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MISSISSIPPI—Supreme Court.






*Resigned October 3, 1911

* Appointed October 3, 1911,



It is ordered that rule 41 of the rules of subject to call in this court, the appeal shall practice in this court is hereby amended so be dismissed at the cost of the appellant, as to read as follows:

unless good cause be shown to the court, by 41. In all cases, either civil or criminal, of affidavit or affidavits, not later than the appeal to this court taken in vacation, except next Thursday, why said transcript was not those subject to call during the first week filed within the time herein allowed. of the term, and in all cases, civil or crim

This order shall not take effect until the inal, appealed during the term, unless the

first day of January, 1912. transcript is filed with the clerk of this court not later than the first day of the first Adopted by both the Supreme Court of Alaweek of the term during which the case is I bama and the Court of Appeals of Alabama.

1 For rule as previously adopted, see 32 South. iv. 66 SO.




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273 App.)

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401 App.)

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