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Bringing Customers to

Your Store

How the House of Mennen will co-operate with you during 1916.

Last year over 10,000,000 people went to the drug stores to buy Mennen products. This huge army is increasing every year. It has increased every year since the House of Mennen was established.

A satisfied customer is your most valuable asset. You gain their confidence when you recommend an article which you know will give satisfaction. And customers who place confidence in your judgment return to your store and buy more of the same article - and other articles.

That the number of Mennen users is increasing every year conclusively proves that Mennen's meets with the approval of your customers – makes satisfied customers. Whenever you sell a can of Mennen's you are making an everlasting customer for your store, for its surpassing quality causes customers to return for more Mennen's-and other articles. Mennen's to you is an asset.

In order to direct to your store those who do not use Mennen's, and to assist you in increasing the huge number of Mennen users, the House of Mennen will spend a larger sum for advertising during the coming year than ever before.

Read the following list of the publications in which we will advertise. Although only a partial list, it includes practically every leading woman's publication and others: Ladies' Home Journal

Housewife Woman's Home Companion Today's Pictorial Review

Modern Priscilla Delineator

Christian Herald Good Housekeeping

Peoples' Popular Monthly Ladies' World

Needlecraft Woman's World

Sunset McCall's

Progressive Farmer and others.

On Shaving Cream of the larger magazines are:

The Saturday Evening Post American Boy

Literary Digest

Popular Mechanics Scientific American

and others. In the above magazines we will have back covers, inserts in colors and so on.

Every worth-while family will be reached by a Mennen ad-not only one month but for many months.

Better get prepared for the new demand now your jobber can supply you.

Did you get a copy of the new Price List together with a booklet entitled “Taking the Bunk out of Bonus.” It is yours for the asking.

The House of Mennen will absorb cost of Revenue Stamps.

The House of Mennen

Ne wark, N. J.

Vol. XXX.


No. 4.




R. 11076, has been introduced in the House of BULLETIN OF PHARMACY Representatives.

Chairman Hancock, Prof. Remington, E. G. Issued on the first of every month by

Eberle and others have appeared before the E. G. SWIFT, PUBLISHER,

committee to which the bill has been referred, Corner Joseph Campau Ave. and Atwater St., DETROIT, Mich.

and members of this committee did not hesitate MANAGING EDITOR: HARRY B. MASON.

to remind them that Congress receives calls for ASSISTANT EDITOR: ARTHUR L. BUZZELL.

similar appropriations which average in the BUSINESS MANAGER: HARRY SKILLMAN.

neighborhood of $16,000,000 a session; more

over that certain Treasury statements “indiSUBSCRIPTION RATES: United States and Mexico,

$1.00 per year

cated a hole to the extent of about $57,000,Foreign countries,

1.50 per year


Therefore it will be seen that some active

work is yet necessary; and it is now being 378 ST. PAUL STREET,

MONTREAL, QUE., CAN. urged that druggists write to their congress19 AND 20 GREAT PULTENEY STREET, W., LONDON, ENG, 125 YORK STREET,

men in behalf of the bill, which must be brought SYDNEY, N. S. W., AUSTRALIA.

out of committee and strenuously pushed, if it All articles for publication and all communications bearing on

is to pass. The cause is a good one; let every the text should be addressed: EDITOR BULLETIN OF PHARMACY,

man do what he can to assist Chairman Han-
Box 484, DETROIT, MICH. cock and the other members of the committee.
All business letters should be addressed:

A consolidation of unusual
WHOLESALE importance has been an-


nounced—that of three large wholesale houses in the State of New York:

Walker & Gibson, Albany; C. W. Snow & Co., THE MONUMENT

Sixteen years ago a commit- Syracuse; and the Gibson Drug Co., Rochester.

tee was appointed by the A new holding company has been formed, WM. PROCTER, JR.

president of the American known as the Gibson-Snow Company, Inc., Pharmaceutical Association to collect sufficient having a capital stock of $1,000,000. Charles funds to erect a monument to the memory of Gibson, of Albany, president of the National William Procter, Jr., often termed the “Father Wholesale Druggists' Association, and forof American Pharmacy.” John F. Hancock, merly president and treasurer of Walker & of Baltimore, has served as chairman of that Gibson, is president of the new company; committee during the entire period of its ex- Charles W. Snow, of Syracuse, is first viceistence.

president; Nelson P. Snow is second viceIn 1914, it was reported that the required president; and William W. Gibson is secretary amount had been raised, the money coming in

and treasurer.

Each business is to be consmall amounts from all over the United States, ducted separately, as heretofore.

The new thus being truly representative. The sum of company will have thirty-six traveling sales$8000 was available. It was planned, how- men who will cover Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massever, to secure the consent of Congress to place achusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the monument in the Smithsonian Institute parts of Connecticut, as well as New York grounds at Washington, and also to get Con- State. It is estimated that the first year's busgress to appropriate $2000 for a suitable base iness will be in the neighborhood of $4,000,or pedestal; and to that end a bill, known as H. 000.






Influences back of the Gold- The Kings County Pharmaceutical Society, as WATER ORDINANCE water formula-disclosing or- well as other New York pharmaceutical associAMENDED.

dinance evidently came to the ations, have come out against the proposed law, conclusion that the phraseology of their meas- holding that it would "destroy the present conure called for a little more than any court was centrated control and supervision of pharlikely to allow. At any rate, the ordinance has macy by the State Board,” and that the pharbeen revised somewhat, the revision consisting macists would “thereby be placed under the orof the deletion of two phrases, the absence ders and supervision of two separate State deof which largely emasculates the ordinance. It partments." Especially is it contended that no will be remembered that according to the old one man, or any group of men, no matter how wording the Board of Health was given arbi- worthy, should have power to fix standards. trary power to deny registration to any "pat- Thus the battle-front changes to Albany; ent” medicine which did not meet with its ap- and an interesting side-light may be noted in proval; also that labels and advertising matter the fact that propaganda material in favor of should be passed on and approved by the Board. the Hamilton-Fertig bill is being sent out in The revised version does away with all this; in envelopes bearing the imprint of the New York no instance does the remodeled ordinance au

senate. thorize the Board to either grant or withhold its approval. The measure therefore becomes

Druggists should not overmerely a device to compel manufacturers to list

HARRISON LAW look the fact that with the their preparations and disclose the active parts

beginning of May a New of their formulas—to which a great many Treasury Decision goes into effect-new in the manufacturers do not object in the least. What

sense that it will not be enforced until the date they do object to is a group of men setting mentioned.

mentioned. This is an amended form of T. themselves up arbitrarily as a court of justice; D. No. 2244, issued last October. It will be for under the measure before it was remodeled

recalled that so strenuous were the objections the Health Board had power to refuse to grant

to the requirements of this ruling as it originregistration to a preparation if the "Director of the Bureau of Food and Drugs” and the

ally appeared that it was not put into force, but

a hearing was held in Washington and the mat"Sanitary Superintendent" did not "approve”

ter given detailed consideration. The rigors of it.

of the decision have been reduced somewhat, Just what effect these changes in phraseology will have on the three suits now pending but it is still rigorous enough. Briefly stated,

these are the requirements: (mentioned in detail in the February BulLETIN) it is hard to say. Both sides are at

Beginning May 1, when any of the narcotics work, but the day for final hearing has not yet

covered by the Harrison law are ordered, it been set.

will be necessary to state on the order form

how much narcotic drug to the ounce the proThat the promoters of the

duct or preparation contains. If the item orHAMILTON-FERTIG Goldwater ordinance are not

dered is a pill or tablet, it will be necessary to altogether idle, however, is

state how much of the involved narcotic is conshown in a number of ways, one of them be

tained in each pill or tablet. For examples we ing the introduction of a bill into the New

will use the illustrations employed last month: York legislature known as the Hamilton-Fertig

“Fluidextract of White Pine for Syrup, morbill. What has been deleted from the ordi- phine sulphate 1 grain per fluidounce," and nance under discussion has been made the vital “100 Pill Anodyne (morphine acetate 1/20 part of this new bill. It is proposesd to clothe grain).” the State Commissioner of Health, “who must Such a course must be followed when the be a competent physician,” with power to fix preparation or substance ordered is not an N. standards of drugs.

F. or a U. S. P. preparation. In case it is one Thus would be set up another arbitrary of these, then the detailed narcotic statement court, a State one instead of a municipal one, may be omitted and the designating letters "N. but with powers perhaps a little broader than F.” or “U. S. P." may be used in its stead. those conferred by the Goldwater ordinance. The narcotic content need not be stated.







It must be remembered, also, that it is un- The effect of this decision, if allowed to lawful to order items other than narcotics on a stand, will be to nullify the food section of the government form. A physician's buggy case, act to a great degree, for without definite stanfor instance: the case itself must be ordered on dards the activity of the department must necan ordinary blank, the narcotics on a narcotic essarily be very much curtailed. It is underorder form. The two must be separated. stood that a new test case is being arranged in

such a way that the point may be brought be

fore the United States Supreme Court. Lawyers contend that there DEPARTMENTAL is a vast difference between RULINGS. an act of Congress and a de

The annual meeting of the

GOOD PLACE partmental ruling based on the act. For in

Washington State Pharmastance, the definite provisions of the Harrison

ceutical Association will be

held on board a commodious ocean steamer, law are one thing, and a Treasury Decision quite another. The latter represents a combin

the date being June 19 to 22, inclusive. The ation of a department's opinions, interpreta

boat will clear from Seattle, and stops will be tions and regulatory provisions, and might or

made at Tacoma, Bellingham, Anacortes, and might not be upheld by court decision.

Vancouver, B. C., as well as at other points on Of course all this is quite obvious; one does

the Sound. The extremely low rate of $10 not need to be a lawyer to comprehend it. Neva

for the trip has been secured, which includes a ertheless, the average man feels that it is best

comfortable state-room and good dining-room to be guided by departmental rulings as long as

service. they stand. He does not feel that it would be wise to enter into costly litigation with the

A Chicago commercial paper government.

NEW QUARTERS. is authority for the stateAnd sometimes such rulings stand for a long

ment that a new six-story time before they are strenuously questioned, a building is to be constructed for the Fullercase in point being an issue recently determined

Morrisson Company, wholesale druggists, and by Judge Anderson in the United States Dis

that the company has taken a lease for 25 trict Court at Chicago, in which certain stan- years and three months, the total rental for the dards set up by the Department of Agriculture term being $669,125.

term being $669,125. The building is to be under the Food and Drugs act were declared located on the northwest corner of West Ranunwarranted and therefore illegal. The stan- dolph and Clinton Streets, and will be ready dards related to the strength, grade and quality for occupancy February 1, 1917. of food products, and were promulgated in Since the merging of Morrisson, Plummer & June, 1906, nearly ten years ago.

Company and Fuller & Fuller, the result being the Fuller-Morrisson Company, the new firm

has found its present quarters inadequate to A spice company was prose- meet the requirements of the business. FOUNDATION.

cuted for alleged failure to

live up to requirements, in that their extracts of peppermint and orange

On January 19, a committee did not contain the 3 and 5 per cent, respec

TREASURY RULING. appointed by the National tively, set as standards by the department.

Drug Trade Conference conJudge Anderson dismissed the case, holding sisting of Prof. Beal, Samuel C. Henry, and that in so far as foods were concerned the law Chas. M. Woodruff appeared before the Comitself imposed no definite restrictions other missioner of Internal Revenue and voiced its than that such products should contain no in- objection to the restrictions imposed by Treasjurious or substitute adulterants and no dilu- ury Decisions No. 2244 and No. 2213. A ents, and that the department had exceeded its slight modification of No. 2244 was announced authority when it supplied what it may have within a few days, and becomes effective May deemed a deficiency in the law. a

The ruling 1, as stated elsewhere in this issue of the Bulcarried with it “great moral force,” the court LETIN; but it is only recently that the Commisheld, but no actual legal foundation.

sioner's decision with reference to No. 2213





has been made known. A slight modification

Dates on which the 64th anwas granted in this case, also, but the conces

nual meeting of the Ameri

ANNOUNCED. sion is so slight, indeed, that it amounts to very

can Pharmaceutical Associlittle—and so hazy, in addition, that it appears ation will convene have been announced-Sepabsolutely impossible to comprehend it.

tember 5 to 9. The first Council session will Treasury Decision No. 2213, it will be re- be held on Monday, September 4, at 7:30 P.M., called, relates to the filling of prescriptions. the first general session on Tuesday, and the The committee asked that prescriptions calling final general session on Friday, September 8, at for small quantities of narcotic drugs be in- 2 P.M. The 1916 meeting will be held at At-· cluded in the exemptions under Section 6 of lantic City, N. J. the act, and that druggists be allowed to fill

The American Conference of Pharmaceusuch prescriptions, and to refill them, without tical Faculties and the National Association of regard to the Harrison law.

Boards of Pharmacy will meet at Philadelphia The ruling starts off with the statement that on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the “Section 6 does not apply to extemporaneous

week preceding. prescriptions;” in other words, we take it, to prescriptions which must be compounded. But

One reads with amusement a little farther along in the ruling we encoun

frequently amazement ter this paragraph:

the press reports of narcotic “The refilling of a narcotic prescription for activities. The subject lends itself to sensaan exempted preparation or remedy, as herein tionalism, and newspapers do not let such opdefined, combined with other non-narcotic portunities escape them. If a man is caught medicinal agents, with a consequent further with three or four heroin tablets concealed in dilution of the mixture, will be permitted.” his boot-leg, straightway he becomes king of a

It would seem, therefore, that the refilling of narcotic ring with accredited branches in all a prescription that was not exempted in the large cities. first place "will be permitted,” quite regardless Dope Rings and Black Hands—what would of the fact that the act of compounding is in- the newspapers do without them? volved. However, before attempting too de- A case in point is the sensationalism retailed an interpretation, it is safest to await cently attaching to the arrest of a man in the further advices from Washington.

shipping department at the laboratories of



One or two prize collections of druggists' show-cards—very helpful for those who are anxious to get up something effective.

“Cashing in on a Hobby”—how a wise druggist took one of his pleasures and turned it into money

An article from a live manager describing ways and means used by him in increasing his candy sales.

The fifth and last paper in the series by Mr. Whitehead—this time on the subject of salesmanship.

“What Is the Most Interesting Department of My Store"—three very readable and suggestive papers.

"Little Helps in Promoting Business"-schemes and wrinkles devised by a clever dealer
for the upbuilding of trade.

The first of a series of articles on the new Pharmacopeia, written by an expert.
“How to Meet Big Competition"—three prize papers resulting from our recent contest.
"How I Advertise My Drug Business"-one of the best things we have had in many a day.

A paper from an experienced druggist-advertiser who tells all about the movie slide as a
medium of publicity—the latest word on the subject.

Three readable and entertaining narratives in which druggists confess to dispensing errors made in their younger days.

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