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several Occasions, with a Table of the chief Heads, lating chiefly to Religion and its Reformation in the a Biography, and Index, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, 108 6d Reigns of Henry VIII. Edw. VI. and Q. Mary, with

1845 the Appendixes, 7 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, £1.88 1816 754 SOUTHEY'S (R.) CHRONICLE of the Cid, from “This learned author's works will always be esteemed on ac. the Spanish, with Notes and Poetry, map, 4to. calf, count of their fidelity, and for the marks of industrious research

which they exhibit." scarce, £1. 58

1808 ** This is certainly one of the most interesting productions of 766 STUART (J.) AND REVETT'S ANTIQUITIES OF the Spanish mind; it gives a full length picture of Spain in the ATHENS, the original splendid edition with finest inse dark ager, in which the costume of other countries is so indistinct pressions of the numerous large and beautiful engrayand confused."

ings, 3 vols. 1762-94 ; also the SUPPLEMENTARY 755 SPARKS’ (Jared) Library of AMERICAN Bio- Vol. illustrated by 50 splendid engravings by Cocker

GRAPHY, comprehending Lives of the most distin- ell, Kinnard, Donaldson, Jenkins and Railton, with guished Americans, the two series complete, 25 vols. Descriptive Text, 1830, together 4 vols. impl. folio, fcap. 8vo. cloth, £3. 58

New York, 1834-48 full bound in russia, marbled leaves, A FINE COPY 756 SPORTING.-Mr. Facey ROMFORD'S HOUNDS, (from Sir Thomas Lawrence's library), £5. 158 with 24 coloured illustrations by LEECH and H. K.

1762-1830 Browne, 8vo. cloth, nice clean copy, scarce, 168 1865 Early copy of the best edition of this valuable rork, the sap757 STANLEY'S (Dean) Sinal and PALESTINE in plementary volume of which is scarce, and often deficient in sets

* It is," (says Eustace in his Classical Tour), "a work of surpris connection with their History, coloured maps, 8vo. ing exactness, presenting to the eye in one group a collection of cloth, 98 6d

1856 the noblest specimens of Grecian Art and of Attic taste now 758 STARK'S (A.) History and Antiquities of Gains- existing"

BURGH, with a Topographical and Descriptive Ac- | 767 STUART'S (R.) CALEDONIA ROMANA ; a Decount of Stow, principally in illustration of its claim scriptive Account of the Roman Antiquities of Sootto be considered as the Roman Sidnacester, map,

land, with 20 maps and tinted plates, sm. folio, cloth, plate, and pedigree of the Hickmans, 8vo. hf. call; 765 STYFFE'S (K.) Irox_and STEEL ; their Elasti


1845 58 60

1817 759 STARK'S (J.) SCENERY of the Rivers of Nor- city, Extensibility, and Tensile Strength, translated FOLK, 36 most beautiful engravings of the Scenery of

with an original Appendix by C. P. Sandberg, and the Yare, the Waveney, and the Bure, from pictures

Preface by Dr. Percy, illustrated by 9 large plates, by this eminent painter, INDIA PROOFS BEFORE LET

8vo. now cloth, 6s (pub. 12s)

1869 TERS, with Descriptions by Robberds, LARGEST

769 SUCKLING'S (Rev. A.) HISTORY and ANTIPAPER, folio, hf. morocco, gilt top, rough edges, £2. 188 QUITIES of SUFFOLK, with Genealogical and Archi


tectural Notices of its several Towns and Villages, "AX EXCEEDINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND IXTERESTING VOLUME: the with very numerous woodcuts and plates, some in paintings combine, in subject, composition, and detail, the united colours, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. folio, hf. russia eztri, excellence of Hobbima, Ruysdael, and Van der Velde; the engravings are by Cooke, Goodall, Burnet, and others."

gilt tops, uncut, £10. 10s



Poems, Love Songs and Verses, Letters, and Plays, History and Antiquities of the, with upwards of 250

portrait by Vandergucht, 8vo. old panelled calf gilt, highly finished engravings, extremely accurate in

in nice condition, 18s

Tonson, 1:09 architectural details, GENUINE PROOF IMPRESSIONS, 771 SUFFOLK CORRESPONDENCE.- Letters to and LARGE PAPER, 4 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. morocco extra, gilt from the Countess of Suffolk and the Hon. G. tops, rough edges, £4. 108

1814 BERKELEY, with Notes by J. W. CROKER, portrait, The present work supplies Histories and Descriptions of

2 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s 6d

1824 English Cathedrals, while Mr. Britton's contains no more than half the number. Pugin says it is the most correct of any, both in

This interesting and curions correspondence comprises letters Drawing and Detail.

from Pope, Young, Swift, the Duchess of Marlborough, Law (the

Financier), and others. 761 STOTHARD'S (C. A.) MONUMENTAL EFFIGIES 772 SULLY'S (Duke of) MEMOIRS, translated by

of GREAT BRITAIN, selected from our Cathedrals and Churches, 147 fine tinted etchings, many of them

Lennox, best edition, enlarged with Notes and His

torical Introduction, fine portraits, 5 vols. roy. 870. HIGHLY ILLUMINATED IN GOLD AND COLOURS, with

1810 Introduction and Descriptions by A. J. Kempe, folio, 773 SURREY'S (Henry, Earle of ) Songes and

good copy in grained calf gilt, £1. 18 hf. morocco, uncut, £5. 158


SONETTES, with portrait inserted, 8vo. old red pie762 STOW'S (J.) SURVEY of LONDON, greatly enlarged rocco gilt, Ss 6d and continued by J. STRYPE, with Life and Appen

London, R. Tottell, 1567, rep. E. Curll, 1717 dixes, numerous large views and plans of the parishes, 774 SWAN'S (J.) Views of the Lakes of SCOTLAND, 2 vols. folio, calf gilt, A FINE COPY, £4. 48 1720 above 50 highly finished line engravings, PROOFS ON

This edition contains the East and South Prospects of St. INDIA PAPER, with Descriptions by J. M. Leighton, Paul's, not inserted in that of 1754, besides having the first im

2 vols. 4to. cloth, £1. 88

1834 pressions of the plates.

One of the most beautifully engraved series of views ever 763 STRUTT'S (J.) SPORTS and PASTIMES of the published. People of England, including the Rural and Domestic 775 SWEET'S_(R.) HOTHOUSE and GREENHOUSE Recreations, May Games, Mummeries, &c. with 40 MANUAL, or Botanical Cultivator, with Plain Diree illustrative engravings from ancient paintings, FINELY tions for the Management of Plants in Rooms, thick COLOURED, 4to. Spanish calf gilt, SCARCE, £3. 168 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 8s 6d

1831 1810 776 SWINFIELD (Richard de, Bp. of Hereford, 1289764 STRUTT'S (J.) Sports and PASTIMES of the 90) A ROLL OF THE HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES OF, with

People of England, edited, with Index, by W. HONE, ABSTRACTS, ILLUSTRATIONS, GLOSSARY, and INDEX, 140 COLOURED ENGRAVINGS of games, mummeries, edited by the Rev. John Webb, 2 parts in one vol. shows, pageants, fc. LARGE and THICK PAPER, impl. sm. 4to. hf. russia, gilt top, 7s 6d 8vo. hf. bound, uncut, £1.48


Camden Society, 1854-55


777 SWIFT'S (Dean) WORKS COMPLETE, with Life | 793 THROSBY'S (J.) Select Views in Leicester

and Notes by Hawkesworth, 17 vols.- also Letters, SHIRE, with Descriptions; also the SUPPLEMENTARY 6 vols.- Supplement, 2 vols.--and Miscellanies-to- VOLUME, containing the Excursions made in 1790,

gether 26 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt, £2. 2s 1755-99 and comprising in the Notes extracts from Burton, 778 TACITI OPERA OMNIA, cum Indice locupletis

Nichols, and other Writers, portrait and 74 fine en. simo, edidit H. Homer, finely printed edition on thick

gravings of the Seats, Ruins, Natural History, fc. 2 paper, portrait, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, only 9s Lond. 1790

vols. 4to. calf gilt, yellow edges, fine copy, £2. 10s 1790 "A very beautiful and correct edition, exhibiting the pure 794 THUCYDIDES' HISTORY of the PELOPONNESIAN text of Tacitus and forming a conspicuous figure in the list of classics published by the excellent Scholar, Mr. Homer."-Dr.

WAR, translated from the Greek, by W. Smith, DIBDIN.

2 vols. 4to. purple morocco, gilt leaves, fine copy, 188 779 TAINE (H.) VOYAGE aux PYRÉNÉES, finely

1753 printed on hot pressed paper, with very numerous

795 THUCYDIDES' HISTORY of the PeLOPONNEdesigns by Gustave DORÉ, thick roy. 8vo. hf. mo

SIAN WAR, Gr. with copious English Notes, by Dr. rocco extra, gilt edges, 12s 60

Paris, 1860 ARNOLD, maps, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108 6d. 780 TALES of CAIVALRY ; or Perils by Flood and

Oxford, 1840 Field, with numerous wood engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. | 796 THUCYDIDES, chiefly from the Translation of cloth, scarce, 128

(1836) Hobbes of Malmesbury ; with the various Readings 781 TANSWELL'S (J.) HISTORY and Antiquities of of Arnold, Goeller, Haack, &c. with Notes and a

LAMBETH, with engravings, 8vo. boards, 58 60 1858 Marginal Analysis, thick 8vo. boards, 58 6d 782 TASSO'S JERUSALEM DELIVERED, an heroic

Oxford, 1841 Poem, with Notes, Illustrations and Life, by Rev. J. 797 TIMBS' (J.) CLUB Life of London, with AnecH. Hont, 2 vols. 8vo. calf extra, 68 6d

1818 dotes of the Clubs, Coffee Houses, and Taverns of the 783 TAYLOR'S (Jeremy) Ductor DUBITANTIUM; or Metropolis during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, the Rule of Conscience in all her General Mea- fronts. 2 vols. post. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

1866 sures, serving for the Determination of Cases of Con- 798 TIMES NEWSPAPER ; PALMER'S INDEX TO science, portrait by Lombart, thick folio, calf neat, 158 THE, complete from its Commencement in Oct. 1867

1676 to March 1871 ; 14 vols. sm. 4to. bound in cloth, 784 TAYLOR'S (I.) FANATICISM, printed in large £4. 158 (pub. £7.)

1867-71 type, 8vo. boards, 5s

1833 " Affording a means of ready reference to the fle of that 785 TEMPLE'S (Sir W.) WORKS COMPLETE, with Life newspaper; needs no recommendation ; its uses and advantages

are sell evident."-Globe. and Character of the Author, best library edition, “What so many have long been wishing for .... a com4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £1. 18

1814 prehensive and compact · Index to the Times,' most carefully com786 TENIERS (D.) Le GRAND CABINET de TA- piled and most admirably arranged."Sun.

BLEAUX de l'Archi-duc LEOPOLD-GUILLAUME, peint 799 TOD'S (J.) TRAVELS in WESTERN INDIA, empar des Maitres Italiens, portrait and 246 finely en- bracing a Visit to the Sacred Mounts of the Juins, graved plates after Raphael, Correggio, A. del Sarto, and the most celebrated Shrines of Hindu Faith beTitian, P. Veronese, and other eminent painters, tween Rajpootana and the Indus, with numerous folio, mottled French calf extra, gilt edges, by De- highly finished engravings on steel, royal 4to. cloth, tome, £7. 108 Amst. 1755 £1. 18s

1839 787 TENNYSON'S (A.) Poems, third edition, 2 vols.

800 TODD'S (H. J.) HISTORY of the COLLEGE of 12mo. cloth, scarce, 108


BONHOMMES, at ASHRIDGE, in the County of Buck788 THIERS' (A.) HISTORY of the CONSULATE and EMPIRE of FRANCE under Napoleon, the late Mr.

INGHAM, founded in the year 1276, by Edmund, Earl Colburn's authorized Library translation, large type,

of Cornwall, to which is added, a Description of the with portraits, 20 vols. 8vo. in 10, hf.calf gilt, £4. 108

present Mansion, with 33 fine portraits and plates,

ÍNDIA PROOFS, impl. folio, hf. bound, rough edges, Sotheran and Co. 1845-61

1823 “This great work deserves to be ranked as the FOREMOST

VERY RARE, £4. 168 HISTORICAL PRODUCTION of the AGE. M. Thiers indeeed throws a

PRIVATELY PRINTED by the Earl of Bridgewater. Copies have fascination over every subject he touches. The translation is a

been sold for upwards of 30 guineas. perfect reflex of the original, and rendered with fidelity and 801 TOMBLESON'S (W.) Views on the Upper and spirit."- United Serrice Gazette.

Lower Rhine, with Descriptions, both series, up789 THOMASSIN (L.) TRAITÉ des Edits et des

wards of 130 beautiful and highly finished engravings, autres Moiens, Spirituels et Temporels, dont s'est 2 vols. royal 8vo. calf extra gilt, 158

1832 servi l'Eglise Catholique 3 vols. 4to. bright old calf, 802 TRAITS of CHARACTER ; being Twenty-five with ROYAL ARMs and Crests of FRANCE ON BACK and SIDES, fine copy, £l. Is Paris, Imp. Royale, 1703

Years' Literary and Personal Recollections, by a Con790 THOMSON’S (J.) Seasons, with Life, Glossary,

temporary, 2 vols. post 8vo. new calf gilt, 8s 6d 1860

CONTENTS: T. Campbell, Miss Landon, T. Moore, E. Kean, Notes, &c. by Stockdale, portrait, and engravings Duke of Wellington, Lord Macaulay, Lady Blessington, Sheridan after Stothard, Singleton, fc. roy. 8vo. calf gilt, 78 6d

Knowles, Hon. Mrs. Norton, and several other notable persons.

1793 803 TRIAL of Queen CAROLINE for the alleged 791 THOMSON'S (Mrs.) Memoirs of the JACOBITES Crime of Adultery with Bartolomeo Bergami, pop. of 1715 and 1745, ports. 3 vols. Evo. cloth, scarce, traits, thick 8vo. boards, 9s

1820 168 6d (pub. £2. 28)

1845 804 TROLLOPE'S (A.) CAN YOU FORGIVE HER ? ? * This useful and interesting work may assert its place in the Novel, illustrated with 40 full-page engravings,

2 vols standard literature of the country,"—Lit. Gaz.

8vo. in one, half calf gilt, marbled leaves, 128 6d 1864 792 THORWALDSENE-COLLEZIONE di numera 25 805 TROLLOPE'S (A.) ORLEY FARM, a Novel, illus

Statue e Basso-Rilievi, con una breve illustrazione di trated with 40 engravings designed by J. E. Millais Carnevalini, 25 most beautifully executed engravings 2 vols. 8vo. half calf gilt, marbled leaves, 12s 6d 186 after the Statues of Thorwaldsen, with descriptions in 806 TUCKER'S (A.) Light of NATURE PURSUED Italian, folio, new hf. morocco, top edges gilt, 188 with Life by Sir H. St. John Mildmay, 2 vols. 8vo Roma, 1826 hf. calf neat, 10s 6d


807 Curberbile's (G.) BOOKE of Falconrie or Hawk- 820 WADE'S (J.) British HISTORY, chronologically

ING, for the onely delight and pleasure of all Noblemen arranged, with a classified Analysis of Events in and Gentlemen, with numerous woodcuts, including Church and State, fifth edition, very thick 8vo. calf portraits of K. James I. and his Courtiers, sm. 4to. gilt, 128 60

1847 russia, gilt leaves, IN NICE CONDITION, £3. 10s 821 WAHL (C.) Clavis Novi TESTAMENTI PHILD

T. Purfoot, 1611 LOGICA, editio secunda, emendatior et auctior, 2 vols. 808 TYERMAN'S (Rev. L.) Life and Times of the 8vo. calf neat, Is

Lips. 1829 Rev. John WESLEY, Founder of the Methodists 822 WALLACE'S (G.) Origin of Feudal TENTRES, (1703-67), with 2 photographic portraits from scarce and the Descent of AncieNT PEERAGES in SCOTLAND; prints, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108 6d (pub. £1. 4s) 1870 4to. calf, 58 60

Edin. 1783 809 UTTERSON'S (E. V.) SELECT Pieces of Early 823 WALPOLE'S (H.) ANECDOTES of PAINTING in

POPULAR POETRY, chiefly rare old Black Letter England, fourth and enlarged lon, 5 vols. sm. 8vo. copies, with Introduction and Glossary, woodcuts, old calf gilt, 9s 6d

1786 2 vols. post 8vo. boards, uncut, scarce, £2. 28 1817 824 WALSH'S (R.) RESIDENCE at CONSTANTINOPLE,

Includes, Syr Tryamour, Syr Isenbras, Syr Degore, Syr during a period including the commencement, proGowghter, Schole house of Women, Defence of Women, Proude Wyues Paternoster, &c.

gress, and termination of the Greek and Turkish 810 VAN LENNEP'S (Rev. H.) TRAVELS in little

Revolutions, portrait and engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. cali

1836 known parts of Asia Minor ; with illustrations of 825 WALSH (Vicomte) Saint Louis, (Louis IX.

gilt, 58 (pub. £1. 88) Biblical Literature and Researches in Archæology,

Roi de France) et son Siècle, with 8 beautiful engrarwith maps and wood engravings, 2. vols. post 8vo. cloth, 8s (pub. £1. 4s)

ings on steel, impl. 8vo. French morocco ertra, gilt 1870 leaves, 158

Tours, 1846 811 VASARI (G.) OPERE (Vite di Pittori, Scultori, e

826 WALTON (I.) and Cotton's COMPLETE Ar. Architettori, Ragionamenti, e Lettere), with very numerous portraits, LARGE PAPER, 6 vols. 8vo. bright

GLER, with Lives and Notes by Sir J. HAWKINS, siztk

edition, &vo. black morocco, gilt leaves, 12s 6d 1797 calf gilt, £1. 10s

Firenze, 1822-3 "Cette édition contient plusieurs opuscules et nombre de

827 WARTER'S (J. W.) Parish of WEST TARRING; lettres inédites de l'auteur."-Brunet.

Parochial Fragments relating to the, including No812 VERSTEGANÄS (R.) RESTITUTION of DecayED

tices of Selden and Thomas à Becket, 8vo. cloth, 5s his!

1853 INTELLIGENCE in Antiquities, concerning the English 828 WATSON'S (M. L. Sculptor) Life and Works

(pub, 108 6d) Nation, engravings, 8vo. old calf, 10s 6d 1655 Contains many valuable particulars respecting the early His

by H. Lonsdale, with portrait and 11 Photographic tory of Britain, the Etymology of the English Language, the Sir

Illustrations from his works, sm. 4to. cloth, gilt edges, names of English Families, &c.

8s 6d (pub. £1. 1s)

1866 813 VICARS' (J.) England's Worthies, under 829 WEALE'S (J.) DIVERS WORKS of Early Maswhom, all the Civill and Bloudy Wars since 1642 to

TERS in Ecclesiastical Decoration, with 75 splendid 1647 are related, reprinted from the edition of 1647, engravings, by Le Keux and others, many most beaswith the 18 portraits, thin 8vo. boards, 7s 6d


tifully coLOURED by Owen Jones, representing the This work is so severe upon the Royalists, and so partial to

celebrated Painted and Stained Glass at Gouda in the Republican party. that it was naturally obnoxious to K. Holland, the Painted Ceilings and Decorations of the Charles II., and was ordered to be burnt by the common hangman,

Church of St. Jacques at Liége, with some very early after the restoration. 814 VICTORIA REGIA ; a Volume of Original Con

English Examples of Painted and Stained Glass,

2 vols. impl. folio, hf. Morocco extra, gilt edges, £4. 43 tributions in Poetry and Prose, edited by ADELAIDE

(pub. £10. 10s)

1846 A. PROCTER, printed on toned paper, roy. 8vo. cloth 830 WEBER'S (H.) METRICAL ROMANCES of the extra, gilt edges, 68 (pub. £l. 1s)

1861 Contains contributions by Mrs. Grote, Tennyson, O. Meredith,

Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth centuries, Thackeray, Dean Milman, J. Forster, Tom Taylor, R. M. Milnes,

published from Ancient MSS. with Notes and GlosA. Trollope, and others.

sary, 3 vols. post 8vo. hf. calf neat, 168 1810 815 VIEWS. — The ITINERANT ; a Select Collection 831 WEBSTER'S (Daniel, Statesman) SPEECHES and of 180 Interesting and Picturesque Views in GREAT

Forensic Arguments, portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 155 Britain and IRELAND, finely engraved by Walker,

Boston, 1843 after Drawings by Girtin, Dayes, Wilson, and other 832 WEBSTER'S (Dr. N.) ENGLISH DICTIONARY, eminent artists, excellent impressions, accompanied

revised and enlarged by C. A. GOODRICH, with Apby Descriptions, demy folio, maroon grained morocco,

pendix, very thick 4to. hf. morocco, marbled leares,

1862 super extra, broad gold borders, and gilt edges, £3. 38

£1. 18 1799

833 WEDGWOOD'S (H.) DICTIONARY of ENGLISH 816 VIRGILII Opera, varietate Lectionis et perpetua

ETYMOLOGY, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 2s

1859 Adnotatione illustratá à HEYNE, editio tertia, novis 834 WESTWOOD'S (J.) CABINET of ORIENTAL Excuris emendata et aucta, 4 vols. 8vo. russia, only 78 TOMOLOGY, a Selection of the Rarer and more Bean.

Lipsiæ, 1803 tiful Species of Insects, 42 plates containing several 817 VOLLMER'S (Dr. W.) WÖRTERBUCH der My- hundred most beautifully coloured figures, 4to. call THOLOGIE aller Nationen, illustrated by 129 mytholo- gilt, scarce, £1. 188

1848 gical plates, 2 vols. 8vo. sewed, 10s 6d Stuttgart, 1836 835 YATES' (W.) Monastic History and Antiquities 818 VOYAGE (New) to the North, containing Ac- of the Town and ABBEY of St. EDMUND'S BURT, counts of Norway, Lapland, Iceland, Muscovy, &c. with numerous plates, 4to. boards, os

1805 written by Mons. and now done into English, 836 YRIARTE (T. de) La Musica POEMA, fre folding front. 8vo. calf, 7s 6d

1706 819 WAČE'S (Master) CHRONICLE of the NORMAN

plates, royal 8vo. beautiful copy in red morocco, gilt CONQUEST from the “Roman de Rou,” translated

edges, by Padeloup, 188

Madrid, 1779 with Notes and Illustrations, by Edgar Taylor, nu- 837 ZANCHIUS' (H.) Whole Body of CHRISTIAN REmerous plates engraved in outline, 8vo. cloth, £1. 58 LIGION, translated by Winterton, sm. 121o. calf, 55 Pickering, 1837


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AUGUST 25, 1871.





To prevent disappointment, Gentlemen are respectfully requested to address their orders to H. S. & Co. direct. -No books, unless under special circumstances, can be sent for inspection; and none, after being ordered, are entitled to be returned except for palpable imperfections.- If a single article be ordered and no reply be given, the wurk may be considered as previously disposed of.

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and GODLIE Flowers, by A. Gardyne, 1609—The of WINCHESTER, Eron, and WESTMINSTER, with the THEATRE of Scotish Kings, by A. Garden, 1709– Charter-House, the Schools of St. Paul's, Merchant together with MISCELLANEOUS Poems by J. Lundie Taylors', Harrow, Rugby, and Christ's Hospital, with (1635), edited by W. B. Turnbull, LARGE AND THICK 48 finely COLOURED PLATES by Pugin, and others, PAPER, 4to. hf. morocco, top edge gilt, VERY SCARCE, thick impl. 4to. hf. morocco, £1.48

1816 £1. 12s

Edin. 1845

10 ADDISON'S (C.) History of the Knights TEMPPresentation copy from J. W. K. Eyton, Esq. Only twenty copies were printed upon Royal Drawing Paper similar to the LARS, the TEMPLE Church, and the Temple, sm. abose.

4to, hf. calf gilt, 78 6d

Longmans, 1842 2 ABBOTSFORD. CLUB. — DAVIDIS Humul de 11 ADDISON'S (S.) Works complete, BASKERVILLE's Familia Humia Wedderburnensi liber, 4to. boards,

BEAUTIFUL Edition, in large type, portrait and en103 60

Edin. 1839 gravings by Grignion, from Hayman's designs, 4 vols. Nor for the first time printed. The slaughter of De la Baslie

royal 4to. calf neat, £3. 38

Birm. 1761 is here recorded, and many important transactions in Scottish

The most sumptuous edition yet published; it comprises the history are rectified by this historian.

Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, Freeholder, Travels, Plays, l'oems, &c. 3 ABBOTSFORD CLUB. - EXTRACTA e Variis 12 ADDISON'S (J.) Works in Verse and Prose, with Cronicis Scocie, edited, with preface, from the

Life, etc. by Tickell, portrait and numerous engravancient MS. in the Advocates' Library at Edinburgh,

ings of Medals, 4 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, 12s by TURNBULL, now first printed, 410. cloth, 188


a Romance of Pendle Forest, 3 vols. post 8vo. boards, LOGIQI'E des DocuMENTS relatifs à l'HISTOIRE 58 (pub. £1. 113 60)

1813 d'Ecosse conservés aux archives du Royaume à 14 AINSWORTH'S (W. II.) Tower of London, a Paris, 1249-1666 (par Mons. Teulet), 4to, cloth, 12s 6d Historical Romance, with numerous illustrations

Edin. 1839 designed by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, 8vo. hf. morocco, 5 ABBOTSFORD CLUB. — MISCELLANY of the


1814 ABBOTSFORD CLUB ; containing Original Papers, 15 AʼKEMPIS (T.) Of the IMITATION of Christ, chiefly relating to the History and Literature of translated, with Introduction and Notes, by Dr. T. F. Scotland, edited by J. MAIDMENT and W. TURNBULL DIBDIN, with 6 beautiful engravings, PROOFS ON facsimiles of autographs and writing, Vol. 1, 4to. (all INDIA PAPER, including Salvator lundi by Guercino, published), cloth, £1. Is

Edin. 1837 and the Last Supper by Da Vinci, AND FURTHER 6 ABBOTSFORD CLUB.-The BUKE of the ORDER

ILLUSTRATED BY THE ADDITION OF 11 ancient and of KNYGHTHOOD, translated from the French by

modern prints, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, royal 8vo. Sir Gilbert Hay, from the MS, in the Abbotsford

ruled throughout with red lines, and beautifully bound, Library, edited by David LAING, 4to. cloth. 14s

in olive morocco, full gilt back, with broal gold borders Edin. 1847

on the sides, red and gilt gaufré edges, (ONLY 50 7 ABBOTSFORD CLUB. - The Chartularies of


Pickering, 1828

16 ALFIERI (V.) TRAGEDIE, con Vita, a finely printeil from the original MSS. in the Library of the Faculty

edition in large type, with portrait by Raphael of Advocates, 4to. cloth, uncut, scarce, £1. 18

Edin. 1841

Morghen, and numerous engravings, 6 vols. roy. 8vo. 8 ABELARD AND Eloisa ; Letters of, with a parti

smooth crimson morocco extra, marbled and gilt cular Account of their Lives, Amours, and Misfor

leaves, best style, A BEAUTIFUL COPY, £3. 33

Firenze, 1820 tunes, illustrated by engravings, 8vo. marbled calf, 6s

“Une des plus belles éditions des tragédies de ce célèbre 1788



17 ALBEMARLE'S (Earl of) MARQUIS of RocKING- 30 ANDRES (Giovanni) dell' ORIGINE, PROGRESSI. e

Ham and his Contemporaries (temp. 1760-1782), with STATO ATTUALE di ogni LITTERATURA, 7 vols. 410. original Letters and Documents, portrait, 2 vols. calf gilt, £2. 28

Parma, 1762 8vo. cloth, 58 60 (pub. £1. 108)

1852 ** This comprehensive synopsis of literary history in a more

regular form, was the extraordinary performance of Andres, a 18 ALISON'S (Sir A.) History of EUROPE from the Spanish Jesuit. It embraces both ancient and modern literatare

commencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to in its full extent, and, in many parts, with little assistance fra the Accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852, with Index, any former publication of the kind."- HALLAM. large type library edition, 19 vols. 8vo. half bound 31 ANGLO-SAXON.-ANALECTA ANGLO-SAXONICA; calf, £9. 108

1842-59 Selections in Prose and Verse from the Anglo-Saxon 19 ALISON'S (Sir A.) History of EUROPE from the Literature, with introductory Essay, and critical ani

commencement of the French Revolution (1789-1815), explanatory Notes, by L. F. KLIPSTEIN, 2 vols. post portrait, 20 vols. post 8vo. cloth, £2. 158 (pub. £6.) 8vo. cloth, 7s

New York, 1849 1847 32 ANGLO-SAXON.- Thorpe (B.) DIPLOMATAThe only edition combining portability of form with good RIUM ANGLICUM ÆVI Saxonici; a Collection of readable type.

English CHARTERS, from the reign of K. Æbel. 20 ALLEN'S (T.) History of Yorkshire, including bert of Kent, to that of William the Conqueror, sro. the City of York, illustrated with upwards of 140 cloth, 15s

1865 highly finished engravings of Public and Private Comprises miscellaneous Charters, Wills, Guilds, Manudis Buildings, INDIA PROOFS, 3 vols. 4to. new calf gilt, sions and Acquittances, with an English translation of the Angiomarbled edges, £4. 48


33 ANNALES CAMBRIÆ, edited by the Rev. J. W. This elegantly illustrated County History was published at eight guineas.

Ab Ithel, published by the authority of the Master of

the Rolls, facsimile of ancient manuscript, roy. 870. 21 AMERICA.-CARVER's (J.) TRAVELS in the Inte

half bound, uncut, 6s 60

1860 rior Parts of North America in 1766-68, with por- 34 ANNALS of the Kingd:)M OF IRELAND, by the trait, maps and plates, thick 8vo. old tree calf gilt,

Four MASTERS, from the earliest period to the rear 78 6d

1781 22 AMERICA.-TRUMBULL's (John) McFINGAL, an

1616, edited, with a translation and copious NOTES,

by J. O'Donovan, complete with Index, BEST EDITIOX, Epic Poem, in Four Cantos, 12mo. sheep, RARE, 188

LARGE PAPER, 7 vols. roy. 4to. cloth, £5. 58 pab. Philadelphia, 1791 £14. 148)

1851 A highly humourous poem, burlesquing the title of Macpherson's translation of Ossian's Fingal.

This valuable work contains the original Irish text oa the

opposite page to the translation. 23 AMERICAN SERMONS (eight), delivered at Prince- 35 ANSTEY'S (C.) New Batu GUIDE ; or Memoirs

town, Philadelphia, and New York, by J. Rodgers, of the B-n-r-d Family, in a series of Poetical Epistles, S. S. Smith, J. Knight, J. M. Mason, and others, 8vo. new edition with preface and notes, by J. Brition, il hf. calf, 12s 60

New York, &c. 1789-95 lustrated by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, fcap. 8vo, bright 24 ANASTATIC DRAWING SOCIETY ; 54 plates of calf gilt, 18s

1832 Churches, Ancient Buildings, Fonts, Tombs, Anti- The New Bath Guide may still be read with pleasure, as a quities, Glass, fc. fc. with Descriptions, 4to. boards, lively picture of the past state of society, droll if not witty, start. 78 6d


ling if not profound, and, with some exceptions, not moren.aliches

in its satire than is agreeable to the mere reader for" 25 ANCIENT and ORNAMENTAL ALPHABETS, taken from Old Books, Monuments, &c. 4to. nf. morocco,


cum Scholiis Zamachsjarii, ediditi, vertit, et illustravit, los 6d


H. A. Schultens, sm. 4to. old calf gilt, 5s 61 Twenty-four varieties of Alphabets are here collected, dating from about the year 1400 to the year 1600.

Laigd. Bat. 1772


TIONS ; comprising POUCHET on the Plurality of lated by E. NORRIS, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 16s 6d

Races; Vogt's Lectures on Man; BLUMENBAcu's Life Orford, 1859

and Works; Gastaldi's Prehistoric Remains in Italy; Contains the Original Text, Notes, a Cornish Grammar, ancient Cornish Vocabulary, and appendix on the remains of Cornish

Memoirs read before the Society from 1863 to 1869, Literature, etc.

3 vols.; together 7 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 158 IS64-9 27 ANDERSON'S (J.) History of Edinburgh, from 38 ANTONINUS (Emperor, M.A.) MEDITATIONS, the earliest period to 1850, with notices of above 200

translated with Notes, and Life, plate, 12mo. sztinkle eminent or remarkable individuals, plan of Edinburgh

calf gilt, by Wright, 108 6d Glasgow, Foulis, 1741 and Leith, thick 8vo. cloth, 5s (pub. 10s) 1856


DITION, translated into English Verse (by E. Barnaby the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours, and

Greene), with critical, historical, and explanatory reBiographical History of the People of Scotland, with

marks, 2 vols. em. 8vo. calf, 78 6d

1780 genealogies, and 261 fine portraits on steel and 40 APPERLEY'S (C. J.” “Nimrod) Life of : wood, 3 large impl. 8vo. vols. neatly half bound calf,

SPORTSMAN, with 36 coloured illustrations by HEXRY £2. 2s


Alken, thick roy. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, £1. 10s 1842 29 ANGLING.-Nobbes (Robt.) The Compleat Trol

41 APULEIUS' METAMORPHOSIS, or Golden Ass, and ler or the art of Trolling, with a description of all the

Philosophical Works, translated with Notes by Taylor, Utensils, &c. with instructions how to use them, first 42 ARABIAN Nights, translated by E. W. LANE,

8vo. cloth, 8s 6d

1822 edition, 12mo. fine copy in green morocco, scarce, fl. ls


new edition, illustrated with 600 beautiful woodeuts At the commencement of this curious little Book is a very

by Harvey, thick roy. 8vo. cloth, 185

1853 amusing poein on the Antiquity, &c. of Fishing, in which, "aster 43 ARAGO'S (F.) Historical Eloge of JAMES WATT, speaking of Paradise being watered by four rivers," he says, translated with Notes and Appendix by J. P. Muir

. These in their kind were furnished to present,
Adam with Fish from th' watry element:

head, portrait, 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d

1839 This added to his bliss, by which we see

44 ARAGO'S (F.) Popular Treatise on Comets, transFishing derives an ancient Pedigree,

lated and edited by Admiral Smyth and R. Grant, And Lears its date from the Forbidden Tree."

plates, 8vo. cloth, 53


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