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Daily Manna for Christian Pilgrims. By Baron Stow. Gould, Kendall, & Lincoln. 16mo. pp. 128.


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An Alarm to Christian Patriots: a Thanksgiving Sermon, delivered November 30th, 1843, in Winsted, Ct. By Rev. D. W. Clark. Hartford: Elihu Geer. 1844. 8vo. pp. 23.

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Two Months Abroad; or, a Trip to England, France, Baden, Prussia, and Belgium. By a' Rail-Road Director. Boston: Redding & Co. 8vo. pp. 64.

Appeal from Tradition to Scripture and Common Sense; or an Answer to the Question, What constitutes the Divine Rule of Faith and Practice. By George Peck, D. D. New York: Lane & Sandford. 12mo. pp. 472.





North-American Review.


Algerine act, so called, passage of,


America, The Poets and Poetry of, by
R. Griswold, reviewed, 1-abun-
dance of commonplace effusions
in, 6 low standard of excellence
in, 13 - minor poets in, 30, 35 —
material for poetry in, 36 — should
become independent of foreign
criticism, 37 kind of poetry
needed in, 38. See Poets.
American Literature, injured by the
spirit of affectation, 283- -ex-
posed to bad influences, 284 - Eu-
phuists and Transcendentalists in,


American Notes, Change for the, re-

viewed, 211. See Change.
American Revolution, the, effects of,
373 constitutions formed during,
374 adherence to old institutions
in, 375- did not destroy the
Rhode Island charter, 378 - char-
acter of, 425-language of the
fathers of, 426-independence not
the primitive object of, 427 - how
directed, 428.
Apostolic Succession, doctrine of, ex-
amined by Thomas Smyth, no-
ticed, 512.
Architecture in the United States,
436-low condition of, 437
blind fondness for Grecian, 438,
453want of invention in, 439 -
examples of, adduced, 440-

- as


shown in the Custom-house, Bos-
ton, ib.-
use of engaged columns
in, 442.
-unornamented windows
in, 443 - as shown in the Boston
High School, 445 in the Tre-
nont Theatre, 447-in the Ex-
change, 448-in the church in
Somerset Place, 450- in the
King's chapel, 457-in Brattle
square church, 458 in the Epis-
copal church, Cambridge, 460-
in the steeple of the church in
Summer street, 461-in that of the
Hollis street church, 462 — in that
of Park street, 463- in the new
Library, Cambridge, 470 — in the
Bowdoin square church, 471 - in
Trinity church, Boston, 472 — in
Trinity church, New York, 477 —
position of the door in, 445-the
Palladian style in, 454 -ante-
Revolutionary examples of, 457 —
the Gothic style in, 463-unity
of style in, 468-committee-men
ought not to govern, 473- benefit
of criticisms on, 479. See Gre
cian and Gothic.
Attaché, The, or Sam Slick in Eng.
land, reviewed, 211 author of,
a Provincial Tory, 212— deals in
antiquated political absurdities,
214-extravagant plot of, 215 —
quoted, 216, 217, 218, 222-prom-
inent characters in, 221 attempt
to ridicule Mr. Everett in, 223 -
unfair reasoning and assumptions
in, 224. See Sam Slick.


Austria not admitted into the Tariff
League, 76.

Aztecs, the civilization of, 168 - re-
ligious system of, 173 - highest
form of the civilization of, 175.
See Mexico and Prescott.


Bancroft, George, on the charter of
Rhode Island, cited, 378.
Bangor, as a port for the lumber
trade, 326.

Bank of England, proceedings of, in
1836, 119.

Bank of the United States, the war
between it and the government,
112 unwise conduct of, in 1837,
121 transactions of, in Michigan
stock, 135.
Banks, great increase of the, 113.
suspension of payments by, 120-
second suspension of, 121.
Barry, the architect, works of, 455.
Benjamin, P., merits of the sonnets
of, 5.

Bernal Diaz as a chronicler,[204.
Bernard, Gov., correspondence of,
cited, 376.

Bondmaid, The, by Miss Bremer, re-
viewed, 480-plot and characters
of, 492-quoted, 492, 493 -mer-
its of the translation of, 496. See



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Clark, W. G., merits of the poetry
of, 30.

Coffin, George W., report by, review-
ed, 299
statement by, of lands
sold, 311, note- quoted, 327.
Commerce, American, prosperous
state of, in 1830, 110-wild spirit
of speculation in, 113-excuses
for rashness in, 115- vast increase
of, 117 revulsion in, 119.
Congress of 1774, cited, 428-dele-
gates to the, how chosen, 429.
Connecticut, early republican gov-
ernment of, 376-constitution of,
how amended, 417- Swift on the
charter of, 424.

Conquest of Mexico, History of, by
W. H. Prescott, reviewed, 157.
See Mexico and Prescott.
Constitution of the United States,
415 of the several States, 416.
See People.
Constitutional Jurisprudence of the
United States, by W. A. Duer,
noticed, 236-
- want of informa-
tion on the, 237.

Cortés, the Conqueror, 189-char-

acter of the soldiers of, 182-how
aided in his enterprise, 188-high
qualities of his companions, 189
great capacity of, 190-dates of
the events in his expedition, 191

character and life of, 197- his
later career, 198- Prescott's esti-
mate of, 199. See Mexico.
Cranch, C. P., poems by, 30.
Crosby, Alpheus, Greek Grammar
and Xenophon's Anabasis by, no-
ticed, 516.


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Crown, Champlin's edition of De-
mosthenes on the, noticed, 240.
Crusades, effects of the, on German
poetry, $2.

Curiosity, Sprague's poem of, stolen,

Cushing, Luther S., his report of pro-
ceedings in the Massachusetts
House of Representatives, noticed,
merits of the report, 247.



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Daniell on meteorology, 356.
Debts of the States, the, 109-amount
of, in 1830, 110-circumstances
under which they were contracted,
ib.-multiplied by the desire for
internal improvements, 114 - ex-
cuses for rashness in contracting,
115-obligation to pay, 116 - fail-
ure to pay, 121 - case of Pennsyl-
vania considered, 122- of Mary-
land, 125 of Mississippi, 130 -
of Michigan, 134 of Louisiana,
137 of Indiana and Illinois, 240
three classes of, ib.- duty to
pay, if possible, 141-case of the re-
pudiating States considered, 142.
to repudiate is to confiscate, 143 -
or to destroy the right of property,
146-strong obligation and mo-
tives to pay, 147-pretexts for
non-payment refuted, 148 — ill ef-
fects of repudiating, 150 - may
be recovered through the courts or
by negotiation, 152-protected by
the Constitution of the United
States, 154 a foreign state may
sue for, 155-duty of intelligent
men respecting, 156.
Declaration of Independence, cited,
425, 428.



Demosthenes on the Crown, edited
by J. T. Champlin, noticed, 240
analysis of, 241.

Diary, A, translated by Mrs. Howitt,
reviewed, 480-faults of transla-
tion in, 503. See Howitt.
Dickinson, John, on independence,

cited, 426.

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Dorr, Thomas W., joins the suffrage
party in Rhode Island, 387-
chosen governor of his party, 397-
meets his legislature, 399 — entry
of, into Providence, 401-attacks
the arsenal, 402-attack on the
head-quarters of, 403-officers of,
desert him, 404-actions of, at
Chepachet, 406 arrested, 409
character of, 411. See Rhode Isl-

Dove, Prof., on the Law of storms,
Duer, William A., Lectures on the
Constitution of the United States
by, noticed, 236- his qualifica-
tions for the task, 239.
Dunbar, David, surveyor-general
in Maine, 307-offensive conduct
of, 308.

[blocks in formation]


East Indian trade, change in, 111.
Ecclesiastical Republicanism, by T.
Smyth, noticed, 512.
Edmeston, description of painted
glass by, 469.

Education, Mann's Report on, no-
ticed, 518.
Electricity, agency of, in storms,
343, 365.

Espy, James P., the Philosophy of
Storms by, reviewed, 335. - out-
line of the theory of, 344 -erro-
neous account of the storm of
1780 by, 347-quoted, 348, 351
his misstatements exposed, 349 -
another wrong account of a storm
by, 351
errors in it exposed,
352-indebted to Dalton and Dan-
iell, 356 details of his facts and
principles, 358-explanation of
various natural phenomena by,
360 beauty of his theory, 361
- calculations by, 362-on the
amount of rain, 363-other objec-
tions to the theory of, 364- does
not account for hail, 365-defects
of his theory, 367 inaccurate
statements by, 368 faults of
style and taste of, 369 — unjust to
the Huttonian theory, 370. See
Evidences of Christianity, Palfrey's
Lowell Lectures on the, reviewed,
39 contents of the volumes, 40
-errors committed by most writ-
ers on the, 41-proper conduct of
the argument on the, 42-distinc-
tion to be made between the Old
and New Testaments, 43-Chris-
tianity complete in itself, 45—
validity of historical testimony, 46


-efficacy of miracles as proof, 47
-bearing of the history of infi-
delity on the, 49- narrow com-
pass of the infidel argument, 50—
concessions of unbelievers, 51, 54
early adversaries of the, 52 -
unbelief in modern times, 53 See





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Gallagher, W. D., as a descriptive
poet, 5.
Geographers, English, blunders of,

Geometry and the Science of Form,
Introduction to, noticed, 248.
German Poetry, history of, by Ger-
vinus, 79 the early ballads lost,
80 rude character of, in early
times, 81 effect of Christianity
and the Crusades on, 82-effus-
sions of the Minnesingers, 83 —
Lay of the Nibelungen, 84 - the
Gudrun, 85-the Meistersingers,
ib. Hans Sachs, 86-effect of
the Reformation on, 87- Martin
Opitz, 88-Klopstock, 89-Wie-
land, 90
Lessing, 92
ckelmann, 96-Herder, 97 - Jean
Paul Richter, 100 Goethe, 104
Schiller, 106 degeneracy of,



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German Quarterly, on the German

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