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for "VIKO Aluminum Hot Water Bottles POLE

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water bottles and are demanding the light, reliable, easy to handle

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Jobber's Vame.

and would like further particulars.
We are interested in your "VIKO" Aluminum Hot Water Bottle

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Vol. XXX.


No. 9.


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ery of a number of chemical elements, and one BULLETIN OF PHARMACY

of his latest achievements was the transmuta

tion of radium into helium, thus bringing into Issued on the first of every month by

view a possibility ages old—the making of gold E. G. SWIFT, PUBLISHER,

from a baser element. Corner Joseph Campau Ave, and Atwater St., DETROIT, Mich.

Metchnikoff succeeded Pasteur as director of MANAGING EDITOR: HARRY B. MASON.

the institute which bears the latter's name, and ASSISTANT EDITOR: ARTHUR L. BUZZELL.

is best known, perhaps, for his studies in bacBUSINESS MANAGER: HARRY SKILLMAN.

teriology. A part of his work—that relating to the prolongation of human life—brought

him more or less into the public prints, a conUnited States and Mexico,

$1.00 per year Foreign countries,

1.50 per year

dition he did not welcome.

Dr. John B. Murphy was, in many respects, FOREIGN OFFICES:

a pioneer in surgery. A number of the operaWALKERVILLE, ONT., CAN. 378 ST. PAUL STREET,

MONTREAL, Que., CAN. tions now performed daily were made possible 19 AND 20 GREAT PULTENEY STREET, W., LONDON, ENG.

by his originality and his daring. Thousands 125 YORK STREET, SYDNEY, N. S. W., AUSTRALIA.

of lives have been saved by that simple device All articles for publication and all communications bearing on known as the “Murphy button.” the text should be addressed:

The world is better because these men have EDITOR BULLETIN OF PHARMACY,

Box 484, DETROIT, MICH. lived in it. No higher tribute could be paid All business letters should be addressed:



Hope that the StephensNOT ACT ON Ashurst bill will pass during STEPHENS BILL.

the present session of ConTHE MONTH'S HISTORY

gress has been abandoned. Determined opposition has developed. It is intimated in certain

quarters that lobbying in behalf of the measure Balzac has said, somewhere, has been much too aggressive, Senators and GREAT MEN that the figure 3

Congressmen becoming resentful. throughout all human exper- Then, too, to quote Senator Ashurst, "there ience—using, in expressing the thought, words is a marked difference of opinion among memwhich we shall not attempt to quote offhand. bers as to the merits of the proposition.” And very often we are confronted by condi- Again, without question the majority of the tions or circumstances which seem to bear out members of the Commerce Committee, to the statement.

which the bill was referred, are opposed to the Within the past month three great men have measure, the chairman, it is reported, being been called to their final reward: Sir William outspoken in his opposition. The bill has never Ramsay, an Englishman; Professor Elie been reported out of committee and, conseMetchnikoff, a Russian whose home was in quently, Congress has not had an opportunity Paris; and Doctor John B. Murphy, of Chi- to express itself on the principles involved. cago. Ramsay and Metchnikoff were dis- The cause is in no sense dead, however. Detinctly scientists; Dr. Murphy was one of the termined effort will be made to secure the world's greatest surgeons.

passage of the bill at the next session of our Ramsay will be known above other accom- national law-making body. It is predicted that, plishments as a chemist. He is credited, in in the end, a measure of this character will conjunction with co-workers, with the discov- become law.









About twenty years ago a

the points involved to Supreme Court test have ALCOHOL AND CARBOLIC New York surgeon gave a

filed their briefs, the local Health Department demonstration which seemed has performed likewise, and rejoinders have to prove that alcohol was an antidote to car- been duly submitted. It will be recalled that bolic acid. He immersed his hands in the acid preliminary moves in these three cases, which and immediately dipped them in alcohol. His in a sense constitute parts of a joint case, were hands were not burned.

made last spring. The mill of the law grinds The conclusion was jumped at that alcohol slowly. would annul the effect of carbolic acid in the In connection with the New York ordinance stomach, and this belief has been held to more and the propaganda back of it, it is interesting or less firmly all these years. However, a re- to note that practically the same measure has cent issue of the Therapeutic Gazette calls at- been put into operation in Porto Rico. Thus tention to the fact that this view is no longer the war between the "patent medicine” interin good form. The only alcohol that was found ests and the American Medical Association in effective was the 95-per-cent article, and this is no sense languishes. so strong that it does almost as much damage as the carbolic acid itself. More than that, it has been shown that the administration of alco

Few epidemics excite SO

INFANTILE hol increases the solubility of carbolic acid. PARALYSIS.

much concern as outbreaks of Diluted alcohol has no antidotal value.

what is known in medical A recent brochure by Martin I. Wilbert, of

circles as anterior poliomyelitis. The health the Public Health Service, goes into this sub

authorities seem powerless when it comes to ject quite comprehensively.

stemming the tide of this dread disease.

The present epidemic in New York has.

already taken a large toll in the number of Under the present law poi- deaths, and new cases are reported daily. It is sons cannot be sent through not thought, however, that other parts of the

the mails, no matter how se- United States need become unduly alarmed. curely the powder, pill, liquid, or whatever it Personal contact is unquestionably the most happens to be, may be packed. As the law is potent factor in the spread of infantile parphrased, such items, entirely regardless of how alysis. The part that the stable fly may have useful or necessary they may be in the conser

in the dissemination of the disease is a matter vation of health or the saving of life, cannot be

for further investigation.

Dust from the admitted to the mails.

streets may play an important rôle, but no figTo remedy this unfortunate condition a bill, ures and no definite proof are yet available. It known as the Kern-Doremus bill, has been in- is known, however, that the specific virus may troduced in Congress—by Kern of Indiana in be found in the discharges from the nose, the Senate; by Doremus of Michigan in the throat and mouth of infected persons, and it is House. Although it is too early yet to predict held that human carriers are responsible for what will happen, there would seem to be no the spread of the disease in the same manner reason why this measure should not become a that diphtheria is spread by human carriers. law during the present session of Congress, or Epidemics of this disease have prevailed in at least during the next session, which will con- all quarters of the world, but are most prevavene in December.

lent in the northern parts of Europe and of the United States. Outbreaks occur during the

summer months and during September and The New York Health October.

Board's formula-disclosure EXPECTED SOON. ordinance will receive eitlier

We clip two sentences from full authority of law or a knock-out blow early

a recent government emanain October, it is now predicted—or perhaps

tion. The first: “Many letrather hoped. At any rate the three complain- ters are received each week at the Department ing drug houses (the Charles N. Crittenton of Agriculture asking how to raise this or that Co., H. Planten & Son, and E. Fougera & Co.) drug plant.” The second: "In almost every which took upon themselves the task of putting case, the drug-plant specialists reply that it is




doubtful whether the inexperienced grower can of the late Dr. Oldberg. He finished and pubgrow these plants successfully, or, if he suc- lished Oldberg's latest text-book, after the ceeds, will find a satisfactory market for his author's death, and he also compiled and crop.'

issued a collection of tributes which had been And encompassed in the department's reply paid to his mentor. will be found the whole medicinal-plant-growing situation. Bill, Jim, and Rodney can't make a go of it. The work is distinctly that of The chemist is rapidly coming into his own. a specialist.

Industrial affairs have so shaped themselves

that a great deal is expected of chemistry; and European countries are much the forthcoming meeting of the American AUTOMOBILES,

interested in the displacing Chemical Society is therefore a matter of con

of gasoline for automobile siderable importance. This meeting will be use by a mixture of alcohol and benzol. Much held in New York City, September 25 to 30. progress has been made along this line, it is said, and some of the countries at war are using the mixture to quite an extent.

A serious shortage of ice and ice cream was A serious drawback has been the difficulty reported in different parts of the country durof starting the engine, but this has been over

ing the recent hot spell. The situation was come by installing on each car a small supple- many-sided. The demand was unprecedented, mentary reservoir containing gasoline, benzine,

and men and horses couldn't work at top speed or ether. The contents of this reservoir is used

in the terrific heat. Then, too, pastures dried until the car is started, then the benzol-alcohol up, reducing the cream supply. mixture is turned on, the gasoline or ether being conserved solely for starting purposes. Washington reports that benzoic acid is beGermany, it is stated, is making good use of ing adulterated with boric acid, the high price this mixture.

of the former rendering such a procedure ex

tremely profitable. Some shipments have been "Changes in the Pharmacopæia and National

found to contain as much as 30 per cent of Formulary" is the title of a bulletin put out by

boric acid. the Hygienic Laboratory, Washington, D. C. Martin I. Wilbert is the author, and the bulletin comprises a digest of the changes and re

A. R. Todd, who has held the position of quirements included in the two recently revised

drug analyst, State of Michigan, for the last standards—the N. F. and the U.S. P. To ob- four years, has been appointed State Analyst, tain a copy application should be made to the

and now has charge of the laboratories of this Surgeon General of the United States Public department. Health Service, and in ordering, the number (107), as well as title, should be specified. Eugene R. Selzer, a well-known N. A. R. D.

worker, has been elected president of the

Northern Ohio Druggists' Association. Preparations are being made at Indianapolis for a record-breaking attendance at the N. A. R. D. Convention, September 18 to 22. E. A. The Revenue bill, minus provisions imposStuckmeyer is chairman of the committee on

ing a tax on cosmetics and toilet articles, is hotels, and he may be reached by mail or wire well advanced toward becoming a law. at Hotel Claymore, convention headquarters. Ample entertainment has been provided, the exhibits will be good, and many matters of im

The National Wholesale Druggists' Associaportance to the drug trade will be discussed at tion meets at Baltimore this year, September 30 the meetings.

to October 6.









G. D. Oglesby, of Chicago, committed suicide through the use of potassium cyanide on August 4. Professor Oglesby was a disciple

Saturday, October 14, is National Candy Day. Concerted action on the sale of candy is the idea.


his earnings. The opportunities for advanceEDITORIAL

ment along pharmaceutical lines are fully as great as in any other trade or profession in the world.

If a man wishes to embark in business for CHANCES IN THE DRUG BUSINESS.

himself he can do so with the accumulations of Every once in a while there bobs up the

a few years' savings and the help of a friend question of whether or not, after taking into or two. In any other line, as engineering or consideration the length of time required to fit banking, the capital required represents an a man for his occupation, the drug clerk's almost insurmountable obstacle to the average wage compares favorably with that paid to

young man. And in the drug business the men in other trades or professions. And the chances are greater than they ever were before. usual inference to be gained from these in- If the graduate pharmacist wishes to occupy quiries is that the men who ask the questions an executive position plenty of chances are think the drug clerk undervalued and under

open to him.

It has been stated many times paid. Such an inquiry came to us only a few that one of the greatest drawbacks to the dedays ago

velopment of “group” or “chain” stores is the Why such an opinion should be so wide- lack of capable managers. The man who is spread is hard to understand. Drug clerks are willing to put in the work necessary to qualify always in demand and the salary paid them is, for a managerial or executive position can in most instances, commensurate with the command a salary of from $1500 up. Drugservices rendered. Furthermore, the drug store trained men who are earning yearly salclerk can usually obtain a good wage from the aries of from five to ten thousand dollars are start; he does not have to go through a period relatively few in number and yet are not unof working for a small salary—plus experi- common.

In the wholesale field lies another opporWhen he has become registered or has grad- tunity, either as traveling salesmen or laborauated from a college of pharmacy he is ordi- tory or executive workers. narily ready to step into a job that pays from The opportunities are all about. It only re$15 to $20 a week. His education has taken mains for the drug clerk to demonstrate his from two to four years, and during that time ability to do the work in order to lift himself he has been able to pay all his college expenses from the small-pay class. by doing relief work in his spare time.

With followers of other professions, however, the situation is quite different. Take the

STRANGE, ISN'T IT? electrical engineer, for instance. He spends

Nothing is more astonishing than the ease four years in a university at an expense of

with which even intelligent and sometimes from two to three thousand dollars, and at the

prominent men will fall into errors of reasonend of that time, instead of being able to step

ing into a lucrative position, he must first put in

During the last two or three months we a year or more doing shop work for an hourly

have had occasion in this department of The wage of from 15 to 20 cents in order to gain

BULLETIN to puncture some of the fallacies practical experience.

surrounding the subject of stock turnovers in Similarly with doctors, lawyers, clergymen, retail business. In the meantime we have sat and other professional men.

The average

in a crowded convention hall and heard the yearly income of ministers has again and again advertising manager of the Burroughs Adding been put at $700; that of doctors at $900; and Machine Co., himself one of the undisputed that of university teachers at $1000. It is only leaders in the advertising field, calmly make an the exceptional man who surpasses these fig- assertion that does violence to every law of

reason and sense. It is squarely up to the clerk whether Mr. Walton was explaining that stock turnhe wishes to continue working for the average overs solved the entire problem of profit makwage of about $20 a week, or whether, by ing. Many retailers complain, he said, that enterprise and industry, he is able to increase they couldn't afford to carry an article which


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