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before God and all the people :frose up the same hour, and reAnd how the chief priests and turned to Jerusalem, and found our rulers delivered hiin to be the eleven gathered together, and condemned to death, and have tliem that were with them, saya crucified lim. But we trustedsing, The Lord is risen indeed, and that it had been he who should hath appeared unto Simon. And have redeemed Israel: and be- they told what things were done side all this, to-day is the third in the way, and how he was known day since these things were of them in breaking of bread. done. Yea, and certain women also of our company made us Tuesday in Easter-Week. astonished, who were early at the

The Collect. sepulchre ; and when they found ALMIGHTY God, who through not his body, they came, saying, thine only begotten Son Jesus that they had also seen a vision Christ hast overcome death, and of angels, which said that he was opened unto us the gate of everalive. And certain of them who lasting life; we humbly beseech were with us went to the sepul- thee, that as, by thy special grace elre, and found it even so as the preventing us, thou dost put into women had said; but him they our minds good desires; so by thy saw not. Then he said unto them, continual help we may bring the O fools, and slow of heart to be- same to good effect, through Je. lieve all that the prophets bave sus Christ our Lord, who liveth spoken! ought not Christ to have and reigneth with thee and the suffered these things, and to en. Holy Ghost, ever one God, world ter into his glory? And beginning without end. Amen. at Moses and all the prophets, he For the Epistle. Acts, xiii. 26. expounded unto them in all the MEN and brethren, children Scriptures, the things concerning of the stock of Abraham, himself

. And they drew nigh and whosoeveramong you fearethi unto the village whither they God, to you is the word of this went: and he made as though salvation sent. For they that he would have gone further: But dwell at Jerusalem, and their ruthey constrained him, saying, lers, because they knew him not, Abide with us; for it is towards nor yet the voices of the propbets evening, and the day is far spent. which are read every sabbath-day, And he went in to tarry with they have fulfilled them in conthem. And it came to pass, as he demning him. And though they sat at meat with them, he took found no cause of death in him, bread, and blessed it, and brake it, yet desired they Pilate that he and gave to them. And their should be slain. And when they eyes were opened, and they knew had fulfilled all that was written him, and he vanished out of their of him, they took him down from sight. And they said one to an- the tree, and laid him in a sepul, olber, Did not our heart burn chre. But Gud raised him from within us, when he talked with us the dead: And he was seen many by the way, and whilė be opened days of them which came up to tz the Scriptures? And they with him from Galilee to Jerusa

lem, who are his witnesses unto hearts? Behold my hands and my the people. And we declare un- feet, that it is I myself: handle to you glad tidings, how tbat the me, and see; for a spirit hath not promise, wbich was made unto Hesh and bones, as ye see me The fathers, God hath fulfilled the have. And when he had thus same unto us their children, in spoken, he showed them his hands that he hath raised up Jesus and his feet. And while they yet again; as it is also written in the believed not for joy, and wondersecond Psalm, Thou art my Son, ed, he said unto them, Have ye this day have ! begotten thee, here any meat? And they gave And as concerning that he raised him a piece of a broiled fish, and him up from the dead, now no of an honey-comb. And he took inore to return to corruption, he it, and did eat before them. And said on this wise, I will give you he said unto them, These are the thesure mercies of David. Where-words which I spake unto you, fore he saith also in another while I was yet with you, that Psalm, Thou shalt not suffer thine all things must be fulfilled which Holy One to see corruption. were written in the law of Moses, l'or David, after he had served and in the Prophets, and in the his own generation, by the will Psalms, concerning me. Then of God, fell on sleep, and was opened he their understanding, laid unto his fathers, and saw cor- that they might understand the ruption : But lic, whoin God rais- scriptures; and said unto them, ad again, saw no corruption. Be Thus it is written, and thus it it known unlo you therefore, men behoved Christ to suffer, and to and brethren, that through this rise from the dead the third day; inan is preached unto you the for- and that repentance and remisgiveness of sins: And by him sion of sins should be preached all that believe are justified from in his name among all nations, all things, from which yc could beginning at Jerusalem. And ye not be justified by the law of are witnesses of these things. Moses. Beware, therefore, lest that come apon you which is The first Sunday after Easter. spoken of in the prophets, Behold,

The Collect. ve despisers, and wonder, and pe- ALMIGHTY Father, who bast rish: for I work a work in your given thine only Son to die days, a work which you shall in for our sins, and to rise again for no vise belicrr, though a mapour justification ; grant us so to declare it into you.

put away the leaven of malice The Gospel. St. Luke, xsiv. 36. and wickedness, that we may al

in midst of thein, and saith unto living and truth, through the them, Peace be unto you. But merits of the same thy Son Jesus hey were terrified and affright-Christ our Lord. Amen. cd, and supposed that they had The Epistle. 1 John, v. 4. seen a spirit. And he said unto WHATSOEVER is born of hem, Why are ye troubled, and God, overcometh the world; T!!v in ihonghts arise in your and this is the victory that over

cometh the world, even our faith. Receive ye the Holy Ghost : Who is he that overcometh the Whose soever sins ye remit, they world, but he that believeth that are remitted unto them; and Jesus is the Son of God? This is whose soever sins ye retain, they he that came by water and blood, are retained. éven Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood: The second Sunday after Eastez. And it is the Spirit that beareth

The Collect. witness, because the Spirit is truth. For there are three thai ALMIGHTY God, who hast bear record in Heaven, the Fa-lunto us both a sacrifice for sin,

given thine only Son to be ther, the Word, and the Holy and also an er sample of godly Ghost : and these three are one. life ; give us grace that we may And there are three that bear always most thankfully receive witness in earth, the spirit, and that inis inestimable benefit, and the water, and the blood: and also daily endeavour ourselves to these three agree in one If we follow the blessed steps of his most receive the witness of men, the holy life, through the same Jesus witness of God is greater : for this Christ our Lord. Amen. is the witness of God, which he hath testified of bis Son. He that The Epistle. i St. Peter, ii. 19. believeth on the Son of God, lath THIS is thank-worthy if a man the witness in himself: he that for conscience toward God believeth notGod, bath made him endure grief, suffering wrongfully, a liar, because he believeth 10t For what glory is it, if when ye the record that God gave of his be buffeted for your faults, ye Son. And this is the record that shall take it patiently? But is. God hath given to us eternal life; when ye do well, and suffer for ií. and this life is in his Son. He that ye take it patiently, this is achath the Son hath life; and he that ceptable with God. For even bath not the Son hath not life hereunto were ye called; because The Gospel St. John, xx. 19. Christ also suffered for us, leaving THE same day at evening, be-lus an example that ye should

ing the first day of the week, follow his steps : Who did no sin, when the doors were shut, where neither was guile found in his the disciples were assembled for mouth: Who when he was refear of the Jews, came Jesus and viled, reviled not again ; when stood in the midst, and saith unto he suffered, he threatened not; them, Peace be unto you. And but committed himself to him when he had so said, he showed that judgeth righteously: Who his unto them bis hands and his side. own self hare our sins in his own! Then were the disciples glad body on the tree, that we, being when they saw the Lord. Then dead to sin, should live unto said Jesus to them again, Peace righteousness: by whose stripes be unto you: As my Father hath ye were healed. For ye were sent me, even so send l you. And as sheep going astray ; bul are when he had said this, he breath- now returned unto the shepherd, ed on them, and saith unto them, and bishop of your souls.

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The Gospel. St. John, x. 11. Jglorify God in the day of visita. JESUS said, I am the good lion. Submit yourselves to every

shepherd : the good shepherdsordinance of man for the Lord's giveth his life for the sherp. But sake; whether it be to the king, be that is an hireling, and not the as supreme; or unto governors, shepherd, whose own the sheep as unto them that are sent by him, are not, seeth the wolf coming, for the punishment of evil-doers, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth; and for the praise of them that and the wolf catcheth them, and do well. For so is the will of scattereth the sheep. The bire-God, that with well doing ye may ling fleeth because he is an hire- put to silence the ignorance of ling, and careth not for the sheep. foolish men: as free, and not I am the good shepherd, and using your liberty for a cloak of know my sheep, and am known maliciousness; but as the serof mine. As the Father knoweth vants of God. Honour all men: me, even so know I the Father: Love the lirotherhood: Fear God: and I lay down iny life for the Honour the king. sheep. And other sheep I have, The Gospel St. John, xvi. 16. which are not of this fold; them JESUS said to his disciples, A also I must bring, and they shall little while, and ye shall not hear my voice; and there shall see me; and again, a little while, be one fold and one shepherd. and ye shall see me; because I

go to the Father. Then said The third Sunday after Easter. some of his disciples among them. The Collect.

selves, What is this that he saith A LAIGHTY God, who show-unto us, A little while, and ye

est to them that are in error shall not see me ; and again, a the light of thy truth, to the in- little while, and ye shall see me; tent that tbey may return into and, Because I go to the Father? the way of righteousness; grant They said therefore, What is this unto all those who are admitted that he saith, A little while ? we into the fellowship of Christ's cannot tell what he saith. Now religion, that they may avoid Jesus knew that they were dethose things that are contrary to sirous to ask him, and said unto their profession, and follow all them, Do ye inquire among your such things as are agreeable to selves of that I said, A little while, the same, through our Lord Jesus and ye shall not see me; and Christ. Amen.

again, a little while, and ye shall The Epistle. 1 St. Peter, ii. 11. see me? Verily, verily, I say unto DEARLY beloved, I beseech you, that ye shall weep, and la

you, as strangers and pil-ment, but the world shall regrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, joice: and ye shall he sorrowwhich war against the soul; hav-ful, but your sorrow shall be turning your conversation honested into joy. A woman when she among the Gentiles; that whereas is in travail hath sorrow, because they speak against you as evil- her hour is come: but as soon doers, they may by your good as she is delivered of the child, works, which they shall behold, she remembereth no more the

anguish, for joy that a man is the truth; it is expedient for you born into the world. And ye that I go away: for if I go not now therefore have sorrow : but away, the Comforter will not I will see you again, and your come unto you; but if I depart: heart shall rejoice, and your joy I will send him unto you. And no man taketh from you. when he is come, he will reprove

the world of sin, and of righteous. The fourth Sunday after Easter.ness, and of judgment: Of sin The Collect.

because they believe not on me. O Almighty God, who alone of righteousness, because I go le

canst order the unruly wills my Father, and ye see me no and affections of sinful men; more: Of judgment, because the grant unto thy people, that they prince of this world is judged. I may love the thing which thou have yet many things to say unto commandest, and desire that you, but ye cannot hear them which thou dost promise ; that so, now. Howheit, when he, the among the sundry and manifold Spirit of truth, is come, he will changes of the world, our hearts guide you into all truth: for he may surely there be fixed, where shall not speak of liimself; but true joys are to be found, through whatsoever he shall bear, that Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. shall he speak; and he will shoir

The Epistle. St. James, i. 17. you things to come. He skal: EVERY good gift, and every glorify me: for be shall receive

perfect gift is from above, and of mine, and shall show it unto cometh down from the Father of you. All things that the Father lights, with whom is no variable. hath, are mine; therefore said I, ness, neither shadow of turning that he shall take of mine, and Of his own will begat he us with shall show it unto you. the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his The fifth Sunday after Easter.. creatures. Wherefore, my be

The Collect. loved brethren, let every man be O Lord, from whom all good swift to hear, slow to speak, slow things do come; grant to us, to wrath; for the wrath of man thy humble servants, that by thy worketh not the righteousness of boly inspiration we may thiuk God. Wherefore lay apart all fil- those things that are good, and tbiness and superfluity of naugh- by thy merciful guiding may pertiness, and receive with meek- form the same, through our Lord ness the engrafted word, which Jesus Christ. Amen. is able to save your souls. The Epistle St. James, i. 22. The Gospel St. John, svi. 5.

BE ye doers of the word, and JESUS said unto his disciples, not bearers only, deceiving

Now I go my way to him that your own selves. For if any be a sent me, and none of you asketh hearer of the word, and not a me, Whither goest thou ? But doer, he is like unto a man bebecause I have said these things holding his natural face in a glass. unto you, sorrow hath filled your For be beholdeth himself. and beart. Nevertheless I tell you goeth his way, and straightwap

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