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enables us to make a big showing with com- of box. Three more bottles are placed on this, paratively few full packages, and to offer goods and then another false bottom is made to fit that are always fresh-looking and clean.

between the second row of bottles and the back. These cartons, and also those obtainable Three bottles are placed on this. I then cover from the distributers of special-agency goods, the advertising on front with passe-partout are just the things with which to fill up vacant binding, slip a sign lettered on bristol board ledges and show-case tops. They are fastened behind the bottles so that the lettering appears together by means of pins or double-headed well above the highest row of bottles, and the tacks, or built into displays of artistic design display stand is ready for business after the by putting them on "forms" made from thin expenditure of only a few minutes' work. sticks. A sign having letters large enough to For larger or smaller bottles and for cold be read at quite a distance accompanies each cream jars the style and size of false bottoms showing

may be altered to suit. I have yet to find a On the wrapping counter, in front of the package for which I cannot make a satisfactory scales, we run a soap display during the late display box. spring, summer, and early fall. The rest of the year cough drops and lozenges are shown.

A BOX FOR COLD CREAM JARS. Next to the scales is a glass case filled with an In the case of some of our cold cream jars assortment of twenty-five-cent tooth-brushes. where the depth of the box from front to back This little case sells more brushes in a week will not admit of two rows, I make one false than we got rid of in a month when the bottom the full size of the inside of the box, brushes were in a larger case.

and 1/2 inches high, place a row of the jars on All displays are dusted at least twice a day, the front part of this, and then make another for we have found that a nice clean package bottom, just a trifle higher than the jars, to fit sells easily, while a dusty, dirty one is passed

behind the first row. In cutting and folding by entirely.

this I let the top of it project slightly so as to It is a real job to make and keep our inside make a solid stand for second row. This in no displays up to the minute, but we are repaid in way interferes with the removal of jars from real money for all our efforts—and we are the lower or front row; they may be tilted and going to keep at it.

lifted out easily.

We have several of these display boxes in use all the time and find them most effective

silent salesmen. We use them for toilet EASILY MADE DISPLAY BOXES.

creams, cold creams, freckle creams, massage By Alex. F. PETERSON.

creams, hair tonics, shampoos, tooth preparaMy method of display has the advantages of tions, and a number of other articles. A great economy of space, small cost, and convenience

many of our sales are made by customers helpin handling It is more effective than any ing themselves to preparations which catch other I have ever seen or tried.

I use the display boxes in which Parke, The whole box may be moved about as easily Davis & Company pack four-ounce bottles of as one small package, without the slightest granular effervescent salts. This particular danger of any bottle or jar falling out; hence box is well made, strong, and covered with any place on the show-case occupied by one or black, pebbled paper which is easily matched

more of these boxes may be cleared instantly with passe-partout binding to cover the front when wanted for showing other goods. A where the name of the salt is imprinted. After great deal of time is also saved when dusting, removing the false bottom a new one is made and the counters present a more orderly apout of the cover of the box to fit the articles to

pearance. Then, too, the show-card never gets be displayed

separated from the goods, as is often the For use with a three-ounce toilet cream I case when single packages are set on the place three bottles side by side in the front part counter. of the box, and then make a false bottom 1/4 For some other goods, such as headache tabinches high to fit between the bottles and back lets, powders, wafers, corn remedies, cold

their eyes.


tablets, etc., I letter a heavy bristol board of a hibit. And quite often they did not end up by suitable size, fasten one package of the article looking merely—they bought. on the card with fine wire or glue, and affix an What, to my mind, is of equal importance easel on the back. The result is a most effective with the proper display of the goods, is the device for displaying small articles.

appearance of the packages. We aim to make our labels neat but not gaudy. If the prepara

tion is a solution, we cap the bottle but do not ONE ARTICLE AT A TIME.

enclose it in a carton. As the goods are not By A. N. HAWK.

shipped the carton is not necessary, and its

absence permits a direct view of the preparaWe have a spring tonic which we make our

tion. selves, and at the time of year when many

For containers we use the best quality of people feel the need of such a remedy we dis

bottles obtainable, a point that aids the display play and push it vigorously.

value remarkably. Window and inside displays are made simul

The labels for all our preparations are of taneously. For the store exhibit we cover a

uniform color. table with the bottles and over them place a sign—not prolix, but snappy, concise, and to the point.


EYE. Prominently featuring one article at a time in this way impresses the individual preparation

BY WILLIAM J. RICHARDS. upon the minds of the public. Those who are Conspicuously displaying the stock on our feeling out of sorts at the time the display is shelves is the first and most important means made usually purchase. The tonic has merit

we pursue to bring our line of own-make and when we sell a bottle of it to a customer

preparations before the public eye and make it the odds are in his favor. It usually helps him easier to sell. and he then becomes a satisfied customer—the

The goods occupy shelf space back of the object of our displays.

wrapping counter-a prominent part of the We pursue the method of displaying only store. Having them all together like this one preparation at a time, for we feel that by makes a showing that cannot be overlooked by so doing the then-well person will remember us any customer who is waiting for a purchase to when he does have occasion to need the remedy. be wrapped. As we display a number of packIt is not always possible, or even desirable, to ages of each kind, and have all the labels and gain only immediate results.

cartons of a uniform color, the showing is Big drives like our spring tonic campaign, quite imposing, giving to the customer the however, are not the only means we employ to impression that the line is a fast moving one. make sales. In a conspicuous part of the store We also aim to let the store windows help is a conservative salesman in the form of a us keep articles in the line before the public. show-case with a mirror-back. There is where a

At different times of the year window displays we display the preparations we make and are made of seasonable goods, their sales being recommend. On many occasions I have ob- helped along by the exhibition on the inside of served customers looking intently at this ex- the store. Enough goods are used in the win

QUESTIONS FOR THE NEXT CONTEST. This department is in the hands of the big family of BULLETIN readers, and the heartiest co-operation is earnestly urged. The following questions are announced for the next contest :

1. How can we boost our stationery sales ? Submitted by Lester E. Lenrow, Newark, N. J.
2. How I made good in the drug business. Submitted by M. L. Maupin, Edgemont, S. D.

For the best answer to either of these questions we shall award a prize of $5.00. Other answers, if printed, will be paid for at regular space rates. Every answer must be at least 500 words long and in our hands by April 10.


dows to create the impression of lively busi- are shown out of the cartons, in that way more ness, and we never fail to use plenty of signs readily drawing attention to the appearance of setting forth the merits and stating the price of the goods themselves. The empty cartons are the preparation.

placed in the window, adding, apparently, to Displays showing the process of manufacture the number of packages shown there. When and ingredients entering into the remedy have we think a display has begun to lose its pulling been used with good success. For example, power, we switch to something else. during the winter we run a big display of our In making the window displays we do not white pine cough syrup. The window is filled always confine the showing to the goods themcompletely by the bottles with the exception of selves. On one occasion we attracted consida space in the center.

In this space, on a little erable attention by having a wax figure seated platform about on a level with the eyes of the in the window applying our corn remedy to the people in the street, is represented a laboratory foot. table with the syrup in process of manufacture. Our displays are usually made to fit in with A percolator, packed and working, is shown the season of the year.

In the winter we conwith a rubber tube leading to a receiving bottle. fine ourselves mostly to cough and cold remeAround this are arranged various pieces of dies, as we have several of these under our pharmaceutical apparatus, such as graduates, own label and so are enabled to show them a mortar and pestle, beakers, etc., each with alternately. different powders and liquids in them. Small

When spring comes along our sarsaparilla cards explain the various manufacturing steps and blood remedies are given the preference. and indicate the nature of the several drugs.

In summer we again shift, showing at that time Above the whole display is a sign which reads: toilet preparations and summer complaint rem"We Use Only Pure Drugs In Making Our edies for adults and children. White Pine Cough Syrup."

The fall of the year is the period when our This method of display has also been used

window displays pay best. There is plenty of successfully with a number of other prepara

money in the country at that time, and the tions.

people of the rural districts are usually on the For additional inside display we have a table lookout for some preparation from which they on which is shown seasonable exhibits. A neat

may derive benefit. At this time we make our card tells the merits of the preparation. The displays of skin remedies for eczema, our cold kind of goods displayed on this table is changed

creams and lotions for sunburn and freckles. frequently.

We have found that the larger and more We keep at all times on the top of our show

attractive we make our displays, the greater is cases several of our preparations in groups of the amount of our own preparations that we about a dozen packages. A small explanatory can sell. It is less trouble to sell customers our and price card accompanies each group.

own stuff if they see it on every hand whenever

they come to the store. Indeed, unless the IN THE WINDOW AND ON THE

preparations are kept continually before the SHOW-CASE.

people, talk alone will not go very far in BY THEO. B. Fant.

introducing them. Attention is centered on our own prepara- To get new and better ideas of how to make tions by continually keeping one of them in the effective displays of our goods we occasionally window and at the same time having a similar visit other towns and see how druggists in display on top of the most prominent show-case those places are featuring their goods. Then inside the store. A newspaper advertisement when we return, by mixing their ideas with our is run simultaneously calling attention to the own, we are able to arrange displays that particular preparation being featured.

almost invariably result in increased sales. The show-case display is in sight and reach It's giving a new twist to familiar articles of every one who enters the store. The bottles that catches trade.

How to Compete with Five and Ten Cent Storeswill be discussed next month.


7th Paper


Shortly after the following article had been set many customers who daily crowd into the drug in type, the contents of Mr. Kinsel's store were store of E. C. Kinsel in Detroit. completely destroyed by fire. The loss was “Crowd” is the proper term to use, for the estimated to be between $75,000 and $100,000. entrance to the store is at the intersection of Even while the fire was at its height, however, Michigan Avenue and Griswold Street, a corMr. Kinsel was telephoning and dispatching ner which is the down-town transfer point for orders to city and out-of-town sources of sup- Detroit's most largely patronized car-lines. ply. Show-cases and fixtures were ordered In close proximity to the store, also, are the and installed in a new store, a few doors away from the ruined establishment, before the fire had ceased to burn. The feat of assembling

NOTICE! $25,000 worth of goods of the most varied character, and assorting and arranging them

The Kinsel Store for sale, was accomplished over night, and cus

will be opened tomers were waited on as usual within sixteen

This Evening at 6 O'Clock hours from the time the blaze started. Work on remodelling the old store was begun immediately, and Mr. Kinsel hopes to return to it within ninety days from the time he was driven

3rd Door West of Shelby St. out.

OPPOSITE CLAYTON'S Over 60 persons are required to handle the


With complete stock in a temporary location-24-hour
service as heretofore. Greater drug values than ever.




On Michigan Avenue In Hotel Cadillac Bldg.

It Will Pay You to Come One Block West. It Has Been

Paying the Puhhc to Come Miles.



A newspaper ad which appeared the morning after the fire.

city's main shopping district, the larger banks, and several theaters. From the people thus brought into the vicinity comes most of the store's transient business, while newspaper space, and lots of it, is the means of bringing regular customers from all parts of the city.

To give an idea of the business done by Mr. Kinsel it may be said that from 150 to 250 prescriptions are compounded daily. Twentyeight gallons of chocolate syrup are used at the soda fountain every 48 hours, and crushed fruits are purchased in barrel lots. The cigar counter is claimed to do more business than that of any other drug store in the middle West. A bale of waste paper accumulates every day and a half.

In order to handle effectively a business of this size there is required naturally a division of the store into departments, each one in charge of a competent manager. E. C. Kinsel, the owner of the business, exercises a general oversight of the establishment, but is not act

When the fire was at its height.

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ively engaged in the conduct of the store. His A particularly convenient arrangement is the nephew, E. C. Kinsel, Jr., is the man responsi- system of drawers used for holding empty botble for the actual management. Under him is tles. Each drawer is provided with a semia manager for the store proper and also man- circular opening in the upper half through agers of the various departments. Drugs and which the dispenser reaches and takes out the sundries, soda, candy, cutlery, and cigars con- desired bottle without being obliged to pull out stitute the departments into which the store is the drawer and run the risk of dumping the divided.

contents on the floor. COMPOUNDING CONVENIENCES.

The compounding room is connected with The prescription department is situated on the wrapping-counter, where prescriptions are the balcony at the right-hand side of the store. taken in, by a dumb-waiter. An electric buzLiquid prescriptions are filled at one side of the zer notifies the clerk whenever a prescription room, and solids—powders, ointments, sup- is ready to go out. The wrapping counter is

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This general photograph of the store was decorated for newspaper purposes, and is reproduced here as it appeared in an ad. positories, etc.—on the other. The work- 13 feet long and is provided, on the outside, benches are glass-covered, so that they may with stools for the convenience of waiting cuseasily be kept clean.

tomers. Back of the counter are shelves on Two men are kept busy all day in dispensing, which are stored the more commonly called-for and they have at their command up-to-date ap- drugs and "patents.” A McCourt label cabinet paratus and labor-saving devices of various facilitates the quick labeling of bottles. kinds. Tablets, pills, and other small items are The soda fountain is a made-to-order, 48kept in a sectional case of 58 compartments. foot “Liquid,” with 26 stools and bar service Liquid preparations and larger containers are for a dozen more people. The outside edge of arranged on easily-accessible shelves. Electric the fountain counter is slightly raised to prelights are placed in the ceiling, casting an even vent glasses from sliding to the floor. radiance over all parts of the room. An ex

LUNCHES SERVED AT FOUNTAIN. haust fan supplies fresh air to the prescription room, and to all parts of the store as well, every Seven attendants are required to handle the five minutes.

crowds which flock around the fountain at

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