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We have a county news monopoly that does not bulletin even before the alarm was sent in. miss even the smallest stories of Guernsey When our city suffered a $150,000 loss on July County happenings.

18 of last year, we had the notice up twenty For all State and foreign news we use the minutes before the first alarm came in. United Press and International News Service, During the World's Series we get the basefurnished through the courtesy of our local ball returns, play by play, over a special field paper. In return we give the newspaper all the wire, having the exclusive service for the entire county and local stories that are turned in by county. Western Union service furnishes us our reporters.

with details of all special automobile races, and From 11 A.m. to 3 P.M. each day the news- when any of our local athletic teams are con

testing away from home we give the details as fast as they can come over the wire.



It might seem that after furnishing the news in such detail we would have no time to attend to our drug business. This, of course, is not the case, for the whole object supplying the news service is to attract customers to our store. That we get the business is evidenced by the fact that in the State of Ohio our store stands tenth in point of sales on Rexall goods. And our town has a population of only 14,000 at that.

News collecting requires no special clerks. It ordinarily takes but a minute to run down a story over the telephone. In the special cases where the telephone plan will not work a

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The bulletin board is at the right of the window.

paper makes for us a carbon copy of all telegraph news and hands it to our messenger when he calls at the office every hour. We read the copy carefully, pick out important news only, and give just enough details to satisfy the public.



On many

After 3 P.M. we get a special news telegram whenever a large story comes to light in any part of the world. By 7 o'clock at night we have covered most of the news that will appear in the large city dailies the next morning.

Important events, in which much local interest is shown, we cover in detail. occasions the bulletin sheets close up the entire front of the windows with the exception of a small space at the bottom through which the goods on display may be seen.

Besides giving the news service through the medium of the bulletin we are ready at all times to answer telephone calls concerning elections, baseball scores, athletic contests, location of fires, and all news in general.

When the fire alarm sounds our 'phones start to ring even before the alarm is finished, for the people know that our system of newsgetting has already located the fire. On numerous occasions we have had fires posted on the

Crowds watching the returns from a World's Series baseball game.

messenger boy can usually get the information. The whole secret of the plan is to keep each clerk sharply on the lookout for news while he is attending to his regular duties.

Aside from the news bulletin we use many other schemes to keep our store constantly before the people. Here are brief outlines of some of the plans employed:

1. "Current Events in Picture” are posted

Second Annual Present

on our window each day. These in many in- this instrument is furnished us free by a tobacco stances connect up with news items which ap- firm in West Virginia. peared on the bulletin several days before.

The registration of our thermometer is the 2. We receive the weather forecast each day town topic on a cold morning as it is the recogat 8 A.M. and at 6 P.M. from the local telegraph nized standard for the vicinity. Many 'phone office and place it, neatly typewritten, in a glass calls are received daily from housewives who case where it is easily accessible. The govern- wish to compare their home thermometers with ment weather map is also received at 6 P.M. our tested instrument. each day from the government weather fore- 4. We use the last sheet on our bulletin for caster. This map gives the direction of winds, want ads—“Lost and Found” and “Help the temperature of all United States cities at 8 Wanted.” No charge is made for this service, A.M. on that day, the stage of the water in the through which many valuable articles are re

turned to their owners, and through which we get dozens of pleased customers for the store.

To show the effectiveness of this sheet as an

employment bureau: At 1 P.M., on January 10, TO

our Western Union operator asked me to post CAMBRIDGE PEOPLE. a notice that he wanted a messenger boy. At

1.45 P.M. he called again, saying: “Take down Free Prescriptions for Entire Year 1916.

that notice! I have had seventy-five applica

tions in person already, the office is crowded to Any reputable physician is authorized to send worthy poor persons to our store for

its capacity yet, and all I need is one boy.” prescriptions during the year 1916, and we

5. A large clock regulated hourly by Western agree to fill them without cost. Nothing is

Union occupies a prominent position in the required but a note from the physician,

properly signed and stating that the patient
is entitled to this assistance.

In this manner we aim to contribute our
share toward the public good. Instead of

6. Under the clock we run a "Wanted at responding to countless requests for little

Home” bulletin which is used mostly by farmcontributions to programs, fairs, and bazaars,

For example, if we put out a notice that among which we cannot discriminate, we

John Smith is wanted, some of his friends soon have adopted this plan. Let no worthy man, woman, or child suf.

read it and it is not long until John is headed fer a moment for want of proper medicine

for Wilson's drug store to find out for what he when required.

is wanted.

7. A large map of the city, framed in glass, J. I. WILSON

is found in our doorway. We direct people

to different parts of the city by this map. Central National Bank Building Drug Store.

8. A county road map shows all county

roads, their conditions, what they are made of, Ohio River, and other information.

etc. ports are obtained from the nearest govern

9. We sell theater tickets, displaying a large ment forecaster.

sign to call attention to the fact.

10. Numerous signs bearing the store name TIME-TABLES FOR TRAVELERS' INFORMATION.

appear in conspicuous positions, helping to fix In the same case we have a typewritten rail- our establishment in the minds of the people as road time-table of all trains that arrive and “the spot to buy everything in the drug line." depart from Cambridge and also the electric 11. Displayed in several places on the store line time-table.

front is our free prescription offer, a reproduc3. A government-tested thermometer, 772 tion of which is shown on this

page. feet high, is directly outside of the store door; Besides having these cards on the store front


The re

The headline feature in the April Bulletin will be three prize papers on "Luck as a Factor in

My Business Career."

we placed 100 of them last year in churches, means of advertising, as we found 58 of the barber shops, factories, business places, lodge original 100 still intact when we started out to rooms, and theaters. This year we have dis- replace them this year. tributed 200 in similar locations.

Publicity, and lots of it, is building up our The people consider this offer of value to the business. The people appreciate "something community, and we consider it a valuable for nothing" when it comes to service.

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made to suggest purity and cleanliness. White, arranged as to “connect up” and give the wintherefore, was freely employed.

dow a positive selling appeal. I always use The upper background was built over wire show-cards and price-tags—or a combination bent into arch effects, the framework being of the two, rather. covered with heavy paper. Over this there was To attract attention, a captive balloon was a series of white tissue puffing.

properly picketed. A little motion in the winRunning along the entire border, and placed dow is a great thing. about ten inches apart, were a number of cir- In the spring a housewife's fancy lightly cular gold cut-outs.

turns to kalsomine. If you handle the goods There was a little latticework, as may be go after the business!



Cc., is a stimulant narcotic, and the average dose is 8 minims.

Tincture of nux vomica represents 1 gramme of strychnine in 1000 Cc., is a tonic and systemic stimulant, and the average dose is 10 minims.

Tincture of Indian cannabis represents 100 grammes of Indian cannabis in 1000 Cc., is a powerful narcotic, and the average dose is 10 minims.

Tincture of gelsemium represents 100 grammes of gelsemium in 1000 Cc., is a motor and respiratory depressant, and the average dose is 8 minims.

Tincture of stramonium represents 0.25 gramme of mydriatic alkaloids in 1000 Cc., is an antispasmodic, and the average dose is 8 minims.

(Continued from the February BULLETIN.) 26. Why is diluted hypophosphorous acid used in the preparation of syrup of ferrous iodide?

Hypophosphorous acid, being a valuable reducing agent, is added to prevent oxidation and consequent discoloration of the syrup.

27. How much potassium iodide will be required to make 2 ounces of a saturated solution? (The solubility of potassium iodide is .7.)

If by "ounces” avoirdupois ounces are meant, the problem may be worked out as follows:

One avoirdupois ounce of a saturated solution is composed of one part of potassium iodide and .7 part of water. Therefore in 437.5 grains (1 avoirdupois ounce) there would be 10/17 part of potassium iodide or 257.4 grains.

If, however, by "ounces” fluidounces is meant, the problem cannot be worked out from the data given. It is impossible to tell except by experimentation what volume will result when ten parts of potassium iodide are dissolved in 7 parts of water. In common practice, however, we might say that five fluidrachms of water added to an apothecaries' ounce of potassium iodide will produce a fluidounce of solution that contains one grain of potassium iodide in each minim.

28. (a) What difficulties are encountered in the manufacture and dispensing of Goulard's solution and lead water? (b) How may trouble be prevented ?

(a) On exposure to air, the preparations absorb carbon dioxide, which causes the formation of a white precipitate of lead carbonate. Even mixing with distilled water which has absorbed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will cause the precipitation.

(b) By keeping the preparations in wellstoppered bottles, and preventing access of air, the trouble may be avoided to a great extent.

29. Give the drug strength, medicinal action, and dose of five potent tinctures.

Tincture of opium represents 12 to 12.5 grammes of crystallizable morphine in 1000

CHEMISTRY. 1. Name ten elements, giving symbols, tell whether metallic or non-metallic, also whether a solid, fluid, or gas at ordinary temperature.

Aluminum, symbol Al, is a solid metallic element.

Gold, symbol Au, is a solid metallic element.

Sodium, symbol Na, is a solid metallic element.

Mercury, symbol Hg, is a liquid metallic element.

Bromine, symbol Br, is a liquid non-metallic element.

Sulphur, symbol S, is a solid non-metallic element.

Carbon, symbol C, is a solid non-metallic element.

Oxygen, symbol O, is a gaseous non-metallic element.

Chlorine, symbol Cl, is a gaseous nonmetallic element.

2. Briefly describe three elements, one a solid, one a fluid, and one a gas, telling their characteristic physical and chemical properties.

(a) Aluminum is a solid, silver-white metal, malleable and ductile, capable of high polish. It is not tarnished in the air. Its specific weight is 2.5. It is not easily attacked by dilute acids. Hot solutions of fixed alkalies dissolve the metal with formation of aluminates.

(b) Mercury is a silver-white, lustrous, and mobile metal, liquid at common temperatures. Its specific weight is 13.6 and it boils at about 360° C. It freezes at about -40° C. Mercury does not readily enter into combination with

oxygen at the common temperature, and it sium tartrate, (i) magnesium sulphate, (j) podoes not exhibit any great chemical energy. Its tassium and sodium tartrate. compounds are generally unstable; many of 9. What is (a) a neutral salt, (b) an acid them are decomposed by light.

salt, (c) a double salt? (c) Chlorine is a yellow-green gas of suffo- (a) A neutral salt is one formed when all the cating characteristic odor, poisonous when in- hydrogen atoms of the acid are replaced by a haled in considerable quantities. At 15° C. it metal. can be compressed into a liquid under the pres- (b) An acid salt is one in which all the basic sure of four atmospheres. The molecule of hydrogen atoms of the acid are not replaced by chlorine is diatomic at lower temperatures; but metal. monatomic at higher temperatures. Chlorine (c) A double salt is one formed when two or unites with most other elements.

more of the basic hydrogen atoms of an acid 3. What is a chemical symbol ?

are exchanged for two metals. A chemical symbol is an abbreviation repre- 10. How would you fill the following presenting the atom of any given element. No

scription, supposing you were out of sodium two different kinds of atoms are represented by salicylate, but with plenty of salicylic acid and the same symbol. The symbols used consist of bicarbonate of soda at hand? letters. These letters are the single initials of

Sodium salicylate....5 drachms, 18 grains. the latinic or other names of the elements, or Water, q. s. ad...

.8 fluidounces. the initial letter accompanied by one additional in some cases where the latinic names of two or

How much of each would be required? more elements begin with the same letter.

Sodium salicylate is formed as follows: 4. What is meant by a chemical formula?

HC,H,O3+NaHCO=NaC,H:03+H2O+CO2. A chemical formula is a combination of one

The molecular weight of salicylic acid is or more symbols together with one or more

137.01; of sodium bicarbonate, 83.43; of numerals, or of two or more symbols, with or

sodium salicylate, 158.89. Therefore 137.01 without numerals, expressing the composition parts of salicylic acid and 83.43 parts of sodium of free atoms, compound radicals, or molecules.

bicarbonate are required to produce 158.89 5. What is meant by atomic weight?

parts of sodium salicylate. The mass of one atom of any element is the atomic weight of that element. The atomic

drachms, 18 grains=318 grains.

318 grains is practically equivalent to 2 times 158.89 weights are the smallest relative masses of ele

grains. ments entering into combination with other elements.

Therefore 274.02 grains of salicylic acid and 6. What is meant by molecular weight ? 166.86 grains of sodium bicarbonate are re

Molecular weight is the sum of the weight of quired to produce 318 grains (317.78 exactly) the atoms contained in a molecule.

of sodium salicylate. 7. What is meant by a chemical equation? The prescriptions should be compounded as A chemical equation is an expression of a

follows: chemical reaction by means of the symbolic Shake the salicylic acid with 6 fluidounces of molecular formulas of its factors and products. the water so as to distribute it uniformly

8. What are the correct names of the follow- through the liquid. Then add the sodium ing: (a) muriatic acid, (b) copperas, (c) blue bicarbonate, a little at a time, shaking well after vitriol, (d) green vitriol, (e) white vitriol, (f) each addition. Warm the liquid slightly to cream of tartar, (g) salts of tartar, (h) tartar expel the carbonic acid which is set free. Filter emetic, (i) Epsom salt, (j) Rochelle salt. and add sufficient water to make the volume

(a) Hydrochloric acid, (b) ferrous sulphate, measure 8 fluidounces. (c) copper sulphate, (d) ferrous sulphate, (e) In practice it is better to use a slight excess zinc sulphate, (f) potassium bitartrate, (9) of salicylic acid, in order to prevent darkening potassium carbonate, (h) antimony and potas- of the product

(To be continued.)

These questions and answers will be continued throughout 1916 without intermission.

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