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A proposition of interest to druggists and worth writing for.

RUVIA is a deodorant in cream form. It looks and feels like Cold Cream and is as easy

to apply. It has a pleasing odor. The 25c size, known as the "boudoir" size, and illustrated herein, comes in a porcelain jar, is sanitary and clean-looking and is an ornament to anyone's dressing table. The 10c size or "pocket” size is convenient when traveling, on week-end trips, and so on.

RUVIA neutralizes all odors, but doesn't interfere with the natural functions of the skin.

Nor does it soil the clothing, no matter how delicate the material.

RUVIA will be backed by an aggressive advertising campaign which includes the Ladies'

Home Journal, Vogue, Vanity Fair and other publications. Ruvia comes packed in a small, compact display box, attractive and handsome.

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RUVIA is the only deodorant on the market that sells at the popular price of 10c

within the reach of everyone. It contains enough for a thorough trial. Thus, it offers a satisfactory introduction to the boudoir size, the larger or 250 Ruvia. The boudoir jar contains more than three times as much as the pocket size. Bear in mind that on the large size the profit per sale is larger.

RUVIA is a new Mennen product. The name of Mennen assures you of the high

standing of Ruvia with your customers. To your customers “Mennen's" is a synonym for quality. The House of Mennen cannot afford to risk a reputation of 37 years' standing by a product that doesn't come up to the Mennen standard for quality. All Talcums and Shaving Cream are judged in comparison with Mennen's.

We have a proposition of extreme interest to druggists-one which means profits.

Write to

The House of Mennen


Newark, N. J.

Vol. XXX.


No. 5.


there was pronounced opposition to some of BULLETIN OF PHARMACY its provisions from men who fully believed in Issued on the first of every month by

the general principles involved.

Attempts to remedy some of these defects E. G. SWIFT, PUBLISHER,

have resulted in a bewildering change of title Corner Joseph Campau Ave. and Atwater St., DETROIT, Mich.

—the Stephens bill; the Stephens-Ayers bill ; MANAGING EDITOR: HARRY B. MASON.

the Stephens-Ashurst bill. With the introASSISTANT EDITOR: ARTHUR L. BUZZELL.

duction of each new measure always the reBUSINESS MANAGER: HARRY SKILLMAN.

sult of compromise, perhaps—hope has been

renewed that we were a few steps nearer the SUBSCRIPTION RATES: United States and Mexico,

$1.00 per year

goal. In fact, word has recently gone out Foreign countries,

1.50 per year

that the Stephens-Ashurst bill is to be reported

out of committee in a short time. It is conFOREIGN OFFICES:

fidently predicted that enough votes have been WALKERVILLE, ONT., CAN. 378 ST. PAUL STREET,


pledged to enact the measure. 19 AND 20 GREAT PULTENEY STREET, W., LONDON, ENG, 125 YORK STREET, SYDNEY, N. S. W., AUSTRALIA.

In this connection it may be All articles for publication and all communications bearing on

N. A. R.D. the text should be addressed:



ber of the officers of the Box 484, DETROIT, MICH.

N. A. R. D. have been to Washington lately, All business letters should be addressed: PUBLISHER BULLETIN OF PHARMACY,

and if we are to base judgment on an editorial Bow 484, DETROIT, MICH. in a recent issue of the N. A. R. D. Journal,

they are not altogether pleased by certain

changes made in the phraseology of the THE MONTH'S HISTORY Stephens-Ashurst bill while in committee.

In fact, the statement is made that it

"may shortly become necessary to cut the One who is in the habit THE COURSE

Gordian knot of compromise and get behind a OF THE of following the tortuous congressional measure that is something more STEVENS BILL.

windings of a reform meas- than a bundle of high-sounding words relating ure from the time it is first seriously thought to a very desirable principle.” Thus the rank of until it finds expression in some kind of a and file of the organization may soon be called law, is not at all discouraged by the progress upon to withdraw its support of the bill now made by the price-maintenance measure orig- pending and to ask their congressmen to vote inally known as the Stevens Bill—this in spite for a new measure. of the fact that the bill changes its name as Answering the editorial from which the often as does an habitual divorcée. The first above quotation is made, a sharp rap of remondraft of a measure of this character is usually strance was first sent out by Secretary Whitlittle more than a tangible basis for legislative tier of the American Fair Trade League, committees to work on; its form, often its which could not have failed to have struck scope, almost invariably suffers many altera- fire at N. A. R. D. headquarters; and then, a tions.

few days later, J. Leyden White, who has reThe original Stevens bill was faulty; had signed as the association's correspondent at it passed, most likely it would not have stood Washington, addressed a circular letter to the a test in the courts. For that matter, it is retail drug trade in general in which several doubtless a fact that it could not have secured sizes of type were used to express his indignaenough support to have made it a law, for tion.




Taken altogether, the situation suggests a

The Indiana Board of

PURITY number of possibilities—pending which it

Health has inaugurated two might be well for the innocent bystander to

campaigns which are of inkeep pretty close to the root-cellar!

terest to the druggists of that State-of all States, for that matter. One is an effort to

ascertain the purity, or lack of it, of cheap The mailing of poisons has drug products sold by five-and-ten-cent stores, MAILING POISONS. been a subject of contro- and the other is to learn to what extent per

versy for some time. It sons afflicted with skin or venereal diseases are was the apparent intention of Congress that employed in the handling of food products. preparations and substances of this character, It is said that samples of ten-cent toilet prepwhen not outwardly or of their own force arations have been gathered from the stores dangerous to other matter contained in the of Indianapolis and that an analysis of them bags or to persons employed in the postal ser- will be made by the State chemist. It is vice, should be admitted to the mails, but thought that wood alcohol is often employed under control of the Postmaster-General with in the preparation of this class of cheap goods, respect to preparation and packing.

and should this suspicion prove true the Unfortunately, however, the Post-office De- offending merchants from whose stores the partment exceeded its authority in promulgat- samples were collected will be rigidly proseing its early regulations; a court declared these cuted. The movement is to embrace the entire rulings invalid, and the entire situation became State. somewhat involved. During the last year or Investigations which have been quietly contwo it has been extremely difficult to find out ducted for some time have revealed some just what could or could not be done, the gen- startling conditions, in the matter of the handeral situation being that poisons could not be

ling of drinks, confectionery, and foods by mailed. This condition has worked quite a

persons afflicted with dangerous diseases, pardegree of hardship in certain instances, if not

ticularly, it is said, in restaurants and hotels ; actual loss of life. A physician remote from a "truly terrifying," the situation has been railway station, for instance, could not quickly phrased. get potent drugs for emergency cases. On Druggists are coöperating fully in these the other hand, express companies have prof

movements, we

are told.

Indeed, they are ited immensely.

directly interested, for practically every drug

store in Indiana has either a soda fountain or Quite recently two new rulings have been issued which were hailed in some quarters as

a stock of confectionery, or both. being much wider in scope than they really First came the statement that "a com

The New York legislature pound or preparation which is not a poison

is still the center of what may be mailed even if it does contain a small

appears to be an attempt to proportion of poisonous ingredients." This

"remedy” certain phases of the drug business. is so restrictive, to begin with, and so indefinite

Hearst's New York American has been quite altogether that it can be construed to mean active, and what are known as the "Hearst little, if anything. The second ruling relates bills" have created considerable discussion. to preparations and remedies exempted under One of these would prohibit the presence of the Harrison law: these, we are told, "are not narcotics in any quantity in proprietary prepconsidered to be poisons and may be sent in arations, the result being that it would be unthe mails." When we remember, however, that lawful for a druggist to sell a compounded preparations and remedies exempted under preparation, like brown mixture, for instance, the Harrison law are almost invariably liquid, except on a physician's prescription; and the it will be seen that there is hardly ever occa- other would make it unlawful for a druggist sion for sending them by mail.

to dispose of a proprietary preparation conSo we are just about where we were before; taining more than 10 per cent of alcohol-exthe measure of relief afforded may be classed cept on the written prescription of a physician. as occupying ground somewhere about midway Then there is the Hamilton-Fertig bill, disbetween the intangible and the infinitesimal. cussed in this department last month, which







would give the State Commissioner of Health anteed under,” etc., would not be permitted the power to fix standards. This bill, also, is after May 1, 1915. Later the going into effect aimed at "patent” or proprietary preparations, of this regulation was postponed one year, in and is said to be an attempt to work into a order that manufacturers might have time to State law what the backers of the Goldwater use up labels on which the guaranty clause ordinance have been forced to delete from and the serial number were printed. their rather arbitrary attempt at discrimina- It now appears that a year's postponement tion in the city of New York.

wasn't enough. Thousands of labels are yet It is said, however, that none of these bills on hand; and in consideration of this, the govhas a ghost of a show at this session of the ernment has extended the time to May 1, 1918. legislature. Only three out of twenty bills affecting pharmacy are scheduled for passage, it is stated.

It is good to be appreciated.

We have been pleased to " DILUTING" When a druggist reduces

see recently that three of the the narcotic content of a

valiant workers in pharmacy have been recog• COMPOUNDING." prescription by adding other

nized in one way or another. Dr. Julius A. ingredients, he is “diluting," not "compound

Koch, whose appearance wouldn't indicate that ing," apparently. This seems to be a reason

he had been Dean of the Pittsburgh College able interpretation of the Harrison law ruling of Pharmacy for twenty-five years, was recommented on last month in this department cently made the guest of honor at a testi

monial dinner in celebration of the event. However, the government will not tolerate bad faith, which perhaps would be shown were the

John C. Gallagher, who has for many years diluent sugar-of-milk, water, simple elixir, or

been a central figure in State and national some similar substance.

affairs, was presented with a gold fob and This decision is intended to amend or mod

charm at a dinner of the Jersey City Drugify T. D. No. 2213, and permits the refilling gists' Association. In the third place, a dinner of narcotic prescriptions, in case the original

is being arranged for Clarence O. Bigelow in frescription was exempt as provided in Sec

recognition of "long, energetic, and unselfish tion 6.

work in behalf of the cause of pharmacy." That is to say, if a prescription calls for a N. F. preparation, a U. S. P. prepara

The affair is in the hands of a general comtion, or a preparation on the shelves already

mittee of fifty men, and that it will be a dinner compounded, and if the preparation or product

of some importance may safely be predicted. called for does not contain more than 2 grains of opium, 74 grain of morphine, 18 grain of

A Harrison law ruling has heroin, or 1 grain of codeine to the ounce, then


NARCOTICS TO been issued to the effect that the prescription may be put up without regard OFFICERS.

any official of the Federal to the Harrison law, and it may be refilled.

government, or of a State, county, or municipal More than that, if the prescription calls for

government, who desires to use or prescribe preparations embraced in the classes just

the restricted narcotics in his official capacity, enumerated, and if such preparations are

need not be registered. However, should he "combined with other non-narcotic medicinal

prescribe, the prescription should be written on agents, with a consequent further dilution of

an official prescription blank, if such blanks are the mixture,” the prescription may be refilled

provided by his department, and the name and without regard to the Harrison law.

address of the patient and the name and title

of the official should be stated. If such a Representatives of the drug, medical officer is engaged in private practice EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 1918.

perfumery, and other inter- also, he must comply with all the terms of the

ests appeared at Washing- law when he is not acting in a strictly official ton in April and were granted a hearing before capacity. the Department of Agriculture relative to the Druggists and other dealers who supply guaranty legend decision. It will be recalled narcotics to exempted officials, or who fill or that more than a year ago a decision was compound official prescriptions, should require announced that the customary legend, "guar- that the orders and prescriptions be written on


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