Catalogue, 1873. [With] A list of books added, Jan. 1876-Jan. 1878, Volume 1

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Page 304 - I., and others. Check lists of the shells of North America. prepared for the Smithsonian institution ; Directions for collecting, preserving, and transporting specimens of natural history...
Page 55 - Letter to the Marquis of Rockingham ; Address to the king; address to the British colonists in NA; Letter to Edmund Perry ; Letter to Thomas Burgh ; Letters, thoughts and reflections on the executions ; Sketch of the negro code. VI. Letter on the duration of Parliament ; Tracts and letters on the popery laws ; Fragments and notes of speeches in Parliament ; Hints for an essay on the drama ; An abridgement of English history ; Report from committee appointed to inspect the lords
Page 3 - Appendix. IV. Novanglus; or, a history of the dispute with America from 1754 ; Thoughts on government ; Report of a constitution for Massachusetts ; Defence of the constitution of the United States, vol. i. V. Defence of the constitution of the United States, vols. 2 and 3. VI. Discourses on Davila ; Four letters on government; Three letters on the constitution ; Letters in reply to strictures on defense of the constitution ; Review of the proposition for amending the constitution.
Page 48 - ... 8°.2905,D. — Fletcher, JC and Kidder, DP Brazil and the Brazilians. Bost. 1867. 8°. ...... 2908, D. — Hartt, CF Geology and physical geography of. Bost. 1870. 8°. 2903, D. Bread upon the waters. DM Craik. NY 1872. 12°. . 308, A. Breaking a butterfly. GALawrence. Leip. 1869. 2v.in1. 16°. 1084, J. — The same. Phil. 1869. 12° 2435, A. Breaking away. WT Adams. Bost. 1869. 16°. . . 148, B. Breaking the rules. Bost. nd 16°. .... 575, B. Bremer, F. A diary; The H — family; Axel and Anna,...
Page 184 - The Idler." — Rasselas, a tale. — Tales of the imagination. — Letters from collection of Mrs. Piozzi and others. — Irene, a tragedy. — Miscellaneous poems. 2. Lives of the poets. — Lives of eminent persons. — Political tracts. — Philological tracts. — Miscellaneous tracts. — Dedications. — Opinions on questions of law. — Reviews and criticisms. — Journey to the western islands of Scotland. — Prayers and meditations.
Page 231 - L'École des Maris. — Les Fâcheux. — L'École des Femmes. — La Critique de l'École des Femmes. — L'Impromptu de Versailles. — Le Mariage forcé.
Page 249 - Love, mystery and superstition ; After the ball ; False or true ; Confessions of an odd-tempered man ; Illustrations of lying. Opie, J. Lectures on painting. Lond.1848. 8°.
Page 232 - Political and satirical poems; The Fudge family in Paris; Fables for the holy alliance ; Rhymes on the road ; Miscellaneous poems ; The loves of the angels ; Satirical and humorous poems. V. Satirical and humorous poems. cont.\ The Fudges in England ; Songs from MP, or The blue stockings ; Miscellaneous poems; The epicurean ; Alciphron. The same. Phil. 1869. 12° 6I1,K.

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