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Berman, Buchman v., four cases (Sup.)...1101
Bernard's Estate, In re (Sur.).

Bartolicius Star Iron Works, American
Luxfer Prism Co. v. (Sup.).

Basch, Newman v. (City Ct. N. Y.).
Batovic, Lukanik v. (Sup.).
Bauch, Lefkoff v. (Sup.)..

Bauman v. Engelman, two cases (Sup.).

Beck, Altman v. (Sup.).
Becker, Greco v. (Sup.).
Becker, Mecum v. (Sup.).

Begiebing v. Jagerhuber (Sup.).
Begiebing v. Jagerhuber (Sup.).
Behrer v. Ernst (Sup.)..

Beilman v. United Surety Co. (Sup.)
Beilouney, Boutross v. (Sup.).
Belden's Estate, In re (Sur.).
Bell, Martini v. (Sup.).

Bell v. New York, O. & W. R. Co. (Sup.)..1098
Bellas, Hess & Co., Stern v. (Sup.).. 258
Bellas Hess & Co., Thompson v. (Sup.)..1146
Belle Terre, Fanning v. (Sup.)..
Belmont Powell Holding Co. v. Serial Bldg.
Loan & Savings Inst. (Sup.)...
Benenson Realty Co., Connor v. (Co. Ct.) 700
Bennett's Will, In re (Sup.).
Benson v. Yellow Taxicab Co. (Sup.). ..1098
Bentley v. Continental Ins. Co. (Sup.)....1098
Benyak v. Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co.

Berkeley, In re (Sup.)..


Berkeley, Bushby v., two cases (Sup.).
Berkeley v. Friedman, two cases (Sup.)...1099
Berkowitz v. Bruder (Sup.)..

Borden Ave. in City of New York, In re (Sup.)

Breen v. Essex County (Sup.)..
Bresslin v. Star Co. (Sup.)..
Brewster, In re (Sup.)..


456 Borough Bank of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bank
.1125 in the City of New York v. (Sup.).
.1090 Bouchoux, In re (Sur.).




1098 Boutross v. Beilouney (Sup.).
1096 Bowen v. Fenno (Sup.)..



.1114 Boyd v. Buffalo Steam Roller Co. (Sup.)..1099

385 Boyd, Quincey v. (Sup.).


783 Boyd, Wick v. (Sup.).


.1098 Boyle, In re (Sup.)..


.1098 Boyle v. Geo. A. Fuller Co. (Sup.).
684 Bradley Const. Co., Flynn v. (Sup.).
988 Bradley Contracting Co., Bitolio v. (Sup.) 307
Bradley Contracting Co., Bitolio v. (Sup.). .1099
Bradley Contracting Co., Cody v., two
cases (Sup.)....
Bradley Contracting Co., Restivo v. (Sup.) 328
Brandagee v. Cleary (Sup.).

..1100 1111

Brandt v. Brandt, three cases (Sup.). .1100
Breakstone v. Buffalo Foundry & Machine
Co. (Sup.)



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Buffalo Foundry & Machine Co., Break-
stone v. (Sup.)..
Buffalo Sav. Bank v. Polish Roman Catho-
lic Church of Holy Mother of Rosary, of
Buffalo, two cases (Sup.)..

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[blocks in formation]

900 ..1131 .1109 Century Holding Co. v. Ebling Brewing Co.



[blocks in formation]

1127 Cepriano, People v. (Sup.).


1144 Chalmers v. National Cash Register Co., 1101 two cases (Sup.)..


.1127 Champlin, McNeilly v. (Sup.).


959 Chapin, King v. (Sup.)...


.1078 Chapman, People v. (Co. Ct.).


Buffalo Steam Roller Co., Boyd v. (Sup.)..1099
Buffalo Wholesale Hardware Co. v. Hodge-
boom (Sup.)...

Buick Motor Co., Pangburn v. (Sup.).
Bullard, Estabrook v. (Sup.).

Bump v. Hanigan (Sup.).

Burati, Mella v. (Sup.).

Burger, Smith v. (Sup.).
Burns, In re (Sup.).

Burstein, Messer v. (Sup.).
Burt, In re (Sur.).

Burt, In re (Sup.)..
Burt v. Harris (Sup.).
Burt v. Lynch (Sup.).

Burton v. W. Burton & Co. (Sup.).
Burton & Co., Burton v. (Sup.)..
Busccolieri, People v. (Gen. Sess.).
Bush, Gleason v. (Sup.)..

Bushby v. Berkeley, two cases (Sup.)
Bushway v. McGetrick (Sup.).

Central Brewing Co., Lynch v. (Sup.).. .1125
Central Park, N. & É. Ř. R. Co., Gardner
v. (Sup.)

956 Chard v. Ryan-Parker Const. Co. (Sup.).. 743 .1078 Charles T. Wills, Inc., Duffey v. (Sup.)....1108 .1149 Chasen v. Astoria Light, Heat & Power .1149 Co. (Sup.)..



707 Chatillon v. Co-Operative Apartment Co. (Sup.)



Chelsea Exch. Bank v. First United Presbyterian Church (City Ct. N. Y.)..


[blocks in formation]

Chenery's Estate, In re (Sur.)..


Butler, Dime Sav. Bank of Brooklyn



[blocks in formation]

Butler, Dime Sav. Bank of Brooklyn v.


[blocks in formation]

Butler, Dime Sav. Bank of Brooklyn v.

Christopher, O'Connor v. (Sup.).




Churchill v. Coyne (Sup.)...


Butler v. O'Brien (Sup.)


Churchill, Harris v. (Sup.)..


Butts, In re (Sup.).

.1102 Cick v. Walsh-Kahl Const. Co. (Sup.).


Byrd, Shields v. (Sup.)..

...1143 Cimihud v. Smith, two cases (Sup.).


Cini, Felleni v. (Sup:).


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Caire v. Piel (Sup.)...

.1102 Ciszenski, People v. (Sup.)..


Caldero v. Kamenstein (Sup.).

.1102 City of Fulton, McCarthy v. (Sup.).


Caldwell, Goetzmann v. (Sup.).

Callahan v. Escher (Sup.)..


Callahan Estate v. Interborough Rapid

Transit Co. (Sup.)...


491 City of New Rochelle, French v. (Sup.)..1112
City of New York, Appleby v. (Sup.)..
City of New York, Asphalt Paving & Con-
tracting Co. v. (Sup.)...



Callender v. Dressler-Beard Mfg. Co.

(Sup.) 645

Caluwaert v. Schapiro (Sup.).


City of New York v. Brooklyn Heights R.
Co. (Sup.).


Campion v. Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, four cases (Sup.)..


Canal Board, Town of Easton v. (Sup.)
Cannon v. Fargo (Sup.)..



Carey, People ex rel. Spang v. (Sup.)... 569
Carisello, Tedesco v. (Sup.).
Carnegie Trust Co., In re (Sup.).
Carnegie Trust Co. v. Kistler (Sup.). 240
Carnegie Trust Co. v. Kress, three cases

Carnegie Trust Co., McGrath v. (Sup.).. 537
Carnegie Trust Co., Madison Trust Co. v.


City of New York, Clarkin v. (Sup.). .1104 City of New York, Dietzel v. (Sup.). 640 City of New York, Doerr v. (Sup.). ...1107 City of New York, Donnelly v. (Sup.)...1107 City of New York, Foster v., two cases (Sup.) City of New York, Fuller v. (Sup.). ..1112 City of New York, F. V. Smith Contracting Co. v. (Sup.) 658 City of New York v. Jamison (Sup.). .1104 City of New York, John Clarke Estate v. (Sup.) ..1120 City of New York, Martin v. (Sup.).... 8 City of New York, Mitchell v. (Sup.). .1128 .1141 City of New York, Post & McCord v. (Sup.)1138 .1102 City of New York, Renaut v. (Sup.)....1139 .1103 City of New York, Schlegel v. (Sup.). City of New York, Seviere v. (Sup.)......1142 .1103 City of New York, Twombly v. (Sup.).. (Sup.).. 434 City of New York, Van Den Burgh v. (Sup.)1147 (Sup.). .1103 City of New York, Wesley v. (Sup.)......1148 961 City of Schenectady, Monogue v. (Sup.)..1129 ...1103 City Water Power Co., Donohue v. (Sup.) 61


Carnegie Trust Co., Santi Amoroso Fruit
Co. v. (Sup.)...

Carpenter v. Warfield (Sup.).

Carpenter v. Warfield (Sup.).
Carpenter Motor Vehicle Co. v. Marshall

Carples v. John Deere Wagon Co.
Carples v. John Deere Wagon Co.
Carroll v. Blum (Sup.).
Carter v. Carter (Sup.)..



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