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621 REES' (L.) Personal Narrative of the SIEGE of 636 RITSON.-HASLEWOOD's (J.) Somo Account of

LUCKNOW, from its commencement to its relief, map the Life and Publications of the late Joseph Ritson, and portrait of Sir H. Lawrence, post 8vo. cloth, 58 profile portrait, post 8vo. boards, 10s 6d

1824 1858 637 ROBERTS' (Capt. G.) FOUR YEARS' Vorages 622 RENNELL'S (Major) Comparative GEOGRAPHY to the Islands of the Canaries, Cape de Verde, and

of WESTERN Asia ; Treatise on the, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. Barbadoes, with an Account of his being taken by calf gilt, Ils

1831 Pyrato Ships, engravings, 8vo. old calf, scarce, 78 od 623 RERESBY'S (Sir J.) TRAVELS and MEMOIRS,

1726 illustrated with 40 portraits and engravings, mostly 638 ROBERTSON'S (W.) HistORICAL Works comcoloured, LARGE PAPER, impl. 8vo. crimson morocco plete, with Life by Dugald Stewart, large type, with estra, grained, gilt edges, £2. 88 1813 portrait, 6 vols. 8vo. cloth, 188

1851 This curious and interesting work includes a View of the This is the genuine trade or library edition of Robertson's Governments and Society in the principal States and Courts of works, comprising History of Scotland, History of America, India, Eampe during the time of Cromwell, Secret History of the Courts and Charles V. of Charles IL and James II. &c. 624 RETROSPECTIVE Review, consisting of Cri

639 ROBINSON'S (Dr. E.) Physical Geography of the

Holy Land, adapted to the maps in the same author's ticisms upon, Analyses of, and Extracts from, Curious,

“ Biblical Researches," post 8vo. new cloth, 3s 6d Useful, and Valuable Old Books, the THREE SERIES

(pub. 10s 6d)

1865 COMPLETE, 18 vols. 8vo. cloth, uncut, £10. 108


of the ITALIAN SCULPTURE of the MIDDLE AGES An excellent Review of early, rare, and curious literature, by Sir Harris Nicolas, Judge Talfourd, Southern, Wright, and others.

and Period of the Revival of Art, contained in the 625 REYNARD the Fox.-ROMAN

South Kensington Museum, numerous etchings on DU RENART,

1862 publié d'après les Manuscrits de la Bibliothéque du 641 ROBINSON'S (J. C.) Italian SCULPTURE of the

wood, roy. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d Roi, des XIII. XIV. et XV. siècles par Méon, frontis

Middle Ages, and Period of the Revival of Art, 50 piece, 4 vols. 8vo. new hf. morocco extra, gilt tops,

large and beautiful photographs of the finest examples edges uncut, FINE COPY, £1. 16s

Paris, 1826

in the South Kensington Museum, atlas folio, new hf. 626 REYNOLDS' (Sir J.) LITERARY Works, Dis

morocco, uncut, £3. 3s (pub. £6. 68)

1862 courses on Art, Travels, Essays, &c. with Life and

The examples of Italian Sculpture represented in the above Remarks by H. W. Beechey, portrait, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. volume are chiefly from the Campana Collection, and include cloth, 58 60

1846 various works of Ghiberti, Donatello, and Michael Angelo. The 627 REYNOLDS (Sir J.) LIFE OF, by J. Northcote, direction of Mr. Robinson. Descriptions of the Sculptures will be

Photographs were executed by C. Thurston Thompson, under the R.A. (1723-92) with Anecdotes of his Contemporaries, found in the "Catalogue of the Italian Sculpture Collection," menand an Analysis of his Discourses on Painting, por- tioned in the preceding article. trait and plates, 2 vols. 8vo. board3, 6s


642 ROBINSON'S (P. Architect) Designs for Farm 628 REYNOLDS (Sir J.) MEMOIRS of the Life of,

BUILDINGS, 56 plates of plans, elevations, f.c. comwith some Observations on his Talents and Character,

prising 25 useful and picturesque designs, with Deby FARINGTON, 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d

scriptions, 4to. hf. calf gilt, 12s 6d

1830 629 RICHARDSON'S (C.) ILLUSTRATIOxs of ENGLISH 643 ROBINSON'S (W.) History and Antiquities of PHILOLOGY, 1815; and Booth's Analytical Dictionary

the Parish of TOTTENHAM High Cross, Middlesex, of the English Language, 1822–in one vol. 4to. hf. calf. 78 6d


engravings and map, 8vo. hf. calf, scarce, 10s 6d 1818

The Appendixes contain some curious Papers, including the 630 RICHARDSON'S (C.) LARGE DICTIONARY of the Ancient Poem of the Tournament of Tottenham. English Language, combining Explanations with 644 ROGERI de Wendover Curonica, sive Flores Etymology, with quotations from the best Authorities, 2 thick vols. 4to. cloth, £2. 15s

Historiarum nunc primum edidit H. O. Coxe, cum Pickering, 1836

Appendice Lectiones varias continente, 5 vols. 8vo. 631 RICHARDSON'S (G.) Geology for BeginnERS; in 3, half morocco, gilt, 188 Engl. Hist. Soc. 1841

a familiar Explanation of Geology, with numerous 645 ROGERS' (C.) MODERN Scottish Minstrel ; woodcuts, thick post 8vo. hf. calf, 58 6d


or the Songs of Scotland of the Past Half Century,

with Memoirs of the Poets, and Sketches and SpeciAn Attempt to discriminate the Styles from the Con

mens in English Verse of the most Celebrated Modern quest to the Reformation, sixth edition, enlarged by J. H. Parker, and illustrated with 35 full page plates

Gaelic Bards, 6 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 188 Edin. 1855 and several hundred woodcuts in the text, thick 8vo.

646 ROGERS' (S.) ITALY, a Poem, ILLUSTRATED cloth, £1. 18


Edition, with exquisite highly finished engravings by 633 RISING SUN (The) A Serio-comic Satiric Ro- Finden, from Drawings by Turner and Stothari,

mance, by CERVANTES Hogy, F.S.M. fourth edition, FIRST EDITION, FINE IMPRESSIONS, UNSPOTTED, sq. rith 3 coloured engravings, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. hf. russia, 8vo. calf, extra gilt, marbled edges, £1. 14s 1830 scarce, 12s 6d

1807 647 ROSE'S (Rt. Hon. G.) Diaries and Corresponda A larnpoon upon the early years of George IV. The Author vas well acquainied with Public Characters and Incidents, and

ence, including Original Letters of the most distinhis Romance is ingenious and original.

guished Statesmen of his day, edited by L. V. IIAR634 RITCHIE'S (Leitch) Windsor Castle, and its

COURT, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, 128 6d

1860 Environs, including Eton College, enlarged edition by JESSE, with numerous highly finished steel engravings 648 Korburghe Club -CERTAIN BOKES of VIRGILES after J. D. Harding, and 36 engravings on wood, 8vo. AENAEis, turned into English Meter by the Right bright calf gilt, 9s 6d

1848 Hon. Lorde, Henry, EARLE of SURREY, with a fine 635 RITSON'S (J.) BIBLIOGRAPHIA POETICA: A

portrait of the Earl after Holbein, 4to. pale blue Catalogue of Engleish Poets of the XIIth to the grained morocco, super extra, gilt leaves, a presenta

1814 XVIth centurys, with a short account of their Works,

tion copy, (ONLY 60 PRINTED), £1. 128 sm. 8vo. maroon morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Clarke the very rare edition of 1537, and presented by W. Bulland,

The first volume issued by the Roxburgh Club. Reprinted froin and Bedford, £1. 18

1302 Esq.


649 ROXBURGHE BALLADS (Popular Ballads of the 663 SCHLEGEL'S (A. W.) DRAŇATIC ART and Reigns of Elizabeth, James, and Charles ),

edited by

LITERATURE, a Course of Lectores, translated from J, PAYNE COLLIER, elegantly printed in the old style, the German, by J. Black, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, with 50 curious woodcuts, sm. 4to. hf. bound, uncut, 58 6d

1810 168

1847 664 SCOTLAND.-A COLLECTION of INVENTORIES 650 ROXBURGHE LIBRARY ; a Series of Reprints and other Records of the ROYAL WARDROBE and

of Early English Publications, edited by W. C. Haz- JEWELHOUSE ; and of the Artillery and Munitioun LITT, and beautifully printed on fine paper by Whit- in some of the Royal Castles, MCCCCLXXXVIII-MDCVI, tingham, 8 vols. sm. 4to. new half morocco, uncut, (edited by T. Thomson), 4to. calf extra, by Leris, £6. 68

1868-70 (ONLY 100 COPIES PRIVATELY PRINTED), £1. 168 Contents; Paris and Vienne from the unique Caxton, dated

Edin 1815 1485; The Whole Works of William Browne of Tavistock, 2 vols.; With autograph note of presentation by Dr. T. F. Dibdin. Inedited Tracts illustrating the Manners and Customs of the English in the 16th and 17th Centuries: George Gascoigne's Poems 665 SCOTLAND.—Nattes'(J. C.) Scotia DEPICTA, now first collected, 2 vols.; Documents illustrating the English 50 fine engravings of Castles, Seats, Towns, AntiquiDrama (1543-1664); Thomas Carew's Poems now first collected.

ties, Scenery, fc. by Fittler, with Descriptions, oblong 651 ROYLE'S (Dr. Forbes) Ilustrations of the Bo- folio, hf. calf, £1. 1s

1801 TANY and other Branches of the Natural History of 666 SCOTLAND.-The Course of CONFORMITIE 23 the HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINS, and of the Flora of it hath proceeded, is concluded, should be refused, 1622 Cashmere, with 100 fine large plates of Plants, - The First and Second Booke of DISCIPLINE, Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, fc. 2 vols. folio, cloth, with some Acts of the Generall Assemblies, clearing £3. 38

1839 and confirming the same, and an Act of Parliament, 652 RUSH'S (R. American Minister) RESIDENCE at 1621-A Reply to Dr. Morton's Generall Defence of

the Court of LONDON, comprising interesting inci- three NOCENT CEREMONIES ; the Surplice, the Crosse dents, official and personal, from 1817 to 1825, First in Baptisme, and kneeling at the Sacrament, 1622, in Series, 8vo. half calf, and Second Series, 2 vols. 8vo. one vol. sm. 4to. hf. calf neat, 10s 6d 1621-92 cloth-together, 3 vols. 8vo. 128

1833-45 Tlıree very scarce and curious Tracts without indication of 653 SADLER'S (Sir R.) State PAPERs and LETTERS, Place or Printer's name.

edited by Clifford, with Memoir and Historical Notes, 667 SCOTLAND.-Views of the Royal PALACES by Sir WALTER Scott, portrait, LARGE PAPER, of SCOTLAND, a series of 23 highly finished steel en3 vols. roy. 4to. hf. morocco, £1. 68

1809 gravings from drawings by Brown, with illustrative "This collection consists of four separate sets of Letters rela- descriptions of their present Appearance, Antiquities, ting almost entirely to the affairs of Scotland ; they throw a strong light on one of the most interesting periods in British History."

etc. by the Rev. J. JAMIESON, 4to. ORIGINAL COPY,

EDIN. REVIEW. russia extra, marbled leaves, £1. 6s Edin. 1830 664 ST. JOHN'S (J. A.) Egypt and Mohammed ALI ; 668 SCOTT'S (G.G.) GLEANINGS from WESTMINSTER

Travels in the Valley of the Nile, 2 vols. 8vo. half ABBEY, with plan and numerous plates and 10000 calf neat, 58 6d (pub. £1. 108) 1834 cuts, 8vo. cloth, 12s

1863 655 SAINTINE (X. B.) La MYTHOLOGIB du Rhin, et Contains also Appendices, by W. Burges, J. H. Parker, and les Contes de la Mère-Grand, finely printed on hot- others, supplying further particulars, and completing the history

of the Abbey Buildings. pressed paper, with very numerous designs by GusTAVE DORÉ, roy. 8vo. hf. morocco extra, gilt edges, 669 SCOTT'S (Hew) Fastı ECCLESIÆ SCOTICANÆ; 12s 6d

Paris, 1862

the Succession of Ministers in the Parish Churches 656 SAINTINE (X. B.) Le Chemin des ECOLIERS ; of Scotland, from the Reformation, A.D. 1560, to the

Promenade de Paris à Marly-le-Roy en suivant les Present Time, LARGE PAPER, 3 vols. roy. 4to. cloth, Bords du Rhin, finely printed on hot-pressed paper,

£4. 158

Edin. 1866-8 with 450 vignettes by Doré, Foster, and others, roy: Teviotdale, Dumfries, Galloway, and Glasgow and Ayr.

Comprising the Synods of Lothian and Tweeddale, Merse and 8vo. hf. Morocco eatra, gilt edges, 128 6d Paris, 1861

670 SCROPE and GROSVENOR Roll, containing the 657 SANCTA CLARA (F. à, Dr. C. Davenport), The

Controversy between Sir Richard Serope and Sir ARTICLES of the ANGLICAN CHURCH paraphrasti

Robert Grosvenor in the Court of Chivalry, A.D. cally considered and explained, with Introduction and

MCCCLXXXV-MCCCXc, with a History of the Family of Life, by the Rev. F. G. Lee, sm. 4to. cloth, 4s 6d

Scrope, and Biographical Notices of the Deponents 1865

(including the Poet Chaucer), by SIR HARRIS 658 [SANDERSON'S (P.)] ANTIQUITIES of the AB

NICOLAS, coats of Arms, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. cloth, BEY or Cathedral Church of DURHAM, with a descrip


1832 tion of the County of Durham, 12mo. old calf, (wants VERY RARE: only 150 copies having been privately printed at front.) 58

1767 the expense of an association of noblemen and gentlemen. It 659 SAUZAY'S (A.) Marvels of Glass-MAKING in contains the evidence of upwards of three hnndred Earls, Barons, all Ages, illustrated with 8 autotypes and 63 engrav

Knights, and Esquires, of all of whom biographies are given. They

describe the Battles, Sieges, and Expeditions in which they bsd ings on wood, post 8vo. cloth, gilt leaves, 98 6d (pub. served: and their depositions abound in interesting information 12s 6d)


illustrative of the history, manners, and customs of this country la 660 SAXON CHRONICLE, with an English translation

the fourteenth century, and the nature and powers of the Ancient

Court of Chivalry. and Notes, by ProF, INGRAM, maps and plates of 671 SEGAR’S (Simon) HONORES ANGLICANI; or Coins, 4to. calf gilt, VERY SCARCE, £2. 108 1823

Titles of Honour, the Temporal Nobility of the EngAn original authentic monument of our early history, to which

lish Nation (quatenus such) have had, or do now enjoy, it would not be easy to find a parallel in any nation, ancient or modern.

from the time of the Conquest, sm. 8vo. calf antique, 661 SCHILLER'S (F. von) SÆMMTLICHE WERKE,

red edges, 6s 60


"A valuable little book, dedicated to Edward, Lord Harley." a finely printed library edition in large type, with

Lorchokes. portrait, 10 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, very neat, contents 672 SEMPILLS.POEMS OF THE SEMPILLS OF BELlettered, £1. 188

Stuttgart, 1844 TREES, now first collected with Notes and Notices of 662 SCHILLER'S (F. von) SEMMTLICHE WERKE, with their Lives by J. PATERSON, finely printed on thick

portrait and facsimile of writing, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. ribbed paper, fcap. 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, gilt top, cloth, 108 6d Stuttgart, 1840 (ONLY 250 COPIES PRINTED) 16s 6d

Edin. 1819


THE CENTENARY EDITION OF 673 SCOTT'S (Sir_W.) ENTIRE WORKS; comprising his Novels, Tales, ROMANCES, PoeticaL WORKS,

MISCELLANEOUS PROSE WORKS, and Life by LOCKHART, elegantly printed and illustrated by numerous fine
steel engravings, also an extensive series of beautiful woodcuts, 100 vols. fcap. 8vo. hf. roxburghe binding,
£16. 163-Another copy, handsomely bound in polished calf extra gilt, in a superior manner, £31. 108 1871
The above, which is the only entire edition of Scott's Works published, comprises:-
Waverley Novels, 48 vols.

Poetical Works, 12 vols.
Miscellaneous Works, 30 vols.

Life of Scott, 10 vols.
The two volumes now for the first time published uniform with the other works are "Demonology and Witchcraft," " Religious
Discourses," and "Memoir of Bannatyne," which form Vols. 29 and 30 of the “Miscellaneous Works.

The advertisers have arranged to supply sets in various styles of elegant binding suitable for the library and presentation.

" It will be a hundred years next August since this wonderful man was born into the world to exercise an influence, literary, social and political, not inferior in the aggregate to that of Shakespeare. Shakespeare's influence was almost exclusively literary, and in this of course be was even to Sir Walter Scott as the sun is to the moon. But Scott's influence in another sphere was greater than Shakespeare's by as much as Shakespeare's in that spliere was greater than bis: and the hundredth anniversary of his birth-day well deserves the honour with which it is proposed to celebrate it."-ATHENÆUM. 674 SCOTT'S (Sir W.) WORKS; comprising, WAVERLEY NOVELS, 48 vols.; MISCELLANEOUS PROSE WORKS,

28 vols. ; POETICAL WORKS, 12 vols.; and Life by LOCKHART, 10 vols.-together 98 vols, illustrated by

engraved frontispieces and vignettes, newly bound in hf. green morocco, very neat, £16. 16s Cadell, 1848 675 SCOTT'S (Sir W.) WORKS; comprising, WAVERLEY Novels, elegantly printed, the NEW ILLUSTRATED

EDITION, with 96 steel engravings and several hundred beautiful woodcuts, 48 vols. 1859; MISCELLANEOUS PROSE WORKS, with 56 engravings, 28 vols. 1861; POETICAL WORKS, with 24 illustrations by Turner, 12 vols. 1861; LIFE, by Lockhart, with 20 engravings, 10 vols. 1862-together 98 vols. fcap. 8vo. new hf. pink calf gilt, marbled edges, best style, A HANDSOME SET, £21.

1859-62 676 SCOTT'S WAVERLEY NOVELS, THE SPLEN- | 685 SCOTT'S WAVERLEY Novels; the complete

DID ABBOTSFORD EDITION, embellished with 120 cheap edition, frontispieces, 4 vols. very thick royal 8vo. highly finished engravings on steel, and 2000 fine new hf. calf gilt, £1. ls

1868 woodcuts, 12 vols. royal 8vo. strongly hf. bound in

A marvel of cheapness. green morocco, £14. 148

1842 686 SCOTT'S MISCELLANEOUS PROSE WORK8, 28 677 SCOTT'S WAVERLEY Novels (Best Library vols. and Life by J. G. LOCKHART, 10 vols.-together Edition), containing all the latest Corrections and

38 vols. fcap. 8vo. with portrait and engravings, hf. Additions of the Author, admirably printed in large calf gilt, A VERY NEAT SET, £6. 108

1852-53 type, with an extensive and beautiful series of EXTRA The Prose Works comprise Lives of the British Novelists, ENGRAVINGS, 25 vols. 8vo. new calf gilt, £15. 158— Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk, Essays on Chivalry, Romance, and Another copy, 25 vols. morocco extra, gold borders

the Drama, and various other biographical, critical, and literary

memoirs. and gilt leaves, very handsome set, £19. 195 1854 Elegant copies of this beautiful edition, with upwards of 150

687 SCOTT'S MISCELLANEOUS PROSE WORKS, with extra and highly finished Engravings from pictures by Stanfield, 56 illustrations, 28 vols. fcap. 8vo. new hf. morocco, Leslie, and Nasmyth, including numerous portraits.

£4. 158

1861 678 SCOTT'S WORKS, consisting of the Novels, 688 SCOTT'S MISCELLANEOUS PROSE


large print library edition, 6 vols. 8vo. boards, 15s EDITIONS, with a series of engravings

1827 after Stothard, Westall, fc. by C. Heath and others, 689 SCOTT'S Letters on DEMONOLOGY and Witch42 vols. 8vo. full bound in bright grained calf gilt,

CRAFT, front. 12mo. morocco extra, gilt edges, 6s marbled edges, contents lettered, A FINE SET, £12. 128

1830 1819-33

690 SCOTT'S LIFE of DRYDEN, portrait on India The set comprises :- Tales and Romances, 14 vols.--Novels and Tales, 12 vols-Historical Romances, 6 vols.- Novels and

paper, LARGE PAPER, 4to. russia extra, gilt edges, 14s Bondances, 7 vols - Introductions, Notes, and Illustrations to the

1808 Sovels, Tales, and Romances, 2 vols.- and a volume containing the 691 SCOTT'S Life of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, with a plates.

Preliminary View of the French Revolution, 9 vols. 679 SCOTT'S NOVELs, namely Novels and TALES, Historical Romances, Novels and Romances, and

post 8vo. hf. calf, 168 6d-Another copy, cloth, 12s 6d

1827 Tales and Romances, with Notes and Illustrations,

692 SCOTT'S PAUL'S LETTERS TO HIS KINSFOLK, 53 vols. 12mo. grained calf neat, £6. 68 1825-33 680 SCOTT'S WAVERLEY Novels, complete, illus

comprising his Tour in Belgium, Description of the trated, 48 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, £4.108—Another copy,

Battle of Waterloo, &c. 8vo. calf, 48 6d-Another

1816 with the extensive series of highly finished engravings

copy, boards, 3s ajter Maclise, Melville, and other envinent Artists, 48

AN ORIGINAL COPY OF vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, £6. 10s

1848 693 SCOTT'S PROVINCIAL ANTIQUITIES and PicThe latter copy is further illustrated with the capital series of TURESQUE SCENERY of Scotland, 52 finely exeengravings by G. CRUIKSHANK.

cuted line engravings from Paintings by J. M. W. 681 SCOTT'S WAVERLEY Novels, large type, with 96

TURNER, Calcott, and Blore, by Cooke, Finden, Le Engravings, 48 vols. fcap. 8vo. new cloth, only £5. 108;

Keuw, and others, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, with Descripor, newly bound hf. morocco, £7. 153


tions, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. folio, hf. morocco, gilt 682 SCOTT'S WAVERLEY Novels, new and elegantly tops, rough edges, £6. 6s-Another copy, hf. calf. printed edition on toned paper, with 96 steel engrav- £5. 108

1826 ings and several hundred beautiful woodcuts, 48 vols.

694 SCOTT'S PROVINCIAL ANTIQUITIES, 52 fine fcap. 8vo. new hf. morocco, £12. 12s


engravings after the best masters, original impres683 SCOTT’S WAVERLEY Novels, complete, 25 vols. fcap. 8vo. new hf. calf, £2. 128 6d


sions, 2 vols. 4to, in one, hf. morocco extra, gilt leaves, £2. 158

1826 68* SCOTT'S WAVERLEY NOVELs, complete, in 5 large

The engravings in this interesting work are from Paintinga vols. roy. 8vo. new cloth, £1. 158; or, new hf. morocco, by Turner, Callcott, and Blore, engraved by Cooke, Lizars, Le £2. 58

1862 Keux, Woolnoth, Finden, and others.


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695 SCOTT'S TALES of a GRANDFATHER; History of 711 SCOTT'S LIFE, by Lockhart, complete, soith por

Scotland, with numerous woodcuts, 3 vols. fcap. 8vo. traits, in one vol. royal 8vo. new hf. morocco, 123 new calf gilt, fl. 18 1860

1860 696 SCOTT'S Tales of a GRANDFATHER ; History of 712 SCOTT.-Illustrations to the POETICAL WORKS

Scotland, complete in one large vol. roy. 8vo. new hf. of Sir Walter Scott, 40 highly finished engraving morocco, 98 6d

1851 from Pictures by Turner, Callcott, Cattermole, Roberts, 697 SCOTT'S POETICAL WORKS, the Author's favour

Creswick, and others, with Descriptions, roy. SFO. ite edition, with 24 illustrations by Turner, 12 vols.

rocco extra, gilt edges, f1. ls

(1834 fcap. 8vo. new bright calf gilt, £2. 188—another copy, 713 SCOTT.-LANDSCAPE ILLUSTRATIONS to the Wacloth, £1. 8s


verley Novels, a series of 80 highly finished engrai698 SCOTT'S POETICAL WORKS, the Author's fa

ings by the best artists, beautifully printed on INDIA vourite edition, with 24 illustrations by Turner, 12

PAPER, with Descriptions, 2 vols. roy. 4to. in one, half vols. fcap. 8vo. new half morocco, £2. 83-Another

morocco uncut, gilt top, £2. 12s

Tilt, 1834 copy, new calf, extra gilt, £3. 12s


The following are the principal artists by whom these exquisite

plates have been produced; Fielding, Daniell, Roberts, Derit, 699 SCOTT’S POETICAL WORKS : Lay of the Last Harding, Prout, Westall, Cattermole, Stanfield, and Stothard

Minstrel ; Marmion ; Lady of the Lake ; Rokeby ; | 714 SCOTT. - LANDSCAPE and HISTORICAL ILLUSand Lord of the Isles, the handsome large print edi- TRATIONs to the WAVERLEY NOVELS, 108 highly tions by Ballantyne f. Co. of Edinburgh, portrait by finished engravings after drawings by Chisholm, Heath, 5 vuls. 4to. uniformly half bound morocco, Franklin, Hart, Linnell, GEORGE ČRUIKSHANK, and marbled leaves, £1. 48

1808-15 others, with Descriptions, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. imitatisa 700 SCOTT'S POETICAL WORKs, with 26 beautiful morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 128

(1840) steel engravings after Turner, royal 8vo. new mo

A capital series of illustrations to Scott's Novels. rocco extra, gilt leaves, £1. 108

1866 714*SCOTT.-PORTRAITS, upwards of 30 ILLUSTRA701 SCOTT’S SELECT POETRY ; comprising, The Lay

TIONS to the Novels, Tales, and ROMANCES, with of the Last Minstrel ; Marmion ; Rokeby ; The Lord

Memoirs, roy. 8vo. half calf gilt, 8s 60

1833 of the Isles ; and the Bridal of Triermain, with all 715 SCOTT.-Warner's (Rev. R ) ILLUSTRATIONS, Histhe Introductory Notes, various Readings and the torical, Biographical, and Miscellaneous, to Scott's Editor's Notes, fronts. and vignettes, 6 vols. 32mo. Novels, front. post 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d

1893 enamelled clon Tartan boards, morocco backs, gilt

716 SERVICE'S (J.) METRICAL LEGENDS OF NORTHedges, enclosed in a CLAN TARTAN WOOD Box, lined UMBERLAND, containing the Traditions of Duostaswith velvet, £2. 2s

v.d. borough Castle, and other Poetical Romances, with 702 SCOTT'S BALLADS and Lyrical Pieces, 8vo. calf

Notes, and woodcuts by Bewick, sm. 8vo. hf. calf neat, 6s

Alnwick, 1834 gilt, 6s 6d

1806 703 SCOTT'S LADY of the LAKE, with numerous beaw- 717 SEYER’S (S.) Bristol and its NEIGHBOURHOOD ; tiful engravings by Birket Foster and J. Gilbert, also

Memoirs historical and topographical, from the earliest 11 exquisite photographs, post 8vo. morocco estra,

period to the present time, numerous plans and en gilt leaves, 158

gravings by Heath and others, 2 vols. 4to. net hf. mo1863

rocco, edges uncut, gilt tops, £2. 28 Bristol, 1821 704 SCOTT'S LORD of the Isles, a Poem, first 718 SHAKESPEARE'S COMEDIES, HISTORIES, and

edition, in large type, by Ballantyne, 4to. half russia, TRAGEDIES, published according to the true original 58

Edin. 1815 copies, an accurate reprint, page for page of the First 705 SCOTT'S MARMION; a Tale of Flodden Field, Folio Edition, with facsimile portrait, 4to. cloth, ILLUSTRATED with 15 BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS of £1. 6s

London, 1623, Reprint, Booth, 1864 famous Buildings and Localities by T. Annan, sm. A facsimile reprint of the far-famed Text of the First Editiva 4to. richly gilt cloth, gilt edges, 158- Another copy,

of Shakespeare, “ intact as it was put forth in 1623," and with sa

elaborate collation of the First Folio. morocco extra, gilt edges and sides, £1. 13 1866

719 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMATIC WORKS, BOT706 SCOTT'S ROKEBY, a Poem, first edition, finely DELL'S SPLENDID EDITION, printed in exceedingly printed in large type by Ballantyne, 4to. half russia, large and beautiful type by Bulmer, with the fina bs

1813 series of 100 highly finished engravings by the best 707 SCOTT'S LIFE, by Lockhart, original large type Artists, from Paintings by STOTHARD, WESTALL,

edition, with portrait and facsimile of writing, 7 vols. SMIRKE, OPIE, NORTHCOTE, and others, 9 vols. folio, post 8vo. cloth, 148


green morocco, grained, super extra, borders of gold, 708 SCOTT'S LIFE, by Lockhart, 10 vols. fcap. 8vo.

and gilt leaves, A FINE SET, £14. 148 Bulma, 1802 new hf. morocco, £1. 16s


This edition is one of the most sumptuously printed books ever

produced in any country. 709 SCOTT. - Book of WAVERLEY Gems; in a 720 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMATIC Works, with the

series of Engraved Illustrations of Incidents and Corrections and Illustrations of various CommentaScenery in Sir W. Scott's Novels, 64 fine steel en- tors, and the Notes of Johnson and STEEVEXS, pute gravings after the best painters by Chas. Heath and traits, fc. 10 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, morocco backs, conothers, with the corresponding quotations from the tents lettered, £1. 10s

1778 Novels, thick 8vo. cloth gilt, 78

1862 Presentation copy from Mr. Steevens to Mr. Rumsey in 177%;

with autograph inscription pasted inside the cover. 710 SCOTT.-ILLUSTRATIONS to the ELEGANT AB- 721 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMATIC WORKS, Poems, BOTSFORD EDITION of the WAVERLEY NOVELS,

Doubtful Plays, and Biography, C. Knight's Pic consisting of several hundred highly finished Engrav- TORIAL Edition, with many hundred beautiful e. ings on Wood, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, printed on one gravings on wood, of Views, Costumes, Old Buildings, side only, without letterpress, the whole very neatly Antiquities, Portraits, fc. ORIGINAL EDITIOX, 8 Fols. mounted on tinted paper, and bound up into 4 thick

1839. &c. vols. demy 4to. hf. cals, £5. 10s

roy. 8vo. hf. calf, £4. 4s

n. d. This ably edited work ranges in size and appearance with the These beautiful specimens of the Art of Engraving on Wood elegant Abbotsford edition of the Waverley Novels, and is indis have all been pulled singly, a way from the letterpress, and are, putably the most beautiful of the modern illustrated octavo editkas doubtless, the FIRST IMPRESSIONS,

of Shakespeare.

722 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMATIC WORKS, with the , 736 SIBORNE'S (Captain) History of the War in

ILLUSTRATIONS of VARIOUS COMMENTATORS, and FRANCE and Belgium, in 1815, with finely engraved Notes by Johnson and STEEVENS, with Life, History medallic portraits, thick 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt edges, of the Stage, Glossary, &c. by REED, 15 vols. 8vo. and folio Atlas of Plans of Battles, &c. £l. 18 1848 dark maroon morocco, marbled leaves, a capital library Contains minute details of the battles of Quatre-Bras, Ligny, set, £4. 48


Wavre, and Waterloo ; also Remarks on Gleig's “Story of

Waterloo." 723 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMATIC WORKS, Poems, 737 SIMPSON'S (Sir G.) NARRATIVE of a JOURNEY and Biography, C. Knight's STANDARD EDITION,

ROUND the WORLD, during the Years 1841 and 1812, with many hundred beautiful wood engravings of Views,

portrait and inap, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 128

1847 Costumes, Old Buildings, Antiquities, Portraits, fc. 733 SKELTON'S (J.) ANTIQUITIES of OXFORDSHIRE; 7 vols. roy. 8vo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, £3. 188

Engraved Illustrations of the, upwards of 120 large C. Knight, n. d.

engravings and vignettes, INDIA PROOFs, together with 724 SHAKESPEARE. — TWENTY of the Plays of

the set OF ETCHINGS ON India paper, with DescripSHAKESPEARE, being the WHOLE NUMBER PRINTED tions, LARGE PAPER, atlas 4to. hf. morocco, £3. 3s in QUARTO, during his lifetime, or before the Restora

Oxford, 1823 tion, collated where there were different copies, and A beautiful and interesting work, with best impressions of the published from the Originals by GEORGE STEEVENS, highly finished engravings. 4 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, contents lettered, SCARCE, £2. 28

739 SKELTON'S (J.) Pietas OXONIENSIS, or Records

1766 of Oxford Founders, with 26 fine engravings of the 725 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMATIC ART; and his Re- Colleges, Monuments, and Portraits, INDIA PROOFS,

lation to Calderon and Goethe, translated from the LARGE PAPER, atlas 4to. cloth, £1. 8s (pub. £6. 10s) German of Dr. H. ULRICI, 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1846

1828 726 SHAKESPEARE'S LIBRARY; a Collection of the 740 SKELTON'S (Rev. P.) COMPLETE WORKS, with

Romances, Novels, Poems, and Histories, used by Life by Burdy, edited by the Rev. R. Lynam, 6 vols. Shakespeare as the Foundation of his Dramas, with 8vo. calf gilt, only 158

1824 Notices, by J. P. COLLIER, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calí gilt, 741 SMITH'S (J. and H.) REJECTED ADDRESSES: 188


the New Theatrum Poetarum, with Preface and Notes 727 SHAKESPEARE.-COURTENAY's (Rt. Hon. T. by the Authors, portrait and woodcuts by George P.) COMMENTARIES on the Historical Plays of Shake- Cruikshank, 12mo. cloth, 68

1847 speare, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d

1840 | 742 SMITH'S (P.) ANCIENT HISTORY from the earliest 728 SHAKESPEARE.-DRAKE's (N.) MEMORIALS of Records to the fall of the Western Empire, illustrated

SHAKESPEARE, or Sketches of his Character and Ge- by maps and plans, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s (pub. nius, with Essays and Notes, 8vo. hf. morocco, 78 60

£1. 8s)

1868 1828 743 SMITH'S (Rev. Sydney) WORKS, including his Forms a valuable accompaniment to the Works of Shakespeare. Contributions to the Edinburgh Review, library edi729 SHAKESPEARE. — DUDLEY's (Sir Bate, and tion in large print, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 15s 1839

Lady), Passages selected by Distinguished Personages 744 SMITH'S (Dr. W.) DictioNARY of the Bible, on the GREAT LITERARY TRIAL of VORTIGERN and comprising its Antiquities, Biography, Geography, ROWENA,“ whether it be-or be not from the im- and Natural History, with many hundred engravings, mortal Pen of Shakspeare,” 4 vols. 12mo. in one, 3 thick vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, £4. 4s

1861-63 russia, good copy, 10s 60

(1795-1807) 745 SMITH'S (Dr. W.) DICTIONARY 'of GREEK and * These were considered happy imitations of the Shakespearian Roman ANTIQUITIES, with several hundred woodcuts, style, and were originally published in the Morning Herald."

thick roy. 8vo. cloth, 12s 6d

1842 LOWYDES. 730 SHARP'S (T.) EPITOME of the County of War- 746 SMITH'S (Dr. W.) Dictionary of Greek and WICK, containing a brief Historical and Descriptive

Roman BIOGRAPHY and MYTHOLOGY, with numerous Account of the Towns, Villages, and Parishes, with engravings. 3 thick vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, £2. 10s 1844 their Hamlets, 8vo. tree-marbled calf extra, gilt leaves, 747 SMITH'S (Rev. W.) The Book of Moses; or the by Clarke and Bedford, scarce, 168

1835 Pentateuch in its Authorship, Credibility, and Civili731 SHAW'S (H.) ORNAMENTAL GLAZIER's Book, or sation, Vol. 1, (all yet published) 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d Draughts serving for Glaziers, Plasterers, Gardeners, (pub. 158)

1868 &c. consisting of elaborate Designs for Casement 748 SOMERVILLE'S (Mrs.) MOLECULAR and MiWindows, Plasterer's Work, Garden Walks, &c. en- CROSCOPIC SCIENCE, a Popular Treatise on Atoms graved on 117 plates, 8vo. boards, 78 (pub. 168)

and Molecules of Matter, and on Vegetable and

Pickering, 1848 Animal Organisms, profusely illustrated, 2 vols. post The plates in the above volume are mostly taken from a work 8vo. new cloth, 12s (pub. £1. 1s)

1869 pablished in 1615, by W. Gidde, with some others from existing 749 SOMNERI (G.) DICTIONARIUM SAXONICO-LATINOauthorities. 732 SHELLEY'S (Mrs.) Rambles in GERMANY and

ANGLICUM, accesserunt Ælfrici Grammatica LatinoITALY during 1840-42 and 43, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth,

Saxonica, cum Glossario, folio, calf, £1. 8s

Occon, 1659 5s 6d

Moxon, 1814 733 SHELLEY'S (P. B.) POETICAL WORKS, "edited 750 SONGS.-PLUMPTRE's (Rev. J.) COLLECTION of

86 SONGS; Moral, Sentimental, Instructive, and by Mrs. Shelley, portrait and frontispiece, royal 8vo.

Amusing, with THE Music, by Prof. C. Hague, roy. cloth, 78

Mocon, 1840 734 SHELLEY'S (P.B.) POETICAL Works, edited by 751 SONGS. – The BANQUET of Thalia, or the

8vo. boards, 10s 6d.

Camb. 1805 Mrs. Shelley, portrait, 4 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 18s

Fashionable Songster's Pocket Memorial, an elegant

Moxon, 1839 Printed in good readable type to range with the portable and

collection of the most admired Songs, 12mo. bound, favourite editions of Byron, Burns, Scott, Southey, Wordsworth,

5s 6d


752 SONGS.-The MUSICAL MISCELLANY; being a 735 SHERLEY.-The THREE BROTHERS, or Travels Collection of CHOICE Songs and LYRICK Poems, se

and Adventures of Sir A., Sir R., and Sir T. Sherley to Music for the Violin and FLUTE, by the mos in Persia, Russia, Turkey, Spain, &c. (temp. Q. Eliza- Eminent Masters, front. 6 vols. sm. 8vo. calf neat beth), portraits, post 8vo boards, 5s 64 1825 £1. 12s



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