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BL 1600

1700 1800

1900 B! 2000


2300 B 2400


2700 B! 2900


3100 B 3200

3300 3.100

3500 B 3600

3700 3800

3900 BL 4000

4100 4200

1300 B +100

1500 4600

4700 B 4900

4900 5000 5100

0 B 5200

5300 1 5100 2

5500 2 B

5600 2 5700 3 5800 4 5900 3 B 6000 4 6100 5 6200


6400 6 6500 6 6600

6700 7 В 6800 7 6900 8 7000 9 7100 8 B 7200 9 7300 10 7400 10 7500 10 .B 7600 11 7700 12 7800 12 7900 12 8000 13 8100 13 8200 11 8300

8-100 14 8500 15 &c. 16

3 To find the month and days

of the month to which the Golden Numbers ought to be prefixed in the Calendar in any given year of our Lord, cou

sisting of entire hundred years, 15 and in all the intermediate yours 16 betwixt that and the next bun17 dredth year following, look in 17 the second column of Table II. 17 for the given year, consisting 18 of entire hundreds; and note 13 the number or cypher which 19 stands against it in the third 19 column; then in Table III. look 19 for the same number in the 20 column under any given Gold21 en Number, which when you 20

have found, guide your eye 21 sideways to the left hand, and 22 in the first column you will find 23 the month and day to which 22 that Golden Number ought to 23 be prefixed in the Calendar, 24 during that period of one hun24 dred years. 24 The letter B prefixed to cer25 tain hundredth years in Table II. 25 denotes those years which are 26 still to be accounted Bissestile 26 or Leap-Years in the new Ca26 lendar; whereas all the other 27 hundredth years are to be ac28 counted only common years. 27 28 29 29 29

1.1 B

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11 C 29|10|21| 21312
12D 01122) 31423

1/12 23 4171207_1829 1021 2132-1, 516127 8/19 14 F

18 C

7/18/2910 211 21324

180) 7112/28/10 2:0 2 13(24) 5|16|27| 8/19) ol1122 3 14/25


1 7'he Minister shall begin the Morning Prayer, by reading one or more of the

following Sentences of Scripture. THE Lord is in his holy temple; neither have we obeyed the voice

let all the earth keep silence of the Lord our God, to walk in before him. Hab. ij. 20. his laws which he set before us.

From the rising of the sun even Dan. ix. 9, 10. unto the going down of the same, O Lord, correct me, but with my name shall be great among judgment; not in thine anger, lest the Gentiles; and in every place thou bring me to nothing. Jer. incense shall be offered unto my x. 24. Psal. vi. 1. name, and a pure offering: for Repent ye; for the kingdom of my name shall be great among heaven is at hand. St. Matt. iii. 2. the heathen, saith the Lord of I will arise, and go to my fahosts. Mal. i. 11.

ther, and will say unto him ; FaLet the words of my mouth, ther, I have sinned against heaand the meditation of my heart, ven, and before thee, and am no he alway acceptable in thy sight, more worthy to be called thy O Lord, my strength and my Re- son. St. Luke, xv. 18, 19. deemer. Psal. xix. 14.

Enter not into judgment with When the wicked njan turneth thy servant, O Lord; for in thy away from his wickedness that he sight shall no man living be jushath committed, and doeth that tified. Psal. cxliii. 2. which is lawful and right, he shal! If we say that we have no sin, save his soul alive. Ezek. xviii. 27. we deceive ourselves, and the

I acknowledge my transgres- truth is not in us; but if we consions; and my sin is ever before fess our sins, God is faithful and me. Psal. li. 3.

just to forgive us our sins, and to Hide thy face from my sins; cleanse us from all unrighteousand blot out all mine iniquities. ness. 1 St. John, i. 8, 9. Psal. li. 9.

Then the Minister shall say, The sacrifices of God are a DEARLY beloved brethren, the broken spirit; a broken and a scripture moveth us, in suncontrite heart, O God, thou wilt dry places, to acknowledge and not despise. Psal. li. 17. confess our manifold sins and

Rend your heart and not your wickedness, and that we should garments, and turn unto the Lord not dissemble nor cloak them your God; for be is gracious and before the face of Almighty God, merciful, slow to anger, and of our heavenly Father, but confess great kindness, and repenteth them with an humble, lowly, pehim of the evil. Joel, ii. 13. nitent, and obedient heart; to ihe

To the Lord our God belong end that we may obtain forgivemercies and forgivenesses, though neas of the same, by his infinite we have rebelled against him ;!goodness and mercy. And al

though we oughit, at ail tiines, ALMIGHTY God, the Father humbly to acknowledge our sins of our Lord Jesus Christ, Letore God; yet ought we chiefly who desireth not the death of a so to do, when we asseinble and sinner, but rather that he may meet together, to reader thanks turn from his wickedness and for the great benefits that we live, hath given power and comhave received at his hands, to set inandment to his ministers, to deforth his most worthy praise, to clare and pronounce to his peohear his must holy word, and to ple, being penitent, the Absoluask those things which are requi- tion and Remission of their sins. site and necessary, as well for lle pardoneth and absolveth all the body as the soul. Wherefore, those who truly repent, and un

pray and beseech you, as many feignedly believe his holy Gosas are here present, to accom-pel. Wherefore, let us beseech pany me, with a pure heart and him to grant us true repentance, humble voice, unto the throne of and his Holy Spirit; that those the heavenly grace, saying things may please him which we

do at this present, and that the 1. Terol Confession to be said whole Congregution after the Minister, rest of our life hereafter may be all knecling.

pure and holy; so that at the last ALMIGHTY and most merciful se may come to his eternal jor,

Father; Te have erred and through Jesus Christ our Lord. strayed from tliy ways like lost " The People skull answer here, and ut

the end of czery prayer, Amen. sheep. We have foliowed too

TOr this. much the devices and desires of ALMIGHTY God, our heaven;

ly Father, who, of his great ed against thy holy laws. We mercy, hath promised forgivchave left undone those things ness of sins to all those who, which we ought to have done ; with hearty repentance and tme And we have done those things faith, turn unto him ; wbich we ought not to liave done: upon vou, pardon and deliver And there is no health in us. you from all your sins, confirm But thou, O Lord, have mercy and strengthen you in all goodupon is, miserable offenders. ness, and bring you to everlastSpare thou those, o God, who ing life, through Jesus Christ our confess their faults. Restore thou Lord. Amen. those who are penitent; Accord

T T'hen the Alinister shall knect, and sati ing to thy promises declared uiilo the Lord's Prayer; the People stil! mankind, in Christ Jesus our kanceling, and repeating it with him, Lord. And grant, О must mer

both here, and whereso:tcr cise it is

us:d in Dirint Service. ciful Father, for his sake; That we may hereafter live a godly, OUR Father, who art in Hearighteous, and sober life; 'To the

ven, Jiallowed hely Naine; glory of thy holy name. 'Amen. Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will

be done on carib, as it is ir. HeaI T'he Declaration of Absolution, or Re-ven ; Give us this day our daily mission of Sins, to be made by thu bread; And forgive us on tesPri-st alone, standing; the People still kneeling

passes, as we forgive those in

have mercy

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