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After using, the slides may be taken apart and to get greatly reduced rates from the latter. washed, and thus used again.

This you can easily do, anyway, as it is an It is not advisable to use a picture unless it advertisement for the theater also. You can links up in some direct way with what you usually buy up the whole house for a single have to say. Don't use a picture simply be- performance on an otherwise quiet day for a cause it is a picture, for if it does not directly very small sum. If you do not want the whole apply to your advertising it will detract from house, you should be able to get a low rate per the attention that you want given to your ticket. message.

Another method which, like the above, may A slide should be replaced by a new one be used exactly as herein described or with with every change of performance, which will some improvement or modification that may usually not be oftener than twice a week. occur to you, is to arrange with the manage

ment of the motion-picture house to make all

theater tickets ending in a cipher, or in any There are also other ways in which the other agreed-upon number, good at your store moving-picture houses may be linked up with for from five to twenty-five cents, as you may drug-store advertising.

decide, in the purchase of any certain amount One method is to announce that on a certain of goods. day you will give a free ticket to the movies, The tickets used are invariably serial numgood only on that day, to all who make a pur- bered, and by this method you need redeem chase of any goods, or of any certain goods, only one in every ten sold. This lessens your just as you prefer. Choose a day which expense, and at the same time adds just enough would otherwise be a dull one with you, when of the "chance" element to make it the more it will also be slow at the theater, enabling you attractive to the theater's patrons.



Monthly Department of

PRIZE ARTICLE: CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES beginner who often needs our advice-and OF GREATEST INTEREST.

who, sometimes, is grateful for it—to the most By E. A. PERRENOT.

intelligent follower of the art. We are conWhen we first stocked a small line of cam

stantly adding to our store of knowledge by

catching onto the new wrinkles and short cuts eras and supplies we had no idea that we were

brought out by contact with our varied class drifting into what was to prove the most im

of customers. portant and interesting branch of our drug business.

AMUSING MISTAKES OF AMATEURS. And truly, the conduct of a photographic Humorous incidents furnished by amateur department can be classed as a legitimate part picture-takers add greatly to the enjoyment of of a drug business. The making of negatives, the day's work; the many amusing mistakes the mixing of various solutions, the develop- and examples of faulty exposures and comment of films, and the final finishing of pic- plete failures that come under a finisher's tures, are as much chemical processes as the notice, were they compiled, would fill a sizable compounding of prescriptions or the manufac- volume. turing of pharmaceuticals. Decidedly, the From a business view-point, however, the carrying out of photographic processes is most interesting thing about a photographic nearer to the drug line than the demonstration department is that it is profitable. Not only of vacuum cleaners or lunch outfits.

is there made a good profit on the initial sale I find the photographic department very in- of a camera outfit, but there is also started a teresting. It brings us in intimate contact with chance for repeat sales of films and various all classes of patrons, from the most ignorant other supplies.

other supplies. In addition, as the average camera owner does not do his own developing, THE APPEAL OF SPORTING GOODS. continual profits are possible in the finishing

By F. W. CHURCHILL. department.

From my standpoint-and from that of The town in which our store is located is in

many of our customers as well—the most ina beautiful mountainous country, on the banks

teresting department of our store is the one of the Delaware River. It attracts many sum- devoted to sporting goods. mer visitors, with whom local view post-cards An extensive line of fishing tackle, baseball are in big demand. Previous to installing a goods, and tennis supplies is handled throughphotographic department we were obliged to out the summer season, while in the fall guns purchase all our view cards, realizing only a and ammunition are brought to the front. small margin of profit from them.

One feature of this department which causes

considerable favorable comment among the VIEW CARDS AT SMALL COST.

local sportsmen is that we endeavor to obtain When we started in to develop pictures for and disseminate reliable information concernamateurs, however, we conceived the idea of

ing the fish and game conditions in our making our own cards. The finishing of the vicinity. We also aim to familiarize ourselves cards is all done with the solutions used in

with all roads, trails, camping places, and finishing patrons' work, a profit-making pro- short cuts, a knowledge of which may enable cedure which permits us to make use of ma- us to save the fisherman or hunter several miles terial that otherwise would have to be thrown travel. away. By means of this scheme, finishing the Information of this kind cannot be obtained cards costs practically only the time consumed, successfully unless one cares for out-of-door plus the cost of the cards, which we buy in pleasures and is able and willing to look up quantities.

new trails and game haunts. We consider the Before we started to make local view cards time spent in gaining this knowledge pleasurthere were three stores here selling post-cards. ably and profitably employed. Now we have all the business. Assuredly

TRYING OUT BAITS. there are possibilities in the photographic busi

During the fishing season the numerous ness.

baits and rods in stock are tried out on the The business enables us to get on friendly different waters in our vicinity before being terms with our customers, and as long as we

offered for sale. We do this because it has do good work for them and take an interest

been found that a bait which is a sure “killer" in their efforts, we can hold them against all

on one pond or lake may not be effective on comers. Incidentally we can get much of their

some other. Knowledge of the proper bait business in other lines.

for use on each body of water has helped us A still further reason why photography con- to make many sales and has established our tinues to prove interesting to us is this: in sporting goods department as a source of reorder to get the local views desired, of which liable information. we have about eighty-five, we are compelled Another service that we render is to help to get out in the open away from the humdrum the novice choose his outfit and instruct him in of the dispensing counter-I nearly forgot the care and use of it. Customers gained in myself and was going to say "pill-tile.” this way stick for a long time.

a .


QUESTIONS FOR THE NEXT CONTEST. This department is in the hands of the big family of BULLETIN readers, and the heartiest co-operation is earnestly urged. The following questions are announced for the next contest:

1. How I hire a clerk. Submitted by Clifford H. Rudes, Utica, N. Y.
2. How some clerks fatten their pay envelopes. Submitted by Nora I. Mitchell, Sparta, Mich.

For the best answer to either of these questions we shall award a prize of $5.00. Other answers, if printed, will be paid for at regular space rates. Every answer should be at least 500 words long and in our hands by June 10.



When the hunting season is on every effort Our candy is displayed in a big case, and I is made to gain complete information concern- derive much pleasure from arranging the stock ing the game conditions in our locality, so that in a manner that will create sales and add to we are able, in most instances, to give cus- our already large volume of business. We tomers the assurance of a day's good outing. carry a great variety of stunning packages, and

The campers' trade is taken care of in a the many different effective arrangements of manner similar to that employed for the other them are possible. out-of-door pleasure seekers.

Displaying candy on the top of the case re

quires lots of attention; the study necessary in PROFITS FROM GIVING INFORMATION.

order to get the best effect is a never-failing We realize that a druggist is looked to as a

source of interest. Then, too, the businesslocal information bureau, so in furnishing such detailed information we are merely enlarging

increasing possibilities on combination sales upon our obligations to the public and making ning special sales, especially on Saturdays and

and the many opportunities offered for runthem profitable assets of our business. Of course there are certain sportsmen to

Sundays, are features which cannot help but

appeal. whom we cannot give any information—they know conditions better than we do. This class

WATCH THE THERMOMETER. is hard to cultivate, but if rightly handled can

In caring for a candy case constant vigilance be prevailed upon to impart considerable val

is essential. Sudden changes in temperature uable knowledge. They make excellent cus

markedly affect chocolate-covered pieces. The tomers if their rather exacting wants are

gray appearance noticed on many a chocolate catered to.

cream is not always caused by age; a quick We have to spend considerable time with

jump of the thermometer will almost invarisome of our various sportsmen customers

ably cause chocolate coatings to turn gray. The listening to a recital of how the big fish

candy, of course, remains just as fresh as it was caught or lost, and in hearing about the

was before the temperature change and can long shot which brought in the finest deer's

again be made salable if it is wiped carefully head of the season. Much valuable informa

with a thin, clean cloth. tion is secured in this way, however, which

When a fresh consignment of package when passed on again helps make the bell on the cash register ring bull's-eyes.

goods is placed in the case, I always put it under older stock of the same kind. Other

wise a good customer is likely, some day, to HANDLING CANDY A PLEASURE. return a box of stale candy and accompany it BY CLIFFORD H. RUDES.

with a few remarks that would not be pleasant Logically, perhaps, the most interesting part

to hear, particularly if any prospective cusof a drug store to a druggist should be the tomer happened to be within ear-shot. prescription department. But after years of

But while the conduct of a candy departlong and late hours, of answering sometimes- ment requires one to keep at it everlastingly, foolish questions, of checking parcels, and of

the exertion is more than compensated for by other similar tasks, some of us notice little the ever-increasing business that results—it is nicks in the once-keen edge of our interest in most pleasurable to watch the frequency with affairs strictly pharmaceutical. We have grad

which the stock "turnover” is accomplished. ually been developing a strong attachment for During the Christmas holidays we have some other department, the success of which filled the case to its capacity in the morning, we strive for with tireless efforts.

and by night had the satisfaction of seeing the To me the candy department makes the contents completely disposed of. And the case strongest appeal. To arrange a confectionery is a large one, too. That is one instance of display in such manner that the goods appear how the “turnover” proposition works out inviting-and, in many instances, irresistible- where the candy department is the most interis one of my keenest pleasures.

esting in the store.

There will be several papers next month on this topic : How can we boost our sales of stationery ?

Money-makers and Money-savers.

Information as to where any of the articles mentioned in this department may be obtained will be furnished upon application. Address Department of Money-makers,THE BULLETIN OF PHARMACY, Detroit, Mich.

Owing to the present scarcity and high cost In order to prevent contamination from dirt of many prescription drugs, pharmacists who or foreign substances this eye-drops bottle is are called upon to furnish physicians with provided with a combination rubber stopper tablet triturates will find this little tablet mold and glass eye-pipette, the stopper forming the a decided money-saver. It is rapid in operation and its use obviates the necessity of hav

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ing in stock a large and expensive line of tablet triturates for many of which the demand is infrequent. The mold is made of hard rubber and has a capacity of fifty one-grain tablets at a time.

bulb of the pipette. For prescription use the bottles come packed each in a neat paper box

and are obtainable in four sizes—14-ounce, For serving iced water, orangeade, fruit

12-ounce, 1-ounce, and 2-ounce. punches, and other still drinks the cooler illustrated herewith is particularly suitable. It is so constructed that the ice cannot come in contact with the liquid. The outer jar or liquid ceutical houses, and manufacturers of proprie

Manufacturing chemists, drug and pharmatary medicines find this machine to be decidedly effective for crude drug grinding. It is a

[graphic][merged small]

Face chamois, each one in a sanitary transcontainer is easily filled without removing the parent envelope, offer decided sales advantages ice receptacle. The two jars are of glass, the over ordinary chamois not protected from dust base is of white porcelain, and the lid is white and dirt. These trade-getters can be obtained enameled. The cooler is made in two capaci- in assorted sizes in cream, white, and natural ties—172 gallons and 134 gallons.


[graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

floor space.

The task of planning an effective layout for guests of the hotel-a good-paying class who, a drug store of the long narrow type—even being transients, are not disposed to search out such an extreme example as was shown in the cut-rate stores, but are willing to pay full March BULLETIN—is simplicity itself com- prices. pared to that of putting a "regular" drug store The over-all size of the room, not including into a room both short and narrow.

the prescription department, is 31 feet by 15/2 The long store at least has the floor space, feet in the widest part; but over half of the even if inconveniently strung out; but many store is only 1312 feet in width. To add to druggists, owing to peculiar circumstances, the difficulty of the problem, there is a flight have to make the best they can of a limited of five steps leading to a little landing, on

which there is an entrance to the hotel lobby. For these druggists we show photographs and the floor plan of a store, scarcely more

FIXTURES THAT ECONOMIZE SPACE. than a “hole in the wall” to begin with, which The show-cases on the right-hand side of is making money for its owner, and which is the store are built only 18 inches wide; those really a most cheerful and pleasant place to on the left, 20 inches wide. This saves about

In spite of its size (or rather lack one foot of space in the width of the store, as of it) this store does not present a crowded most all-plate-glass cases of this type are at appearance.

least 26 inches wide; and in a store of this size This store is in a fine modern hotel building "every little bit” certainly helps. completed a little over a year ago, and the

Another detail that makes for economy is location was eagerly sought by a number of the shape of the cigar case at the right of the druggists, in spite of the handicap of its size. entrance. In a larger store the cigar case in It naturally gets a great deal of trade from the this location would very likely be built L-shape,

step into.

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