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me, Donine.

for I hare put my trust in thee.[fear? the Lord is the strength of

20 Let perfectness and righte- my life, of whom then shall I be ous dealing wait upon me; for my afraid? hope hath been in thee.

. When the wicked, even mine 21 Deliver Israel, o God, out enemies and my foes, came upon f all his troubles.

me to eat up my tiesi), they stumPsalm 26. Judica

bled and fell. BE thou my judge, O Lord, for 3 Though an host of men were

I have waiked innocently: my laid against me, yet shall not my rust hath been also in the Lord, heart be afraid; and though there herefore shall I not fall.

ose up war against me, yet will 2 Examine me, O Lord, and I put my trust in thee. rove me; try out my reins and

4 One thing have I desired of ny heart.

the Lord, which I will require; 3 For thy loving-kindness is even that I maydwell in the house ver before mine eyes; and I will of the Lord all the days of my -alk in the truth.

life, to behold the fair beauty of 4 I have not dwelt with vain the Lord, and to visit his temple. ersons; neither will I have fel

5 For in the time of trouble he wship with the deceitful. shall hide me in his tabernacle:

5 I have hated the congrega.yea, in the secret place of his on of the wicked; and will not|dwelling shall be hide me, and set among the ungodly.

me up upon a rock of stone. 6 I will wash my hands in in. 6 And now shall he lift up mine ocency, O Lord; and so will I head above mine enemies round to thine altar.

about me. 7 That I may show the voice

7 Therefore will I offer in his thanksgiving, and tell of all thy dwelling an oblation, with great ondrous works.

gladness: I will sing and speak 8 Lord, I have loved the habi- praises unto the Lord. ion of thy house, and the place 8 Hearken unto my voice, O here thine honour dwelleth.

Lord, when I cry unto thee; have 20 shut not up my soul with mercy upon me, and bear me. sinners, nor my life with the

9 My heart hath talked of thee. od-thirsty ;

Seek ye my face : thy face, Lord, LO lu whose hands is wicked- will I seek. s. and their right hand is full

10 O hide not thou thy face gifts.

from me, nor cast thy servant 1 But as for me, I will walk

away in displeasure. ocently: 0 deliver me, and be

11 Thou last been my succour; ciful unto me.

leave me not, neither forsake me, 2 My foot standeth right: 10 God of my salvation. praise the Lord in the con

12 When my father and my mogations.

ther forsake me, the Lord takelk EVENING PRAYER.

ne up: Balm 27. Dominus illuminatin. 13 Teach me thy way, O Lord, HE Lord is my light and my and lead me in the right way, bcsalvation, whom then shall I cause of wine enemies.

the voice

14 Delivre noinnio into the and he is the wholesome defence will of minkali crniorthere of his Anointed. -re false witnesses ui-t:n up a gaisis! 10 ( save thy people, and gire ne, and suciiats peali ".04. tay blessing into thine inheri

151 should : riy lave linieci, ance: feed ilicin, and set them up put that I believererily to see the for ernr. Foodness of the Lord in die land Psalnı 29. 4jerte Domino. I the living

BUNG unto the Lord

, og 16; ( tarry thiou the Lord's iei miglity, bring young ram cure ; be strong, and he shall com-unlo ilie Lord; ascribe unto th Cort thine heart; and put thou thy Loid worship and strength. rust in the Lord.

(iive tie Lord the honou

Jue unto bis naine; worship to Psalm 93. Ad te, Donie. UNTO thưe will I cry, O Lord, Lor wrih holy worship. my strength : think no scor

3!! is the Lord that commane of me; lest, is thou mal'custisough th the waters; it is the glorio chou hearest not, I becoine like God that makeíh the thunder shem that go down into the pit.

It is the Lord that ruleth to 2 Hear the voice o:my humble 2a : the voice of the Lord petitions, when I cry unto thee, mighty in operation; when I hold up my hands towards the Lord is a glorious voice. the mercy-seat of ihy holy temple.

5 The voice of the Lord brea 30 pluck me not away, neither eth the cedar trees; yea, the Low destroy me with the ungodly and brraketh the cedars of Libarys wicked doers, which speak friend

6 He maketh them also tosk y to their neighbours, Lui indallike a calf; Libanus also and give mischief in their hears.

rion like a young unicorn. 4 Reward them according to

7 The voice of the Lord diri their deeds, and according to thie eth the liaines of fire; wickedness of their own inver- of the Lord sheketh the wilde tions.

ness; yea, the Lord shaketh 5 Recompense them after the wilderness of Cades. work of their hands; pay them

S The voice nf the Lord ma that they have deserved.

eth the hinds to bring forth you 6 For they regard not in their and discovcreti the thick bush mind the works of the Lord, nor in his temple doth every the operation of his hands; there. speak of his honour, fore shall he break them down.

9 The Lord sitteth above and not build them up.

waier-flood, and the Lord rema 7 Praised be the Lord; for lie eth a king for ever. hath heard the voice of my hum

10 The Lord shall give stren ble petitions.

untolis people; the Lordshallg 8 The Lord is my strength, and his people the blessing of pe my shield; my heart hathi trusted

The sirth Day. in him, and I am lielped; therefore

MORNING PRAYER. my heart danceth for joy, and in

Psalm 30. Exaltabo te, Domin my song will I praise him.


Will magnify thee, O La 9 The Lord is my strength, for thou hast sct me up,

the vo

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ver me.

lot made my foes to triumph me; make haste to deliver me.

3 And be thou my strong rock, 20 Lord, my God, I cried unto and house of defence, that thou hee; and thou hast healed me. mayest save me;

3 Thou, Lord, hast brought iny 4 For thou art my strong rock, oul out of hell: thou hast kept and nay castle: lie thou also my ny life from them that go down guide, and lead me for thy name's the pit.

sake. 4 Sing praises unto the Lord, 5 Draw me out of the net that ye saints of bis; and give thanks they have laid privily for me; for nto bim, for a remembrance of thou art iny strength. is holiness.

6 Into thy hands I commend my 5 For his wrath endureth but spirit; for the last redeemed he twinkling of an eye, and in his me, O Lord, thou Cod of truth. leasure is life; heaviness may 7 I have hated them that hold

ndure for a night, but joy com- of superstitious vanities, and my th in the morning.

trusi bath been in the Lord. 6 And in my prosperity I said, 8 I will be giad, and rejoice in shall never be removed; thou, thy mercy; for thou last consiCord, of thy goodness, liast made dered my trouble, and hast known ny bill so strong

my soulig adiersities. 7 Thou didst turn thy face 9 Thou hast not shut me up ziom me, and I was troubled. into the band of the enemy, but

8 Then cried I unto thee, Olliest set ry seat in a large room. ord; and gai me to my Lord 19 Hare mercy upon me, o Eglit humbly.

Lord, for I am in trouble, and 9 What profit is there in my mine eye is consumed for very lood, when I go down to the pit? heaviness; yea, my soul and my

10 Shall the dust give thanks body. Ento thee? or sliall it declare thy 11 For my life is waxen old ruth?

with heariness, and my years with 11 Hear, O Lord, and have mourrins. Dercy upon me; Lord, be thoa 12 Miy strength faileth me, beby helper.

cause of mine iniquity, and my 12 Thou hast turneul ny hea-venes are consumed. ness into joy; thou hast put of 13 I becanie a reproof among y sackclush, and girded me with all reine enemies, but especially Madness :

lamang iny neighbours ; and they 13 Therefore shall every good,oi ruine acquaintance were afraid can sing oi toy praise without of me; and they that did see me easing : O my God, I will give without, conveyed themselves nanks unto thee for ever.

from me. Psalm 31. In te, Donine, speradi.

14 I am clean sorgctter as a EN thee, O Lord, have I put my dead man out of mind;

trust; let me never be put to come like a brodeu vessel. onsusion; deliver me in thy 15 For I have heard the blasighteousness.

phcmy of the mnllitude, and far • Bow down thine car to is on every side, while they con

am be,



pire together against me, and tablish your heart, all ye that put ake their counsel to take away your trust in the Lord.

EVENING PRAYER. 16 But my hope hath been in

Psalm 32. Beati, quorum. hee, O Lord; I have said, Thou rt my God.

BLESSED is he whose unrigh, 17 My time is in thy hand; teousness is forgiven, and leliver me from the hand of mine whose sin is covered. nemies, and from them that per-.2 Blessed is the man unto whom ecute me.

the Lord imputeth no sin, and in 18 Show thy servant the light whose spirit there is no guile. of thy countenance, and save me

3 For whilst I held my tongue, or thy mercies' sake.

my bones consumedaway through 19 Let me not be confounded, my daily complaining. Lord, for I have called upon

4 For thy hand is heavy upon hee; let the ungodly be put to me day and night, and my moisonfusion, and be put to silence ture is like the drought in summer.

5 I will ackuow ledge my sin 20 Let the lying lips be put to Junto thee; and my unrighteousilence, which cruelly, disdainful-ness have I not hid. y, and despitefully speak against 6 I said, I will confess my sins be righteous.

unto the Lord; and so thou for 21 0 how plentiful is thy good-gavest the wickedness of my sin. ess, which thou hast laid up for 7 For this shall every one that hem that fear thee, and that thou is godly make his prayerunto thee, ast prepared for them that put in a time when thou mayest be heir trust in thee, even before found; but in the great water floods he sons of men.

they shall not come nigh him. 22 Thou shalt hide them pri 8 Thou art a place to bide me ily by thine own presence from in; thou shali preserve me from he provoking of all men: thou trouble ; thou shalt compass de halt keep them secretly in thy about with songs of deliverance. abernacle from the strife of 9 I will inform thee, and teach ongues.

thee in the way wherein thou 23 Thanks be to the Lord; for shalt go; and I will guide thee se hath showed me marvellous with mine eye. creat kindness in a strong city. 10 Be ye not like to horse and

24 And when I made haste, Ilmule, which have no understandaid, I am cast out of the sight of ing; whose mouths must be held

with bit and bridle, lest they fall 25 Nevertheless, thou heardest upon thee. he voice of my prayer, when I 11 Great plagues remain for ried unto thee.

the ungodly, but whoso putteth 26 O love the Lord, all ye his bis trust in the Lord, mercy eniaints; for the Lord preserveth braceth him on every side. nem that are faithful, and plen 12 Be glad, o ye righteous, Pously rewardeth the proud doer, and rejoice in the Lord ; and be 27 Be strong, and he shall es-ljoyful, all ye that are true of heart

Eine eyes.

Palm 53. Exuliate, justi.

14. He fashioneth all the hearts R EJOICE in the Lord, Oye of them, and understandeth all

righteous; for it becometh their works. vell the just to be thankful. 15 There is no king that can be

2 Praise the Lord with harp ; saved by the multitude of an host; ang praises unto hins with the neither is any mighty man deliite, and instrumentoften strings. vered by much strength.

3 Sing unto the Lord a new 16 A horse is counted but a ong; sing praises lustily unto vain thing to save a man; neither im with a good courage;

shall be deliver any man by his 4 For the word of the Lord great strength. = true, and all his works are 17 Behold, the eye of the Lord aithful.

is upon them that fear him, and 5 He loveth righteousness and upon them that put their trust in Edgment; the earth is full of the his mercy; Foodness of the Lord.

18 To deliver their soul from 6 By the word of the Lord death, and to feed them in the ere the heavens made, and all time of dearth. he hosts of them by the breath 19 Our soul bath patiently tarof his mouth.

ried for the Lord; for he is our 7 He gathereth the waters of help and our shield. he sea together, as it were upon

20 For our heart shall rejoice En heap; and layeth up the deep. in him; because we have hoped s in a treasure-honse.

in his holy name. 8 Let all the earth fear the 21 Let thy merciful kindness, _ord: stand in awe of hin, all ye O Lord, be upon us, like as we Pat dwell in the world; do pul our trust in thee.

9 For he spake, and it was done; Psalm 31. Benedicam Domino. e commanded, and it stood fast

. I will alway sive thanks unto 10 The Lord bringeth the coun the Lord; bis praise shall ever el of the heathen to nought, and be in iny mouth. Paketh the devices of the people 2 My soul shall make her boast =) be of none effect, and casteth in the Lord; the humble shall ut the counsels of princes. liear thereof, and be glad.

11 The counsel of the Lord 30 praise the Lord with me, and Hall endure for ever, and the let us magnify his name together, houghts of his heart irom gene. 41 sougnt the Lord, and he ation to generation.

heard me; yea, he delivered me 12 Blessed are the people whose out of all my fear. God is the Lord Jelovali; and 5 They had an eye unto him, lessed are the folk that he liath anıl were lightened ; and their bosen lo hila, to be his inheri- faces were not ashened. ance.

6 Lo, tlie poor crieth, and the 13 The Lord looked down froin Lord heareth bim; yea, and eaven, and beheld all the chil. saveth him out of all his trouEren of men; from the habitation bles. fhişdwelling, le considereth all 7 The Angel of the Lord Elem that direll on the earth, tarrieth round about them thar


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