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873 TEMMINCK (C. J.) MONOGRAPHIES de MAMMALOGIE, ou description de quelques genres de Mammiferes, dont les espèces sont dans les différens musées de l'Europe, illustrated with 70 Osteological plates, many folding, 2 vols. 4to. handsomely bound in spotted calf, £3. 58 Paris et Leiden, 1827-41

Intended as a supplement to existing works on Natural History, and especially to Baron Cuvier's "Recherches sur les Ossemens fossiles."

874 TEMPLE BAR; a London Magazine for Town and Country Readers, conducted by G. A. Sala, and others, complete from the commencement in 1860 to 1866, 15 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £2. 28 1860-6 875 TENNIEL'S (J.) CARTOONS from PUNCH, 100 of the large full-page spirited plates by this talented Artist, struck off upon tinted drawing paper, impl. 4to. extra cloth, gilt edges, 128 (pub. £1. 18)

1863 A rich and humourous Collection, including the choicest of the larger subjects or "Cartoons" which have appeared during the last ten years in this popular periodical. 876 TENNYSON'S (A.) Idylls of the King, fcap. 8vo. cloth, 58


1869 877 TERENTIE COMEDIE, cum variis Lectionibus, cura SANDBY, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 10s 6d 878 THEATRE FRANCAIS, ou Recueil des Tragédies et Comédies restées au Théâtre depuis Rotrou, pour faire suite aux éditions de Corneille, Molière, et Racine, avec des notices sur chaque auteur et l'examen de chaque pièce, par PETITOT, handsomely printed and illustrated by a series of fine engravings, 23 vols. 8vo. bright calf gilt, £3. 58 Paris, Didot, 1803-5

According to Brunet this edition is greatly preferable to the subsequent one, on account of the superior impressions of the engravings.

879 THEATRICAL RECORDER, edited by Thomas Holcroft, plates, Vol. 1, 8vo. hf. bound, rough edges,

10s 6d


Contents:-The Art of Acting; Account of Betty the Young Roscius: Dramatic Anecdotes; Dramatic Biography Essay on Dramatic Composition; Translations from Foreign Authors; Rise and Progress of the German Stage; Miscellanies; new Pieces and Performers; etc.

880 THEATRICAL REPERTORY, Or WEEKLY ROSCIAD, containing Criticisms on the Performances at Drury Lane and Covent Garden Theatres, with Observations on other Places of Public Entertainment; from Sept. 1801 to June 1802, (Nos. 1 to 28, all published,) 8vo. hf. bound, rough edges, VERY SCARCE, £1. 18 T. Woodfall, 1801-2 This was Charles Mathews' copy, and has his bookplate. The volume is dedicated to George Colman, and is a very interesting one, containing notices of Mrs. Siddons, Kemble, Dibdin, Mrs. Jordan, Miss Mellon, Mr. Braham, and other histrionic celebrities. A note inside the cover, presumed to be written by Mr. Mathews, states that."This paper having hobbled to the extent of 28 numbers and completed its first season-expired without a groan! and no attempt was made the following theatrical season to resuscitate


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885 THOMSON'S (J.) CASTLE of INDOLENCE, an Allegorical Poem, written in imitation of Spenser, and illustrated in outline by William Rimer, 12 plates, oblong folio, cloth, 78 6d Art Union, 1845 886 THOMSON'S (J.) SEASONS, with Life, and a Critical Essay, by R. Heron, portrait and a series of line engravings by Chesham, sm. 4to. vellum, gilt edges, 98-another copy, old tree-calf gilt, 10s 6d Perth, 1793

887 THOMSON'S (T.) WESTERN HIMALAYA and TIBET; a Narrative of a Journey through the Mountains of Northern India, in 1847-8, map and plates, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d


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890 THORNTON'S (E.) History of the BRITISH EMPIRE in INDIA, 6 vols. 8vo. cloth, 148

1841 "A sound, an impartial, and a searching composition : chaste, elegant, and flowing in diction, profound in thought and thoroughly logical in reasoning."-Colonial Magazine.

891 THORPE'S (J.) REGISTRUM ROFFENSE, containing a Collection of Charters, Ancient Records, &c. necessary for illustrating the Ecclesiastical History of ROCHESTER CATHEDRAL, portrait, folio, bright calf gilt, yellow edges, by Wright, fine copy, £3. 38 1769 892 TIMBS' (J.) CURIOSITIES of LONDON, exhibiting the most rare and remarkable Objects of Interest in the Metropolis, portrait, thick 12mo. hf. calf gilt, 88 6d

1855 893 TOD'S (J.) TRAVELS in WESTERN INDIA, embracing a Visit to the Sacred Mounts of the Jains, and the most celebrated Shrines of Hindu Faith between Rajpootana and the Indus, with numerous highly finished engravings on steel, royal 4to. rusia gilt, 12. 108


894 TOMLINS' (Sir T.) LAW DICTIONARY, explaining the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the British Law, with Interpretation of Terms, and Additions by Granger, FOURTH AND BEST EDITION, 895 TOOKE'S (J. Horne) DIVERSIONS of PURLEY, 2 vols. 4to. law calf, 128 6d with Additions by the Author, revised and corrected by R. Taylor, front. thick 8vo. cloth, 78



896 TOPOGRAPHER (The) containing original Articles on the Local History and Antiquities of England, upwards of 50 engravings, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. cali, £1.8s 1789-91

By Sir Egerton Brydges and the Rev. H. Stebbing Shaw. Valuable for the Monumental Inscriptions, Architecture, Geneulogies, &c.

897 TRACTS published by W. IIONE; a Sermon by an ACTRESS; Odd Numbers of various Periodicals, such as the Nic-Nac, the Literary Humbug, the Squib, &c. together with other Pamphlets, several illustrated by woodcuts, thick 8vo. calf gilt, 158 1819, &c.

Containing amongst others:-Modern Times, being remarks on a verse in Jeremiah, by Mrs. Beverly, (an Actress); Interpretation of the Ass-Pope, and the Calf-Monk, by Luther; Political House that Jack Built, cuts; Constitutional House that Jack Built, woodcuts; Queen's Matrimonial Ladder, cuts by Cruikshank'z Letter from the King; Queen's Letter to the King; and an Account of a Family of Laplanders.


898 TREITSCHKE (F.) NATURGESCHICHTE der EU-| 914 VOGEL'S (Dr. E.) REISEN und ENTDECKUNGEN ROPÄISCHEN SCHMETTERLINGE (Schwärmer, Spinner, und Tagfalter), illustrated with 64 plates, comprising about 250 figures accurately coloured, 2 vols. 12mo. boards, uncut, 10s 6d Pesth, 1840-41

899 TRIAL of Miss MADELEINE H. SMITH for the alleged Poisoning of M. Pierre l'Angelier at Glasgow, a verbatim report, with portraits and plans, 8vo. bound in leather, 58 1857 900 TRIALS for ADULTERY; or the History of Divorces, being select Trials at Doctors' Commons for Adultery, Fornication, Cruelty, Impotence, &c. 10 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, SCARCE, £3.10s 1779, &c. 901 TRUSLER'S (J.) HABITABLE WORLD Described, or Present State of the People in all parts of the Globe, numerous fine plates, 20 vols. 8vo. russia gilt, a very fine copy, only £2. 10s 1787-97 902 TUČKER'S (A.) LIGHT of NATURE PURSUED, abridged, with a Preface (by W. Hazlitt) 8vo. halj calf, 78 6d

1807 903 TURNBULL'S (D.) CUBA; with Notices of Porto Rico, and the Slave Trade, 8vo. boards, 4s 6d 1840 904 TURNEBI (Adriani) POEMATA, sm. 8vo. nice copy in morocco, gilt leaves, 88 6d Parisiis, 1580 Professor Turnebus was so highly esteemed that some of the German Professors, when quoting him, used to move their right hands to their caps, in token of respect for his great learning. 905 TURNER'S (J. M. W.) SOUTHERN COAST OF ENGLAND; Picturesque Views on the, with Descriptions, 80 choice illustrations engraved by Cooke and others, ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 2 vols. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt tops, £5.15s


906 TURTON (W.) and GRAY's Manual of the LAND
and FRESH WATER SHELLS of the British Islands;
with 152 COLOURED figures of specimens, post 8vo.
cloth, 98
907 TWEDDELL'S (J.) REMAINS; a Selection of his
Correspondence, his Prolusiones Juveniles, &c. with
Memoir, portraits, maps, and plates, 4to. hf. calf gilt,
6s 6d
968 UDINE (H.) LA PSICHE di Hercole Udine, dedi-
cata alla sereniss. Mad. LEONARA MEDICI GONZAGA,
illustrated with 8 curious full-page engravings, small
8vo. FINE COPY, in old red morocco, by De Rome, gilt
leaves, 188
Venetia, 1599


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GRECA, 14 vols. sm. 8vo. in 7, hf. morocco, plain,
marbled leaves, fl. 108
Firenze, 1846
911 VAUGHAN'S (Dr. C.) LECTURES on the REVE-
LATION OF ST. JOHN, 2 vols. post 8vo. hf. calf gilt,
88 6d

of Noblemen and Gentlemen in ENGLAND, upwards
of 300 finely engraved Views, with Historical Descrip-
tions of the Mansions, Lists of the Pictures, Statues,
&c. 3 vols. 4to. hf. morocco gilt, £1. 14s
Jones & Co., 1831, &c.
913 VIRGIL'S ENEIS, translated into Scottish Verse,
by GAWIN DOUGLAS, (Bp. of Dunkeld, 1515) with
copious GLOSSARY and Life, folio, calf, A FINE COPY,
very scarce, £2.5s
Edin. 1710

"To each book is prefixed an original prologue, in which are given lively and simple descriptions of scenery, written in a manner which proves their author to have been possessed of considerable poetical power."

This edition contains an excellent Glossary by Ruddiman, and Life of Douglas by Sage.

in CENTRAL-AFRIKA, in der grossen Wüste, und in den Ländern des Sudan, profusely illustrated, post 8vo. cloth, 5s Leipzig, 1860 915 VOLTAIRE'S (F. M.) WORKS, translated from the French, with Notes, historical and critical, by Dr. Smollett, and others, portrait, 35 vols. sm. 8vo. calf, very neat and good copy, £4. 48


916 VOLTAIRE'S (F. M.) La Pucelle, or the MAID of ORLEANS, translated into English Verse, with Notes, explanatory, critical, historical, and biographical, by W. H. IRELAND, 2 vols. 8vo. in one, hf. calf neat, 12s 6d


917 WALKER'S (T. Police Magistrate) THE ORIGI
NAL, a series of interesting Sketches and Anecdotes
on a variety of Subjects, 8vo. hf. calf, 68
LAGO: the Land of the Orang-Utan, and the Bird of
Paradise, a Narrative of Travel, with Studies of Man
and Nature, map and numerous wood engravings, in-
cluding several of Natural History, 2 vols. post Svo.
new bright hf. calf gilt, 18s


919 WALPOLE'S (Horace) ANECDOTES of PAINTING in England, enlarged by Dallaway, MAJOR'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION, with upwards of 150 fine portraits and engravings by Worthington, Finden, and others, BRILLIANT INDIA PROOFS, 5 vols. royal 8vo. bright calf gilt, A CHOICE COPY, £7. 15s


"An admirable publication, beautiful alike in paper, printing. and engraving, and truly excellent in every thing which depended upon the talents and exertions of its editor."-Literary Gazette. 920 WALPOLE'S (H.) ANECDOTES of PAINTING in England, with some account of the principal Artists, 5 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, fine copy, 10s 6d 1782 921 WALPOLE'S (H.) HISTORIC DOUBTS on the Life and Reign of K. Richard III. portraits by Vertue, 4to. calf neat, 5s 6d

1768 922 WALSH'S (J. H. “Stonehenge') GREYHOUND; the Art of Breeding, Rearing, and Training Greyhounds for Public Running; their Diseases and Treatment, illustrated by numerous engravings, sq. 8vo. hf. bound, uncut, 12s 6d


Contains also the National Rules for the management of Coursing meetings and for the decision of Courses. 923 WALTON'S (J.) LIVES of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert, and Sanderson, with illustrative Notes, MAJOR'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION, with portraits, engravings, and autographs, INDIA PROOFS, post 8vo. hf. calf antique, red edges, 18s 1825 924 WALTON (J.) and COTTON'S COMPLETE ANGLER, with portraits and engravings of the River-Fish described, 12mo, boards, 6s 6d n. d. 925 WARBURTON'S (E.) CRESCENT and the CROSS; or Romance and Realities of Eastern Travel, with tinted plates and woodcuts, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s


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Not merely a life of Rupert; it is a narrative of the civil history of Charles I. and the military story of the Rebellion.


TRIAL ART and SCULPTURE at the International Exhibition of 1862, consisting of 300 plates, containing many hundred illustrations of the most choice examples, British and Foreign, EXECUTED IN THE MOST FINISHED STYLE IN COLOURS AND GOLD, by Day and Son, with Descriptions, complete, 3 handsome folio volumes, bound in red morocco super extra, gilt edges, £12. 12s


928 WARD'S (Sir H. G.) MEXICO; comprising a 943 WHEWELL'S (Dr. W.) History of the INDUCpersonal narrative of TRAVELS, History of the Revo- TIVE SCIENCES, from the Earliest Times, 3 vols. 8vo. lution from 1810 to 1824, account of its MINES, &c. boards, £1. 48 with maps, and numerous plates, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, scarce, 108

1828 929 WARNER'S (F.) HISTORY of IRELAND, from the earliest Records, map, Vol. 1 (all published) 4to. calf gilt, 123 6d Tonson, 1763

This history is praised for its candour and research by Plowden and other writers.

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931 WARTON'S (T.) HISTORY of ENGLISH POETRY, from the XIth to the XVIIIth Century, with Notes by Ritson, Douce, Park, and other eminent Antiquaries, edited by Price, best library edition, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. bright calf gilt, £1. Ss 932 WARWICK'S (Eden) The POETS' PLEASAUNCE: or Garden of all sorts of Pleasant Flowers, which our Pleasant Poets have, in past time, for pastime, planted, beautifully illustrated with designs of Flowers and Insects, and every page surrounded by a vine border, thick 8vo. fancy boards, bevelled edges, scarce, 163 60

1847 Designed to illustrate the extent of homage which our best Poets, prior to the present century, have paid to Nature, in Flowers.

933 WATERHOUSE'S (G.) NATURAL HISTORY of the MAMMALIA (containing the Order Rodentia, or Gnawing Mammalia), with 20 plates of coloured figures and anatomical dissections, roy. 8vo. cloth, 108 60


934 WATSON'S (Joshua) MEMOIR, edited by ARCHDEACON CHURTON, portrait, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. 15s)


935 WATTS' (Dr. I.) WORKS COMPLETE, comprising Sermons, Poetical Works, Religious and Moral Treatises, &c. with portrait, and Life, 9 vols. 8vo. half calf, very neat, 10s 6d



936 WEBER'S (C. J.) DEMOKRITOS, oder hinterlassene Papiere eines lachenden Philosophen, fifth edition, complete in 12 vols. 18mo. bound in 6, half calf gilt, Stuttgart, 1854 937 WEBSTER (T.) and PARKES' Encyclopædia of DOMESTIC ECONOMY, comprising such subjects as are most immediately connected with Housekeeping, nearly 1000 engravings on wood, thick 8vo. cloth, 128 6d (pub. £2. 10s)


938 WELLINGTON'S (Duke of) DESPATCHES during his various Campaigns in India, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Low Countries, and France, edited by Col. Gurwood, 12 vols. 8vo. boards, £2.158 939 WELLINGTON'S (Duke of) LIFE, by J. H. Stocqueler, illustrated by numerous full-page engravings, and woodcuts in the text, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 7s



940 WELLS' (Dr.) WORKS; Essays upon Single Vision with Two Eyes, and on Dew, with Observations on the difference of Colour between the White and Negro Races, and Life, 8vo. boards, scarce, 9s 1818 941 WHITAKER'S (T. D.) HISTORY and TOPOGRA

PHY of the Town and PARISH of LEEDS, and Parts adjacent, including the whole of Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis, also Aredale, Wharfdale, Vale of Calder, the Loidis and Elmete, &c. with all the Genealogical Tables and numerous fine engravings, 2 vols. roy. folio, full bound in panelled calf gilt, red edges, A FINE

COPY, £9.98


942 WHEWELL'S (Dr. W.) ELEMENTS of MOBALITY, including Polity, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 12s 6d 1845

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"Of White's writings probably those that will last the longest are the papers published in the above work." 945 WHITE'S (G.) NATURAL HISTORY and Antiquities of SELBORNE, with the Naturalist's Calendar, Life, and Notes by eminent Naturalists, edited by J. Rennie, printed by Whittingham, beautiful woodcuts, 8vo. calf gilt, 12s 6d (1833) 946 WHITELOCKE'S (Sir B.) MEMORIALS of the ENGLISH AFFAIRS, from the beginning of the Reign of K. Charles I. to the Restoration, folio, calf, 10s 6d 1682

"A valuable contribution to the History of the period." 947 WICKES' (C. Architect) SPIRES and TOWERS of the MEDIEVAL CHURCHES of England; Illustrations of the, with Observations on the Architecture of the Middle Ages, 52 fine large drawings on stone of the principal English Cathedrals and Churches, 2 vols. impl. folio, cloth, £2. 18s (pub. £7. 7s)


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955 WILLIAMS' (G.) The Holy City; Historical, Topographical, and Antiquarian Notices of Jerusalem, BEST EDITION, numerous tinted plates and woodcuts, and the large plan printed on linen, 2 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, 188 (pub. £2. 58) Parker, 1849

This edition is greatly enlarged, and includes an Architectural History of the Holy Sepulchre, &c. by the Rev. R. Willis.

956 WILLIAMS' (II.) Select VIEWS in GREECE, 64

exquisitely beautiful engravings, original impressions, with Descriptions, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. hf. morocco extra, gilt leaves, £1.5s

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958 WILLIS' (Browne) NoTITIA PARLIAMENTARIA, Or History of the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs in England and Wales, their Antiquities, Charters, &c. vols. 1 and 2, 8vo. calf gilt, scarce, £1. 168 1730-50 Best Edition: the first volume having been twice printed, originally in 1715, and subsequently in 1730, care must be taken to procure the last, which is much enlarged.

959 WILSON (A.) BONAPARTE, and JARDINE'S AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY, or Natural History of the Birds of the United States, 97 plates, comprising nearly 400 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED figures of birds, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, scarce, £5. 15s (pub. £10. 10s) 1832 960 WILSON'S (Sir R.) Narrative of Events during the INVASION of RUSSIA, by Napoleon Bonaparte and the Retreat of the French Army in 1812, edited by the Rev. H. Randolph, with large map, and plans of battles, 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d (pub. 15s) 1860 961 WILSON'S (H. H.) RIG-VEDA-SANHITA; a Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, translated from the original Sanskrit, 8vo. cloth, (numerous marginal notes in pencil), 58 6d


1850 962 WILSONS (W.) HISTORY of DISSENTING CHURCHES and Meeting Houses in London, Westminster, and Southwark, including the Lives of their Ministers, with portraits, 4 vols. 8vo. grained calf gilt, fine copy, £1. 58 963 WILTON'S (Countess of) ART of NEEDLE WORK, from the Earliest Ages, including Notices of ancient Historical Tapestries, post 8vo. cloth, 5s 964 WINDUS' (T.) Elucidation of the Subjects on the celebrated PORTLAND VASE, formerly called the Barberini; and the Sarcophagus in which it was discovered, fine impressions of the plates, folio, cloth, 10s (pub. £2.)



965 WINSLOW'S (Dr. C. F.) FORCE and NATURE; Attraction and Repulsion: the Radical Principles of Energy, discussed in their Relations to Physical and Morphological Developments, 8vo. cloth, 9s (pub. 14s)


966 WISEMAN'S (Cardinal) Lectures on the CONNEXION BETWEEN SCIENCE and REVEALED RELIGION, map and plate, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d 1836 967 WODROW'S (R.) HISTORY of the CHURCH of SCOTLAND from the Restoration to the Revolution, with Life, Extracts from his Correspondence, a Preliminary Dissertation, and Notes, by the Rev. R. Burns, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d

1841 968 WOLLEY (J.) OOTHECA WOLLEYANA; an Illustrated Catalogue of his Collection of Birds' Eggs, edited from the original Notes by A. Newton, with 9 plates, containing 54 beautiful specimens of Eggs coloured, also 9 fine lithographs by Wolf, of scenery, haunts, and nests of Birds, l'art I." Accipitres," (all published,) royal 8vo. sewed, £1. 1s (pub. £1. 11s 6d) Van Voorst, 1864 969 WOOD'S (W.) Illustrations of the LINNEAN GENERA OF INSECTS, 86 carefully COLOURED PLATES with the dissections, and Descriptions, 2 vols. 12mo. in one, hf. calf, 10s 6d


970 WORDSWORTH'S (Bp.) GREECE; Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical, with upwards of 300 beautiful engravings on wood and on steel, illustrative of the Scenery, Architecture, Costume, and Fine Arts of that country, original impressions (but rather foxed), impl. 8vo. hf. calf, 16s 6d


971 WORDSWORTH (Bp.) On the INSPIRATION of HOLY SCRIPTURE, second edition, with appendix, 8vo. cloth, Es Ed


972 WORDSWORTH'S (W.) POETICAL WORKS COMplete, with Notes and the Prefaces to the original editions, portrait, 6 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 188 Молоп, 1836

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GREAT WORK ON ORNAMENT. 982 ZAHN'S (W.) ORNAMENTE aller KLASSISCHEN KUNST-EPOCHEN nach den Originalen in ihren eigenthümlichen Farben, PRACHT-AUSGABE, comprising 100 sheets of specimens of Ornamentation, selected with the greatest taste, and printed in the richest colours, in 20 parts, oblong folio, £6. Berlin, 1870-71

In variety of design and fidelity of execution, these specimens

of Classical Ornament are unequalled by any similar publication. Cases, from paintings on ancient Greek Tiles and Vases, from They have been selected from paintings on Egyptian Munny gilded Greek Bas-reliefs, and ancient Ivory carvings, from murs: paintings and other remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum, from Mosaics of the twelfth century in the Norman churches of Sicily, and from the works of art of the sixteenth century at Mantna and at Rome. A short explanation is given of each plate, both in the French and German languages. 983 ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY; its GARDENS and MENAGERIE delineated, under the sanction of the Council, 2 vols. 8vo. comprising Quadrupeds and Birds, copiously illustrated with engravings, and bound in half calf, 8s 6d


981 ZSCHOKKE'S (J. H.) STUNDEN DER ANDACHT zur Beförderung wahren Christenthums und hauslicher Gottesverehrung, one very thick vol. impl. 8vo. neatly half bound, 8s 6d Aarau, 1835

This work was originally published as a Sunday Periodical, and became so popular that it was reprinted as a continuous work. and in different forms has passed through nearly 50 editions. It

is a great favourite with Her Majesty Queen Victoria, at whose

instance selections have been published in English under the titles of "Meditations on Death and Eternity" and "Meditations on Lie and its Religious Duties."







To prevent disappointment, Gentlemen are respectfully requested to address their orders to H. S. & Co. direct.-No books, unless under special circumstances, can be sent for inspection; and none, after being ordered, are entitled to be returned except for palpable imperfections.—If a single article be ordered and no reply be given, the work may be considered as previously disposed of.

cal MEMOIRS of the Reign of MARY QUEEN OF
Scors, and a Portion of that of K. James the VIth,
edited, with Preface, by R. Pitcairn, 4to. cloth, 188
Edin. 1836
1 ABOUT (E.) Le Roi des MONTAGNES, finely printed
on hotpressed paper, illustrated by very numerous
designs by GUSTAVE DORÉ, roy. 8vo. hf. morocco
extra, gilt edges, 98 6d
Paris, 1861
of the Interiors and Exteriors of the Public Buildings,
and of the Manners, Customs, &c. of London, 3 vols.
roy. 4to. hf. russia, £2.2s


4 ACKERMANN'S (R.) OXFORD UNIVERSITY; History of its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings, with nearly 100 finely COLOURED ENGRAVINGS by Pugin, Nash, and others, including Interiors, and the Costumes of the Members of the University, 2 vols. impl. 4to. russia super extra, gold borders, and gilt leaves, A FINE COPY, £3. 10s


5 ACKERMANN'S (R.) WESTMINSTER ABBEY; its History, Antiquities, and Monuments, with upwards of 80 FINELY COLOURED ENGRAVINGS after Pugin. Mackenzie, and others, of Views in various parts of the Building, and of its Monuments, 2 vols. impl. 4to. full bound in russia super extra, gold borders, A FINE COPY, £3. 10s


6 ADAMS' (J.) ANALYSIS of HORSEMANSHIP, teaching the whole Art of Riding, and the method of Breaking Horses, portrait and plates, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, uncut,

10s 6d


Verse, edited with Notes by Bishop HURD, best
library edition, portrait, 6 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £2.58
CRIT LITERATURE, with copious Bibliographical No-
tices of Sanscrit Works and Translations, with Addi-
tions and Corrections, 8vo. calf neat, 88 6d-Another
copy, cloth, 5s 6d
Oxf. Talboys, 1832
et Biblic rum Historiarum, with a fine series of large
maps of the territories of the twelve tribes, folio, vellum
gilt, 10s
Col. Agrip. 1593

10 ELFRIC SOCIETY'S PUBLICATIONS COMPLETE; comprising the Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church by Elfric, in Anglo-Saxon and English, edited by B. Thorpe; and others, as under, 4 vols. 8vo. in 3, calf antique, red edges, £1. 16s


Includes, the Poetry of the Codex Vercellensis, the AngloSaxon Dialogues of Solomon and Saturn, and Adrian and Ritheus, edited by Kemble. This Society is now dissolved; the above includes all its publications.

EDITION, printed in large type, with 112 engravings
by Blake, Stothard, Landseer, and others, 2 vols.
impl. 8vo. russia gilt, gold borders, £2. 10s
12 ÆSOP; SELECT FABLES OF, and other Fabulists,
by R. DODSLEY, numerous spirited woodcu's, 12mo.
old calf, 9s
Dodsley, 1779

"This is considered the best translation of Esop."- Lowndes.

13 Agrippa (H. C.) Of the VANITIE and UNCERTAINTIE of ARTES and SCIENCES, Englished by J. S(anford), sm. 4to. calf, 18s London, H. Bynneman, 1575

The Retrospective Review, in Vol. 14, devotes 26 pages to an excellent notice of this curious book. Dedicated by Sanford to the "Noble and Vertuous Prince, Thomas Duke of Norfolke."

14 A'KEMPIS (T.) Of the IMITATION of CHRIST, translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Dr. T. F. DIBDIN, with 6 beautiful engravings on INDIA PAPER, including Salvator Mundi by Guercino, and the Last Supper by Da Vinci, 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, £1. 10s Pickering, 1828 With a humourous and highly characteristic autograph letter from Dr. DIBDIN, presenting this copy to Mr. HASLEWOOD, whose book-plate and initials it contains.

15 ALDRICH (H.) ELEMENTA ARCHITECTURE CIVILIS ad Vitruvii et Palladii Exempla probatiora concinnata, port. and 55 plates, roy. 8vo. full bound calf, 5s 6d


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