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given his wife another bill of sale, covering faced the storm and won out-or had gone both stock and fixtures, and had had this one down fighting. I was made of the same stuff recorded !

as they. I would win out, too! I also learned that the druggist owed the I jumped to my feet and hurried back to the landlord for rent and that the landlord had

town. And my, how easy it all was! While sworn to have his money whether the others I had been away the neighbor and the landlord got theirs or not.

had come to their senses and realized that they

had perhaps lost a chance of getting at least MAKING THE ROUNDS.

a part of their money, and now they might A pretty big proposition for a young fellow

never get any. The druggist's wife had got without any previous experience to straighten him to bed with an ice-bag on his head, had out, wasn't it? After my wholesale account

sobered him up, and had convinced him that and the neighbor's and landlord's claims were it was better to get a couple of hundred out of settled, there wouldn't be more than a couple it than to have it go to the courts and perhaps of hundred left for the druggist.

lose all. I spent the remainder of the afternoon going In an hour I had the whole thing finished from the druggist to the neighbor, from the and an agreement drawn up in black and white neighbor to the landlord, from the landlord and signed by all of them. On a certain day to the druggist's wife, and then back over the I was to take over the business, the drug comroute again, reasoning and arguing with them

pany's account was to be deducted from the all. And most of the time the arguing was purchase price, the landlord's and the neighpretty hot and spicy. Each one thought that bor's claims were to be settled, and the balance he had the best right to the money, and that was to go to the druggist's wife. the others, myself included, were conspiring to cheat him out of his claim. And they all

A KEEN SENSE OF SATISFACTION. seemed to think I was a pretty cheeky sort of The news soon spread. Sitting in the hotel kid, and some of them didn't mind telling me office that night I heard the local bank manager so!

discussing the deal with some one else in the Two and a half times I went around with- next room. “I don't believe it,” he said, “and out any apparent hope of a settlement. Then I won't believe it till I see him there behind I I gave it up. I wandered out of the town to a the counter in full possession of the place." lonely spot on the bay shore, and sat down on And he saw me there soon enough; and I the bank with my head between my knees and stayed there for a number of years, and I with the biggest crisis of my life staring me wasn't buried alive, either. I spent some of in the face.

the pleasantest and happiest years of my life What should I do? Should I give it up and there, and one of the greatest pleasures and go back, and be an employee perhaps the rest satisfaction to me now is to go back there and of my days? I loved freedom and independ- find the hole that was made when I was torn ence, and I had just now got a smell of them, up by the roots and transplanted elsewhere, and they smelled good and I wanted more.

still empty What hope was there of success anyhow? The druggist, I am pleased to say, has since Others, I had learned, had tried to unravel the reformed and has gone into another line of tangle and had failed. What was the use! business, at which he is making a success, and

Just then the words of the old minister back is one of the most respected men of the town. home flashed into my mind and I straightened

Well, when I got back to the city I went up, and as I straightened up the evening breeze

to the "boss" and told him all I had done and coming up the bay struck me full in the face, showed him the written agreement. He looked fresh and salt from the ocean.

at me hard, then a smile a foot wide spread

over his face, and, grasping me by the hand, ANOTHER INHERITANCE.

he nearly shook it off in congratulating me. It stirred the blood in my veins, inherited And he was complimentary enough to say that from generations of seagoing ancestors. Those he was doubtful if he could have done better seagoing ancestors, I knew, had not been men himself; in fact, he doubted if he could have who had given up. They were men who had done as well!


Of the Wilmarth Show Case Company


The first thing to bear in mind in the plan- of plate glass in the upper section, which admit ning of a "typical” drug store, is that there plenty of daylight into the store. Between isn't any such animal, in a strict sense of the them is a door which gives easy access to the word.

window. So many factors enter into the question of deciding a money-making arrangement of store equipment—location of the store (whether in

To the right of the entrance, near the founa city, village, or suburb); whether on the

tain, is a five-foot leather settee. This feature corner or in the middle of the block; whether

is a debatable one with druggists, some of them claiming that it is a good thing and attracts some trade from people who come in to wait for cars, etc. Others state that it is merely a

nuisance, because it affords a lounging place GLASS

for the steady "hangers-out," the population of youths who have (apparently) no home to

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go to.

No. 1. Window display backing.

The fountain at the front of the store is an advertisement to draw people into the place, and in order that they may see all the rest of the displays in the store, the soda tables are

placed at the rear. As only a few people, comit is the only store in town or has a competitor paratively, can be served at the fountain, this on each side of it, and what the competitor's has to pass every other department.

means that most of the soda-fountain trade methods are, that every druggist faces a differ

Next to the soda fountain is a seven-foot ent problem.

These may be termed varying conditions, but the permanent factor, which can seldom be changed, is the size and shape of the room, whether square, or long and narrow; and in this there is comparatively little variation.

By far the most common type is the long and narrow, or “tunnel-shaped” store, and it

English wall-cases. is not the easiest kind to plan for effective arrangement. We have selected the plan of an cigar case of the all-plate-glass variety with a extreme example of this type.

twenty-four inch marble base, which stands in As shown in our illustration on page 110, this front of a tobacco wall-case of the same length. drug store is only 20 feet wide, and 43 feet The cash register section, tucked in between long-over twice as long as it is wide. Being the soda fountain back-bar and the tobacco on the corner it has one advantage over a store wall-case, is very convenient both for soda in the middle of the block—it has a display fountain and cigar trade, where so much small window on each street.

change is needed and quick service essential. The owner of this store has made the most The candy display is made in a six-and-aof these windows, by giving special attention half foot all-plate-glass case next to the cigar to his displays. These are changed frequently, case, on the theory that the smoker will take which is made easy by the convenience of the "her" a box of candy if he sees it when he is special window backing. (See illustration buying cigars for his own comfort. No. 1.) This backing contains two large lights Next to the candy case the rubber goods are

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Floor plan, showing the entire store. It will be seen that the front entrance is at a corner, permitting two large display windows. To the right, as one enters, is the fountain, then the cigar case and two display cases following in order. Then comes the wrapping counter, near the prescription case. On the other side of the store, English wall-cases run from the prescription{case nearly to the window, Wall-cases also constitute the prescription partition. The room is so narrow that it is impossible to have show-cases on the left-hand side of the store, even were this deemed desirable.

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Another view of the English,wall-cases.

Showing the wall-cases the entire length of the right-hand side of the store.

shown in a case of the same length, while at prescription room, which is at the right-hand the extreme rear, in convenient proximity to side next to the wrapping counter. the prescription department, is a combination Twenty-three feet of wall-cases, in which wrapping and display counter.

both upper and lower sections are purely for This counter has a display compartment in display, complete the equipment, and are the front, equipped with sliding plate-glass doors only fixtures on the left-hand side of the store. and two six-inch adjustable shelves suitable for In these cases are shown stationery, toilet the display of any small articles. The customer articles, perfumes, wines, camera supplies, waiting for his prescription, or for any package brushes, etc. to be wrapped, thus has another opportunity to This store carries a full line of all goods see something else he may desire. This final usually found in a drug store, and all articles suggestion to purchase reaches him when his are well displayed in spite of the fact that the mind is free to receive it, his original purchases store is so narrow that only one line-up of floor having been made, and many sales are made cases is possible. There is no space to spare, that would otherwise have never even been con- and yet there is enough room to do business templated.

comfortably. The rear of the counter is fitted with drawers The important points are that (1) the people and shelves convenient for wrapping paper, etc.

are led back into the rear of a long store by The line-up of wall-cases on the right-hand having the soda tables well back in between side of the store is completed by three seven- displays of profit-bearing sundries, and (2) a foot sections of patent medicine cases, the complete display can be made in wall-cases of lower sections of which contain small drawers the type having display compartments in both for pills, small package goods, etc.

lower and upper sections, thus saving the space

that would ordinarily be occupied by a second THE PRESCRIPTION PARTITION.

row of floor-cases. The prescription partition is formed by two Space is still further conserved by having six-foot wall-cases across the rear of store, in display wall-cases across the rear of the store, which are shown rubber goods, surgical sup- instead of a merely ornamental prescription plies, etc. There is only one entrance to the partition.

Next month Mr. Standish will present another set of plans and suggestions for the arrangement

of a drug store of a different shape and size.



Now right at the beginning let it be said that occasionally wrote to his pharmacy classmates I do not approve of selling liquor in a drug located in distant towns. At that, he was a store. It is altogether wrong; there can be no dandy fellow, who worked as hard for his excuse for it whatever. A drug store ought to meal-ticket as I did—a condition that induced be a drug store, not an eyeless Berkshire. And me to assume a multiple personality just to lend a druggist ought to be a dignified man, not a a semblance of truth to his messages of good bull-necked booze-slinger. But-well, I've said cheer. enough. Here is the story:

One of our regular patrons—let us call him Once upon a time, before I began collecting Mr. Fish, because that wasn't his name but his hair-tonic formulas, I was head prescription proclivity—was a big, jolly chap whose shadow, clerk in a drug store in one of Ohio's smaller at midday, extended much further in front of cities. The other prescriptionist owned the his toes than it did behind his heels.

He was store. The junior clerks, cashier, soda boy, one of the town's most prosperous manufacand porter existed only in the letters the boss turers. Fond of a risque story, a connoisseur of Bourbon and Scotch, and a lover of fast “Mr. Still,” she began, “that statement is the horses, he was—well, you know. His wife was most outrageous thing I ever saw. Just look of the type so often chosen by such men. She at it. Now, I got the Castoria, the Favorite was prominent in W. C. T. U. circles and Prescription, and the toilet soap all right, but bought Job's tears necklaces for her babies. we buy our spices at the grocery, and we don't

It was our custom to mail statements to our pay your outlandish drug-store prices, either. trade the first of each month, and we unluckily Four dollars for pepper! The idea! addressed one to Mr. Fish during his absence “You might have itemized all the bill, too, from the city on a business trip. The next day instead of trying to be funny. I do care when a carriage stopped in front of the store, and I am asked to pay $2.60 and don't know what I Mrs. Fish sailed in like a hydroplane, with am paying it for. Mr. Fish has always paid beak high in the air. She landed in front of our drug bills before, but after this I am going the boss's desk and laid a statement before him to attend to that. He is so careless that people which ran somewhat like this:

just cheat the eyes out of him."

With what dignity he could muster the boss Castoria ...

..$ .35 Pierce's Favorite R.


mumbled an explanation that didn't explain Toilet Soap


anything. He also promised to mail a corPepper

4.00 rected statement. And the controlling member Don't Care


of the House of Fish majestically returned to $8.45

her carriage.


By SAMUEL SCHLUP, Manager Wilson's Drug Store, Cambridge, Ohio

Special policemen are stationed in front of diligent work. Through it we give the people our store on Saturday nights to keep a pathway of Cambridge all important foreign, State and open through the crowd. On many different local news and give it to them, in many inoccasions the people striving to get a look at stances, several hours before they can find it in our window have overflowed the sidewalk and a newspaper. held up the street-car service for several We get the local news by taking, at an opporminutes at a time. The manager of the local tune time, each customer and asking him to telephone company tells us that it sometimes 'phone or tell us of any happenings in his keeps two operators busy handling the calls neighborhood, assuring him that we will not that come in over our three 'phones.

impart his name or even mention from where The reasons ?

we received the story. We impress on the There are a dozen of them apparent from the minds of these people that details are not outside of the store and double that many on needed. If we are given a 'phone tip we will the inside. They are the ways we have adopted get the story. to show the people of our town—Cambridge, When a customer 'phones us a good live Ohio—that we are willing to extend to them story we thank him for his kindness and hand every courtesy and accommodation possible. out a cigar or candy when next we see him.

A news bulletin service is the big feature of He then becomes one of our "regular" rethe many devices used to bring people to our porters. We have been building up this corps store. This is a live, up-to-the-minute news of city and country correspondents for the last bureau, built up by means of five years of hard, five years, and now we are reaping the harvest.

One of the human-interest features in the Bulletin next month will be a true narrative entitled

"Taking a Gun on a Questionable Account.

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