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Mrs P. Sawyer, of Boxford, for the best piece of

woolen frocking, a premium of Mrs. Ann Cleaves, aged seventy years, of Wen

ham, for six pair wrought woolen hose, a pre

mium of Mrs. Mary Titcomb, of Newburyport, for 4 pair

silk half hose, a gratuity of Miss Mary Howe, of Methuen, for one pair silk

hose, a gratuity of Sally E. Griffin, of Beverly, for 2 pair of worsted

hose, a gratuity of Mrs. Jacob Osgood, of Andover, for 24 yards of

linen cloth, the first premium of Miss Mehitable Ballard, of Andover, for 2 pair

linen sheets, a gratuity of Elizabeth Adams, of Byfield, for linen table

cloths and napkins, a gratuity of Mrs. M. Ballard, of Andover, for a counterpane,

the 2d premium of Mary Foster, of Beverly, for a counterpane, a

gratuity of Abigail M. Harding, of Haverhill, for a counter

pane, a gratuity of Lydia N. Dole, of West Newbury, for a counter

pane, a gratuity of Lydia N. Dole, of Newbury, for a black lace

veil, the first premium of Sarah O. Bagley, of Amesbury, for four wrought

lace collars and edging, the 2d premium of Mrs. R. Worcester, of Danvers, for wrought lace

handkerchiefs, a gratuity of Hannah J. Putnam, of Danvers, for a black lace

veil, a gratuity of Mrs. Myra Abbot, of Bradford, for a wrought

cape, a gratuity of Mrs. John Pearson, of Newburyport, for an em

broidered mantilla, a gratuity of Mary Ann Choate, of Essex, for a worked table

covering, a gratuity of

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Susan R. H. Nelson, of Georgetown, for a work

ed table cover, a gratuity of Mrs. L. L. Dearborn, for a rich centre-table cov

ering, wrought in imitation of German crewel

work, a gratuity of Miss Harriet Ayer, of Danvers, for wrought

cricket covers, a gratuity of Eliza M. Nelson, of Georgetown, for wrought

cricket covers, a gratuity of Mary Ann Caldwell, of Newbury, for wrought

cricket covers, a gratuity of Harriet M. Saunders, of Newburyport, aged 11

years, for a worked cricket cover, being the best specimen of work by a child under 12

years of age, the 1st premium, Sarah Barker, of Andover, for a worked sampler,

she being but 9 years old, the 2d premium of
Eliza Kilham, for straw mats, a gratuity of
Mary A Renton, of Bradford, for a net shawl, a

gratuity of
N. S. Vance, of Bradford, for calf-skin boots, a

gratuity of
John Hale, of Boxford, for 1 pair cow-hide bro-

gans, a gratuity of Greenleaf Cheney, of Rowley, for work-box,

spool stands and swifts, a gratuity of J. B. Sargent, of Amesbury, for one pair steel

springs, agratuity of E. Smith, of Beverly, for a syringe to destroy in

sects, a gratuity of John Harriman, of Haverhill, for a churn, a

gratuity of J. C. Page, of Danvers, for Daguerreotype mini

atures, a gratuity of Elizabeth Trask, of Beverly, for two shell card

racks, a grutuity of Catharine S. Hardy, of Bradford, for a work bag,

a gratuity of Mrs.Worcester, of Danvers, for specimens of hair work, a gratuity of

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Angelina Kilham, of Boxford, for samples of farmers' mittens,

1 00 Lorintha Curtis, of Boxford, for a bonnet made from down of sea-fowl, a gratuity of

50 John Kimball, of Georgetown, for six pieces of seal-skin leather, a gratuity of

1 00 W. and M. Black, of Danvers, for specimens of leather, a gratuity of

1 00 All which is respectfully submitted,

For the Committee,

ALLEN W. DODGE. Georgetown, Sept. 29, 1841.



AW A R D E D IN 1841.

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2d 3d 1st 2d 3d 1st gratuity.

1 st prem.

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Joshua Lovett, Beverly, For June butter

$8, Daniel Putnam, Danvers,

6, William R. Putnam, Wenham,

4, Margaret Wardwell, Andover, September butter,

10, Nathaniel Felton, Danvers,

8, Peabody Illsley, W. Newbury,

6, Isaac Carruth, Andover, Cheese,

10, Mary S. Thurlow, W. Newbury,

5, Perley Tapley, Danvers, Ploughing, double teams, 12, Joseph Symonds, Middleton,


8, Ralph H. Chandler, Andover,

6, Joseph Goodridge, W. Newbury, Joseph C. Putnam, Danvers,

single teams, 10, Allen Putnam, Hamilton,

8, William R. Putnam, Wenham,

6, Perley Tapley, Danvers,

4, Seth Kimball, Andover,

horse teams, 8, Perley Tapley, Danyers,

6, Josiah Crosby, Andover,

10, Enoch Silsbee, Bradford,

5, George Hood, Lynn,

3, Hobart Clark, Andover, Working oxen,

10, William B. Cole, Boxford,

7, Josiah Crosby, Andover, Daniel Andrews, Boxford, Steers, 3 years old,

7, Danvers, John Preston,

5, Amos Berry, Ar ver,

2 years old,


4, Ralph H. Chandler,

Boxford, Peabody Russel,

15, $212

2d 3d 4th. 1st 2d 3d 4th 1st 2d 1st 2d gratuity.


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2d prem.

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Milch cow,

3d 1st gratuity.

1st prém. gratuity.


1st prem. 2d

Amount brought over, $212, Joseph Kittredge, Andover,

Fat oxen,

10, Samuel Jenkins, jr.

5, Joshua Hale, Rowley,

10, David S. Caldwell, Newbury,

3, George Spofford, Georgetown,

3, Moses Pettingill, Topsfield, Heifer,

5, David S. Caldwell, Newbury, Heifers,

3, Parker Pillsbury, Georgetown, Heifer,

1, David Jewett,

1, John Hale, Boxford, Sheep,

3, Charles R. Taylor, Rowley, Boar,

5, Nathaniel Dorman, Boxford,

2, Phineas C. Balch, Newbury, Pigs,

6, Samuel Scott, Rowley,


4, Charles T Tenney, Georgetown, Management of bees,

4, George Spofford, Mrs. Nath'l Parker, Bradford,

5, S. C. Hodges,

Newburyport," Priscilla Atwood, Bradford,

2, Allen Putnam,

Hamilton, Experiments on manures, 20, George Hood, Lynn, Mulberry nursery,

10, Temple Cutler, Hamilton,

5, Francis Dodge, Danvers, Crop of corn,

10, John Noyes, Newbury,


10, William Williams, Rowley,


George Hood, Lynn, Plantation of mulberry trees, 15,
Ira Hardy,

10, By the Committee on Domestic Manufactures, See pp. 79-82, 85, By the Committee on Fruits and Flowers, See pp. 71-77,


1st 2d gratuity.





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