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Situated in the heart of the financial district of the Hub, Baileys caters particularly to the men's trade. Notice the entire lack of signs.




hackneyed one, but its importance cannot be overestimated. Not only does cleanliness attract the discriminating but it also enables the dispenser to serve better drinks and to prolong the life of his apparatus.

In the city of Boston there is a soda fountain outfit in one of the leading stores which has been in constant operation for more than ten years and over the counter of which, during the summer months, there has been dispensed an average of 100 gallons of ice cream daily.

Yet the working parts of this outfit, despite the heavy use to which they have been subjected, are apparently in as good condition as when first installed. The reason for this excellent showing is due, not to the fact that the fountain is of better construction than ordinary, but to the excellent care which has been given it. All exterior portions such as the

. slab, the workboard, the drafts, and the pumps have had a daily and complete cleaning, while the interior or hidden parts have been cleaned out thoroughly each week.

The subject of sanitation is, perhaps, a

CLEANLINESS THE BEST POLICY. Syrups or ice cream stored in poorly cleaned containers in an improperly cared-for outfit cannot help but be contaminated. A fountain where dirt is allowed to accumulate, where syrup jars are refilled without washing, and where ice-cream packers are subjected to a cleaning only once in a season, is of necessity short-lived. But a fountain where the inside and outside parts are kept free from dirt, where jars are washed with hot water before filling, and where the packers and outlet pipes are flushed out once a week, is good for an almost indefinite period.

The manifest advantages of a sanitary soda


At the better fountains nowadays one never fountain has awakened druggists to the neces- sees a nicked glass or a silvered holder with sity of giving the best service possible and has the plating worn away.

Neither are flyled to a general improvement all along the line. specked straws in evidence; all straws are

According to the consensus of opinion of thoroughly protected from contamination, leading fountain owners throughout the larger either by being stored in glass jars or packed New England cities, ice cream forms the basis in paper wrappers. of the majority of combinations put out over In many stores where ice-cream sodas are the present-day fountains. This means that served, a paper napkin is inserted in the holder the dispenser can command ten cents or more before the glass is placed therein. By so doing, for each dish served and that he can give his dripping of the contents is prevented and the patrons clean, wholesome products, properly disagreeable cold or wet feeling of the glass made and of good quality.

itself is not noticed. Napkins for this purpose Ice-cream soda is, of course, the most popu- may be obtained from any dealer in fountain lar of fountain concoctions, and alert man- supplies, or they may be prepared by dividing agers feature it in many different forms. the ordinary paper napkin into four pieces of Chocolate is the year-around favorite flavor, equal size. but since the tar-barrel strawberry has been A fountain owner in a Maine city who endisplaced by the natural article, the latter finds joys the best and the most of the trade in his strong favor during the season. Other fresh- locality says that he has built up a reputation fruit combinations also meet with ready de- for his ice-cream sodas by instructing his dismand.

pensers to always prepare the drink in one SPOTLESS SERVICE.

way. There is nothing new in his method, It is significant, perhaps, that along with the but he claims that a rigid adherence to it has advance in the quality of ingredients used brought him much business. To make the there is also evident an improvement in service. drink, he first pours into the glass the required

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This all onyx, American Innovation fountain is in the store of the Norris Drug Company, Huntington Ave. and Gainsboro St., Boston,

= {Mass. The Boston Opera House, the Conservatory of Music, and Tuft's Dental College send much business to this store.

amount of syrup and sweet cream and then draws on the carbonated water, using the fine stream, until the glass is about half-filled. The ice cream is then added, and the glass filled with a rich, creamy foam, by means of the fine stream.

The drink made in this manner is completely mixed, so that the customer who takes it with a straw does not get the cloying effect

vantage and eliminates the danger of slopping or spilling common to tall or narrow dishes.

At a number of the busier fountains in the East silver-plated dishes are used. With them there is no chance for breakage, the silver gives a touch of richness to the service, dish washing is easier, and in the long run they are decidedly economical.

Considerable care is taken at most fountains with the preparatic is of the dressings and toppings used on sundaes. Fudges are kept warm in steam-jacketed holders, and whipped cream and fresh fruits are placed on heaps of crushed ice to insure their sweetness. Chocolate syrup, used as a dressing for sundaes and in chocolate sodas, is quite commonly dispensed from small silver pots rather than from syrup tanks. By using the small pot the syrup may be kept thoroughly mixed, a procedure which is impossible when the syrup is kept in a regular fountain jar. In addition, chocolate syrup, because of its heavy character, is not readily dispensed from a plunger tank. The small pot obviates that difficulty.

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JUST DRINKS. Five-cent drinks—phosphates, plain sodas, cream sodas, bottled beverages—are featured at but few of the larger fountains, as the tendency is to push the combinations which bring ten cents or more. The reason for this, as stated by the manager of three large fountains in the city of Boston, is that any attempt to push the five-centers takes the trade away from the larger-profit ones. He says that most

customers buy sodas or sundaes not as thirst quenchers but as confections.

When, however, there is a demand for the cooling drinks, as during particularly hot days, this manager features a special such as lemon and lime, orangeade, cherry phosphate, or a similar beverage. He serves these drinks not in the small phosphate glass, but in twelveounce containers.

The extra cost is slight and the dry patron long remembers the fountain where a real thirst-quenching drink is served.

On especially hot days all solid drinks are made with half a tumbler of chipped ice in the glass.

Egg drinks, as phosphates, egg-and-milk, malted milk-and-egg, meet with a ready sale in New England, and particularly so in Massachusetts. Prices for plain egg combinations

Next in popularity to the ice-cream soda is the sundae or the college ice. Here the number of combinations of ice cream or sherbet with various dressings, toppings, and sauces is almost limitless. The progressive dispenser can work out an endless variety of mixtures and sell them at prices ranging from 10 to 25 cents, according to his location and the worth of the ingredients entering into them.

Sundaes are served in various shaped dishes, depending upon the whim of the dispenser and the nature of the combination. A low, Aat dish of liberal size is generally preferred, however, as it shows off the confection to better ad

are ten or fifteen cents when eggs are cheap, and fifteen or twenty cents when they begin to hit the 50-cents-a-dozen mark. It is a not uncommon sight to see large bowls of eggs on soda fountain counters with each egg stamped with the date of its laying. The customer has only to look at the date on the egg to be sure that he is getting a “strictly fresh” product.

The causes for this departure from old-time methods are several. A number of the fountains have built up enviable reputations on a few profitable specialties and they push these to the exclusion of all others. A profusion of special combinations requires a considerable amount of ofttimes perishable products, taking up much valuable space, to be constantly on hand. With a large number of complicated mixtures it is quite often hard for the dispensers to remember the various combinations.

Elaborate mixtures, too, require considerable time for their preparation-an objectionable feature during rush hours. And, finally, a heterogeneous collection of confections is likely to bewilder the patron and cause him to order a five-cent drink.

AN ABSENCE OF SIGNS. One noticeable feature of many of the larger fountains is the lack of a profusion of signs. Instead of covering every bit of available space with announcements of specials, only a few--sometimes no—cards are displayed.


Monthly Department of


PRIZE PAPER: BY LOOKING AFTER EVERY page ad in the weekly paper, and I obtained POSSIBLE SALES OUTLET.

splendid results from both mediums. People By Harry E. CASSADY.

came from far and near to attend the opening.

In one of the windows I had an excellent My success in the drug business I attribute to these things: location, the proper kind of

display of a line of preparations for which I advertising and window displays, a large and

held the exclusive agency; in the other I arvaried stock, judgment in buying, keeping my

ranged a nifty show of rubber goods, as the store and stock well arranged, and holding

opening took place in the fall of the year. down overhead expenses to a minimum.

HANDBILLS USED FREELY. At the start I was lucky enough to get a

From the start, I used plenty of handbills lease on a store next door to the post-office, advertising specials, calling attention to new in the center of town, and on the transient

lines added, feature sales, and the like. I conside of the street. After having the front tracted for a five-inch space in the local paper, of the store remodeled according to my own and I have maintained a regular position there ideas, and arranging the show-cases, shelves,

throughout the year ever since. bottles, etc., according to a systematized lay- I tried a number of schemes to stimulate out, I commenced to advertise by featuring an business, such as giving coupons good for “Opening Day."

premiums with each purchase, guessing conI had previously managed to buy an old tests in which I gave premiums to the lucky foot-power press and had installed it in one of ones, free tickets to the "movies” with each the rooms over the store. With a few extra dollar purchase, and numerous other tradefonts of type, besides those I already had, I inducing plans. proceeded to set up a handbill advertising the In order to compete with mail-order houses opening An invitation was extended to and wagon venders I decided to go them one every one to call and receive a souvenir-for better. Accordingly I had twelve preparations the ladies, guest-room packages; for the men, that are commonly used in the home put up pocket note-books. In addition I used a half- under my own name.

These consisted of


“Cassady's” cold cream, tooth paste, talcum eral expenses are charged to "overhead.” powder, headache tablets, relief balm, corn These expenses are figured so that I know the solvent, liniment, shaving cream, etc.

After cost of doing business, and my selling profits getting these preparations in proper cartons I are figured accordingly. Some preparations placed them in pasteboard boxes just large have to be sold at profits large enough to overenough to contain the twelve packages. I sent come smaller margins on other items, but I a case to each one of a select mailing list, with try as near as possible to keep a uniform scale a letter of introduction and explanation. The in marking selling prices. letter explained that the case was to be left

SIDE-LINES TO THE FRONT. for two months on approval. At the end of that time the case was to be returned, used I push side-lines to the front as they are packages being paid for at the rate of 25 cents business getters and also pay long profits. each. If the whole case, or the equivalent, Cameras and camera supplies pay me a nice was purchased a discount of 20 per cent would profit and I have developed the field by adverbe allowed.

tising them along with other side-lines. Being This scheme advertised my store and gave

a musician, I have had a piano placed in my it individuality, creating many new customers. store, and I handle a popular line of sheet

Here is an outline of another successful plan music. The stock takes up but little space, as that I employed: The company whose line I I have cabinets which carry over 1500 pieces. had the exclusive agency for had a catalogue I put out catalogues listing all pieces carried in scheme whereby coupons were given with pur- stock and have a nice business on this line. chases, and these coupons were to be applied My biggest and best side-line, however, is as cash on the purchase of nationally-adver- the soda fountain. I advertise quality, cleantised articles listed as premiums in the cata- liness, and service-and I deliver the goods. logue.

Of course candy can be handled so nicely in This plan aided me wonderfully in overcom- connection with the soda fountain that I ing to a degree niail-order competition. couldn't overlook it. I always give my trade

specials on certain days, and as a drawing XO SUBSTITUTION.

card for the children, I give them toy balloons I have always aimed to carry a good clean with every five cents' worth of bulk candy on stock at all times, and have usually been the same days. Once getting the trade started able to give my customers what they called my way I have been able to keep it coming, for. I am a firm believer in salesmanship, pro- and this business is increasing right along. vided the best judgment is used along with it, I feel very proud of my stationery line and but I do not believe in substitution or in at- to stimulate trade I have had small letters tempting it, except when the very best of printed from time to time featuring a special judgment is exercised and when the substitute fibre carried in stock. I mail these, with enis by far the superior article.

velopes to match, to a select list of women Being familiar with my trade, the buying customers. proposition is not such a serious one. I know By giving two women the same percentage exactly what preparations I can buy in quan- that they had been receiving from another tities, thereby saving a discount or getting free manufacturer for canvassing from house to goods; and I also know those which, owing house with a line of toilet articles, I have sucto the small demand, I cannot well afford to ceeded in getting my own line of preparations stock in quantities.

into many homes, creating new business and I have always niade it a practice to give new keeping out unfair competition. preparations a great deal of study before stock- I always discount all my bills and find that ing them in large amounts.

the amount saved in a year's time is no small One of my best advertisements has been the item. inside arrangement of my store. I keep the Recently I had installed on the curb in front cases shining and the articles on them well of my store a gasoline pump for automobile arranged, thereby giving the store an attract- trade. I have already sold enough gasoline to ive and pleasing appearance.

more than pay for the outfit, and it has Rent, heat, light, clerk hire, and other gen- brought me a great deal of transient trade.

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