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Cochrane & Co.; Agency of Commercial and Agricultural Bank of
Texas; Agency of the Bank of Charleston, S. C.; Horace Bean
& Co.; H. B. Merrill & Co.; Pickett, McMurdo & Co.; Insurance
and Banking Agency; C. C. Lathrop.

Louisiana Mutual Insurance Company, Charles Briggs, President;
Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Company, Charles
Briggs, Agent; Merchants' Mutual Insurance Company, John
Robertson, President; New York Life Insurance Company, C. C.
Lathrop, Agent; Tennessee Marine and Fire Insurance Company,
Perkins, Campbell & Co.; Granite Insurance Company, New York,
C. C. Lathrop, Agent; The Royal Insurance Company, Liverpool,
James Magee, Agent; Crescent Mutual Insurance Company, Thos.
A. Adams, President; Home Mutual Insurance Company, A.
Brother, President; The Mutual Life Insurance Company, New
York, Thos. A. Adams, Agent.

J. A. Beard, George May, Gardner Smith, Bernard Turpin, Geo.
Pardon, George Palfrey, Louis Florence, Joseph Depas, R. B.
Sykes, N. Vigné, M. Barnett, P. E. Tricou, D. E. Morphy, W. E.
Vincent, H. J. Domingon, F. Hernandez, G. Leaumont, J. L.
Carman, Thos. J. Spear, R. M. Montgomery.

Jas. Gauthier, E. G. Gottschalk, D. J. Ricardo, John Craig, A
Roman, A. Robert, P. W. Robert, Wm. Christy, J. A. Lusk, Guy
Duplantier, A. Abat, P. C. Cuvillier, A. Mazereau, H. Keating, J.
R. Rareshide, Theodore Gengol, John Claiborne, J. R. Vanduslieu,
Dennis Prieur, A. Chipella, P. E. Laresche, J. L. Lisbony, H.
Remy, J. Cuvillier, R. J. Kerr, A. Ducatel, G. Drouet, A. E. Bien-
venue, C. L. Kernion, R. Brenan, P. Condrain, M. Gernon, C. A.
Tallarie, C. C. Porter, 0. De Armas, G. Lugenbuhl, A. A. Baudoin,
Y. O. Stark, Thos. Bayton, J. Graham, W. Shannon, P. Lacoste,
H. P. Caire, H. B. Cenas, Thomas J. Beck, A. Boudesquie, P. B.
Phelps, P. E. Theard, John Molly, E. Barnett, M. G. Kennedy,
Jos. Cohn, John G. Poindesster, A. Dreyfous, Jacob Soria, W. L.
Poole, H. Pedesclaus, George Rareshide, J. F. Coffy, E. Floyd,
Wm. Monaghan, W. H. Peters, J. Agaisse, Th. H. Bartlett, Philip
Prendergast, C. C. Ladeyere, Clement Brown, Edwin L. Lens, A.
Doricourt, Jas. Fulhouse.

Catholics, 17; Christian 1; First Congregrational, 1; Episcopal,
4; Hebrew, 2; Lutherian, 1; Methodist, 11; Presbyterian 6;
Presbyterian Mission, 2; German Evangelical, 1; Unitarian, 4.
Total, 30.

Value of Church Property, $1,203,500.
Aggregate Church accommodations, 27,350.



Female Orphan Asylum; Poydras Female Asylum; St. Anna's Asylum for destitute widows and children of all denominations; Institute for colored orphans; Orphan Boys Asylum, 4th District; Institute for indigent widows; Orphans Home; Charity Hospital.


Dr. Stone, Dr. Jones, Dr. Wedderburn, Dr. Holt, Dr. Cenas, Dr. Hunt and Dr. Riddell.


Law Department:--Christian Roselius, Esq., Prof. of Civil Law. Hon. Theoloe McCaleb, Admiralty and Maritine Law. Randall Hunt, Esq., Commercial and Criminal Law. Hon. T. B. Monroe, Common Law, Constitutional Law, &c.

Collegiate Department.--Hon. The dore McCaleb, LLD. President. · J. D. B. De Bow, M A. Professor of Political Economy. J. Lawrence Smith, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy. Richard H. Chilton, Professor of Geology. Claudius W. Sears, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. W.C. Duncan, M. A. Professor of Greek and Latin Languages and Literature. M. MacRoux, Professor of French Literature. Herman Kohlmayer, Ph. D., Professor of German and Hebrew Languages. DeYomas, Professor of the Spanish Language and Literature.

ACADEMIES AND INSTITUTES, NEW ORLEANS. Young Ladies' Institute, Miss S. S. Hull Principal, 150 Carondelet Street.

New Orleans Female Seminary, Miss C. Gardner, Principal, Tivoli Circle.

Orleans Academy, M. D. Dimitry, Principal, Tivoli Circle. Jefferson Academy, G. J. Lord, Principal, 53 Bourbon Street. St. Louis Institute, Mme. Deron, Principal, 313 Dauphin Street.

Young Ladies' Boarding School, Madam Desrayaux, Principal, Burgundy Street.

G. Blackman's Academy, Calliope Street.

Young Ladies' Academy, Madam Parent, Principal, Corner Rampart Street.

St. Charles Institute, Mme C. Mace, Principal, Greenville.

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PARISH OF ASCENSION. J. L. Comstock, Sheriff; L. D. Nichols, Clerk of Court; John F. Ayraud, Recorder; J. B. Hebert, Assessor; Sothene Moliere, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace.-A. W Warren, J. B. Hebert, Octave Terrio, Wm. C. Lawes, Simeon J. Arnold, Pierre Rougeau.

Notaries Public.-Henry F. Duffel, Macolm H. Nichols, P. H.
Seat of Justice.-

Donaldson ville.
Charitable Institutions.-St. Vincents, Hospital and Asylum.

PARISH OF ASSUMPTION. A. F. Hickman, Sheriff; A. De Blanc, Recorder; Edward Vives, Assessor; E. Bergerson, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace. -Antoine Martinez, Traismond Trahant, C. Sinosser, Ed. Cotey, D. Himel, Amedeé Bourg, Amedeé Domas, Amdeé Morel, F. Haybet, Pierre Theriot.

Notaries Public.- Francis A. Tete, Amedeé Morel, Traismon Truhan, C. L. Mavor, Antonio Martinez. Seat of Justice.


PARISH OF AVOYELLES. A. D. Coco, Sheriff; J, H. Barbin, Clerk of Court; A. Barbin, Recorder; A. G. Morrow, Assessor;

Coroner. Justices of the Peace.-Jos. Guellot, Joseph H. Bordelon, F. M. Haygood, Joseph Coppel, V. Roy.

Notaries Public.-B. W. Kimball, S. H. Cuvillion, R. J. Taliafero.

Seat of Justice --Marksville.

Schools.--Young Ladies Institute, Jeannie Hazletine, Principal; Marksville Male and Female Academy, John McDonnell, Mary McDonnell, Principals.

PARISH OF BIENVILLE. James Upshaw, Sheriff; John F. Stephens, Clerk of Court'; John G. Noles, Recorder; Moses Hurley, Assessor; John Rice, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace.-Jacob Pearce, R. J. Wharton, Jesse Smith, William Wimberly, J. M. Looney, Isaac Melton.

Notaries Public.-W. B. Stuart, Jacob Pearce, Richard Pickett, James H. Head. Seat of Justice.--Sparta.

Sig. 13.

Schools--Mount Lebanon University; Mount Lebanon Female Institute.

PARISH OF BOSSIER. L. F. Steele, Sheriff; A. A. Abney, Clerk of Court; Austin Miller, Recorder; C. Spindle, Assessor; J. S. Briggs, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace.—Arthur Yarborough, Vincent Walker, C. R. Hereing, J. M. Canfield, Andrew Lawrence, W.J. Dellafield.

Notaries Pablic.-John W. Mahle, Vincent Walker, E. R. Herring

Seat of Justice.--Bellveue.
Schools.--Female Academy, Pineville.

PARISH OF CADDO. H. Watson, Sheriff; W. G. Kerly, Clerk of Court; R. T. Buckner, Recorder; F. R. Simpson, Assessor; A. F. Clark, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace.-M. H. Erwin, E.M. Jenkins, E. R. Bugby; H. W. Allen, John W. Jones, John L. Fitzpatrick, S. P. McCall.

Notaries Public.-John M. Landrum, David J. Hooks, H. J. G. Battle, John Maley, W. H. Erwin,

Seat of Justice.-Shreveport.

Schools.-Collegiate Institute, Rev. S. P. Helme, Principal; Shreveport Female High School, J. Franklin Ford, Principal.

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PARISH OF CALCASIEU. J. H. Cole, Sheriff; Jos. V. Moss, Clerk of Court; J. W. Parsons, Recorder; Nath. Clifton, Assessor; A. Salier, Coroner.

; Justices of the Peace.--Louis Vallin, Chas. A. Handy. Notaries Public.-Alexander Dessessart, Traismond Traban.

PARISH OF CATAHOULA. Timothy Spann, Sheriff; C. C. Duke, Clerk of Court; W. E. Gaulden, Recorder ; James A. Holiday, Assessor; T. W. Graves, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace.-J. P. Markham, Wm. C. Finley, John B. Heard, Henry Tussler, George W. Magee, A. Young, Robt. J. Newsom, S. P. Stone, John Ballew, Isaac W. Davis.

Notaries Public.-Felix Robb, R. H. Cuney.
Seat of Justice.--Harrisonburg.

PARISH OF CALDWELL. C. J. Mandeville, Sheriff; R. Duckworth, Clerk of Court; John C. Hill, Recorder; J. J. B. Everett, Coroner; James A. Royal, Assessor.

Justices of the Peace.-Elias Adams, James M. Meredith, John C. Hill, A. W. Faulkner, R. Sluckworth.

Notaries Public.-J. J. Stringer.
Seat of Justice.-Columbia.

Schools.-Sweet Gum Ridge Academy, Mrs. M. P. Wood, Preceptress.

PARISH OF CARROLL. W. L. Knox, Sheriff; P. W. Defrance, Clerk of Court; 8. D. Oliver, Recorder; Thos. Shadduck, Assessor; George W. McCarrell, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace.-E. Terry, R. McCain, L. C. G. Henry, W. F. Oliver, James P. Mebane.

Notaries Public.-E. Harris, H. Hilliman, J. W. Draughorn, W. J. Oliver, R. H. Dollarhide.

Seat of Justice.--Lake Providence.

PARISH OF CLAIBORNE. R. Warren, Sheriff; D. H. Dyer, Clerk of Court; J. W. Harrison, Recorder; J. S. Burnham, Coroner; E. B. D. Johnson, Assessor.

Justices of the Peace.Jas. A. Millican, James A. Williams, John Cook, R. A. Green, John S. Wise, James W. Miller, James Killbourne, James A. Barker, Arthur McFarland.

Notaries Public.--Thomas L. Terry, R. A. Green, Henry S. Martin, James M. Thomasson, Nelson J. Scott.

Seat of Justice.--Homer.
Schools.- Minden Female College, at Minden.

PARISH OF CONCORDIA. W. R. C. Vernon, Sheriff ; Thomas Edwards, Clerk of Court; A. C. Hunter, Recorder; A. G. Tyler, Assessor; A. White, Coroner.

Justices of the Peace.-Elisha Knight, D. D. Miller, George W. Green, Thomas Edwards, B. C. S. Guice, J. A. McPheeters, M. A. Scott, Henry Tooley, R. W. Prater, E. Young.

Notaries Public.-Samuel C. Scott, Zebulon York, G. W. Miller, Seat of Justice.--Vidalia.

PARISH OF DE SOTO. James H. Dillard, Sheriff; J. H. Sutherlin, Clerk of Court; Samuel F. Smith, Recorder; F. P. Prudhomme, Assessor; Jesse G. Steel, Coroner.

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