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thee, and a sojourner, as all my 12 I have not hid thy righte. Fathers were.

ousness within my heart; my 15 O spare me a little, that I talk hath been of thy truth, and may recover my strength, before of thy salvation. I go hence, and be no more 13 I have not kept back thy

loving mercy and truth from the Psalm 45. Erprctans espectari. great congregation. I waited patiently for the Lord, 14 Withdraws not thou thy

and he inclined unto nie, and mercy from me, O Lord; let thy heard my calling.

loving-kindness and thy truth 2 He brought me also ont of the alısay preserve me. horrible pit, out of the mire and 15 For innumerable troubles clay, and set my feet upon the are come abont me; my sins rock, and ordered my goings. have taken such hold upon me,

3 And be bath put a new song that I am not able to look ur; in my month, even a thanksgiv-yea, they are more in number ing unto our God.

than the hairs of my head, and 4 Many shall see it, and fear, my heart hath failed me. and shall put their trust in the 16 O Lord, let it be thy pleaLord.

sure to deliver me; make haste, 5 Blessed is the man that bath O Lord, in help me. set his hope in the Lord, and 17 Let them be ashamed, and turned not unto the proud, and confounded together, that serk to such as go about with lies. after my soul to destroy it; let

6 O Lord, my God, great are them be driven backward, and the wondrous works which thou put to rebuke, that wish mo hast done; like as be also thy evil. thoughts, which are to us-ward; 18 Let them be desolate, and and yet there is no man that or- rewarded with shame, that say derech them into thee.

unto me, Fie upon thee. fie upon 7 If I should declare them, and thee. speak of them, they should be 19 Lei all those that seek thee, nore than I am able to express. he joyful and glad in thee; and

8 Sacrifice and meat-offering let such as love thy salvation, say hou wouldest not, but mine ears alkay, The Lord he praised. last thou opened.

20' As for me, I am poor and 9 Burnt-offerings and sacrifice needy; but the Lord careth for or sin hast thou not regaired : ine. hen said I, Lo I come.

21 Thou art my helper and re10 In the volume of the book remer; make no long tarrying; 1 is written of me, that I should 0 my God. ulfil thy will, o iny God: I am EVENING PRAYER. ontent to do it; yea, thy law is

Psalm 41. Beatus qui intelligit. within my heart.


LESSED is he that consider11 I have declared thy righte eth the poor and needy; the msness in the great congregation : Lord shall deliver him in the time 9, I will not refrain ny lips, Ofof trouble. Lord, and that thou knowosi. 2 Tlie Lord preserve him, and


p bim alive, that he may be 3 My tears have been my meat sed upon earth ; and deliver day and night, while they daily say thou him into the will of his unto me, Where is now thy God? mies.

4 Now when I think thereThe Lord comfort him when upon, I pour out my heart by ieti sick upon his bed; make myself; for I went with the mul. i all his bed in his sickness. titude, and brought them forth

I said, Lord, be merciful unto into the house of God; ; heal my soul, for I have 5 In the voice of praise and ned against thee.

thanksgiving, among such as keep Mine enenies speak evil of holy-day. ; When shall he die, and his 6 Why art tbou so full of bea. ne perish?

viness, O my soul ? and why art And if he come to see me, thou so disquieted within me? speaketh vanity, and his heart 7 Put thy trust in God, for I ceiveth falsehood within him- will yet give him thanks for the ; and when he cometh forth, help of his countenance. Celleth it.

8 My God, my soul is vexed All mine enemies whisper within me; therefore will I rør other against me, even against memberthee concerning the land do they imagine this evil. of Jordan, and the little hill of

Let the sentence of guilti- Hermon. 3 proceed against him, and 9 One deep calleth another, v that he lieth, let him rise up because of the noise of the water

pipes; all thy waves and storms Yea, even mine own familiar are gone over me. nd whom I trusted, who did 10 The Lord hath granted his

eat of my bread, bath laid loving-kindness in the day-time, at wait for me.

and in the night-season did I sing 0 But be thou merciful unto of him, and made my prayer un

O Lord; raise thou me up to the God of my life. in, and I shall reward them. 11 I will say unto the God of 1 By this I know thou favour- my strength, Why hast thou for me, that mine enemy doth gotten me? Why go I thus beatriumph against me. vily, while the enemy oppress2 And when I am in my eth me? Ith, thou upholdest me, and 12 My bones are smitten agunII set me before thy face for der as with a sword, while mine

enemies that trouble me cast me 3 Blessed be the Lord God of in the teeth; Lel, world without end. Amen. 13 Namely, while they say dai Psalm 42. Quemadmodum.

ly unto me, Where is now thy God? EKE as the hart desireth the 14 Why art thou so vexed 0 water-brooks, so longeth my my soul? and why art thou so after thee, O God.

disquieted within me? My soul is athirst for God,

15 O put thy trust in God, for even for the living God: I will yet thank him, which is the en shall I come to appear be- help of my countenance, and my = the presence of God? Goi.

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me, Deus.

Psalm 43. Judica

6 Throngh thee will we over. GIVE sentence with me, o God, ilrow our enemies, and in thy

and defend my cause against name will we tread them under Ehe ungodly people; Odeliver me that rise up against us. From the deceitful and wicked 7 For I will not trust in my nan;

bow; it is not my sword that sball 2 For thou art the God of my help me. trength : why hast thou put me & But it is thou that savest us From thee? and wliy go I so from our enemies, and puttest neavily, while the enemy oppress-them to confusion that hale us. Eth me?

9 Ve make our boast of God all 3 O send out thy light and thy day long, and will praise thy ruth, that they may lead me, and name for ever. ering me unto thy holy hill, and 10 But now thou art far off, and othy dwelling.

puttest us to confusion; and goest 4 And that I may go unto the not forth with our armies. Itar of God, even unto the God 11 Thou makest us to turn our f my joy and gladness; and hacks upon our enemies, so that pon the harp will I give thanks they which haie us spoil onrgoods. nto thee, O God,


12 Thou lettest us be caten up 5 Why art thou so heavy, Olike sheep, and hast scattered us y soul? and why art thou so dis- among the heathen. lieted within me?

13 Thou sellest thy people for 6 O put thy trust in God; for nought, and takest no money for will yet give him thanks, which them. the help of my countenance, 14. Thou makest us to be reid my God.

buked of our neighbours, to be The ninth Day.

laughed to scorn, and bad in deMORNING PRATER.

rision of them that are round Psalm 44. Deus, auribus.

about 19. VE E have heard with our ears, 15 Thou makest us to be a by.

O God, our fathers have told wordamong the heathen, and that what thou hast done in their the people shake their beads at us. ze of old.

16 My confusion is daily before 2 How thou hast driven out the me, and the shame of my face

athen with thy hanı!, and plant- bath covered me; them in: how thou hasi destroy 17 For the voice of the slanthe nations and cast them out. derer and blasphemer, for the 3 For they gal not the land in cnemy and arenger. session through their own 18 And though ail this be come prd, neither was it their own upon us, yet do we not forget 1 that helped them ;

thee, nor behave ourselves fro. Bat thy right hand, and thine wardly in thy covenant. 3, and the light of thy counte 19 Our heart is not turned back, ce; because thou hadst a fa- neither our steps gone out of thy ar unto them.

way; Thou art my King, O God; O' No, nnt when thou hast d help unto Jacob.

smitten is into the place of dra

were amon

ons, and covered us with the for ever; the sceptre of thy king nadow of death.

dom is a right sceptre, 21 If we have forgotten the 8 Thou hast loved righteoxame of our God, and hoiden up ness, and hated iniquity; wherur hands to any strange god, fore God, even thy God, hat hall not God search it out? for anointed thee with the oil of glad e knoweth the very secrets of ness above thy fellows. he heart.

9 All thy garments smell 22 For thy sake also are we kill- myrrh, aloes, and cassia; auf ed all the day long, and are the ivory palaces, whereby the counted as sleep appointed to be have made thee glad. lain.

10 Kings' daughters 23 Up, Lord, why sleepest thiy honourable women; upon to hou ? awake, and be not absent right hand did stand the quer rom us for ever.

in a vesture of gold, wrough 24 Therefore bidest thou thv about with divers colours. ace, and forgettest our misery and 11 Hearken, 0 daughter, crouble?

consider; incline thine ear; f 25 For our soul is brought low, get also thine own people, even unto the dust; our belly thy father's house. Eleaveth unto the ground. 12 So shall the King have pas

26 Arise, and help us, and de- sure in thy beauty; for heil liver us, for thy mercies' sake. Lord God, and worship the Psalm 45. Eructarit cor meum.

bim. My heart is in diting of a good 13 And the daughter of Ty

matter; I speak of the things shall be there with a gift; like which I have made unto the the rich also among the peo King

shall make their supplication 2 My tongue is the pen of a fore thee. ready writer.

14 The King's daughter il 3 'Thou art fairer than the chil-glorious within ; her clothing dren of men ; full of grace are thy of wrought gold. lips, because God hath blessed 15 She shall be bronght thee for ever.

the King in raiment of neem 4 Gird thee with thy sword work ; the virgins that beber upon thy thigh, ( iliou most lows shall bear her company, mighty, according to thy worship shall be brought unto thee

. and rerown.

16 11ith joy and gladness 5 Good luck have thou with they be brouglit, and shall thine honour: ride ou, because of into the King's palace. the word of truth, of meekness and 17 Instead of thy father righteousness, and thy right hand shalt have children, whom shall teach thee terrible things. mayest make princes in alll

6 Thy arrows are very sharp, 18 I will remember thy and the people shall be subdued from one generation to ano unto thee, even in the midst therefore shall the people among the King's ene:nies. thanks unto thee, world i

7 Thy seat, O God, endureth end,

the same.

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Psalm 40. Deus noster refugium. 3 He shall subdue the people GOD is our hope and strength, under us, and the nations under

a very present help in trouble. our feet. 2 Therefore will we not fear, 4 He shall choose out an heriThough the earth be moved, and tage for us, even the worship of Elough the hills be carried inin Jacob, whom he loved. Ele midst of the sea.

5 God is gone up with a merry 3 Though the waters thereof noise, and the Lord with the age and swell, and though the sound of the trump. ountains shake at the tempestį 60 sing praises, sing praises

unto our God; O sing praises, 4 The rivers of the flood thereof sing praises unto our King. all make giad the city of God; 7 For God is the King of all e holy place of the tabernacle the enrih: sing ye praises with the most Highest.

ht early.

understanding 5 God is in the midst of her,

& God reigneth over the hea. erefore shall she not be remov- then ; God sitteth upon his holy ; God shall help her, and that scat.

9 The princes of the people The heathen make much ado, are joined unto the people of the the kingdoms are moved; but God of Abraham; for God, which

hath showed his voice, and is very high cxalted, doth defend earth shall melt away.

the earth as it were with a shield. The Lord of hosts is with us;

Psalm 43. Magnus Dominus. God of Jacob is our refuge GREAT is the Lord, and lighaly

to be praised in the city of works of the Lord, what de-lour God, even upon his holy hill. Etion he hath brought upon 2 The hill of Sion is a fair place, earth.

and the joy of the whole earth ; He maketh wars to cease in upon the north side lieth the city De world; he breaketh the of the great King: God is well

and knappeti the spear in known in her palaces as a suro er, and burneth the chariots refuge. fire.

3 For lo, the kings of the earth Be still then, and know that are gathered.and gone by together, God: I will be exalted among 4. They marrelled to see such eathen, and I will be exalted things; they were astonished, and earth.

suddenly cast down. The Lord of hosts is with us; 5 Fear came there upon them; od of Jacob is our reluge. land sorrow, as upon a woman in

EVENING PRAYER. her travail. m 47. Omnes gentes, plaudite. 6 Thou shalt break the ships of zp your hands together, all the sea through the east wind.

people: O sing unto God 7 Like as we have heard, so ne voice of melody. bave we seen in the city of the r the Lord is high, and to Lord of hosts, in the city of our ed; he is the great King God; God upholdeth the same Il the earth.

for ever.

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