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by Sir James Mackintosh, M. P.; together with a Collective List of Works upon International Law, a Sketch of the Author's Life, &c. By J. G. Marvin. Boston: Pratt & Co. 8vo. pp. 103.

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. By Theron Metcalf. Vol. IV. Boston: C. C. Little & James Brown. 8vo. pp. 648.

The Revised Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Additional Laws to 1844, reduced to Questions and Answers, for the Use of Schools and Families. By William B. Wedgwood, A. M. Boston: Tappan & Dennet. 12mo. pp. 116.

Commentaries on the Law of Agency, as a Branch of Commercial and Maritime Jurisprudence, with occasional Illustrations from the Civil and Foreign Law. By Joseph Story, L. L D., one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, and Dane Professor of Law in Harvard University. 2d edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged. Boston: C. C. Little & James Brown. 1843. 8vo. pp. 669. A Supplement to Hilliard's Digest of Pickering's Reports. Being a Digest of Pickering's and Metcalf's Reports. Volumes XV. Pickering to III. Metcalf, inclusive. By Francis Hillard. Boston: Otis, Broaders, & Co. 1843. 8vo. pp. 510.


A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Testis, and of the Spermatic Cord and Scrotum. With Illustrations. By T. B. Curling, Lecturer on Surgery. Edited by P. B. Goddard, M. D. Philadelphia : Carey & Hart. 8vo. pp. 568.

The Principles and Practice of Medicine. By John Elliotson, M. D., F. R. S. Edited by Nathaniel Rogers, M. D., and Alexander Cooper Lee. From the 2d London Edition, with Notes and Additions, by Thomas Stewardson, M. D. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart. 8vo. pp. 1046.

The Dissector, or Practical and Surgical Anatomy. By Erasmus Wilson. With 106 Illustrations. Modified and rearranged by Paul B. Goddard, M. D. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard. 12mo. pp. 444. Anatomical Atlas, illustrative of the Structure of the Human Body. By Henry H. Smith, M. D. Under the Supervision of William E. Horner, M. D. Part I. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard. 8vo. pp. 56. Abernethy's Family Physician; or Ready Prescriber in Cases of Illness and Accident, where Medical Attendance is not desired or cannot be procured. Revised and enlarged by H. Bostwick, M. D. New York: Burgess & Stringer. 24mo. pp. 120.

Observations on Obstetric Auscultation. By Evory Kennedy, M. D. With an Appendix, containing Legal Notes, by John Smith, Esq. With Notes and Additional Illustrations, by Isaac E. Taylor, M. D. New York: J. & H. G. Langley. 12mo. pp. 311.


Woman an Enigma; or Life and its Revealings. By the Author of "Conquest and Self-Conquest," &c. New York: Harper & Broth12mo. pp. 238.


The American Poultry Book; being a Practical Treatise on the

Management of Domestic Poultry. By Micajah R. Cook. New York : Harper & Brothers. 12mo. pp. 179.

Memoir on the Reconnaissance of Rivers. Translated from the French, by Lieut. W. R. Palmer. Philadelphia: L. R. Bailey. 8vo. pp. 31.

The Celestial Railroad. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. Boston: Wilder & Co. 32mo. pp. 32.

The Lady's Book of Flowers and Poetry; to which are added, a Botanical Introduction and a Complete Floral Dictionary. Edited by Lucy Hooper. New York: J. C. Riker. 12mo. pp. 275.

Familiar Letters on Chemistry, and its Relation to Commerce, Physiology, and Agriculture. By Justus Liebig, M. D. Edited by John Gardner, M. D. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. 180.

Progress of the United States in Population and Wealth in Fifty Years, as exhibited by the Decennial Census. By George Tucker, Professor of Moral Philosophy and Political Economy. New York: 8vo. pp. 211.

Missionary Offering, or Christian Sympathy, Personal Responsibility, and the Present Crisis in Foreign Missions. Boston: Crocker & Brewster. 12mo. pp. 103.

Etiquette for Ladies; or Hints on the Preservation, Improvement, and Display of Female Beauty. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston. 16mo. pp. 224.

An American Tract for the Times; being an Humble but Earnest Plea in Behalf of Common Sense. By a Former Member of the University of Cambridge. Boston: W. D. Ticknor. 12mo. pp. 22.

An Encyclopedia of Geography; comprising a Complete Description of the Earth, Physical, Statistical, Civil, and Political. By Hugh Murray, F. R. S. E. Revised, with Additions, by Thomas G. Bradford. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard. 3 vols. 8vo.

Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia. Celebration of the 100th Anniversary, May 25th, 1843. Philadelphia: John C. Clark. 8vo. pp. 232.

Mrs. Ellis's Housekeeping Made Easy; or Complete Instructions in all Branches of Cookery and Domestic Economy. By an American Lady. New York: Burgess & Stringer. 12mo. pp. 108.

The Commercial Adjuster of Foreign Money, Weights, and Measures, bringing those of all Nations in the World to the Standard of the United States. By Matthew D. Finn. New York: Lambert & Lane. 12mo. pp. 44.

A Memoir of the Construction, Cost, and Capacity of the Croton Aqueduct; with a Preliminary Essay. By Charles King. New York: Charles King. 1843. 4to. pp. 308.

A Stricture on the Judiciary of Massachusetts, occasioned mainly by Articles in the Law Reporter and the North American Review. By a Citizen. Andover: Allen, Morrill, and Wardwell. 8vo. pp. 48. Physiology Vindicated, in a Critique on Liebig's Animal Chemistry. By Charles Caldwell, M. D. Jeffersonville, Ia. A. S. Tilden. 8vo. pp. 95.


Thanksgiving Anthem; composed by T. Bricker, Organist of the 12th Congregation Society, Boston. Boston: A. B. Kidder. 4to. pp. 8.

The Social Lyrist; a Collection of Sentimental, Patriotic, and Miscellaneous Songs. By J. H. Hickok. Harrisburg, Pa.: Hickok & Cantine. 12mo. pp. 144.

Music, as a Part of Female Education. By Edward W. Hooker. Boston: T. R. Marvin. 8vo. pp. 24.

The New York Glee Book; containing One Hundred Glees, Quartetts, Trios, Songs in Parts, Rounds, and Catches. Composed, selected, and harmonized, with an ad libitum Accompaniment for the Piano Forte. By George Loder, Principal of the New York Vocal InstiNew York: J. & H. G. Langley. 8vo. pp. 272.


The New York Sacred Musical Society's Collection of Church Music; comprising Standard Psalm and Hymn Tunes in General Use. Arranged on an Improved Plan for Choirs and Organists. By U. C. Hill. New York: Saxton & Miles. 8vo. pp. 372.


The Present. Vol. I. No. 1. Sept. 15, 1843. New York: W. H. Channing. 12mo. pp. 36.

The Child's Friend; designed for Families and Sunday Schools; conducted by Eliza L. Follen. Vol. I. No. 1. October, 1843. Boston: Leonard C. Bowles. 12mo. pp. 36.


Marion's Men, a Romance of the Revolution. By the Author of "The Old Loyalist," &c. Philadelphia: A. J. Rockafellar. 8vo. pp. 56. Frank Rivers; or the Dangers of the Town. A Story of Temptation, Trial, and Crime. By Prof. Ingraham, Author of "Lafitte," &c. 4to. pp. 32.

The Professor and his Favorites. By Mrs. Emily Flygare. Translated from the Swedish. New York: Stjernefeldt & Broadmeadow. 8vo. pp. 99.

The Rescued Nun; or, A Convent and its Wrongs. By the Author of "Mabel, the Actress." New York: Burgess & Stringer. 8vo. pp. 50.

Odd Stories; with Stray Plates. New York: Graham & Christy. 8vo. pp. 30.

Making a Sensation, and other Tales. By T. S. Arthur. Philadelphia: Godey & McMichael. 12mo. pp. 72.

The Deserter; a Legend of Mount Washington. By John H. Mancur, Author of "Christine," &c. New York: William H. Colyer. 8vo. pp. 72.

The Mysteries of Paris. A Novel. By Eugene Sue. Translated from the French, by Charles H. Town, Esq. New York: Harper & Brothers. 8vo. pp. 443.

Gerolstein; a Sequel to "The Mysteries of Paris." Translated from the French of Eugene Sue. New York: Harper & Brothers. 8vo. pp. 32.

Ned Myers; or, A Life before the Mast. Edited by J. Fenimore Cooper. Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard. 12mo. pp. 232.

Fialto; or, The Chain of Crime; a Tale of Guilt and Passion. By

Eugene Sue, Author of "The Mysteries of Paris." Boston: Charles H. Brainard. 8vo. pp. 40.

The Gentleman's Daughter; or, A Great City's Temptations. New York: Burgess & Stringer. 8vo. pp. 54.

Julie Corryeur, a Romance of the Alps. By T. C. Grattan, Author of "Highways and Byways." Philadelphia: A. J. Rockafellar. 8vo. pp. 63.

Six Nights with the Washingtonians; a Series of Temperance Tales. By T. S. Arthur, Author of "Bell Martin," &c. Philadelphia: R. G. Berford. 8vo. pp. 96.

The Stolen Wife; an American Romance, by the Author of "The Tailor's Apprentice," &c. Philadelphia: R. G. Berford: 8vo. pp. 32. The Ghost Seer; from the Papers of the Count O – A New Translation from the German of Schiller. New York: Sun Office. 8vo. pp. 48.

Jemmy Daily; or, The Little News Vender. By J. H. Ingraham. Boston: Brainard & Co. 8vo. pp. 54.

The Young Genius, or Trials and Triumphs. By Professor Ingraham, Author of "The Quadroon," &c. Boston: E. P. Williams. 8vo. pp. 36.

The Maid of Belleville. A Novel, from the French of Charles Paul de Kock. Boston: McArthur & Purcell. 12mo. pp. 64.

The Belle of the Boarding School. A Novel, Translated from the French of Charles Paul de Kock. Boston: McArthur & Purcell. 12mo.

A Daughter of Eve. A Novel, Translated from the French of Balzac. Boston: McArthur & Purcell. 12mo.

Luck and Leather. A Parisian Romance. From the French of M. Honoré de Balzac. Boston: Brainard & Co. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 214, and 172.

Desrues, the Poisoner; or, All for Gold. A Romance of Crime. Translated from the French. New York: William H. Colyer. 8vo. pp. 44.

Original Revolutionary Chronicle. The Battle Day at Germantown. By George Lippard. Philadelphia: A. H. Diller. 8vo. pp. 34.

Matilda; or, The Memoirs of a Young Woman. By Eugene Sue. Translated from the French, by Henry William Herbert. New York: J. Winchester. 8vo. pp. 142.

The Two Clerks, or, The Orphan's Gratitude, being the Adventures of Henry Fowler and Richard Martin. By Augustine J. H. Duganne. Boston Brainard & Co. 16mo. pp. 47.



Conservatism and Reform. An Oration pronounced before the Peucinian Society, Bowdoin College, Sept. 5, 1843. By Frederick H. Hedge. Boston: C. C. Little & James Brown. 8vo. pp. 39. An Address delivered before the Society of Alumni of Williams College, at their 22d Anniversary, Aug. 16, 1843. By Thomas Robbins, D. D. Boston: T. R. Marvin. 8vo. pp. 51.

A Discourse on the True Idea of the State as a Religious Institu

tion, together with the Family and the Church, ordained of God. Delivered Sept. 5, 1843, before the Porter Rhetorical Society of the Theological Seminary, Andover, Mass. By Taylor Lewis, Esq., Professor of Greek in the University of the City of New York. Andover: Allen, Morrill, & Wardwell. 8vo. pp. 56.

An Address delivered before the Rail-Road Convention, at Lebanon, N. H., Oct. 10, 1843. By Charles Haddock, D. D. Hanover: J. E. Hood. 8vo. pp. 32.

The Influence of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions on Social and Political Progress. An Oration delivered before the .B.K. Society of Brown University, September 6, 1843. By Job Durfee. Providence: B. Cranston & Co. 8vo. pp. 52.

Speech of Mr. John Duer, delivered in the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of New York, 29 September, 1843. New York: Harper & Brothers. 8vo. pp. 47.

Address to the Alumni Association of Brown University, delivered in Providence, on their First Anniversary, September 5, 1843. By John Pitman. Providence: B. Crauston & Co. 8vo. pp. 64.

The Social and Intellectual State of the Colony of Pennsylvania, Prior to the Year 1743. Read before the American Philosophical Society, May 29th, 1843. By Job R. Tyson. Philadelphia: 8vo. pp. 23.

The Scholar's Mission, by Orestes A. Brownson. Boston: Benjamin H. Greene. 8vo. pp. 40.

An Address on the Prevention of Pauperism. By Walter Channing. Boston: Office of the Christian World. 12mo. pp. 84.

An Address upon Education and Common Schools, delivered at Cooperstown, N. Y. September 21st, 1843. By James Henry, Jr. Albany. 8vo. pp. 58.

A Centennial Discourse, delivered to the First Congregational Church and Society in Leominster, September 24th, 1843. With an Appendix. By Rufus P. Stebbins. Boston: C. C. Little & James Brown. 8vo. pp. 112.

An Address delivered before the Literary Societies of La Fayette College, Easton, Penn., September 20th, 1843. By Wm. A. Porter, A. M. Easton. 8vo. pp. 37.


The Wife of Leon, and other Poems. By Two Sisters of the West. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. 256.

Footprints; or, Fugitive Poems. Philadelphia: John Penington. 12mo. pp. 92

The Songs of Béranger, in English. With a Sketch of the Author's Life. Philadelphia: Carey & Hart. 16mo. pp. 148.

The Sacred Poems of N. P. Willis. New York: Morris, Willis, & Co. 8vo. pp. 16.

Poems by James Russell Lowell. Cambridge: John Owen. 16mo.

pp. 279.


The Double Witness of the Church; by the Rev. William Ingraham Kip, M. A. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. 415.

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