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ill speak of all thy marvellous daughter of Sion : I will rejoice orks.

in thy salvation. 2 I will be glad and rejoice in 15 The heathen are sunk down ee; yea, my songs will I make offin the pit that they made ; in the

name, O thou Most Highest. sanie net which they hid privily 3 While mine enemies are dri- is their foot taken.

back, they shall fall and pe 16 The Lord is known to exe. at thy presence :

cute judgment; the ungodly is Forthou hast maintained my trapped in the work of his own t and my cause; thou art sét hands. ne throne that judgest right. 17 The wicked shall be turned Thou hast rebuked the liea-into hell, and all the people that and destroyed theungodly ; forget God. hast put out their nome lor 18 For the poor shall not alway and ever.

be forgotten; the patient abiding thou enemy, destructions of the meek shall not perish for ome to a perpetual end ; ever. us the cities which thou hasi 19 Up, Lord, and let not man yed, their memorial is pe- have the upper hand; let the with them.

heathen be judged in thy sight. ut the Lord shal} endure 20 Put them in fear, O Lord, r; he hath also prepared that the heathen may know themfor judgment.

selves to be but men. r be shall judge the world Psalm 10. U i quid, Domine? eousness, and minister WHY standest thou so far off, Egment unto the peo () Lord, and hidest thy face

in the needful time of trouble? e Lord also will be a de 2 The ungodly, for his own

the oppressed, even a lust, doth persecute the poor: let due time of trouble. them be taken in the crafty wili

they that know thy ness that they have imagined. I put their trust in thee; 3 For the ungodly hath made Lord, hast never failed boast of his own heart's desire, seek thee.

and speaketh good of the covetraise the Lord which ous, whom God abhorreth. 7 Sion; show the peo 4. The ungodly is so proud, that Boings:

he careth not for God, neither is when lie maketh inqui- God in all his thoughts. lood he remembereth 5 His ways are alway grievorgetteth not the com- ous; thy judgments are far above e pool.

out of his sight, and therefore demercy upon me, O fieth he all his enemies. derthe trouble which 6 For he hath said in his heart, them that hate me. Tush, I shall never be cast down, test me up from the there shall no harm happen unto ! may show all thy 7 His month is full of curs. in the ports of the ing, deceit, and fraud; under his

tli ;


egne is trigodliness and vanity.

Psalm 11. In Do:nino confdo. "He sitteth lurking in the IN the Lord pnt I my trust; hon evish corners of the streets, say ye then to my soul, thatsbe

privily in his larking dens should flee as a bird unto the hill. chhe murder the innocent; his 2 For lo, the ungodly bend es are set agansi the poor. their bow, and make ready their

For he licih waiting secrctly arrows within the quiver, that en as a lion lurketh be in bi: they may privily shoot at them ?, that he may rayish the poor. which are true of heart. LO He doth ravish the poor, 3 For the foundations will be en heyettetli him into his riet. cast down; and what hath the 1 He falleth down and hum-rigliteous done? th himself, that th: congrega 4. The Lord is in his holy tez

of the poor snay fall into the ple; the Lord's seat is in lieaven. ads of his captains.

5 Ilis eyes consider the poor, 12 He hath said in his heart, and his eye-lids try the children sh, God hath forgoiien; he for men. eth away his face, and he will 6 The Lord alloweth the righer see it.

teous; but the ungodly, and him 13 Arise, O Lord God, and lift that delighteth in „wickedness, thine hand; forget not the poor. doth his soul abhor. * Vherefore shall the wick 7 Upon the ungodly he shall blaspheme (iod, while he doth rain snares, ire and brimstone, - in his heart, 'Cush, thou God storm and tempest: this shall be est not for it?

their portion to drink. 5 Surely thou hast seen it; for 3 For the righteous Lord loveta -u beholdest ungodliness and righteousness: his countenadce ong,

will behold the thing that is just. 16 That thou mayest take the EVENING PRAYER ter into thy hand: the poor Psalm 12. Salvum me fosc. nmitteth himself unto thee : HELP me, Lord, for there is

thou art the helper of the not one godly man left; for endless.

the faithful are minished from 7 Break thou the power of the among the children of men. odly and malicious; take 2 They talk of vanity every ay his ungolliness, and thou one with his neighbour; they do lt find none.

but flatter with their lips, and 8 The Lord is King for ever dissemble in their double heart. lever, and the heathen are 3 The Lord shall root out all ished out of the land. deceitful lips, and the tongue that 9 Lord, thou hast heard the speaketh proud things : ire of the poor; thou prepar 4 Which have said, With our

their heart, and thine ear tongue will we prevail ; we, a erkeneth tliereto.

they that ought to speak: who 20 To help the fatherless and Lord over us? or unto their right, that the 5 Now, for the comfortless.trok n of the earth be no more ex- bles sake of the needy, and becam d against them.

lof the deep sighing of the poong


6 I will up, saith the Lord, and 4 But they are all gone out of vill help every one from him the way, they are altogether be

at swelleth against him, and will come abominable; there is none et lijm at rest.

that doeth good, no not one. 7 The words of the Lord are 5 Their throat is an open seare words, even as the silver pulchre ; with their tongues have hich from the earth is tried, and they deceived: the poison of asps rified seven times in the fire. is under their lips. 3 Thou shalt keep them, o 6 Their mouth is full of cursing erd; thou shalt preserve him and bitterness; their feet are swift n this generativn for ever. to shed blood. The ungodly walk on every 7 Destruction and unhappiness :: when they are exalted, the is in their ways, and the way of dren of men are put to re- peace have they not known; there

is no fear of God before theireyes. salm 13. Usque quo, Domine? 8 Have they no knowledge, ihat W long wilt thou forget me. they are all such workers of mis

Lord'; for ever? how long chief, eating up my people as it hou hide thy face from me? were bread, and call not upon the ow long shall I seek counsel Lord ?

soul, and be so vexed in my 9 There were they brought in - How long shall mine ene-great fear, even where no fear riumph over me? was; for God is in the generation onsider

, and hear me, 0 of the righteous. y God; lighten mine eyes, 10 As for you, ye have made a leep not in death; mock at the counsel of the poor; t mine enemy say, I have because he putteth his trust in ed against him : for if I be the Lord. vn, they that trouble me 11 Who shall give salvation un. -ice at it.

to Israel out of Sion ? When the ny trust is in thy mercy. Lord turneth the captivity of his heart is joyful in thy sal-people, then shall Jacob rejoice,

and Israel shall be glad. ing of the Lord, because

The third Day. ealt so lovingly with me;

MORNING PRAYER. praise the name of the Psalın 15. Domine, quis habitabit ? Highest.

LORD, who shall dwell in thy Dirit insipiens.

tabernacle ? or who shall rest -1 hath said in his heart, upon thy holy hill ? is no God,

2 Even he that leadeth an un. e corrupt, and become corrupt life, and doeth the thing

in their doings; there which is right, and speaketh the t doeth good, no not truth from his heart:

3 He that hath used no deceit rd looked down from in bis tongue, nor done evil to o the children of men, his neighbour, and hath not slanewereany that would dered his neighbour: and seek after God: 4 Ile that setteth not by him.


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=1f; but is loviyin li-oaneyes, there is pleasure for evermore, od maketh muca of them ihat;

Psalm 17. Exaudi, Deminc. ar the Lord:

HEAR the right, O Lord, con5 He that sweat unito liisi sider my complaint, and hearciglibour, vintethlin onunlo my prayer, that goeth ot, thoil it were tv his owr cot out of feigned lips. Encounce :

Let my sentence come forth 6 fle that litt 1:0. siven bis from the presence, and let thine oney upon. It's taken re-jr ses look upun tie thing that is card against the moc!lt:

7 1200 doeth these things 3 Thou hast proved and visited all never fall.

mire beart in the night season; Psalm li. coiseria, Tomic. thou hast tried me, and shalt find DRESERIE me, O Ciod; forno wickedness in me; for I am - in theeliaia i plit my trust. utterly purposed that my mouth

Omı 40!!), liou lasi said untu, shall not offend. je Lord, Tuon ari iry God; way

Because of men's works that vods are noiling mio ther. are dure against the words of thy

all my delight is !;)0 Jic lips. I lave kept ine from the aints that are in the math, and ways os tie dostroyer. pon such as excei iii vitlle. 5 o hold thou np my goings in

2 But tryinat ruil ifter and thy paths, that my footsteps slip Eier Gusisiell have great trondie. not.

5 Their éirink-rwonys of blood 6 : larc called upon tliee, O will I notobir, neviher jalomon-End, for thou shalt hear me: inon of their names wit:1.nylijs. «ine thine earto me, and liearken

6 'The word wimself is the orlo my words. Eon of mineinheritance,anicu i show thy marvellous loring up); thou shait muntiin D?.y loi. kiveness, thou that art the Sk

Tic it is in livija aviour of them which put their air grounci; jua, I barè ü 390trust in thee, froin such as resist heritage.

tly right hand. e I will k the jeruforgan & keep me as the apple of an ng me wzrail ny runs also eve; lide me under the shadow chasten aina nirii season. I tiy wiligs, 9 I have :si (wvalvay's icfore Fidiatheingodly

, that trouble me; for he is on my riglii liane, me; mine enemies compass Euerefore i sheil noi iall. round about, to take away of

10 Wherefore my heart wassoul. giad, ani mygtery rejoiced; wy 10 They are enclosed in their jeshi aiso shall re-i in bope,

own fat, and their mouth speak il for uny: tou shalt noietii prond things. leave my soui in bell; neither Slialt thou suffer thy cloly One to on every side, turraing their eyes

11 Th-ylic wailing in our way see corruption.

own to the ground. 12 Thou shali slow me the path of life : in thy presence is the ful-lof his prey, and as it were a lioni

12 Like as a lion that is groede ness of joy, and at the right hand whielpiu.king in secret places.

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13 Up, Lord, disappoint him. his presence, and a consuming and cast him down ; deliver my fire out of his month, so that soul from the ungodly, which is a cools were kindled at it. sword of thine:

9 He bowed the heavens also, 14 From the men of thy hand, and came down, and it was dark

Lord, from the men I say, and under his feet. rom the evil world; which have 10 Ile rode upon the Cherutheir portion in this life, whose bim, and did fly; he came flying bellies thou fillest with thy hid upon the wings of the wind. reasure.

11 He made darkness his secret 15 They have children at their place, his pavilion round about esire, and leave the rest of their him with dark water, and thick abstance for their babes. clouds to cover him.

16 But as for me, I will behoid 12 At the brightness of his -y, presence in righteousness; presence his clouds removed; d when I awake up after thy hail-stones and coals of fire. Eeness, I shall be satisfied with 13 The Lord also thundered

out of heaven, and the Highest EVENING PRAYER.

gave his thunder; hail-stones and Psalm 18. Diligem te, Domine. coals of fire. Will love thee, O Lord, my

1.1 He sent out liig arrows, and strength. The Lord is my scattcred tem ; he cast forth y rock, and my descace, my lightnings, and destroyed them. jour, my God, and niy might. 15 The springs of waters were hom I will trust; my buckler, scen, and the foundations of the torn also of my salvation, and und world were discovered at refuge.

thy chiding, O Lord, at the blasting will call upon the Lord, of the breath of thy displeasure. h is worthy to be praised : so 16 He shall send down from I be safe froin mine enemies. on high to fetch me, and shall he sorrow's of death com-take nie out of many waters. 1 me, and the overlowings 17 He shall deliver me from godliness maile me afraid. my strongest enemy, and froin Be pains of hell came about them which hate me; for they e shares of deatli overtook are too inighty for me.

13 They prevented me in the my trouble I will call apen day of iny trouble; but the Lord cd, and complain unto my was my upholder.

19 lic brought me forth also shall he hear my voice out into a place of liberty; he brought oly temple, and my com- me forth, even because he had a hall come before him; it savcur mto me. er even into his pars. 20 The Lord shall reirard me ce eart trembled and after my righteous dealing, acthe very foundations also cording to the cleanness of my ills shook, and were re- hands shall be recompense me. because he was wroth. 21 Because I have kept the TC Fent a smoke out in tars of the Lord, and have not

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