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Balbo, Cesare, the Hopes of Italy by,
reviewed, 1. See Italy.
Barrow, Sir John, Autobiography of,
reviewed, 348-interest of the
period in which he lived, 350
irrelevant matter recorded by, 351
occupations of, 353- mistaken
about facts, ib. his ludicrous
style, 354- - sneers at Whitbread,
ib-reports a king's after-dinner
speech, 355
promoted Arctic dis-
coveries, 356.
Barthélemy, the author of Anachar-
sis, 402.




Beau Séjour, capture of fort, 222.
Becker, Prof., Gallus and Charicles
by, reviewed, 401 writes fictions
to illustrate history, 402- more
learned than entertaining, 403 –
analysis of his stories, 404 — ana-
chronisms of, 407- injustice done
to, by his translator, 410-por-
trays the civilization of the anci-
ents, 411.
Bells and Pomegranates, by R.
Browning, reviewed, 357 -can-

not be estimated from fragments,
374-cited, 378, 395.
Beverly, destruction of trees in, 193.
Biographies, multiplication of, 348
-length and tediousness of, 349.
Biographie Universelle, Sismondi's
contributions to the, 54.
Birch-Tree, The, by J. R. Lowell,

Blacks, mortality among the, 156 —
insanity of, 163.


Boston, Reports on the Public Schools
of, 446 high standard of educa-
tion in, 447 - pays insufficient
salaries to the teachers, 448 –
pays its professional men better,
449. teachers not seen in the
best society of, 451- Latin School
of, 452-studies pursued in the
schools of, 455.


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Botany should be taught in schools,

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Burke, Edmund, compared with
Sheridan, 74.

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on the study of physiology, 455,
457 -on moral instruction, 456.
England, critical period in the his-
tory of, 350-success of, in dis-
covery and colonization, 482.
especially in Australia, 483.
Ethical philosophy, Mackintosh on
the progress of, 270.
Europe, Sismondi on the Literature
of the South of, 54-opinion in,
about prisons, 178.

Evangeline, by H. W. Longfellow,
reviewed, 215-history on which
it is founded, 221-analysis of,
234 merits of, 236-rhythmi
cal structure of, 237- characters
in, 240-cited, 241.
Extreme Unction, by J. R. Lowell,


Farnham, Mrs., on the Philadelphia
prison, 159.

Form not above color, in painting,

Fox, Charles James, forms a coalition
with North, 93.

French, History of the, by Sismondi,

French Revolution, the, frightful as-
pect of, 288-monstrous occur-
rences of, 289-its history not yet
written, 290-funeral honors paid
to Voltaire in, 299-September
massacres of, ib. how the ab-
olition of the death-penalty would
have affected, 310 Grange-
neuve's plan for forwarding, 311-
military enthusiasm excited by,
313-teaches politicians a lesson
against war, 315 and against
political clubs, 316 — and against
theorists and speculative philan-
thropists, 319-its horrors caused

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Girondists, Lamartine's History of
the, reviewed, 288
propose to
abolish the death-penalty, 310-
fanatical project of two, 311
favor war, 313 were theorists
and speculative philanthropists,

Goodrich, Chauncey A., edition of
Dr. Webster's Dictionary by, no-
ticed, 256.

Government, Sismondi on, 32, 40.
Grafton, Sheridan's satire on the
Duke of, 77.

Grand-Pré, kidnapping of the peo-
ple of, 227.

Grangeneuve, fanatical project of,

Gray, F. C., on Prison Discipline,
reviewed, 145-merits of, as a
scientific inquirer, 148-caution
and accuracy of, 149 on the
health of the convicts, 152-com-
pares the Philadelphia prison with
that at Charlestown, 153 - on the
rates of mortality in these prisons,
154-on the amount of social inter-
course allowed, 159. on insanity
there, 161 -on partial mental dis-
ease, 163 on the New Jersey
prison, 168 on the productive.
ness of convict labor, 173 — on
European opinions about prisons,
179 -on Pentonville prison, 181.
See Prison.



Guelph and Ghibelline wars, 9.

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more decent and moral, 430.
Insanity in the Philadelphia prison,
161 at Charlestown, 162
taken for reformation, 164 — in
Chester county prison, 167 — in
the New Jersey prison, 168 — in
Rhode Island, 171 - Dr. Cleve-
land on the causes of, 172 — at
Pentonville, 183.

Irish oratory characterized, 102.
Italian Republics, Sismondi's His.
tory of the, 45- merits of the
work, 49.


Italy, The Hopes of, by C. Balbo,
reviewed, 1 instructive history
of, 2 want of union in, 3-cen-
tralization prevented by the moun.
tains and rivers of, 4- hemmed
in by the Alps, ib. - parted by the
Apennines, 5-struggles for in-
dependence, 7-temporal power
of the popes in, 8- history of, in
the 15th century, 9- debasement
and corruption of, 10- the litera-
ture of, 11 martial virtues of,
12-patriotic struggles of, 13—

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Lamartine, Alphonse de, History of
the Girondists by, reviewed, 288
lively and interesting, 291
affectedly mystical and oracular,
294-specimens of his nonsense,
295 improves as he proceeds,
296 his portrait of Robespierre,
297, 303-describes Voltaire's fu-
neral, 299-his portrait of Louis
Philippe, 305- does not cite his
authorities, 309-speculations of,
on the death-penalty, 310-de-
scribes the Jacobin club, 316.
Land, aggregation of, in few hands,

Landscapes cannot be painted truth-
fully, 121. - in water-colors, 130


rise of a taste for, 135 - Bo-
logna school of, 139 - modern
painters of, 144.

Lang, John D., Cooksland in Aus-

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Leichhardt, Ludwig, Expedition in
Australia by, reviewed, 482- first
journey of, 489 -on the natives
of Australia, 490 collections
made by, 491-party and equip-
ments of, 492 difficulties en-
countered by, 493- narrow escape
of, 494 supposed to be dead, 495
-incidents in his journey, 496-
celebrates the queen's birthday,
498 on the aspect of the starry
heavens, 499-comes to salt water
again, 500 loses his dog, 501
arrives at Port Essington, 502-
honors and rewards of, 503-be-
gins a second expedition, 504.
Lincoln, Prof. J. L., Selections from
Livy by, noticed, 247.

Linley, Miss, Sheridan's attachment
to, 78-elopes with and marries
him, 79.

Literature, influences of, 22.
Livy, Lincoln's Selections from, no-
ticed, 247.

Locke Amsden, or the Schoolmaster,
noticed, 248.


Longfellow, Henry W., Evangeline
by, reviewed, 215- subject select-
ed by, 233-metre chosen by, 237
-his command of rhythm, 240.
Lorenzo de' Medici, selfishness of, 9.
Louis Philippe, Lamartine's account
of, 305
Danton's prophecy to,
Lowell, James R, Poems by, review.
ed, 458- has made great progress,
471- great merits of, 472-cited,
ib., 473-boldness and vigor of,
475-unwisely meddles with po-
litical philanthropy, 477-descrip-
tive power of, 478-specimens of
his poetry, 479.


Lurin, a tragedy by R. Browning,
376-analysis of, 377-extracts
from, 378.



Mackintosh, Sir James, Miscellane-
ous Works of, reviewed, 261-
has left no adequate memorial of
himself, 264 negligent of fame
and lacking energy, 265- labored
for immediate effect and utility,
266-social position and influ-
ence of, 267-political principles
of, ib. his Lectures on the Law
of Nature, 268- his critique on
Jonathan Edwards, 269— his Dis-
sertation on Ethical Philosophy,
270 unfitted for abstract specu.
lations, 271-his Life of Sir T.
More, 272-excels in biography,
274 on the Revolution of 1688,
275 merits of his style, 276-
on capital punishment, 277 -de-
velopment of his intellect and
character, 279.


Maconochie, Capt., on prison disci-
pline, 187.

Malczewski, a Polish poet, 338
analysis of his poem of Maria,


in the


Mann, Horace, services of,
cause of education, 446.
Maria, a Polish poem, 339.
Massachusetts, the trees and shrubs
of, 190-physical and social well-
being in, 191- clearing woodland
in, 193- sacrifice of timber in,
194 high price of fuel in, 195-
emigration from, 197-ideas about
school education in, 200 -Re-
ports on the Natural History of,
214-conquest of Acadie by, 218
- determines to remove the neu-
tral French, 221-troops raised
in, 222-arrival of the exiles in,
230 their sufferings in, 232 -
the colony of, sent out swarms of
emigrants, 431.
Matthews, Capt., Sheridan's affair
with, 79.



Mayflower, or epigea repens, 209.
Medicine, effects of the study of, 31.
Metayer system of holding land, 37.
Metcalfe, Rev. F., translations of

Becker's Gallus and Charicles by,

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reviewed, 401 barbarous and
vulgar style of, 409- cool effron-
tery of, 410.

Mickiewicz on Polish literature, 323
-on the poems of Kochanowski,

Mignet, M., on Sismondi's life and
labors, 32-cited, 49, 56, 72.
Millbank prison, the separate system
in, 179.

Minas, depopulation of the district
of, 228-ravaged and the houses
burned, 229.

Mitchell, Sir T., Australian expedi-
tion of, 503.

Monckton, Col., commands the army
against Acadie, 226.
More, Sir Thomas, Mackintosh's Life
of, 272.

Mortality in prisons, 154.

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