front. 71 BEWICK'S (T.) History of British LAND and

LARGE PAPER, PRIVATELY PRINTED, 8vo. cloth, WATER BIRDS, with fair impressions of the famous scarce, 123

Berwick-upon-Tweed, 1841 wooodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 12s Newcastle, 1847 One of the very few works written on this interesting subject. 72 BEWICK'S (T.) History of QUADRUPEDS, with It gives an "outline of the character and habits of the different hawka principally used in British hawking, with instructions for

excellent impressions of the celebrated woodcuts, 8vo. keeping, training and flying the birds," with a glossary added. calf gilt, fl. ls

Newcastle, 1811 59 BELLE-FOREST (F. de) les GRANDES ANNALES, 73 BIBLIA HEBRAICA, cum punctis ; et Novum Tes

et Histoire Generale de FRANCE, des les Venue des TAMENTUM GRÆCUM, with the English Versions, and Francs en Gaule, jusques au Regne du Henry III. a Hebrew-English and a Greek Lexicon, coloured heads of the kings, 2 thick vols. folio, fine copy in maps, thick 12mo. purple morocco, fecible, and a loose cals gilt, scarce, £2. 28 Paris, 1579

Bagster and Sons, n. d.



cover, 12s 6d


Lessons for Sundays from the Scriptures, and the Jaws of England, with Analysis, and copious Notes whole Book of Psalms in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and by HARGRAVE, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. boards, 16s 64 English, edited by Dr. ILIFF, 4to. morocco, gilt edges,

1844 £2. 28

Bagster, 1843 87 BLAND'S (Rev. R.) Collections from the GREEK 75 Biblia Latina, cum CONCORDANTIS VETERIS et ANTHOLOGY, and from the Pastoral, Elegiac, and

Novi TEST ABIENTI, et Sacrorum Canonum : necnon Dramatic Poets of Greece, thick 8vo. russia ertra, et additionibus in marginibus varietatis diversorum FINE COPY, 78 6d

1813 textuum: ac etiam Canonibus antiquis quatuor Evan- 88 BLOOMFIELD'S (S. T.) RECENSIO SYNOPTICA geliorum. Novissime autem addite sunt concordantie Annotationis Sacræ; a Digest and Synoptical arrangeex XX. libris Josephi de antiquitatibus et bello Ju- ment of the most important Annotations on the New daico excerpta, admirably pr ed in double columns, Testament, 8 vols. 8vo. russia, a good sound ori, with the prefatory Epistles of St. Jerome, title in a £2. 10s

1826-28 compartment, and illustrated by upwards of 100 “One of the most important works in Sacred Literatnre which spiritedly designed and highly curious woodcuts, and has been offered to the attention of Biblical students for many several hundred ornamental capitals, folio, vellum,

years."Horne. RARE, £2. 28 Lugduni, J. Mareschal, MDXXIII

89 BLOXAM'S (Dr. J. R.) REGISTER of the PRESTWith the exception of a few end leaves being slightly dis

DENTS, Fellows, Demies, Instructors in Grammar and coloured by damp at one corner, the volume is in excellent condition. Music, Chaplains, Clerks, Choristers, and other mem76 BIBLIA.VETUS TESTAMENTUM ex versione LXX

bers of St. Mary MAGDALEN COLLEGE, OXFORD, Interpretum, accedunt variæ Lectiones, necnon Intro from its foundation to the present time, 2 vols. Evo. ductio CARPZOVII, 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, good copy,

cloth, 18s

Oxford, 1853-7 8s 6d

Oxon. 1817 90 BLUNT'S (Rev. J.) Vestiges of ANCIENT MAX

NERS and Customs discoverable in MODERN ITALI 77 BIBLE (LA SAINTE) en LATIN et en François,

and Sicily, 8vo. cloth, scarce, 88 6d

1843 suivie d'un Dictionnaire Etymologique, Géographique, 91 (BODENHAM'S (John)] Wits Theater of the et Archéologique, numerous well engraved plates by

LITTLE WORLD, sm. 12mo. calf neat, RARE, 18s 1599 DEVERIA, 13 vols. 8vo. nice copy in hf. morocco, marb. 92 BOLINGBROKE'S (Lord) WORKs, with Life, conleaves, £1. 108

Paris, 1828 I'refixed to this edition is a treatise on the Authenticity of the

taining additional information relative to his personal Old Testament, particularly the Pentateuch.

and public character, LIBRARY EDITION, portrait, 78 BIBLE.-Old and NEW TESTAMENTS, with Mar

4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 168 Philadelphia, 1841

93 Bonaventure.- Dieta salutis a Beato Bonaventura ginal References, WELSH VERSION, 12mo. bound,

ultimate emendatum, curious woodcut on title, sm. £1. ls

Trefecca, 1790 79 BIBLE. -THE OLD TESTAMENT, translated into

8vo, new morocco antique, gilt edges, nice copy, Tare, 18s

Parisiis, MDXVIII Irish, by Bp. W. Bedel, 1685 - NEW TESTAMENT, translated by W. O'DONNELL, with the scarce pre

94 BONER'S (C.) CHAMOIS Hunting in the Moonliminary matter, 1681, 2 vols. 4to. calf, RARE,

tains of Bavaria, with fine tinted plates, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

1853 £l. lls 6d

1681-5 First Edition of the Scriptures in Irish.


LIUM, cum Glossis Jo. Andreæ, a beautiful and higidy

interesting specimen of early typography, printed in Exposition in the very words of Scripture, with double columns on a stout and durable paper, the several finely executed coloured maps, 3 vols. sm.

large and small capitals filled in with red and blive 4to. whole bound plain morocco, bevelled boards, gilt

ink, and some slight marginal notes in a very old leaves, £2. 158

Bagster and Sons, n. d.

handwriting interspersed through the volume, folio, 81 BIBLE.-TREASURY BIBLE; comprising the English Version of the Holy Scriptures as printed in

sprinkled calf gilt, red edges, old style, by Aitker, A

FINE TALL COPY, VERY RARE, 16. 15$ Bagster's Polyglott Bible; and a Treasury of Scripture

Moguntiæ, P. Schouffer, MCCCCLXXUI Knowledge, consisting of 500,000 Parallel Texts, with

The printer's colophon to this book is very curious, and is illustrative notes, 4to. embossed calf, 148 Bagster, n. d. printed separately on a single leaf. 82 BIBLE-PRINTS.-HISTORICAL ILLUSTRATIONS of 96 BOOKE OF CHRISTIAN PRAIERS, called Q. ELIZAthe BIBLE; a series of 122 highly finished engravings

BETH'S PRAYER Book, Pickering's Beautiful Reprint, on steel, principally after the Old Masters, PROOFS,

with portrait of the Queen, woodcut borders, and all interleaved, royal 4to. hf. russia extra, gilt top,

the illustrations of ALBERT DURER and HOLBEIN, £1. 108

Fisher of Co. n. d.
thick post 8vo. morocco, gilt leaves, 14s


This elegant and interesting volume contains the prayers

suited to the present reign. It was got up regardless of expense VETERIS et Novi TestamENTI, 62 fine large engrar- by the late Mr. Pickering. Many of the Designs with which it is ings illustrating the principal events recorded in the illustrated appear for the first time. Scriptures, drawn and engraved by J. LUYKEN; also 97 BOOK of COMMON PRATER, C. Knight's Pictorial 29 smaller ones in vignette form, representing Scenes edition, with several hundred beautiful engravings on from the Life of Christ, with descriptions in French, wood, thick impl. 8vo. cloth, 12s 6d roy. folio, Dutch hf. calf, £1. 1s

Amst. 1732 This elegant edition comprises copious original Notes, with an 84 BILLINGS' (R. W.) ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES introductory history of the Liturgy by the Rev. H. Stebbing, and of the County of DURHAM, ecclesiastical, castellated, 98 BORDERER'S TABLE Book, or Gatherings of

is printed to range with Knight's Pictorial Bible. and domestic, with 65 highly finished engravings by

Local History and Romance of the English and ScotLe Keuw and others, 4to. boards, £1. 1s Durham, 1846 85 BLANC (Louis) Histoire de la RÉVOLUTION FRAN

tish Border, by M. A. Richardson, 900 engravings of ÇAISE, the complete work, 12 vols. 8vo. bright calf

Views, Arms, fc. 8 vols. royal 8vo. in 4, cloth, £3. 35 (pub. £5. 58)

1846 gilt, grained, FINE LIBRARY COPY, (with autograph

A very interesting and curious work, presenting in & chromeletter from the author), f4. 4s Paris, 1847-62 logical form every notable circumstance connected with the Nor

* A well written and valuable addition to the historical library thern Counties, from the earliest times ; also an immense quantity of the first French Revolution."

of Legends, Traditions, Anecdotes, Proverbs, &c.


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