Handbook of Pharmacy: Embracing the Theory and Practice of Pharmacy and the Art of Dispensing for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine, Practical Pharmacists, and Physicians

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P. Blakiston, son & Company, 1894 - 480 pages

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Page 251 - Law. — The temperature remaining the same, the volume of a given quantity of gas varies inversely as the pressure.
Page 347 - Cc. of this menstruum, pack it lightly in a cylindrical percolator and add enough of the menstruum to saturate the powder and leave a stratum above it. When the liquid begins to drop from the percolator, close the lower orifice, and having covered the percolator macerate the mixture for 48 hours.
Page 309 - Weigh the substance and the sugar of milk separately ; then place the substance, previously reduced, if necessary, to a moderately fine powder, in a mortar; add about an equal measure of sugar of milk, mix well by means of a spatula, and triturate the powders thoroughly together.
Page 363 - ... if necessary) with a small quantity of the Oil of Theobroma, by rubbing them together, and add the mixture to the remainder of the Oil of Theobroma, previously melted and cooled to the temperature of 35° C.
Page 410 - ... the chloral will separate as alcoholate. float on the surface, and a great risk will be incurred of giving a large overdose, the patient having received no caution with regard to the necessity of shaking the contents of the bottle before taking a dose.
Page 432 - VS gradually delivered in from a burette, in small portions at a time, shaking the flask after each addition, and regulating the flow to drops toward the end of the reaction, until a final drop just discharges the blue color.
Page 193 - No. 30 powders require a No. 15 sieve for this purpose. Powders of a less degree of fineness usually do not require this additional treatment after the moistening. The moist powder is now transferred to a sheet of thick paper and the whole quantity poured from this into the percolator.
Page 190 - Pharmacopoeia, consists in subjecting a substance or a mixture of substances, in powder, contained in a vessel called a percolator, to the solvent action of successive portions of a certain menstruum in such a manner that the liquid, as it traverses the powder in its descent to the receiver, shall be charged with the soluble portion of it, and pass from the percolator free from insoluble matter.
Page 263 - ... and afterwards wash them, drop by drop, from a pipette, with alcohol previously saturated with powdered morphine. When this has passed through, displace the remaining alcohol by ether, using about 10 cc or more, if necessary. Allow the filter to dry in a moderately warm place, at a temperature not exceeding 60° C. (140° F. ) until its weight remains constant, then carefully transfer the crystals to a tared watch-glass and weigh them.
Page 442 - TS, taking care that no bromine vapor escape, and immediately stopper the bottle. Agitate the bottle thoroughly, remove the stopper and rinse it and the neck of the bottle with a little water so that the washings flow into the bottle...

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