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paralyzes your desire to renew your accustomed activity. It is not serious; but it is thoroughly typical of the bigger disaster that might overwhelm you should stronger influences and greater storms. of emotion play through your mind.

It is a simple matter to test yourself in these matters if you have the patience to discover, and the courage to face the facts. You have, unless you are different from all other human beings, peculiarities of habit. You have a trick of frowning, or of raising your eyebrows sharply, or of failing to look people in the eye, or of humming certain airs, or of whistling, or of jingling coins in your pocket. You have likes and dislikes that are not shared by the majority of your acquaintances. You have a special ability to do this and a special inability to do that. You suffer from fits of melancholy, or from lesser things, such as a fear of the dark, or an unwillingness to sleep alone in a house, or

BUILDING FOR TROUBLE IN THE FUTURE Although nobody realizes it. the mother's evident fear is marking her son's personality for life.

you worry about things that no one else thinks worth worrying about.

If you will study these peculiarities on the theory that each one of them has had a definite beginning, a definite history, and a definite meaning, you will learn something worth knowing about yourself. And incidentally you will discover more than you could possibly find out in any other way about human nature.

You will learn that you have tastes, desires, fears, and ambitions that you never dreamed existed in you. You will find perhaps that your boyhood ambition to be a pirate or an Indian-fighter has

esses-traits that lead to peculiar preferences which never before have you been able to understand. An adolescent fear of meeting or talking to some girl, you may find reflected today in a peculiar little step or catch in your speech when you are suddenly called upon to acknowledge an introduction without having been given time, through seeing the stranger approach, to organize swiftly your social training. You may find bigger things that will be of immense help to you in your social, business, or personal life.

For it is the assertion of the new psychology that every habit, every trick of speech or manner or gesture, every peculiarity of taste or distaste, is signifi


NOT long ago, an enormous

crowd witnessed the destruction by mines of an old battleship, the Zone, as part of the celebration of Zone day at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. The Zone was not a craft that had seen service in any navy in the world, since the "formidable" fighter was made of painted canvas mounted on the hull of an old ferry boat, and her "mighty cannon" were merely painted logs; but nevertheless the spectacle gave a vivid idea of what happens to the warship that carelessly strolls into an enemy mine-field, and then waits around till the hostile commander on shore has time to press a button exploding a mine. The mine that accounted for the Zone was planted and exploded in the regular way under the personal supervision of Col. S. M. Foote, commander of the United States Pacific Coast Defence, and Major H. H. Whitney.




He is Chen Huan Chang, and is

said to be worth about $60,000,000. He is in America as a member of a Chinese commission studying American business methods. He is the only member of the party who did not discard the rich robes of the Orient in favor of American business clothes, and his garb adds a picturesque touch to the group wherever they make a visit.


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joined the ranks of those famous stars who have "gone into the movies". She has been engaged to take the leading role in a magnificent production of Carmen, and will give the part all the charm. and vivacity with which she has made. it famous on the operatic stage, although, of course, she will have no opportunity to use her still more striking musical genius. In

the photograph reproduced here she is shown as she appeared in New York when about to board her private car, with the flowers, presented her by friends, in her arms. Her participation in the production evidences the excellent work being done by modern film manufacturers in their more ambitious productions.

AMONA FLORES is a colonel in General Carranza's army, and is well entitled to her sobriquet, "Mexico's Joan of Arc". Her husband and four near relatives were killed at the outbreak of the rebellion against Huerta. Since then she has been in forty-seven battles, and has been wounded twice. She was photographed while passing through the United States on an official errand.

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