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Who in his strength setteth fast| Blessed is the man whose the mountains, and is girded strength is in thee; in whose about with power.

heart are thy ways. Who stilseth the raging of the Who going through the vale of sea, and the noise of his waves, misery, use it for a well; and the and the madness of the people. pools are filled with water.

They also that dwell in the ut They will go from strength to termost parts of the earth shall be strength, and unto the God of afraid at thy tokens, thou that gods appeareth every one of makest the out-goings of the morn-them in Sion. ing and evening to praise thee. O Lord God of hosts, bear my

Thou visitest the earth, and prayer; hearken, O God of Jacob. blessest it; thou makest it very For one day in thy courts is plenteous.

better than a thousand. The river of God is full of wa I had rather be a door-keeper ter: thou preparest their corn, in the house of my God, than to for so thou providest for the earth. dwell in the tents of ungodliness.

Thou waterest her furrows; For the Lord God is a light thou sendest rain into the little and defence; the Lord will give vallies thereof; thou makest it grace and worship, and no good soft with the drops of rain, and thing shall he withhold from blessest the increase of it. them that live a godly life.

Thou crownest the year with O Lord God of hosts, Blessed is thy goodness, and thy clouds the man that putteth his trust in drop fatness.

thee. They shall diop upon the dwell

Benediristi, Domine. ings of the wilderness

, and the lit-LORD, thou art become gratle hills si all rejoice on every side. cious unto thy land; thou hast

The folds shall be full of sleep; turned awaythe captivityofJacob. the vallies also shall stand so Thou hast forgiven the offence thick with corn, that they shall of thy people, and covered all laugh and sing.

their sins.

Thou hast taken away all thy, From Psalm 84. Quoni delecta! displeasure, and turned tiyself O How amiable are thy dwell- from thy wrathful indignation.

ings, thou Lord of hosts! Turn us then, O God our SaMy soul hath a desire and long- viour, and let thine anger cease ing to enter into the courts of the from us. Lord; my heart and my flesh re Wilt thou he displeased at us joice in the living God. for ever? and wilt thou stretch

Yea, the sparrow hath found out thy wrath from one generaher an house, and the swallow a tion to another? nest, where she may lay_her Wilt thou not turn again, and young; even thy altars, O Lord quicken us, that thy people may of hosts, my King and my God. rejoice in thee?

Blessed are they that dwell in Show us thy mercy, O Lord, hy house; they will be alway and grant us thy salvation. iraising thée.

I will hearken what the Lord

Psalm 85.



Fiod will say concerning me; for him, and burn up his enemies on he shall speak pace up!o his every side. people, and to lis saints, that His lightnings gave shine unto they turn not again.

the world ; the earth saw it, and For his salvation is nig'i lem was afraid. that fear him; that glory may Ilie hills melted like wax at dwell in our land.

the presence of the Lord; at the Mercy and truth are met to- presence of the Lord of the whole gether : righteousness and peace earth. have kissed each other.

The heavens have declared his Truth shall flourishı out of the righteousness, and all the people earth, and righteousness hath have seen his glory. looked down from heaven. Confounded be all they that

Yea, the Lord shall show lov- worship carved images, and that ing-kindness; and our land shall cielight' in vain gods: worship give lier inciease.

him, all ye gods. Rig!iteousness shall go before Sion heard of it, and rejoiced; him; and he shall direct his 50- and the daughters of Juda were ing in the way.

glad, because of thy judgments, Psalm 92. Dominus regracit. O Lord. THE Lord is King, and bath For thou, Lord, art higher than

put on glorious apparel; the all that are in the earth; Lord hath put on his apparel, and art exalted far above all gods. girdert himself with strength. O yethat love the Lord, see that

He haih made the round worldlye hate the thing which is evil: so sure, that it cannot be moved. the Lord preserveth the souls of

Ever since the world began, his saints; he shall deliver them hath thy seat been prepared : from the hand of the ungodly, Thou art from everlasting. There is spring up a light for

The foods are risen, O Lord, the righteous, and joyful gladnes the foods have list up their vcice; for such as are true-hearted. the foods lift up their waves. Rejoice in the Lord, ye righ

The waves ofibe sea are inighty, teous, and give thanks for a reand ragehorribly;hut yetthe Lord, membrance of bis holiness. who dwelleth on high, is mightier. Thy testimonies, O Lord, are

SELECTION IX. very sure: holiness becometh Psalm 8. Domine, Dominus nosteri thine house for ever.

O Lord, our Governor, howers Psalm 37. Dominus regnavit.

cellent is thy name in all the THE Lord is King, the earth world; thou that hast set thy glo

may be glad thereof'; yea, ry above the heavens ! the multitude of the isles may be

Out of the mouth of very babes glad therenf.

and suckings hast thou ordained Clouds and darkness are round strength, because of thine ene about him; righteousness and mies, that thou mightest still the judgment are the habitation of enemy and the avenger. his seat.

For I will consider thy het There shall go a fire before vens, even the works of thy hom


gere ; the moon and tlie stars! For he spake, and it was done, which thou hast orilaineri. he commanded, and it stood fast.

What is man, that th011 art From Psalli 1.17. Lil. te Dominum. mindful of him? and the son of Praise the Lord, for it is a man, that thou visitest hiin? good thing to sing praises un.

Thou madest him lower than to our (»?; yea, a joyful and the angels, to crown him with pleasant thing it is to be thankful. glory and worship

Tic Loit doth build up JeruThou makest him to have do- salem, aliad gather togetier the minion of the works of thy livinilo, outcasts of Israel. and thou hast put all things in Ile lezleth those who are bro. subjection under his feet ; keni in bicart, and giveth medi

All sheep and oxen; yea, and cire to heal their sickliess. the heasts of the field;

Ile telleth the munber of the The fowls of the air, and the stars, and calleth them all by fishes of the sea ; and whatsoever their names. walketh through the paths of the Great is our Lord, and great is

his power; yea, and his wisdom O Lord, our Governor, how is infinite. excellent is thy name in all the The Lord setteth up the meek, world!

and bringeth the ungodly down From Psalm 33. Ecultate, justi. to the ground. REJOICE in the Lord, o ye O sing unto the Lord with

righteous; for it becometh thanksgiving; sing praises upon well the just to be thankful. the harp unto our God;

Praise the Lord with harp; singl Who covereth the heaven with praises unto him with the lute, clouds, and prepareth rain for the and instrument of ten strings. earth; and maketh the grass to

Sing unto the Lord a new song; grow upon the nountains, and the sing praises unto him with a good herb for the use of men; courage.

Who giveth fodder unto the For the word of the Lord is cattle, and feedeth the young true, and all his works are faith- ravens that call upon him. ful.

The Lord's delight is in those He loveth righteousness and who fear birn, and put their trust judgment; the carth is full of the in his mercy. goodness of the Lord.

Praise the Lord, 0 Jerusa: By the word of the Lord were lem; praise thy God. O Sion. the heavens made, and all the For he liath made fast the bars hosts of them by the breath of of thy gates, and hath blessed thy bis month.

children within thee. He gathereth the waters of the lle maketh peace in thy borea together, as it were upon an ders, and filleth thee with the leap; and layeth up the deep, as flour of wheat. n a treasure-house.

He sendeth forth his commandLet all the earth fear the Lord; ment upon the earth, and his tand in awe of him, all ye that word runneth very swiftly. !well in the world :

II viveth snow like wool, and


eth the hoar-frost like Psalm 148. Laudate Domnurk,

O Praise the Lord of heaven; casteth forth his ice like praise him in the height. s; who is able to abide his Praise him, all ye angels of bis;

praise him, all his host. sendeth out his word, and

Praise him, sun and moon; h them: he bloweth with praise him, all ye stars and light. ad, and the waters flow. Praise him, all ye heavens, and showeth his word unto Jaye waters that are above the is statutes and ordinances heavens. srael.

Let them praise the name of hath not dealt so with any the Lord; for he spake the word,

; neither have the heathen and they were made; he comLedge of his laws. manded, and they were created. Psalm 57. Miserere mei, Deus.

He hath made them fast for up thyself, O God, above everandever; he hath given them e heavens, and thy glory a law which shall not be broken. all the earth.

Praise the Lord


earth, heart is fixed, O God, my ye dragons, and all deeps ; is fixed; I will sing and Fire and hail, snow and vas raise.

pours, wind and storm, fulfilling ake up, my glory; awake, his word; and harp:

myself will a Mountains and all hills; fraltright early.

fal trees and all cedars; ill give thanks unto thee, O Beasts and all cattle; wornis

among the people, and 1 and feathered fowls; sing unto thee among the Kings of the earth andall people

princesandall judges of the world the greatness of thy mercy

Young men and maidens, old eth unto the heavens, and men and children, praise tho uth unto the clouds. name of the Lord; for his namo

up thyself, O God, above only is excellent, and his praise heavens; and thy glory above heaven and earth. e all the earth.

He sball exalt the horn of his

people : all his saints shall praiso SELECTION X. ma Psalm 96. Cantate Domino.

him ; even the children of Israel, Sing into the Lord a pew

even the people that serveth him. ong; sing unto the Lord, all From Psalm 149. Cantate Dontine. vhole earth.

Sing unto the Lord a new 8 unto the Lord, and praise

song ; let the congregation of ame; be telling of his salva- saints praise him. from day to day.

Let Israel rejoice in him that eclare his honour unto the made him; and let the children hen, and his wonders unto of Sion be joyful in their King cople.

Let them praise his name is or the Lord is great, and can the dance ; let them sing praises worthily be praised; he is unto him with tabret and karp, e to be feared than all gods. For the Lord hath pleasure in


of his power.

d harp.

his pcopie, and helpeth the meek- mighty. I have exalted one chosen hearted.

oui of the people. Psalm 150. Laudate Dominum. I will set bis dominion in the sea, Praise-God in his holiness, and his right bard in the floods. praise him in the firmament

And I will make hiin my first Praise him in his noble acts; earth.

born, higher than the kings of the raise him according to his excel The Lord said unto my Lord, ent greatness. Praise him in the sound of the make thine enemies thy footstool.

Sit thou on my right hand, until I umpet; praise him upon the lute

The Lord shall send the rod of Praise him in the cymbals and ruler, even in the midst among

thy power out of Sion; be thou nces; praise him upen the thine enemies. ings and pipe.

In the day of thy power shall Praise him upon the well-tuned the people offer ibee free-will bals;, praise him upon the ofierings with an holy worship : cymbals.

the dew of thy birth is of the et every thing that hath breath womb of the morning. se the Lord.

The Lord sware, and will not tions of Psalins, to be sung or said; reperit, Thou art a priest for ever,

Fasts, instead of the Venite Exul- after the order of Melchizedech. is, when any of the foregoing Sens are to follow instead of the

ASH WEDNESDAY. ns, as in the Table,

From Psalm 32, 38, 130. CHRISTMAS-DAY.

BLESSED is he whose unrighTom Psalms 45, 89, 110.

teousness is forgiven, and sea!, O God, endareth for whose sin is covered. r; the sceptre of thy king- Blessed is the man unto whom a right sceptre.

the Lord imputeth no sin, and in hast loved righteousness, whose spirit there is no guile. ed iniquity; wherefore, Put me not to rebuke, O Lord, n thy God, hath anointed in thine anger; neither chasten the oil of gladness above me in thy heavy displeasure :

For thine arrows stick fast in g shall be alway of the me, and thine band presseth me dress of the Lord; with sore.

will I ever be showing My wickedness are gone over frorn one generation to iny head, and are like a sore buy

den, too heavy for me to bear. re saint, Mercy shall he I will consess my wickedness, ever; tlıy truth shalt and be sorry for my sin. sli in the heavens. Haste thee to help me, O Lord is our defence; the God of


salvation. Israel is our king. Out of the deep have I called kest some time in vi- unto thee, O Lord; Lord, hear by saints, and saidst, 1 my voice. =}p upon one that is Let thine ears be attentive to

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